A 16-year old boy dreams of being a great Rockstar like his idol, Angus Vince. But when the nasty mayor, Gina Pierce plans to shut down Encore rock, Louis Johnson must act by singing with his new partner and love interest.


August 16, 2013


  • Louis Johnson (Max Schneider) - in the end, Becomes a part of Omar's Band!
  • Angel Marie (Keke Palmer) - Louis's love interest, in the end, She becomes the lead singer of the Band!
  • Omar Johnson (Liam Neeson) - Louis's father, in the end, Becomes the Bands Driver!
  • Angus Vince (Owen Wilson) - Louis's idol, in the end, lends the reigns of the Band to Louis!
  • Gina Pierce (Jennifer Aniston) - the main antagonist, and mayor and wants to shut down Encore rock, in the end, gets removed of Mayor, and is revealed to be a former part of Omar's band!
  • Bianca Troy (Halle Barry) - Angel's mentor who taught her about singing, in the end, gets married to Angus!
  • Maurice Jones (John Goodman) - Angus's manager, in the end, gets fired realizing he was working for Gina!
  • Kirk Stephen (Clark Gregg) - Omar's boss, in the end, gives Omar a raise!




Grey Sky - Angus

Someday I'm Gonna Be the Next Big Thing - Louis

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