Tom and Jerry and the Chocolate Factory is a 2015 animated direct-to-video film starring Tom and Jerry, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and distributed by Warner Home Video


Tom and Jerry are living with a boy named Charlie and his poor family, but everything changes when the boy finds a golden ticket to visit the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka. But then as they go into his chocolate factory, Tom and Jerry makes a secret recipe of chocolate.


Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse are living with a young boy named Charlie Bucket and his poor family. Charlie's grandfather, Grandpa Joe tells a story about the mysterious chocolate factory and a man named Willy Wonka.

When Charlie's father, Albert, is laid off from his job, the whole family begins to starve, and Tom, desperate for food, chases and attempts to eat Jerry but he is stopped by Sophia, Charlie's mother, who tells the cat that this is not helping the situation and that the best thing to do is be friends with the mouse and help Charlie and the family whenever possible.

Suddenly, Willy Wonka announces his contest: the five lucky finders of his golden tickets will get to visit his chocolate factory. When Tom and Jerry hear about the contest, they rush home and tell Charlie and his family about it.

A few days later, the first golden ticket is found by a gluttonous boy named Augustus Gloop from Germany. As the Bucket Family watch the news interview on TV, Tom and Jerry respond in disgust.


Charlie Bucket (Lincoln Melcher) - Sophia and Albert Bucket's son.

Sophia Bucket (Veronica Taylor) - Charlie's mother and Albert's wife.

Albert Bucket (Eric Stuart) - Sophia Bucket's husband and Charlie's father.

Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) - The eccentric maker of the chocolate wonders.

Grandpa Joe (Jeff Bennett) - Charlie Bucket's grandfather who accompanies him on the tour to the chocolate factory

Toodles Galore (Grey Griffin) - Tom Cat's love interest in the Factory

Tom Cat (Billy West) - A grey cat who lives with the Bucket Family along with Jerry Mouse

Jerry Mouse (Samuel Vincent) - a brown mouse who lives with the Bucket Family along with Tom Cat

Cherie Mouse (Tara Strong) - Jerry Mouse's love interest in the Factory with Tuffy Mouse

Toodles Galore - Tom Cat's love interest.

Butch Dog (Clancy Brown) - Droopy Dog's co-star in the Factory with Willy Wonka.

Droopy Dog (Jeff Bergman)- A droopy looking but loyal and just dog who acts as butler in Wonka's factory

Tuffy Mouse (Kath Soucie)- A little mouse who goes with the lot to the factory.

Tin Pan and Alley (Greg Ellis, Jess Harnell and Richard McGonagle) - they helper's with Mr. Arthur Slugworth.

Augustus Gloop (Andrew Francis)- The first ticket winner from Germany; he is a greedy gluttonous boy. He is also the first to get evicted from the tour

Veruca Salt (Kelly Sheridan)- The second ticket winner from England; she is a very spoiled child raised by very wealthy parents. She is also the third to get the boot from the tour

Violet Beauregarde (Grey Griffin) - The third ticket winner; she is known to have a gum-chewing record and a stuck-up and rude personality. She is also the second to get expelled from the tour

Mike Teavee (Matt Hill) - The forth ticket winner hailing from Arizona; this kid does nothing but watch television. He is also the forth to get the boot from the tour

Mr. Gloop (Jim Cummings)- Augustus's dad. A butcher.

Mrs. Gloop (Tara Strong)- Augustus's mum. She has a habit on flailing with her bag when she gets worried or upset or angry..... much to everyone's annoyance, especially when they're trying to do something.

Mr. Beauregarde (John Mariano)- Violet's dad. A salesman. He keeps trying to make deals with people and can shout when angered or stressed.

Mrs. Beauregarde (Jennifer Hale): Violet's mum.

Mr. Salt (Steven Blum): Veruca's dad. A rich factory-owner.

Mrs. Salt (Hynden Welch): Veruca's mum. An obese lady who screams and flails her bag about, often hitting people up, when angered or stressed..... much to the annoyance from others.

Mr. Teevee (Dee Bradley Baker): Mike's dad. A scientist.

Mrs. Teevee (Laura Bailey): Mike's mum. A teacher.

The Oompa-Loompas (Frank Welker): Wonka's pygmy employees.


  • It is unknown if this movie will be based on the classic musical or if it will be an original story based on the book itself.
  • In real life, chocolate is considered to be toxic to cats and other pets
  • Running Time: 110 Minutes - 105 Minutes.
  • It is the first Tom and Jerry direct-to-video film that has not written "Original Movie" on the cover.
  • Droopy, Toodles, Tuffy (Nibbles) Cherie, Butch, Tin Pan and Alley makes last a cameo appearance in the movie again.
  • the trailer of the movie is shown in the bonuses from Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery.
  • Charlie is revealed to be 13, although the movie's director didn't mention this.

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