Two San Francisco cops are joined by their fathers—both of whom are retired police officers—to help crack a case.


June 14, 2013


  • Pierce Manx (Ryan Reynolds) - in the end, marries Leona!
  • D. Franks (Bradley Cooper) - in the end mourns Jeans
  • Julien Manx (Thomas Hayden Church) - Pierce's father, in the end, becomes the new Cheif!
  • Hans Franks (Willem Defoe) - D's father, in the end, gets  by Jean!
  • Jean T. Jasmine (Rose Byrne) - D's love interest
  • Leona Gadon (Amanda Bynes) - Pierce's love interest, in the end, gets married to Pierce!
  • Chief Malcolm Jonas (Samuel L. Jackson) - in the end, retires to a retirement village!
  • Nelson Juda (Cirian Hinds) - the victim and  of an unknown mercenary
  • Suspects: - suspects who had been involved with the murder of Nelason Juda
    • Proctor Reed (John Tuturo) - Reason: He wanted to see if he could pay his debt, in the end, marries Briana!
    • Leonidas Charm (Dan Haggardy) - Reason: To win a Wager, in the end, he leaves for Utah!
    • Briana Truss (Kyra Knightly) - Reason: to get back at Nelson for leaving her high and dry, in the end, she ends up marrying Proctor Reed!
    • James Omar (Peter Stormare) - Reason: to win thelub, in the end, He ends up reforming into a farmer!
    • Oliver Cranston (Cillian Murphy) - Reason: He is a in the end, gets redeemed and leaves for Alberta!
  • The true Culprit:
    • Jean T. Jasmine (Rose Byrne) - Reason: because so that she can gain the clan of the , and prove to her late father Erik Jasmine that she can be a head drug dealer!, inthe end, She


It starts out with Nelson Juda (Cirian Hinds) driving in his car, and stops by Oliver Cranston (Cillian Murphy), who gives him a , as he puts it in his latte, and drinks it, and suddenly feels something.

Phase 01: The GiggsEdit

He starts to giggle in his car.

Phase 02: Tripping MajorEdit

He starts to hallucinate that he is floating in the sky, and sees fishs.

Phase 03: Over-Falsity of ConfidenseEdit

He seems to met some major airlines, and some hula ladies greeting him with a  as he thinks he's living his life.

Phase 04Edit

He starts to wacky insane as he drives crazily out of control, and  drivers, and accidently  a truck driver.

Phase 05: AsleepynessEdit

He suddenly fell asleep