Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman is an upcoming 2019 Christmas direct-to-video animated feature in the Tom and Jerry series longtime since Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007), produced by Warner Bros. Animation for Turner Entertainment and distributed by Warner Home Video. Starring two of the most popular cartoon characters from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Hanna-Barbera, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, it is an

Tom & Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman DVD cover design (3)

2019 DVD cover design

crossover adaptation of Rankin/Bass' Productions' original hand-drawn animated Christmas television special, Frosty the Snowman (1969), which is itself based on the 1950 song by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins. First developed in 2014 and planned for a 2017 release on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital, the film will be pushed back to 2019, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of a Rankin/Bass original holiday classic. This will also be a dedication to the memory of June Foray, the original voice of the character Karen. It will be followed by a soon-to-be-planned sequel, Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland.

Summary Edit

A discarded silk top hat becomes the focus of a struggle between a washed-up stage magician by the name of Professor Hinkle and a group of schoolchildren after it magically brings Frosty the Snowman to life. Realizing that he will melt in spring unless he takes refuge in a colder climate, the newly-living Frosty and a young girl named Karen, whom he
Tom & Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman title

Tom & Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman title

befriends, set off on a search for the North Pole. Little do they know that the magician is following them, and he wants his hat back. Will Tom and Jerry, pets of Robyn Starling, defend their new friends by holding off Hinkle until Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer come to their aid? Find out as Tom and Jerry stars in their newest Christmas adventure, teaming up with Frosty the Snowman!

Plot Edit

Workprint #1 (Storyboards/Early Version) Edit

On Christmas Eve, the teacher hires Professor Hinkle, an inept magician, to perform for the children's Christmas party. After becoming uninterested in his tricks, the children go outside to play in the snow where they build a snowman with a corncob pipe, a red button nose, two coal eyes and a broomstick. It was then, Tom and Jerry came by to greet the children and they decide to befriend them. After the children's suggested names for the snowman including Harold, Bruce, Christopher Columbus and "Oatmeal", Karen names him Frosty. Just then, Professor Hinkle's rabbit, Hocus Pocus, and his mouse assistant, Tuffy, went outside with Hinkle's silk hat over him. By the time Hinkle also comes out and grabs Hocus and Tuffy, the wind then blows the hat until Tom catches it, accidentally tripped on a block of ice and the hat lightly places itself onto Frosty's head. And suddenly, to Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, the children and Hinkle's surprise, Frosty transforms into a living snowman with an aura of sparkle, saying, "Happy Birthday!" The children and animals becomes delighted as they realize it was the magic of the hat that cause Frosty to come to life. But after he also finds out that the hat is magic, Professor Hinkle takes back the hat when another wind blows it off Frosty's head, changing the snowman back to his lifeless form. The ridiculous magician vows to use the hat to become a millionaire, and when the children, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry state their objections, he mockingly tells them that when they grow up, they'll learn that snowmen can't come to life and leaves.

However, Hocus and Tuffy steals back the hat from Hinkle by switching it with the pine-wrath and escapes their greedy master, immediately returning back to the children, Tom, Jerry and the lifeless Frosty. Thanks to Hocus and Tuffy, Karen puts the hat back on Frosty's head, and for the second time, the snowman is brought to life by its magical power. However, as the children, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus had fun with their friend after observing him learn to speak more words, move his body, juggle snowballs, count numbers, expressing emotions like being ticklish, and meeting Tom and Jerry for the first time, Frosty suddenly enters the early stages of sweating. Noticing a thermometer on the school's brick wall, he worries that when the temperature rises, he will melt. On Karen's suggestions to find some place where Frosty would never melt, Tom names only one place: the North Pole. The children, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus decide to take him to the North Pole, even taking him downtown to the railroad station where he can ride on the train. They parade through town, shocking other townspeople including the traffic cop who then accidentally swallows his whistle after excusing Frosty for being alive and naive. When the group arrives at the railroad station, however, they realize they have no money to buy train tickets as the ticket man and his assistant (Spike and Tyke) refuses to let them go on the train. So Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus hitch a ride on a train headed north in a refrigerator car full of ice cream and frozen Christmas cakes. However, as the train departs from the station, Professor Hinkle also sneaks aboard, still vowing to get the hat back.

As the train continued up north, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Frosty notice that Karen is getting freezing cold, despite all her winter clothing, so they all jump off the boxcart, leaving Hinkle behind once again. Hinkle, seeing them escape, jumps off the train too, but falls down of the mountain (as Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Frosty, carrying unconscious Karen, saw the whole ancient) and crashes into a tree where a pile of snow and ice falls on him. At Frosty's daring request, Tuffy and Hocus convince some woodland animals, that they're preparing for Christmas, to help build a fireplace for Karen, Tom and Jerry. Fearing that Karen still cannot for long in the cold weather (even with Tom &Jerry), Frosty ask Tuffy and Hocus who might be able to help them. First, Hocus suggested (by pantomiming) the President of United States and United States Marines before Tuffy suggesting Santa Claus. Frosty agrees, and promptly take credits for the idea himself (much to Hocus' annoyance except for Tuffy). Tuffy and Hocus hop to get Santa, but Hinkle confronts Frosty, Tom, Jerry and Karen once more and blows out Karen's fireplace. Frosty, who refused to surrender his magic hat, Tom, Jerry and Karen are forced again to flee, this time with Tom, Jerry and Karen riding Frosty's back as he slides first-head down the hill. At the bottom of the slope, Tom, Jerry, Karen and Frosty discovered a greenhouse, filled with Christmas poinsettias. Despite Karen's objections, Frosty steps inside the warm greenhouse with her, along with Tom and Jerry, suggesting that he can afford to lose a little weight while she, Tom and Jerry warm up. Unfortunately, Hinkle catches up to them immediately after and locks them in the greenhouse.

Tuffy and Hocus brings Santa to the greenhouse only to see Karen in tears, Tom and Jerry trying to soothe her and Frosty melted on the floor due to Hinkle's cruel act. Santa explains to Karen, Tom and Jerry that Frosty is made of Christmas snow, and that he can never disappeared completely, only take the form of the summer rain,  until next December. With a gust of cold winds through the open door of the greenhouse, volunteered by Tom and Jerry, the puddle that was Frosty was transformed back to a typical snowman form. After bringing Frosty back to life once again and before they leave, Hinkle again arrived at the scene and demands the return of his hat. He relents only when threatened with been removed of Santa's Christmas list for the rest of his life if he put so much as one finger on Frosty's hat. Tuffy and Santa states that if Hinkle (secretly felt jealous of Frosty) is truly repentant for his mean attitude and harming Frosty, and if he goes home and writes, "I am really sorry for what I did to Frosty," a hundred zillion times, he may find a gift in his stocking on Christmas morning, which makes Hinkle bid Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Karen farewell and runs home to repeatedly write his apologies, assuming he may get a new hat. After celebrating and greeting the reindeers, Santa took Tom, Jerry and Karen home and Frosty to the North Pole, but promises that Frosty will be back next winter.

Before the end credits roll, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Frosty and the children parade through the town square. The townspeople also join the parade, including the traffic cop, Spike & Tyke, Red, Droopy, the woodland animals and a reformed Professor Hinkle wearing his new hat. At the end of the parade, Frosty boards Santa's sleigh and they leave for the North Pole with Frosty altering the song's last lyric, saying, "I'll be back on Christmas Day!"

