??? an action-adventure video game. This is a Video Game crossover between the Tomb Raider series and Uncharted, where Nathan Drake and Lara Croft team up for the very first time! This will be for the PlayStation 4, X-Box One. This takes place after Tomb Raider Underworld and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.


"But a strong nonbeliever cannot be compelled to believe, for he has to convince himself to even try." - Count of St Germain


Chapter 1: Pacific Pursuit(Nathan)Edit

In the pacific ocean on a boat, Nathan Drake and Sully are in the middle of the ocean in a storm in order the retrieve a precious artifact on a well guarded cargo ship.

Chapter 2 ()Edit

Chapter 3Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Chapter 5Edit


Main CharactersEdit

  • Nathan "Nate" Drake (voiced by Nolan North):
  • Lara Croft (voiced by Keeley Hawes):

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Elena Fisher (voiced by Emily Rose):
  • Victor "Sully" Sullivan (voiced by Richard McGonagle)
  • Charlie Cutter (voiced by Graham McTavish): Returns from his little trip from Porte Rico to help Nathan and his new friend, Lara.
  • Jeremy "Spyder" Gallant (voiced by Jeremy Gallant): A fellow treasure hunter/archeologist
  • Zip (voiced by Alex Desert):
  • Winston Smith (Alan Shearman): Lara's faithful butler
  • An-Zaw (voiced by Michael Wincott): A new character who is a Repton, a creature that is part-man, part-lizard. His appearance is more reptilian when adding a tail, thick skin and a snout. He wears human cloths to blend in.
  • Amanda Evert (April Stewart): Lara's former friend who was eventually reformed after having a long chat with Sully


  • Thaddeus Serone III (Oded Fehr): The main antagonist. A 45 year old British, successful, archaeologist and a historian collector who spent his lifetime searching for the elixir of life that his grandfather failed to find and to obtain the goal for immortality. He is the new CEO of Phoenix Innovations. He leads a number a hired henchmen.
  • Suzanna Leigh: A beautiful yet devious red-haired woman
  • Frank Katovsich (Eric Roberts): Serone's right-hand man and the tertiary antagonist.
  • Deetsan (Gil Gerard): A brutish Saurian who now works for Thaddeus since he found him with a block of ice and thawed him out as a debt of gratitude. He has . He wears an impenetrable armored vest, bracers, and wrist blades on his wrists which are equiped with small mounted machine guns, razor sharp teeth and a prehensile tail.
  • the deadly Amigos: a trio of minor antagonist who were hired by Thaddeus to obtain historical documents and journals. They are also common enemies of Nathan Drake whom they tried to kill many times
  • Carmine Deluca (Jason Spisak): The self-proclaimed leader of the trio made up of him, Matt and Ty. He. He has a pair sub machine guns
  • Richter (John DiMaggio) A tall brute and the least intelligent of the three. He wields a triple barreled shotgun
  • Geki Masamune (Andrew Kishino): A Japanese-American thug who is the most serious of the three.


  • Thaddeus' Mercenaries (voiced by Steven Blum, Daniel Riordan, Ryan Alosio, Rick Wasserman, André Sogliuzzo, Dave B. Mitchell, Patrick Seitz, and Keith Ferguson):
    • Brute
  • Hired Thugs (voiced by Trevor Devall, Mark Allan Stewart, Keith Ferguson, Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Velociraptors
  • Giant Spiders


  • Martin's Tank:
  • Deetsan (1st):
  • Helicopter
  • T-rex
  • Spider Queen



  • AK-47
  • FAL
  • Dragon Sniper


  • 92FS-9mm
  • Micro-9mm
  • Desert-5

Shot GunsEdit

  • Sawd-Off Shotgun
  • SAS-12

Machine GunsEdit

  • Stoner 63


  • Grenades
  • M32-Hammer
  • RPG-7


Players will either play as Lara or Nathan or in single player or online Multiplayer.

If your playing single player mode, the two main characters will be a NPC who will assist through out the game. You can also swith characters with the right directional button to play as Nathan Drake or Lara Croft and there will be a third switchable weapon with the down directional button


Lara's OutfitsEdit

  • Casual
    • Blue and turquoise colored top
    • Brown colored shorts
    • Black boots with buckles
    • Ordinary gear


  • This takes place after the events of Tomb Raider: Underworld and 1 year after Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.
  • Most animals have been introduced to the crossover a enemies for both Drake and Croft such as crocodiles, giant spiders and raptors.