War of the Monsters: Mutant Invasion is a fighting game developed by LightBox Interactive and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It serves sequel to the first game and it's for the PS4, Playstation Vita. War of the Monsters 2 takes place 25 years in the mid 2000s after the alien invasion and Cerebulon's defeat in the 1980s.


In a strange twist of fate, the very monsters who had threatened to lay waste to our planet had actually saved it from annihilation. Destroying both each other and the alien menace in their ferocious War of the Monsters, they had left the world damaged, but alive. For several decades there was peace: the people everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief and began to rebuild.

Years have passed it all changed. All across the globe, the mutations continued. It turns out that the crashing saucer that had brought Cerebulon to his doom had also blanketed the atmosphere with leaking alien fuel. With the extraterrestrial mutagen now airborne, chaos broke loose in every corner of the globe: the monsters, long thought to be dead, now revived with even greater strength than before. An entire new generation of monsters rose by their side, and worse yet, a familiar evil began to stir again for vengeance. The second War of the Monsters had begun...


There are 26 playable monsters such as:

Veteran MonstersEdit


A gargantuan dinosaur said to be the last of his kind that survived extinction by hibernating beneath the ocean.

Spending untold centuries in hibernation at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, Togera was awoken by leaking fuel from one of the disabled UFOs which sunk to the depths, in the proximity of the slumbering beast.

Togera is believed to be a descendant of the gigantic dinosaurs that once roamed the earth millions of years ago. Now it is possibly the last of it's species. Survival drives it to fight savagely-morphing it's body to protrude deadly "bone" spikes and spitting deadly streams of radiactive energy





Ultra VEdit




The last specimen of the Dragon species, reawaken from hybernation by the UFO radioactive fuel. long ago, the dragons ruled the world and lived in peace with their relatives, the dinosaurs...but, with the ice age, they had to hybernate, and as they reawaken in the middle age, the human race declared war against them, and taking advantage that the dragons were still asleep, exterminated, Raptros's rage is neither remotely imaginable: reaching for the other alien fuel cans, he will resurrect his species, but not first have totally exterminated or enslaved mankind for its genocide act against the draconic species his eternal opponent is the mantis Preytor, because even it wants the extermination of mankind, who will reach this objective?


New MonstersEdit


An insidious, gargoyle-like monster that spreads the chill of death wherever he goes. Historians believe he may be an ancient demon from the dark ages, revived from suspended animation by the alien fuel. He despises all sources of heat, both natural and unnatural, making the sun his greatest enemy. He seeks to blot it out and send the whole world into an ice age.


A hulking blob of animate sludge.

A ravenous biomass spawned from an American swamp contaminated by the alien fuel. His exact composition is a mystery, but some theorize he is a mix of plant and animal. He can be seen oozing through large cities in search of chemicals to feed on, gulping down toxic waste and growing stronger from pollution. The alien fuel is his favorite.

Special attack:


A gargantuan pterosaur said to be the last of his kind that survived extinction by hibernating.

Slumbering for centuries, Klawdactyl awoke from his slumber was awoken by the leaking fuel from one of the disabled UFOs which crashed into the northern mountains. He's a parody of Rodan


  • Default
  • Feathered
  • Tropical
  • Fire Bird


A colossal reptile that had been frozen since the dawn of time. Alien radiation revived her, allowing her to break free from her iceberg tomb and swim to the coast. She is constantly rampaging and never rests. Onlookers have noted that she makes strange calls at night and claws away at city streets. Scientists believe she may be looking for a clutch of underground eggs she laid millions of years ago.


Astro GuyEdit

(Nolan North): The worlds biggest super hero A.K.A, Adam Warren.

Adam was a scientist who subjected himself to his radioactive research of the Alien Fuel, when used, his power to grew himself to the Size of a monster after he tested his suit with the Radioactive fuel from the UFO he scavenged. With his new powers, he was ready to repel the monster threat


Colossus is the newest model in the Goliath Prime line. Built at a much smaller scale, it has greatly improved mobility and can go where it's predecessor never could. It was used by the US government to help detain some of the original monsters, but has since been heavily exposed to alien radiation. Now it has a mind of it's own and acts unpredictably.