In the post-credits on Christmas Day, Pristine Figg, Lickboot and their skateboarding dog Ferdinand have been released from jail, and went to The Starling Enterprise Mansion to apologize to Daddy Starling about their misbehavior actions at Robyn after retrieving a letter from their right-hand henchman (which is Professor Hinkle), and also wanted him, Tom, Jerry and Robyn to forgive them and lived with them. The entire Starling family accepted their apologies, inviting them inside the mansion and celebrated the best Christmas that Robyn always wanted. Outside the window, Frosty watches the ancient with Rudolph, and Frosty yet again boards Santa's sleigh, and they leave for the North Pole as Frosty waved at the other various characters down below (characters from Tom & Jerry and the Wizard of OZ, Tom & Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse and Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory), and soon they reached to the Northern lights of the North Pole and it vanishes before the film ends

Characters Edit

  • Tom Cat (also known as Thomas Cat): A blue/gray cat. He wears his blue mittens, and his purple scarf and boots.
  • Jerry Mouse: A brown mouse. He wears his scarf, mittens and shoes that are all white with red polka dolts.
  • Tuffy Mouse (full name: Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse): A gray mouse with a white diaper. He wears his scarf and shoes that are colored emerald green in the MGM Grand/Oz style.
  • Jack Bradley (cameo)
  • Mrs. Bradley (Jack's mother/ cameo)
  • Robin Hood (cameo)
  • Dorothy Gale (cameo)
  • Todo: Dorothy's dog (cameo)
  • Tin Man (cameo)
  • Scarecrow (cameo)
  • Cowardly Lion (cameo)
  • Glinda (cameo)
  • Wizard OZ (cameo)
  • Jitterbug (mentioned)
  • Charlie Bucket (cameo)
  • Grandpa Joe (cameo)
  • Violet Beauregarde (cameo)
  • Veruca Salt (already reforming her attitude) (cameo)
  • Augustus Gloop (cameo)
  • Mike Teevee (cameo)
  • Willy Wonka (cameo)
  • Spike Bulldog: the Ticket Manger
  • Tyke Bulldog: Spike's son, who has the ability to speak, just like Tom, Jerry and Tuffy.
  • Droopy: the Train Master
  • Robyn Starling
  • Daddy Starling (also known as Mr. Starling)
  • Aunt Pristine Figg
  • Uncle Lickboot
  • Ferdinand
  • The Narrator: A British gentleman who resembles the late Jimmy Durante.
  • Frosty the Snowman (1969 Version)
  • Karen: Robyn Starling's great, great, great cousin
  • Other Children (including Karen's classmates)
  • The Teacher
  • Red: the baker/ waitress
  • Professor Hinkle: a greedy magician
  • Hocus Pocus: Hinkle's pet rabbit/ Tuffy's boss 
  • Santa Claus
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964 Version)
  • Blitzen
  • Donner
  • Cupid
  • Comet
  • Vixen
  • Prancer
  • Dancer
  • Dasher
  • Woodland Animals
    • Lord Owl: The animal in charge.
  • Other Townspeople
    • The Christmas Tree Seller
    • The First Man with Christmas Presents
    • The Father and his Family
    • The Mailman and his Dog
    • The Street Band
    • The Second Man with Christmas Presents
    • The Woman with Christmas Presents
    • The Barber and his Customer
    • The Woman with Hand Mirror
    • The Traffic Cop
  • The Narrator: An English gentleman who resembles the late Jimmy Durante.

Concept Art Edit

Songs Edit

  1. Frosty the Snowman (opening credits) - The Gentleman, Chorus
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Gentleman, Santa Claus, Chorus
  3. Frosty the Snowman (ending edition) - Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Karen, Spike, Tyke, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Traffic Cop, Chorus
  4. Let There Be Snow (duet version)- Frosty the Snowman, Tom, Jerry, Karen, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, children chorus

Scripts Edit

Workprint #1 (Early Version, Storyboards) Edit

The Gentleman's Introduction/ Meeting Tom and Jerry Edit

The narrator: "I suppose it all started with the snow. You see, it's a very special kind of snow. *looks to the Christmas Tree Seller* A snow that made all the people happy happier, and the giddy even giddier."

First Man with Christmas Present: *chuckles*

The narrator: "A snow that would make a homecoming homier..."

The Mailman's Dog: *barking*

The narrator: "...and natural enemies, friends. Natural. It was the first snow of this season. And as any child can tell you, there's a certain magic to the very first snow...especially when it falls on the day before Christmas. In other words, we call it the Christmas snow. *chuckles* But now, on the 24th of December, three days after winter have began..."

(Cut to Tom and Jerry)

The narrator: "A cat named Thomas...or Tom for short, and a mouse named Jerry were getting into a holiday spirits by helping the townspeople decorating the town square, lamp posts and the trees and houses. The fact is that these two animals are the pets of a girl named Robyn Starling and her father, the founder of Starling Enterprise and Robyn's Nest. A little later afterwards, Tom and Jerry unknowingly discovers the children in school, glazing at the window. It's obvious that the schoolhouse was closed for the winter holidays, but is reopened for a Christmas Eve party. As we all know, there's something wonderful that is bound to happen."

Christmas Party in School/ Professor Hinkle's Magic Act Edit

(Tom & Jerry curiously staring at the windows without the other kids' noticing)

Children: (watching the snowflakes out of the window, amazed) *laughter*

The Teacher: *tapping her desk with a ruler* "Children, please sit back to your seats. The snow can wait."

Children: *all jeering*

The Teacher: "Now, now. There's no need to be glum about this, for we are about to have something very special to do before we can go back to our winter vacation. I've hired Professor Hinkle, the magician, to entertain our class Christmas party. So, pay attention."

Professor Hinkle: (walks next to the teacher, clearing his throat)

The narrator: "Now, as you may see, Professor Hinkle was just about to be the worse magician in the world."

(Tom & Jerry curiously watches Professor Hinkle's magic act)

Professor Hinkle: *crunching fingers, grabbing the hat and eggs to perform his act* "And so, I put the magic eggs under my hat. Abracadabra a coin to phrase. And Volia! The eggs have turned into...

(Cracking sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

Professor Hinkle: *pulling out his handkerchief* "Messy, messy, messy." *places his handkerchief and shakes his head in shame.

Children: *jeeringly booing*

(Tom & Jerry jeeringly stared at Professor Hinkle, put their hand on their cheek, both shooked their heads in disagree) *both sigh*

Professor Hinkle: "Where are my two assistants?!" *spinning the hat* "Hocus Pocus, Nibbles Tuffy Mouse, wher are you?" *digging his hand inside of the hat* Bah! The only thing this hat's good for is the trash can." *throws the hat, which bounces off the trash can and hits the floor*

Hocus Pocus: *pops out of the hat, along with Tuffy* (spoken:) "Hiya, kids! Merry Christmas!"

Children (amazed): Wow! A white rabbit that can talk!"

(Tom & Jerry gasp in shock as they saw the talking rabbit who is with Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse)

Tuffy: "Sorry about that, everyone, it just that we can't see what we were going, and..." *The hat lands on Hocus Pocus & Tuffy* "Hey, who turn out the lights?"

