General Thaddeus Ross sends in Wolverine to track down the Hulk, but then the 2 team up when they come across Weapon X.


  • James Howlett Logan/Wolverine (Played by - Hugh Jackman): assigned by Thaddeus Ross to track down the Hulk
  • Bruce Banner (Played by - Mark Ruffalo): restores Wolverine's memories, revealing it was Prof. Xaviar who whiped out his memories, and not the bullet that Stryker shot at him.
    • Hulk (Played by - Lou Ferrigno):
  • Carly Wilkinson (Played by - Verginia Masden)
  • Omega Red (Played by - Stephen Lang)
  • Maverick (Played by - Manu Bennett)
  • X23 (Played by - Kristian Stewart)
  • Gayden Creed (Played by - Nathan Fillion)
  • The Professor (Played by- Ian Holme)
  • General Thunderbolt Ross (Played by - William Hurt) is killed by Omega Red
  • Mojo (Played and voiced by - Gilbert Gottfried) a lazy Green Game Show host who gives Wolverine to Omega Red.