Wander over Gravity Falls is a crossover than an hour of the series,  Gravity Falls and Wander over Yonder. will be released on Disney Channel and Disney XD.


A weapon of Lord Hatter fell from space and into the town of Gravity Falls and now Dipper, Mabel, Wander and Sylvia need to save Gravity Falls from its destruction.


Wander Over YonderEdit

  • Jack McBrayer as Wander
  • April Winchell as Sylvia
  • Keith Ferguson as Lord Hatter
  • Tom Kenny as Peerpers

Gravity FallsEdit

  • Jason Ritters as Dipper Pines
  • Kristen Schaal as Mabel Pines
  • Alex Hirsch as Grunkle Stan, Soos
  • Linda Cardelini as Wendy (cameo)

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