(Hocus Pocus' squeaky bouncing sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

Hocus Pocus: *grunts* "Hiya, ma'am!"

The Teacher: *gasps*

(Tom & Jerry hided/ ducked themselves from the hopping anicent)

Professor Hinkle: (grunts) *slips on the floor*

Tuffy: "Missed us!"

Children: (laughing)

(School bell ringing)

Children: (cheering) *running towards the door*

Professor Hinkle: "You wouldn't dessert Hinkle the...ouch! For some stupid... Ow! Frozen water?" *piano sound effects when he falls*

Building Frosty/ Frosty Comes to Life/ Hinkle's Selfish Desire Edit

(Children laughing playfully as Tom & Jerry curiously watches them throughout the gateway)

Orange-haired boy: "Hey, look at the snow!"

Blonde-haired boy: "It's snow!"

Boy in Green Coat: "I like snow!"

Blonde-haired boy: *sled ridding* "Yeah!"

Boy in Snowbank: *throws snow in the air* "See? Snow!"

(Cut to the two boys rolling a large ball of snow to Karen)

Brown-haired Boy: "We're building a snowman, Karen."

Oranged-haired Boy: "You make the head."

(After nodding, Karen went off and then came back with a medium-sized snowball)

(Tom & Jerry amazingly watches Karen and her classmates build a giant-adult-sized snowman)

Karen: "The head is the most difficult part." *rolls the medium-sized snowball to the top of the large-sized snowball* "Ask anyone." *she turned her head, noticing Tom and Jerry at the gateway* "Hey, you! The cat and the mouse! Come help us finish building our snowman!"

Tom & Jerry: *nervously walks towards the children with a broomstick, hands the broom to the Blonde-haired boy*

Blonde-haired Boy: "Thanks!"

Girl in Pink Dress: "What are your guys' names?"

Tom: (spoken:) "I'm Thomas Cat....but you can call me Tom, to shortened my name if ya like."

(Karen and her classmates nodded their heads)

Jerry: (spoken:)  "And me? I'm Jerry Mouse. We're the friends of Robyn Starling and pets of Mr. Starling. Please to meet you."

Karen: *shaking Tom & Jerry's hands* "It's our pleasure to meet you guys, too. You're more welcome to join us as our winter friendship club during Christmas. And you know Tom and Jerry, Robyn Starling, that you may know her before, is actually my great, great, great cousin."

Tom & Jerry: "(unexpected/ surprised:) Really?"

Karen: *nodded her head*

Jerry: "I did not know that, did you Tom?"

Tom: "Not me either! Boy, if Robyn was here already, she would be really happy to her cousin again."

Jerry: *nodded his head in agreement*

Orange-haired Boy: *putting a red button from his sweater on the snowman's face* "Done."

Tom: "Not bad, children."

Jerry: "Looks pretty good to me."

Brown-haired Boy: "Thanks, what shall we call him though?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Yeah, should we call him Harold?"

Blonde-haired Boy: "Umm...Bruce?"

Orange-haired Boy: "No."

Girl in Pink Dress: "Christopher Columbus?"

Karen: "Oh, no."

Brown-haired Boy: "Any ideas for his name?"

Boy in Green Coat: "Maybe Oatmeal?"

Children, Tom and Jerry: "(shocked:) Oatmeal?!"

Karen: "How about...Frosty?"

Brown-haired Boy: "Frosty?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Yeah, Frosty it is! Frosty the Snowman!"

Children: (cheering) *forming a ring around Frosty, singing Frosty the Snowman theme while dancing around him*

Jerry: *watches them singing and dancing around* "Frosty? Frosty the Snowman...sounds good to me. What do you think of his name, Tom?"

Tom: "Jerry, I say, his name Frosty is just perfect for him! Frosty the Snowman indeed."

(Tom & Jerry both shooked his hands in agreement)

Professor Hinkle: *both doors open* "Come back here, you!"

Children: *gasps*

(Tom & Jerry unexpectdly see Professor Hinkle chasing after the hat)

Hocus Pocus: *raspberry* "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!"

Tuffy: "Excuse us! Coming through! Look out!"

Professor Hinkle: *grabbing Hocus Pocus, not noticing Tuffy escaping him quite easily by hanging onto the hat* "Gotcha!" *The hat blew towards the children*

Tuffy: "Thomas, head's up!"

Tom: *gasp, caught the hat, prompting Tuffy to fell off* "Got it!" *slips on a nearby block of ice, kicking it away* "Whoa!" *falls forward and hits the snowy ground so hard that he accidentally lets go of the hat which then lightly lands on Frosty's head*

(A trail of

Frosty: "(joyful:) Happy Birthday!" (blinks two times)

Children: (gasping)

Tuffy: "(amazed:) I don't believe it! He's...he's...he's..."

Tom & Jerry: "(amazed:) Frosty is alive!"

Professor Hinkle: *picking himself up from the ground* "What the...?"

Karen: "(amazed:) That hat brought Frosty to life. It must be magic!"

Professor Hinkle: "Excuse mean my hat is magic?"

Tuffy: *climbs up Hinkle on his shoulder* "Just see it for yourself, Professor Hinkle."

Karen: "Yeah, just look!"

Frosty: *smiles, chuckle, gasp, his hat blew it off his head*

Professor Hinkle: *catches the hat* "If that hat is magic, then I want it back!"

(Tom and Jerry shockly stared at Professor Hinkle in disbelief, looked each other, anger both nodded their heads, ran towards Professor Hinkle)

Jerry: "(fierst:) Hey, you!"

Professor Hinkle: *yelps*

Jerry: "That hat doesn't belong to you anymore!"

Tom: "(fierst:) Yeah, we just saw you threw it away in the trash can throughout the window!"

Professor Hinkle: "Don't speak to elders like me in such rude manners, you... *tries to grab Hocus Pocus who hops around to dodge him and finally captures him* naughty little kitty cat and little mouse. And you, Hocus..." *shoves Hocus into the hat* "...and Tuffy..." *picks up Tuffy by his diaper and throws him into the hat too* "stay in there you two, or there'll be no carrots, and cheese for Christmas."

Brown-haired Boy: *running towards Professor Hinkle* "But that cat and a mouse are right, you can't just take that hat back now!"

Orange-haired Boy: "It brought Frosty to life!"

Karen: *walking towards Professor Hinkle* "(fierst:) You saw the whole ancient happen!"

Professor Hinkle: "I saw nothing of the kind, young lady."

Hocus Pocus: *pops out of the hat with a grunt, tsk tsk tsk tsk....*

Professor Hinkle: "Quiet! I can't lose my hat if it's got magic now. It will make a millionaire magician!"

Tuffy: *pops out of the hat* "But Professor Hinkle, the kids saw Frosty come to life! Right, children?"

Children: "Uh-huh! We sure did, little gray mouse!"

Professor Hinkle: *sneered at Tuffy* "That does not concern you either, little Tuffy. Now hold your tongue!" *pops Tuffy back inside the hat* "One more foolish word out of you, and you will also face the consequences." *turning to Tom, Jerry and the children* "And as for you silly children, when you're all grown up, you'll realize that snowmen, especially Frosty, cannot come to life. And this lesson will go to you too as well, cat and mouse."

