Gino and Sally are about to be divorced when they choose who they like to take home for their newborn son, Richie, but things get worse when he is mentored by Malcolm to help him learn how to control his manhood. We also focus on a maid of honor who wants to know more about true love after seeing a wedding.


January 18, 2013


  • Gino Salazar (Ben Stiller) - a nearly divorced husband, who tries to control his manhood, in the end, refuses the divorce and decides to live with Richie and continue his marriage with Sally
  • Sally Salazar (Christine Taylor) - a nearly divorced wife, in the end, refuses the divorce and decides to live with Richie and continue her marriage with Gino
  • Richie Salazar (Jonah Bobo) - Gino and Sally's son, in the end, spends time with the family, and goes to Universal Studios Florida!
  • Malcolm Weston (Dwayne Johnson) - helps Gino learn how to control his manhood, in the end, leaves to help a Newspaper editor with his relationship with a swimsuit model!
  • Jay Merritt (Amanda Bynes) - a maid of honor, who wants to know more about true love, her favorite pet is a chihuahua, in the end, she marries Collin, and helps Sally with her issues!
  • Colin Wilkinson (Owen Wilson) - Jay's love interest, in the end, marries Jay and goes off to Mexico!
  • Chance Ray House (Jeremy Renner) - a guy who can honestly try his best to date the woman of his dreams, in the end, gets the girl and lives in an apartment with Malcolm!
  • Kate Rain (Maggie Gyllenhaal) - Chance's love interest, in the end, gets Chance to get his act together!
  • Ian Franks (Ryan Reynolds) - a man who lost is depressed over his girlfriend's death, and finding someone who has blonde hair like her, in the end, gets over the sadness and moves in with Reece!
  • Reece Rhodes (Blake Lively) - Ian's love interest and a blonde, in the end, moves in with Ian!
  • Jeremy Troy (Hugo Weaving) - a man who would get married to his fiance, Oriana, in the end, marries Oriana and helps teaches Richie!
  • Oriana Grant-Troy (Angelina Jolie) - Jeremy's fiance, in the end, marries Jeremy!
  • Jordon Ruce (Liam Neeson) - Sally's father, who wasn't fond of Gino when they first married, in the end, apologizes for being so judgemental and helps Richie with homework!
  • Clancy C. Brown (Ty Olsson) - Gino's love rival, and he attempts to get rid of their son, Richie, and keep Sally as his future wife, in the end, gets some talk with Malcolm and gets beat up in the process!



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