  • Default
  • Militant
  • Space Pirate
  • Silver star


A giganitic Woman with brown eyes and brunette hair also big breats. She wears a white tube bra and a torn skirt.

Once an ordinary attractive fitness pro who was heading for her apartment when she was saw one of the UFO falling from the sky. When she came to investigate it, she inhaled the fumes of alien fuel powering a UFO, Rebbeca was investigating it she grew in size of a monster


  • Default
  • Blonde
  • African America
  • Amazon


A alien from planet X, long ago by the same invaders who attacked Earth, he was intended to be the weapon that would end their war with another alien race. Unfortunately for them, he proved too unruly to control and turned on them during the battle. He was sealed away and jettisoned into space, but now his capsule's found it's way to Earth where he was captured by the military and lied dorment when the radioactive fuel awoke him.


A giant yellowish alligator with black stripes who has big arms, small legs and has a powerful bite. He was a sewer gator until the humans dumped the radioactive fule into it causing him to grow and rush out to sea to find a new home


A giant King Cobra

Vegon IIEdit

The spawn from the original Vegon. Ii took form after radiation from Cerebulon's ship jump-started her growth. Now she seeks more so that she can continue growing and reach the same titanic size as it's parent

Vegon II is none the less a frightening foe, having a particular taste for human flesh. When the opportunity presents itself, however, the tricephallic terror won't hesitate to go after other monsters.


  • Default
  • Autumn
  • Cactus







only unlocked in Adventure mode when defeated or when earning skill points

  • Kingbra: .
  1. Gatorsaurus:
  • Vegon II: The spawn from the original Vegon. the result of its parent's explosive spore-spamming. While smaller than its parent, Vegon II is none the less a frightening foe, having a particular taste for human flesh. When the opportunity presents itself, however, the tricephallic terror won't hesitate to go after other monsters.
  • Slogg:
  • Amphibios
  • Xorvus:
  • Prototron: A high-tech alien robot with robotic that has tentacle arms and two legs. In Adventure mode, He serves as Cerebulon's servent and he is powered with the radioactive fuel.
  • Cerebulon: As the main villain of the game once again comes back for revenge on the monsters. He returns in a robotic exo skeleton with his tail showing at the bottom. His robotic body has 5 layered armor and has 2 arms with 3 fingers that have claws and two legs



  1. Mechanoid: A cybernetic beast who was a statue made of junk when the radioactive fule brought it to life.
  2. Cephelon: a giant mutated squid hybrid which has spiked whips and huge tentacles that shoot poisonous ink. It's weak spot is it's head and glowing green pimples on tentacals
  3. Battle Mech: A military combat robot to destroy monsters
  4. Ant Queen: Queen of the giant ants
  5. Battle Mech 2.0: Rebuilt with powerful weapons
  6. Skar:
  7. Debouse: A giant sandworm that appears in Egypt
  8. Quantom Beast:
  9. Cerebulon (Last Boss)


  • U.S Army
    • Tanks
    • Helicopters
    • Missle tanks
    • Jet fighters
    • Battleships
  • Giant Ants
  • Cerebulon's Invasion force:
    • Zorgulon (Adventure-mode only)
    • UFOs
    • Walkers
    • Brain Droids: Monster sized robots with domes for heads with brains inside them.They have two arms and have 3 tentacled legs