Tom: "(poor:) But, they don't..."

Professor Hinkle: "Silly, silly, silly!" *places the hat on his head, walks away*

Jerry: *sighs* "(poor:) We're so sorry, kids."

Tom: "Let me tell ya, that Professor Hinkle could be definitely more worst than Robyn's aunt Pristine Figg."

Jerry: "Or her future uncle Lickboot and their skateboarding dog Ferdinand. Remember that, Tom?"

Tom: "Yeah, and they're no good when it comes to money that they are to take from the Starlings. But, we're glad that she, her husband and their dog were gone for good."

Blonde-haired Boy: "(gently:) Aw, it's not your fault, guys. It was Professor Hinkle the magician, who got his selfish desire and refused getting us the hat back. We should have interest his magic act in the first place."

Brown-haired Boy: "Aw, Frosty, we don't care what grownups say."

(Tom & Jerry helplessly watches the sad children staring at the lifeless Frosty)

Orange-haired Boy: "We know you did come to life."

Karen: *hugging a lifeless Frosty* "We know, Frosty. We just know." *lilt her head in the sky* "Oh, Tuffy, wherever you are, please bring back that hat to us."

Opening Credits/ ♪Frosty the SnowmanEdit

The narrator: (singing) "Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, with a corncob pipe, and a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal."

The narrator and children chorus: (singing) "Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow, but the children know how he came to life one day."

"He's Alive Again!"/ Introducing Tom and Jerry to Frosty Edit

The narrator: *watches Professor Hinkle, then looks to the viewers* "Now, of course, the hat did belonged to Frosty, the children, Tom and Jerry. That point was to make very clear. Therefore, Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse and Hocus Pocus were targets on the right, and they know what they're about to do."

Tuffy: (whispering) "Come on."

Hocus Pocus: (whispering) "Right, Tuffy."

Tuffy and Hocus Pocus: *switches the hat with a pine wreath and quickly disappears*

Professor Hinkle: *waving a wreath* (chuckle)

(Hocus Pocus' squeaky footsteps/bouncing sound effect)

Tuffy and Hocus Pocus: *carrying the hat* (both grunting)

The narrator: "Well, Hocus Pocus and Tuffy raced back to Tom, Jerry and the children just as fast as they could."

Hocus Pocus: (in hurry:) "We're late, we're late for a very important fun. No time to say hello, goodbye. We're late, we're late, we're late."

Tuffy: "Hey, young lady! We brought back something for your friend!"

Hocus Pocus: "Ahem, allow me." (whistles)

Tom: *heard the whistle, turning around behind* "Karen, look! The hat's back!"

Karen: "Huh?" *turning around, gasp* "You're right, Thomas! The hat did return to us. Now let's see if this would make Frosty alive again."

Tuffy: "Stand clear, guys!"

Karen: *placing the hat back on Frosty's head*

(sparkling sound effect)

Frosty: (blinking his eyes) "(joyful:) Happy Birthday!"

Children: (gasping)

Tom & Jerry: "(shocked/ amazed:) He's alive again!"

Hocus Pocus: "(shocked:) Oh, my fur and whiskers!"

Frosty: *gasp, curiously looking down to his feet, touching his hands, arms and his chest, suddenly slowly lift his head* "Hey..." *smiles, widen his arms open* "I said my first words! (laughs:) I...I couldn't believe it!"

(The original instrumental version of I'm All Living from Rankin/Bass' classic Frosty the Snowman started playing)

Frosty: "But wait a minute...but snowmen can't talk." *his eyes closed, putting his hand in his bottom lip, giggling, and curiously staring at Karen and her classmates* "Alright, come on now. What's the joke?"

Tuffy: *noticing Frosty quickly* "Oh boy!" *climbing up to Tom & Jerry* "(whispering:) psst! I suggested that you two should give Frosty a lot of room, you guys. 'Cause he's gotta thumpety thump thump!" *three running/ climbing to the tree nearby*

Frosty: "Hmm..." *staring at the viewers* "Hey *pointed at himself*...Could I really be alive? I mean, I can make words!" *moving his body* "I can move!" *Thump!* "I can juggle!" *juggling snowballs in one hand* "I can sweep!" *sweeping, throws the broomstick & Tom quickly caught the broomstick* "(laughs:) I can also sing a song! (his eyes closed, clears throat, twriling one time, singing on the autotuned-voice:) Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

Children: (exclaiming in amazement)

(Cut to Tuffy, Tom and Jerry on the tree)

Jerry: "(amazed/ dreamy/ whispering:) Wow...his singing voice sounded fantastic...and handsome!"

Tom: *blinks his eyes* "(amazed/ dreamy/ whispering:) Yeah, he's like a snow us."

Tuffy: "(whispering:) I kinda agree with you, guys."

Hocus Pocus: *dugged out of the snow bank* "(whispering:) Same here, guys."

(Cut back to Frosty)

Frosty: *chuckle* "I can even count to 10!" *helding up his hands, started counting* "1,2,3,4,5,9,6,8...Oh, umm.." *both hands on his hips, head up, his eyes looking at his hat* "well, I can count to 5."

Tuffy: (amazed/ whispering:) "Gosh, how does even Frosty knows how to count to ten, but then five? Gosh, how did he learn so fast without a calculator?"

Tom: (whispering:) "You tell us the same question, Tuffy."

Jerry & Hocus Pocus: *both nodding their heads*

Tom, Jerry, Hocus Pocus & Tuffy: *all turned their heads as they heard Frosty laughing*

(Frosty Laughing)

(Cut back again with Frosty)

Frosty: *both arms up above his head* "What do you know? I'm even ticklish. In fact..." *one hand on his pipe, other hand pointed* "I'm all living!" *walking around Karen and her classmates* "I am alive!" *folding both hands together, his eyes looking up* "What a neat thing to happen to be a nice guy like...." *noticing Tom & Jerry on the tree unexpectedly* "(chuckle:) Hey, who were you?"

Tom: *carefully climbs off of a tree, pointing at each other* "(shy:)"

Frosty: *nodded his head* "Yeah, I'm talking to you! Who were you, guys?" *walks towards Tom & Jerry* "Gee, I've never seen a talking grayish-blue cat and a talking brown mouse before." *took out his hand to Jerry Mouse*

Jerry: *nervously climbs on Frosty's hand* "(shy & nervous:) Umm...Well...we really wanted to tell who we are sir, but, we..."

Tuffy: *jumps onto Frosty's hand, cutting through Jerry* "Excuse me Frosty, but allow me to introduce to them... and myself."

Frosty: (chuckling)

(Jerry nervously walks backwards, jumps onto Tom's hand)

Tuffy: "As you may know, my name is Tuffy...Nibbles Tuffy Mouse, Hocus Pocus' assistant. "

Frosty: "(amazed:) Oh..."

Tuffy: "And these are the other friends of mine: Tom Cat, (whispering to Frosty:) but you can call him Thomas if you like," *winks at Frosty* "and also my family member of the Mouse family, my good olé uncle..." (bong! sound effect) *noticing Jerry disappeared* "Hey, where did Jerry go?"

Girl in Pink Dress: (curious:) "Did you mean your uncle, Jerry Mouse?"

