Ever since she was a little girl, she was dressing in her mother's clothes and make up, and she was told to wait until she was 16 years old to be a woman, and now she is 16, and ready to follow in the steps of a woman.




  • Modna Glass (Ciara Bravo) - begins at age 16 to wear a hula dancing outfit, and then putting a Ariel Mermaid Costume for a costume ball, then she wears a strapless prom dress, shoes and make up for the prom, and a strapless bikini, a sarong cover up for the beach, in the end, starts living her life.
  • Gordon Francks (Josh Hutcherson) - Modna's classmate and love interest, in the end, was revealed to be in love with Modna's friend Olivia.
  • Joslan Glass (Mary Louise Parker) - Modna's mother who wants her to wait until she was 16 to become a woman, in the end, is still proud for being herself.
  • Bertoli York (Giancarlo Esposito) - the school principle who threatens to suspend Modna if she acts more of a woman in the school, in the end, apologizes to Modna and tells her to be herself and not what she is not.
  • Olivia Vince (Zoe Zaldana) - the one who made Modna look like a real woman at her sweet 16 courtesy of a lesson in Maturity, in the end, sees that Modna passed the test.



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