Wonder Woman vs. Rise of Villainy Inc. an animated superhero film based on "Trinity comic",  the story published by DC Comics that debuted during the first week of June, 2008. This film features Nemesis as Diana's love interest as it's guest star


After suffering many defeat from Wonder Woman, a familiar enemy hires ateam o to destroy Wonder Woman. Bonny, daughter of a crime lord, wants to prove her worth to her father, while Carmen, a former adult film actress, hopes to become a legitimate actress. Both women meet and become assassins and use many types of hi-tech weapons, often concealed in, or disguised as, makeup accessories and superpowers


Characters and Voice CastEdit

Main CastEdit

  • Wonder Woman/Diana (voiced by Susan Eisenberg):
  • Donna Troy
  • Artemis
  • Nemesis/Tom Tresser (Cam Clarke): An agent of Departmen of Metahuman Affairs
  • Veronica Cale:

Villainy Inc.Edit

  • Cheetah/Barbara Minerva (Claudia Black)
  • Khyrana
  • Giganta
  • Doctor Cyber
  • Blue Snowman
  • Body Doubles:
    • Bonny Hoffman (Tricia Helfer)
    • Carmen Leno (Grey DeLisle)


  • TBA - Director
  • Andrea Romano - Casting & Voice Director
  • TBA - Composer 
  • TBA - Producer
  • TBA - Executive Producer
  • TBA - Story Editor
  • Mark Bagley - Art Director and Character Designer

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