Tuffy: "Exactly. He was just right with Tom on his hand a moment ago, and he just disappeared, completely!" *jumps on Tom's hand, scratching his head* "Hmm...Where could he be?"

Karen: "He hadn't been gone that too far."

Frosty: *feeling a tickle inside his body unexpected, widen his eyes, his eye pupils shrunk, gasp*

(Cut to Tuffy, Tom, Karen and her classmates when they heard Frosty laughing)

Orange-haired Boy: *turning to Frosty* (curious:) "Frosty, what's so funny?"

(Tom, Tuffy, Karen and her classmates all curiously gathered around Frosty)

Tuffy: "Frosty, are you alright?"

Tom: "Yeah. Honesty, I don't see anything that's funny."

Frosty: "(laughs:) Ha, ha, ha, ha, oh no, please stop it! You''re tickling me!" (laughter)

Blonde-haired Boy: "Oh, we get it Frosty, you're acting ticklish. We get the point."

Frosty: *hugging himself, kneeled on the ground* "(laughs:) No, really guys! I'm being tickle little Jerry Mouse!" (laughter)

(The instrumental version of "What's This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas started playing)

Tuffy: *gasp* "(shocked:) Uncle Jerry! He must be inside Frosty's body! *pointing* "Look!"

(Tom, Karen and her classmates all seeing Jerry moving inside of Frosty's body)

Brown-haired Boy: "We gotta get Jerry out of Frosty's body, fast!"

Tom: "I'll get him out!" *Zip!* "Jerry, get out of there!" *looking at Frosty, laughing* "Okay, just stand still, big guy." *digging his hand inside of Frosty's chest cavity*

Frosty: *brimming in cracked-up tears* "(laughs:) That tickles!"

Tom: "Almost..." *gasp, yanking Jerry out by his tail* (Pop sound effect when Tom yanked Jerry out) "Gotcha!"

(Frosty slowly stops laughing, while breathing and wiping his tears away)

Tuffy: "Uncle Jerry, have you lost your mind? Going inside the body of Frosty like that?"

Jerry: *nervously chuckle* "Sorry about that, Tuffy. I was just curious about this snow fella. I just wanted to get a look at him. *turning to Frosty* So sorry about that, Frosty."

Frosty: *touching his chest* "(breathing:) That's...that's..that's alright, Jerry." *head lifting at Tuffy* " harm done on me, Tuffy. I'm alright."

Tuffy: "Oh! Well umm..." *nervous chuckle, giving Frosty a thumbs up* "That's good to know, Frosty." *thinks for a moment* "Or should I call you Mr. Frosty?"

Frosty: "Sure. I like the way you talked"

Tom: *chuckle, walks towards Frosty* "Yeah, it's just that it's impossible to be a living snowman like you are, Mr. Frostcalucis."

Frosty: *picking himself up* "I know, right? Please, just call me Frosty to shorten my name. And nothing is impossible. *pointing at Tom and Jerry* As long as you and Jerry Mouse believed in yourselves, I will always be there for you."

Jerry: "(dreamy:) forever always, Frosty?"

Frosty: "(gentle:) Forever always, Jerry Mouse." *rubbing Tom's head, touching Jerry's nose, all shared a smile* "(excited:) Now...who wants to catch some snow?"

Children: (all cheering)

Tuffy: "Come on!"

The Narrator (singing): "There must have be some magic, in that old silk hat they found. For when they placed it on his head, he begin to dance around.

(Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, and the children started playing with each other, laugher)

Children chorus (singing): Frosty the Snowman, was alive as he could be.

The narrator and children chorus: (singing): And the children say that he can laugh and play, just the same as you and me."

(Instrumental theme ending)

The Fun Begins/ Frosty Begins to Melt Edit

(Cut to Frosty and the children playing)

Frosty: (humming a tune Angels We Had Heard On High)

Boy in the Green Coat: *rolled a snowball, throws it at Frosty*

Frosty: "(unexpected:) Ahh!"

Boy in Green Coat: "(laughs:) You're it!" *laughter as he runs from Frosty*

Frosty: *gasp, making a sneaky smile, rolled a snowball* "Oh yeah...?" *laughter, gathering snowballs, starting running*

Blonde-haired Boy: *quickly noticing Frosty* "(shouting:) Look out! Frosty's it!"

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus & the children: *running from Frosty, laughing*

Frosty: "(laughs:) Ready or not! Here comes Frosty the Snowman!" *throwing the snowballs, laughter* "Gotcha!"

Tuffy: "Hey, catch this, Mr. Frosty!" *throws a snowball at Frosty*

Frosty: "Zoinks!" *as he ducked from the thrown snowball, raspberry* "Missed me, Tuffy!" *laughter, throwing snowballs, hearing Karen's whistle, turned his head around* "uhh..?"

Karen: "Hey, Frosty!..."

Tom & Jerry: "(both:) Head's up!" *slingshots snowballs at Frosty*

Frosty: *gasp, been hit by snowballs,* "Dohh..!" *and slams backwards on the gates upside down, drums sound effects* "Oh, you got me! You have my mercy..." (giggling)

Blonde-haired Boy: (giggling) "Hey, Frosty, you know you did look strange when you're upside down."

Frosty: (in upside down) "Oh. *laughs* No wonder you guys are like bats." *giggled, tries to pull himself out, but gotten stuck* (grunting) "Uhh, guys? Can somebody please give me a hand, first? I'm kinda stuck!"

Karen: *running towards Frosty* "We've got ya, Frosty." *with the help of Tom and Jerry, pulled Frosty on his both arms, yanked him out*

Frosty: "Whoa...!" *rolled over Tom and Jerry, and hit on the tree, feeling dizzy, bird chirping sound effects*

Karen: "Frosty, are you alright?"

Frosty: "Ah...thanks, Karen." *gasp, realizing Tom and Jerry* "Tom! Jerry!" *getting himself up, seeing Tom and Jerry both being flat* "Whoops!"

Tuffy: "You're alright, Uncle Jerry and Tom Cat?"

Tom & Jerry: *both dugged out of the snow*

Jerry: "Yeah...I'm...I'm alright, Tuffy."

Tom: *shakes and rubs his head* "With...with your information, Frosty, I'm okay as well."

Frosty: Whew! Thank Goodness.

(Cut to Brown-haired Boy & Orange-haired Boy with Frosty on top of the snowy hill with Tom & Jerry)

Frosty: "Get ready, boys..." *started sliding down the hill fast*

Orange-haired Boy: *laughter*

Brown-haired Boy: "Whee...!"

Tom: (joyful:) "Awesome!"

Jerry: "Yee-Haw!"

Frosty: (joyful:) "Look us go over the hills of snow! Woo-Hoo!..." *suddenly unexpectedly hit a rock, sending him, the boys, Tom and Jerry spin-flying through the sky* "(exclaiming:) WHOAAAAA....!" *landed on the snowy ground* (crash sound effect by Hidenori Arai)

Frosty, Tom, Jerry and the boys: (all laughter)

Frosty: (laughs:) Oh! That was fun, wasn't it?

Jerry: *crawling out of the snow* You betcha, big fella!

Tom: *dusting himself off* "I have to admit, big guy, I agree with Jerry. It was fun!"

