Billy Rice is a 16-year old boy who is cursed into a girl for insulting perfume, and the only way to learn his lesson about messing with the perfume, is that he must learn how to act like a girl.




  • Billy Rice/Brianna Rice (Zachary Gordon/Isabel Lucas) - a boy who insults P.E.R.F.U.M.E. (short for Pretty, Elegant, Rilliant, Fun, U for a pay, Mysterious, Energy), and is tested it, but is cursed to learn to act like a girl to learn his lesson to break his curse, in the end,
  • Monica Rice (Alyson Stoner) - Bily's big sister, in the end,
  • Jake and Susan Rice (Billy Burke and Sarah Jessica Parker) - Billy's parents, in the end,
  • Mona Graceland (Annasophia Robb) - Billy's girlfriend, and later best friend, after he is cursed into a girl, in the end,
  • ??? (Liam Hemsworth) - Billy/Briana's love interest, in the end,
  • ??? (Sofia Vergara) - the one who lectures Billy about the perfume, and makes him try it out, causing him to think it is horrible, as a punishment, she keeps him cursed to learn his lesson, in the end,
  • ???, ??? and ??? (Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice) - ???'s working ladies, in the end,
  • ??? (Eric Roberts) - the main antagonist, who calls ???'s perfume disgusting, his goal is to ???, in the end,
  • ??? (???) - the secondary antagonist and ???'s right-hand man, in the end,



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