Returning StagesEdit

  • Joe's Gas and Movies:
  • Midtown Park: Identical to the original map, but now set later in the evening. The news helicopters have been replaced by military ones that will scour the level with searchlights and attack monsters with machine guns.
  • Gambler's Gulch: Identical to the original map, but now set at night. The lights and neon signs are more prominent than ever, but the lights become dark as they are destroyed.
  • Rosdale Canyon: Updated from the original map and now set during the day. The giant ant nest has been covered up by a huge metal seal and the bunker doors have been replaced with bigger, sturdier-looking ones. In place of the small turrets are four heavy cannons that will fire at nearby monsters. Monsters now leave a slight trail of dust as they move around.
  • Metro City. Updated from the original map. Metro City is partially destroyed and has been taken over by Preytor; the level is shrouded in green mist, slime, and radioactive eggs. Small eggs splatter underfoot, but big ones must be struck to be destroyed and will violently explode, damaging monsters (these can also be picked up and thrown). Causing any of the skyscrapers in the center to collapse will create a giant dust cloud.
  • Century Airfield. Identical to the original map, but now with a prominent sunset; the city across the bay is lit up with light reflecting on the water. Sirens blare from the control towers when a plane is incoming, and all three can now be totally destroyed.
  • Atomic Island. Identical to the original map, save for the updated power lines. The central reactor is no longer indestructible and dealing enough damage to it will eventually trigger a core meltdown. A countdown will appear on the player's screen like in WOTM1's Adventure Mode, then all five reactors will go up in a massive explosion, dealing significant damage and changing the map. The entire inner circle collapses into a debris-filled crater. Parts of the complex remain on the edge, including the vent building which lets players temporarily fill the crater with toxic waste.
  • Baytown. Identical to the original map; earthquake included. The only noticeable change is that some of the boats are actually moving around in the bay and there are a few small UFOs.
  • Baytown East. Identical to Mini Baytown, save for a large crack in the earth which can be found by destroying a building at the top of the map. Dive bombing the crack will cause a tremor that shakes the ground, harming and throwing any monster that isn't in the air.
  • Club Caldera. Identical to the original map, though the cruise ship now circles the island instead of staying in place. The island is more larger than in WOTM1. The volcanic eruption that can be triggered is more dangerous.
  • Tsunopolis. Identical to the original map. After a tsunami is triggered the level will remain temporarily flooded (waist deep for the monsters) for a short period of time. The tsunamis also do damage to buildings now, but still can't destroy them. Each time one hits it “washes away” the rubble on the ground, reshuffling debris to random spots on the map.

New StagesEdit

  • Outpost X: A new map at a familiar location: this is the inside of the hangar at Rosdale Canyon. This area is dimly lit and very open with destructible crates, scaffolding, and forklifts in place of cars. Other objects of interest include crashed UFOs, statis tubes with dead Zorgulons inside, and lifeless Goliath Prime prototypes that provide throwable pieces when destroyed. There are five support beams throughout the level which can be destroyed; doing so will cause the ceiling in the center of the map to collapse, crushing monsters beneath it and illuminating the area.
  • Westland Row: A huge European city modeled after London. This map has a cloudy sky and a bluish tint; it's always raining. It has a small bay, a destructible bridge which is large enough for monsters to cross, and a railway station with throwable trains. It has a few skyscrapers as well as a giant clocktower that can be toppled over. As an extra environmental hazard, monsters standing on top of skyscrapers may be randomly struck by lightning- especially if they're holding something metal.
  • La Phare: A large European city modeled after Paris at night. It has elaborate, classic looking architecture illuminated by beautiful lights. Notable features include a cathedral, fountains, and a mock Eiffel Tower. Most of the buildings are only of medium height, but the tower is colossal and can be climbed.
  • Blackwater. A South American lagoon, partially jungle but mostly water (waist deep for the monsters). Aside from a crushable village and some boats that can be picked up, this level doesn't have much to interact with and is very open. There is a chemical plant at the far end of the shore that can be dive-bombed, however, triggering the release of toxic waste and temporarily making all of the water harmful.
  • Powder Valley. A ski resort high in the mountains, this level is covered in snow and has climbable cliffs and peaks. Other features include throwable boulders, a chair lift, and an avalanche that can be triggered by causing a lot of destruction. The avalanche is a one time occurrence but will kill any monsters it hits and changes the geography of the level.
  • Chernoburg: A fairly large, industrial city with highways, power lines, factories, and tall smokestacks. The sky is discolored with pollution and the smokestacks constantly put out smog. Destroying the largest of these factories will temporarily blanket the entire level in smog, making it hard to see opponents. There is a polluted river to the East that will harm monsters if they walk in it.
  • Atlantic Rig: Which has a large oil platform where you fight the Kraken.
  • Hyudo: A large Japanese city inspired by Kyoto. It has smaller buildings and older architecture than Tsunopolis, featuring temples, shrines, and pagodas. Part of the map is a forest with hills, cherry blossoms, and a shallow lake. A huge mock Mt. Fuji can be seen on the horizon
  • Monster Isle: A large, tropical island in the middle of the ocean. Huge rock formations tower above the jungle and can be climbed or toppled over, but the foliage hides numerous observatories, helipads, and laser turrets. The high-tech base of a mad scientist lays nestled in the center of the island and provides many nasty weapons if successfully destroyed
  • The Lost Land. A vast, subterranean cavern. The level is lit by huge, glowing blue mushrooms and has jungle-like foliage. The mushrooms can be jumped on and destroyed like buildings, and rock formations throughout the level can be destroyed to obtain boulders. Dive bombing certain areas will cause stalactites to fall from the ceiling and damage foes. The far end of the map ends in an endless green ocean.