(Cut to Blonde-haired Boy and Boy in Green Coat with Tom and Jerry)

Tom, Jerry, Blonde-haired Boy & Boy in Green Coat: *swinging strong ropes on the tree* (all laughing) *all let go, jumps on the snow below*

Blonde-haired Boy: *seeing a nervous Frosty above the giant hill* "Come on, Frosty!"

Jerry: "It's your turn to jump!"

Boy in Green Coat: *waving at Frosty* "Come on down!"

Frosty: *nervously grabs the rope, looking down below, gulps, bit his bottom lip, deep breath, making his bravery face, both his hands wrapped on the rope, starting to jump* (Tarzan yelling)

Blonde-haired Boy: *seeing Frosty swinging this way* "Duck!"

(Blonde-haired Boy & Boy in Green Coat all ducked in the snowbank as Frosty swung, then pops back out)

Frosty: (suddenly stops as the rope accidentally snaps off) "(whimper:) Uh oh!" (falls down, Thump sound effect by Hidenori Arai and the background shooked when he lands on the snowbank) *pops out, laugher* "(joyful:) Oh...that was even more fun!"

(Blonde-haired Boy & Boy in Green Coat, with Tom and Jerry, ran towards Frosty)

Jerry: "Are you alright, big fella?"

Frosty: *dusting the snow off of his hat* "(laughs:) Oh, yes. I'm okay, guys. Snowmen, like me, never get hurt. Because, I don't have a skull, or bones."

Tom: "Just in our case, big guy, we've better check you out. Right this way."

(Cut to Tuffy, Tom, Jerry, Hocus Pocus, Karen and Frosty playing doctor)

Tuffy: *reading his clipboard* "Hmm...Just we expected. Mr. Frosty...*winks*...lets check you out. Dr. Thomas, if you would be so kind and please check his throat with your tongue depressor, please?"

Tom: *winks at Tuffy* "Gladly, Dr. Tuffy." *helding up a tongue depressor* "Okay, big guy, head lift up. Please say ahhh..."

Frosty: *nodded his head, sticking out his tongue* "(vocalizing:) Ahhh..."

Tom: "Hmm...your throat looks good in there."

Tuffy: "Okay, let me do this on you, Mr. Frosty." *taking out a feather, begin tickling Frosty's nose*

Frosty: *first-time started sneezing* "Ahh-Choo!" *blowing Tuffy to the snowy ground*

Karen: "Are you alright, Dr. Tuffy?"

Tuffy: *pops out of the snow* "Yeah, I'm alright, Miss Karen. Gladly, there's bunch of snow to land on, only protection."

Jerry: "That's good to know, Tuffy. Now, big fella, let me check out your body." *crunching his fingers, climbs on the outside of Frosty's body*

Frosty: *trying to stand still, but felt a tickle again* (laughing) "Jerry, please stop! I'm ticklish, remember?" (laughs)

Jerry: "Looks good. Okay, now if we can just..." *unexpectedly hears Frosty's heart* "(amazed:) Whoa...Tom, quick, took out your stethoscope! You've gotta listen to this!"

(Tom quickly took out his stethoscope and placed on Frosty's chest, listening to his heart beat for the first time)

(Heartbeat sound effect by Hidenori Arai)

Tom: *tooks off the stethoscope for few seconds, and puts it back on his ears* "(amazed and curious:) Wow...what kind of sound is this?"

Frosty: *as he started breathing* "That's the sound of my icy heart, that you're listening to."

Tom: "(confused:) You mean, a solid ice heart?"

Frosty:  *nodded his head* "Uh-huh." 

  • leading Tom to his chest* "Pretty neat, huh?"

Karen: "(amazed:) Yeah..."

Tuffy: "(amazed:) You must be lucky to have an icy heart like yours, Mr. Frosty."

Frosty: "Why, thank you, young Dr. Tuffy. You see, it's my own special gift of my late grandfather, who is a snow person like me."

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy & Karen: (amazed:) Wow...

Tuffy: *snaps his tiny fingers* "Hey! Tom, Uncle Jerry, that gifted heart reminds me of our friend, the Tin Man from the land of OZ, with Miss Dorothy, remember?"

Tom & Jerry: *both nodded their heads as they remember* "Oh, yeah, we remembered, Tuffy."

Tom: "(dreamy:) Good Ole days..."

(Tom, Jerry and Tuffy turns to the viewers)

Tuffy: "Keep this in mind, folks. This story of The Wizard of OZ that we all know is actually an MGM motion picture in Technicolor."

Tom: "Surprisingly, we were featured in there for a crossover, along with other film and TV production per company."

Jerry: "For the correct version without us, see the real film itself."

Tuffy: "From who else?"

(A logo for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with Leo the Lion appears above Tom, Jerry and Tuffy)

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., Beverly Hills, California!"

Leo the Lion: (roaring, smiles with a wink)

Frosty: (giggling) *waves at Leo the lion above*

(Cut to Girl with Pink Dress with Frosty, Tom & Jerry ice skating on the ice)

Girl in Pink Dress: *grabbing Tom's hands, spinning, laughter* "Whee...!"

Frosty: *making magic with his hands behind/ next to Girl in Pink Dress*

Girl in Pink Dress: *gently lets Tom Cat go* "You're amazing, Frosty!" *hugging Frosty*

Frosty: *hugging Girl in Pink Dress* "Aw..." (chuckling)

Jerry: "Hey Tom, we should stay in here! It's perfect!"

Tom: "Sounds good to me, Jerry! I mean, it doesn't seems to be wrong with this. Nothing is going to stop this fun-time."

Frosty: *spinning* "Whee..." *laughing, but suddenly noticing he's sweating, touching his forehead* "Uh oh..."

Tom & Jerry: *both stopped ice skating & staring at Frosty*

Children: *all stopped playing & staring at Frosty*

Tuffy: "Is there something wrong, Mr. Frosty?"

Karen: *walk towards Frosty* "Yeah, what's the matter, Frosty?"

Frosty: *kneeled down* "Phew! However, I think I might be melting. Karen, is there a thermometer around here?"

Tom: (curious:) "umm...You mean that thermometer right over there on the wall? Why did you ask?"

Frosty: "Oh, I was afraid of that. And the thermometer is getting all red. To tell you the truth, I hate red thermometers."

Jerry: *gasp* "Why not, Frosty?"

Karen: "Yeah, why?"

Frosty: "Well...I guess you could ask about that guys." *picking himself up* "Because when the thermometer gets all reddish, the temperature goes up. And when the temperature climbs up, I start to melt. And if I started to melt, I'll get all wishy-washy... (whimpers:) into a puddle..."

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy & Hocus Pocus: (all gasping)

Karen: (bravery:) "Then, you gotta go someplace where you will never melt."

Tom: "Umm...excuse me, but I was thinking of maybe..taking him to....the North Pole?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Thomas, that's a great place for Frosty be safe at!"

Brown-Haired Boy: "Yeah! We can take Frosty downtown to the railroad station. And put him on a train!"

Tuffy: "Perfect, kids! What did you think, Mr. Frosty?"

Frosty: "(happy:) Great!" *twriling once, holding his hand to another* "I always wanted to see the town!"

Karen: "That's a great trip idea, Thomas. You made Frosty's dream came true." *kisses Tom*

Tom: *cheeks blushed* (chuckle)

"Let's Have A Parade!"/ The Traffic Cop Edit

Frosty: "Let's make a party out of it! Let's have a parade!"

