Jock in 17 years after he abandoned his time as a gangster in 1987 and started a wife and daughter, Jock Luis is blackmailed by his boss's son, Reggie Nicholson to steal more drugs, threatening his daughter, and ends up hunted by police captain, Joseph Bryce.


December 26, 2014


  • Jock Luis (Adam Sandler) - a former gangster from Ohio years ago, and quitted, but got back in the game blackmailed by his boss' son, Reggie Nicholson, that if he dosen't do as he says, he will make his daughter, his lover, in the end, kills Reggie for trying to kill his daughter!
  • Reese Luis (Amanda Bynes) - Jock's daughter, who will be turned into Reggie's lover if Jock dosen't do as he says, in the end, saves her dad from the head of the gang!
  • Reggie Nicholson (Kevin Bacon) - the main antagonist, the son of Leonidas Nicholson, Jock's boss, who forces him to do as he says, and he will make Reese his lover, his goal is is to be the head of his father's mob, in the end, gets shot by Jock!
  • Petey Willers (Rob Riggle) - the secondary antagonist, Reggie's right-hand man, in the end, when he confessed he was in bed with Jock's wife, Jock kicks him in the spot, and was arrested by the police!
  • Cody Blinks (Mark Ruffalo) - the tertiary antagonist, shares the same tone as Bobby Pellitt from Horrible Bosses, near the end, when his IPhone revealed that he auditioned saying, "I'm Deatj, and i liked to f*** Police Sgt. Willis that i laid with his wife in bed", Sgt. Willis confronted him and made him do alot of begging!
  • Captain Joseph Bryce (Denis Leary) - the captain of the police, hunts down Jock when he witnesses he was doing drugs, shares the same tone as Andrew Bogomill from Beverly Hills Cop, in the end, Apologizes to Jock for letting his ambitions get the better of him and helps him relocate him!
  • Sgt. Willis (Kevin James) - one of Bryce's men to hunt down Jock, in the end, arrests both Willers and Blinks!
  • Private Hovas Lee (Will Ferrell) - one of Bryce's men to hunt down Jock, in the end, ends up promoted Lieutenant!
  • Leonidas Nicholson (Ian McDiarmid) - Reggie's father, who had passed and made Reggie the way he was by 21, with Reggie stating, "Thank you, Dad!, for making the man, i need to be!" by 1987!
  • Monica Luis (Elizabeth Mitchell) - Jock's wife, who he met after abandoning his life as a gangster, they later married and gain Reese as their daughter, but sadly, Jock realized she had died from brain cancer.



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