Game ModesEdit

When you start the game a menu will appear themed as movie showing 2 monsters fighting and others fighting . On the menu there will be following options:

  • Adventure
  • Free for All: In multiplayer online, it's up to eight monsters at a time, with or without teams.
  • Endurance
  • Head 2 Head. Two players team up to cooperatively battle a pair of CPU monsters (or, if played online, an opposing team of players). The team with the most collective kills wins. When played offline this mode can be set to Unlimited Play.
  • Tournament. Players are put into an arena and forced to do battle with increasingly difficult opponents in a Round Robin style Tournament. Can be played with a single player or with a cooperative team of two, offline or online.
  • Online mode:
  • Settings  
  • Monster Maker Mode: In Monster Maker Mode, you can create your own custom monster whether it has spikes, tails, Slime, tenticals, scales, it's Ape-like, Robot-like, Dinosaur-like, Plant-like, or Insect-like. In Adventure mode players will play as a selective monster in a chapter.


In War of the Monsters 2, the players take the roles of large monsters in city environments, with the PS3 version, players are allowed to roam freely within the city area, which allows climbing of jumping from buildings and cliffs. The game plays as a fighting game yet works differently than the traditional online multiplayer one-on-one structured rounds. Instead, fights can include up to 8 players in a eight way fighting stucture.

Monsters have two status bars in each game, health and stamina. Like the standard fighting game formula, every time a monster takes damage, their overall Health bar drops until it is completely depleted, resulting in player defeat. When the playor picks up another monster, he can throw through buildings to see the inner stucture of the buildings. They're obects and weapons in the game such as cars, plane, boats, trucks, Radio tower, gas tanks, debris, tanks can be found in any level split in 3 groups: Club, Spear, and throwable items. They're Weapons may be used to do extra damage to enemies, spears (Radio towers, broken pipe or bars) can stun enemies, but once they get it out they will throw it back at you. Clubs(Steel Beams, parts on bulidings) can be used to do more damage from hitting other monsters, and can be thrown. Some may have a special effect ,such as exploding and catching a monster on fire or a generator that can be used to shock a monster. Large throwable items like ships, boulders will return with

Monster have they're combos and special abilities and have new tricks while an opponent's in the air, the player can grab it and throws it twords the ground. And in most stages, they have hazardous areas like very tall buildings, deep water which, some monsters have the ability to swim in underwater stages.

Additional cosmetic changes to skins/costumes (differing roars & attack colors).

New building types create clouds of smoke or dust when destroyed. These can be strategically targeted by players to blind enemies or make an escape.

Small numbers of military vehicles now appear on some maps no matter the Gameplay mode. This serves as an environmental hazard, but also allows players to pick up tanks and missile launchers and use them like guns as they did in WOTM1's Adventure Mode.

Power lines serve as a new environmental hazard, electrocuting any monster who touches them and dealing heavy damage. Unlike in WOTM1, they appear in numerous levels and can be destroyed (though a projectile is the only safe way). The downed poles can then be picked up as a new type of debris weapon: when swung, the live wires lash out like a whip and electrocute foes. They lose their charge after one use but can still be thrown or used as bludgeons.