Children: *cheering*

(Original classic Frosty the Snowman: parade version started playing) 

Frosty: *whistles for his broomstick, broomstick magically flew, Tom catches the broom and kindly hands it to Frosty*

Chorus: (singing:) "Frosty the Snowman knew the sun was hot that day. So he said, "Let's run and we'll have some fun now before I melt away!"

Tuffy: *riding on Hocus Pocus' back* "Hey, Mr. Frosty, Wait for us!"

(Band Playing Frosty the Snowman)

Second Man with Christmas Presents: *gasps* (crashes into the same woman with presents, causing the gifts to fall all over)

The narrator: (singing:) "Down to the village, with a broomstick in his hand. Running here and there, all around the square, saying "Catch me if you can!"

Frosty: "Come on, everyone! Follow the leader!"

Children: (laughing) *leap frog jumping over Frosty's back*

Jerry: "We're right behind you, big fella!"

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy & Hocus also leap frog jumping over Frosty's back)

Chorus: (singing:) "He led them down the streets of town, right into a traffic cop."

The narrator: (singing:) "And he only paused a moment, when he heard him holler..."

Chorus: (singing:) "STOP!"

(Traffic Whistle blows)

Tuffy: (alarmed:) "Mr. Frosty, watch out!"

The Traffic Cop: "Stop. Stop! STOOOOP!"

Frosty: *his pipe jumps out of his mouth* "Whoa!" *bumping into the children behind*

Children: (exclaiming)

Frosty: "Whoops!" *turning to the children* "Are you alright, back there?"

Tom: "We're fine, big guy, but what happened?"

Jerry: "I think we heard him holler stop."

Frosty: "You got that right, Jerry Mouse."

The Traffic Cop: "Alright, mister. Didn't you see a traffic light?"

Frosty: (curious:) "What's a traffic light?"

The Traffic Cop: "Right up there on a lamp post, buddy!"

Frosty: "What's a lamp post, chump?"

Tom: "I have to admit, Frosty might be a snowman, but he's really funny."

Jerry: "I know, right? He's like a snow comedian."

The Traffic Cop: "So, you wanna a ticket, wiseguy?"

Frosty: "I would LOVE to have one! To the North Pole, please."

The Traffic Cop: "Huh?"

Karen: *clears throat* "You have to excuse him, sir. You see, he just came to life. And he doesn't know about such things. So, can you let us go?"

The Traffic Cop: "Well...okay, ever since he came to life. *blows whistle with music notes coming out* Move along!"

Tuffy: "Thanks, mister!"

The Traffic Cop: "Heh, silly snowmen. Once they come to life, they don't know nothing." *preparing to blow his whistle, only to become shock at what he was thinking about* "Come to LIFE?!" *swallows whistle, makes a hitch-pitched whistles from inside his throat that music notes came out of his mouth*

Frosty's First Bakery Visit/Professor Hinkle Notices! Edit

The narrator: "Just as they were getting close to the railroad station, Frosty, for the very first time, got a good delicious scent of smell."

Frosty: "Huh?" *closed his eyes, inhaling, holding his chest, slowly opened his eyes* "Oh, what is that smell? It scrumptious."

Orange-haired Boy: "Oh Frosty, that's the bakery you're smelling from. Do you want to take a look with me?"

Frosty: *gasp* "(nervous:) Can I?"

Tuffy: *nodded his head* "Go ahead, Mr. Frosty. We'll wait for ya here."

Jerry: "Yeah, don't worry about us. You'll have plenty of time."

Tom: "We got the kids in our backs for ya."

Frosty: *smiles at the gang, taking a deep breath, grabbing the orange-haired Boy's hand & walked towards the bakery*

Red: *humming a tune We wish you a Merry Christmas*

Orange-haired Boy: *dings a bell on the table* "Excuse me, miss."

Red: "Oh, Hello, young man..." *looking at Frosty unexpected* "And who's this person?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Do not be alarmed, but this is Frosty. Frosty is actually a snowman, and he was curious about it through the open window of your bakery, ma'am."

Red: "(tomboyish:) Well, for a snowman like him, he's sure is quite handsome."

Frosty: *shocked, cheeks blushing, smiles shyly* "Oh!" (chuckling)

Red: *shaking Frosty's hand* "(kindhearted:) Hello."

Frosty: "(giggling:) Please to meet you, ma'am. I heard you're an actress of yourself..." *noticing the decorated muffins on a display* "Oh, those looks so wonderful! What are those?"

Red: "These are my most famous Christmas muffins that I made myself for this year's holiday tradition."

Frosty "Gosh, I never had a muffin before. (nervous:) Heh heh, do you think that I could try one, ma'am?"

Red: "Be my guest. Here, try the classic: chocolate chip muffin." *handing him a muffin from the display, giving it to Frosty*

Frosty: *grabs a muffin, sniffing* "It smells good..." *stared at the muffin curiously, turns to Orange-haired Boy*

Orange-haired Boy: *nodded his head* "(whispering:) Go ahead, Frosty."

Frosty: *deep breaths* "Okay..." *removed his pipe from his mouth, closed his eyes, took a bite of the muffin, widened his eyes surprisedly* "Hey, that's a pretty good stuff!" *took another bite, his tougne slopping* "mmm, not bad! This is such a good muffin I've ever tasted, in my life!":

Red: "Well, Frosty, these muffins on the display are all for free! That means you don't have to pay anything."

Orange-haired Boy: "(surprised:) Wow! That's sounds great! You hear that, Frosty?"

Frosty: *eating his muffin, nodded his head* "Mm-mm."

Red: *giggling, wrapping the muffins in a gift box* "There're all yours. Happy Holidays!"

Frosty: *outside inch of the door, swallows with a gulp* "Yeah, you too ma'am, bye! Thanks!"

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus & the children ran towards Frosty)

Tuffy: "How did it go, Mr. Frosty?"

Frosty: "Oh, Tuffy, it's looks so wonderful! That lady baker was so kind, that she given me her most famous Christmas muffins on the display, for free! And she called me..." *giggles as his cheeks are blushing* "She called me handsome! Oh, care for one, everyone? You too, Tom & Jerry, you get one as well."

Tom: "Thanks, big guy!"

Jerry: "Yeah, thanks!"

Children: (exclaiming) *all eating their muffins*

The narrator: "While Frosty and his crew were enjoying their muffins at Red's cafe & bakery, on the other side of the townsquare, Professor Hinkle got a real up close look on himself in a reflection of the store window."

Professor Hinkle: (humming) "What?!" *zip back to the reflection, noticing a wreath on his head* "Hey, this...this isn't my magic hat, this is a Christmas wreath! Oh, Ahem." *gently places it on a lamp post, and then becoming angry and suspicious* "Somebody's been hopping around with Professor Hinkle! But who, and how has this happened?" *hearing/ seeing Frosty and the children*

Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and the children: (all laughing)

Professor Hinkle: *noticing his hat, gasp* "My hat! I knew it! That little rabbit and a mouse of mine! They did it just to avoid me and humiliate me! I'll show them- and that handsome snowcrook that nobody insults moi, Professor Hinkle. When I get my hands on him soon, he will never get to the North Pole this year and shall yet again return with my hat!" *evil laughter, goes quietly & quickly goes following them*

Getting Train Tickets/ Stowaways on the Train Edit

Spike: *snoring*

Frosty: *knocking on window door*

Spike: "Wha...wha..wha...huh? Uhh, who's out there?"

