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Young Vance Derek with his camera, checks out what's going on, while he meets Joseph and his daughter, Briana, when they get trapped in a house, and struggle to escape, but not while bumping into strange, creepy things.


October 18, 2013


  • Vance Derek (Joel Courtney) - in the end, dates Briana!
  • Joseph Nicholas (Liam Neeson) - in the end, lets Briana go out with Vance, without letting his arrogance get in the way!
  • Briana Nicholas (Amanda Bynes) - Joseph's daughter, who dosen't want to live with her father not accepting her to have a boyfriend, in the end, goes out with Vance at the end!
  • Juliet Rainwater (Marion Cottilard) - a gypsy woman, in the end, revealed to be an Android!
  • Myrolochys (Andre Braugher) - an unknown voice behind a closet, with green glowing and Juliet's master, revealed to be a alien!, in the end, was run down by Joseph's car!
  • Billy (Wayne Knight) - in the end, is freed from the Alien Ship!
  • Bruce (Simon Pegg) - in the end, is also freed!



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