Treasure Planet Bloopers is on a DVD of Treasure Planet that was of B.E.N's outtakes Was on November 18, 2002


Bloopers 1: Jim is still Solar-surfing the sky and the Solar surfer runs out and Jim falls down

Bloopers 2: Jim Delbert and Sarah after jumping the cart Delbert accedientley breaks his back saying "I think I break by back someone get the doctor".

Bloopers 3: Mr Arrow says the Captains aloft. Amelia after diving and swinging around and grabs the second rope and swings around and Amelia falls. We heard Her screaming and crunching sound.

Bloopers 4: Jim tosses the map but it was replaces with a ball of woll the second time he tosses the googles and the third time He throws the map and hits Amelia knocking her out

Bloopers 5: Amelia sat down in her seat he got a pin on her bottom and Amelia says "Hey who put my needle on my seat." And Jim says "That's a funny moment."

Bloopers 6: Mr Arrow accedientley pushes the two over apologizes saying "Sorry that wasn't mean that happen."

Bloopers 7: after Amelia says "Brace yourselves" and the ship launch flinging Delbert and accendetley breaks his suit and body Amelia takes off her hat saying "Doctor are you alright that wasn't happen."

Bloopers 8: Sliver tosses the bucket and mop and Acciendelty hits Jim falling to his death screaming.

Bloopers 9: Jim uses the mop and looks at the crew in place of the Disney Characters Zazu Pumbaa and Lilo looks at him Pumbaa saying "We'll that boy needs to talk a wild dog." Lilo says "Hey I wasn't replacing for a pirates crew." But Jim says "That is halliorus."

Bloopers 10: Mr Arrow tells the crew not fighting and Glares at Scroop but Scroop spits in his face.

Bloopers 11: At the supernova Sliver falls but Jim is still laughing.

Bloopers 12: Amelia after saying "Hold on to your lifelines this is gonna be a bumpy ride!." The ship disappears into a vortex Amelia calls Delbert an Idiot

Bloopers 13: Jim ran to the lifelines but one is still missing Jim turns to crew Amelia instead of a leaving drops his hat and Runs towards Jim yelling "IM GOING TO PULVIRSE YOU!!!." Causing Jim to run away

Bloopers 14: Onus uses the flag instead it has flowers on it

Bloopers 15 Delbert accidentley pulls Jim's Shirt off.