Frosty: "Hello, it's just us! We came in just to get the tickets to the North Pole, if you would please."

Spike: "North Pole, you say?"

Karen: "Yes, manger, sir? 'Cause we need too take the train to the North Pole, like really fast!"

Spike: "Oh, yes, ma'am. Coming right up. Hey, Tyke! Set up the tickets for the North Pole!"

Tyke: "You got it, dad!"

Karen: (whispering:) "You guys never told me and Frosty that Spike & Tyke are ticket managers."

Tom: "'s kinda of..very long story, Karen."

Jerry: "Yeah, we'll tell you and Frosty about it another time."

Tyke: "Done!"

Spike: "Here you go! Also route you by the way of Saskatchewan, Hudson Bay, Nome, Alaska, the Klondike and Aurora Borealis. You know, Tyke my boy, we gotta make a change at nanook of the North."

Tyke: "Right, dad. Next time."

Frosty: "(laughs:) This is getting so exciting! I can't believed that I'm going to the North Pole in no time!"

Tuffy: "It will be soon enough, Mr. Frosty! We promise! So, Ticket Manager Spike, how much are those tickets?"

Spike: "Well, guys, those tickets to the North Pole each cost about...$3,000.04, also includes taxes." *chewing on a bone*

Frosty: *gasp* "Oh boy...." *pushing the tickets back to Spike*

Tuffy: *slaps his forehead*

Tom & Jerry: (both gasp) *bit their lip*

Karen: "Oh, but...I really hate to tell you and your son about this: but...we don't have any money."

Spike: *spit out a bone* "What?! No money!?" *bangs the desk so hard that tickets went flying around him and engulfing him* "Whoa!!" *starting to slip backwards*

Tyke: "Dad, watch out!"

(loud crashing sound effects by Hidenori Arai)

Frosty: "(worried:) Umm...Ticket Manager Spike, sir? Are you alright?" *seeing Spike covering in spilled-coffee, gasp in horror*

Spike: *growls angrily* "(angry:) I am terribly sorry, but, no money means no ticket!" *slams the window door*

(Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry & Tuffy get jump scared, all gasped, falling backwards)

Tuffy:*jumps on the closed window door, banging on it loudly* "Ticket Manager Spike, Don't slam the door! We need those tickets to get the North Pole!"

Spike: "I don't care about it anymore! Now scram, before I'll shove you all away by force!"

Frosty: "(sadly:) It's no use, Tuffy. Now, I'll never get to the North Pole. It looks like I'll just...have to melt myself to death."

Tom: "No, you're not! We are not going to let you survive your own melting death! Because we all care about you, big guy, we will find another way. we still promise."

Karen: "(worried:) Thomas is right, Frosty. You just can't melt!"

Frosty: "(feeling touched:) Aw, Karen. Don't you get all slushy, too. And I really appreciate that comment, Thomas, and you Jerry and Tuffy."

(Hocus hops over to Karen with the same squeaky boings from his footsteps)

Frosty: "Hocus?"

Hocus Pocus: (still hopping with his squeaky footsteps:) *tsk tsk tsk...* "Excuse me, Frosty. Hey, Karen!" *grabs Karen's scarf and turns her to face him* "I found something!"

Karen: "What is it, Hocus?"

Hocus Pocus: (slams Karen's scarf to the floor with a thudding sound effect by Hidenori Arai): "Actually, you should just...(tapping his feet on the floor with normal sound effects:) ...look up!"

Karen: "You mean out the window?"

Hocus Pocus: "Correct!"

Tom: "Hey, look! A refrigerated boxcar, on a train headed north. But, the trainmaster Droopy is in charge of this train. If Droopy sees us that we don't got the tickets, he won't take you to the North Pole. How can we get to the train and get you to the North Pole?"

Frosty: *snaps fingers* "I gotta an idea. Follow my lead."

Droopy: "Next in line, please. And you are?"

Tuffy: "Do not be too alarmed, but this is our snowman mascot and a little girl cosplaying for...uhhh..for the Christmas Party at the north, yeah."

Frosty: "And, you see, we need to get to the North Pole fast on time for this year's celebration. Because I'm a very special mascot, you know?"

Droopy: "A snowman mascot, huh? Well, in that case, you don't have to give me your tickets, you can just hop aboard on my train. I'll take you to the North in no time."

Karen: "Thank you, sir!"

Frosty: "Umm...psst! Trainmaster Droppy, you wouldn't mind if I could go to the boxcart? Where I can...practice for the celebration...?"

Droopy: "Be my guest, but get all settle up, the train is going to pull up exactly 5 minutes, and stay warm back there."

Frosty: "Thanks alot, pal!" *rubs Droopy's head*

Droopy: "No problem, sir." *smiles* "You know what, I've never seen a kindhearted snowman mascot before in my entire life this year."

Tom: *high-fives Frosty* "(whispering:) Nice!"

Frosty: (whispering:) Thanks, told you that plan would work! Thanks for your help, Tuffy."

Tuffy: "Don't mention it, Mr. Frosty."

Karen: "And you'll be safe there in no time, Frosty."

Frosty: *seeing Karen's classmates* "psst! Kids, over here."

Orange-haired Boy: *clears throat* "We came here to say goodbye to our mascot."

Droopy: "Very well, young man."

(Karen opens the refrigerated boxcar)

Brown-haired Boy: "It's full of ice cream."

Orange-haired boy: "And frozen Christmas cakes."

(Tom & Jerry both slopping their tongues)

Tuffy: *jumps on Frosty's hat* "What a neat way to travel!"

Frosty: *chuckles* "You can say that again, Tuffy."

(Train Whistle blowing)

Droopy: "(in microphone:) Attention, everyone. The train will be pulling exactly 1 minute."

Karen: *pushing Frosty into the boxcart with Tom & Jerry's help* "Hurry up, Frosty! The train is pulling out."

Frosty: "Are you, Tom and Jerry coming to the North Pole, too?"

Tom: "Well...we're sure Robyn and Mr. Starling wouldn't mind." *climbs aboard the boxcart, carrying Jerry*

Jerry: "As along we returned home on time for supper."

Karen: *climbs aboard the boxbart* "Same goes to me, Frosty."

Frosty: *gently pulled Karen up* "You guys will have plenty of time of your Christmas dinners, I promise."

Tuffy: *riding on Hocus Pocus* "Wait for us! Here we go!"

(Train Whistle blowing)

Droopy: "All Aboard to the North we go."

Children: *waving goodbye to Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus Pocus* (All exclaiming)

Frosty: "Bye, kids! Thanks for your help! I'll be back again someday! I love you all!"

The narrator: (singing:) Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way. But he waved goodbye, saying, "Don't you cry, I'll be back again someday."

Proffesor Hinkle: "I must get that hat back from that snowcrook. Think nasty, think nasty, think nasty!" *evil chuckling*

Chorus: "He'll be back..again..somedaaaaaay!"

Karen is Freezing /"Train Ride's Over!" Edit

(Train Whistle blows)

The narrator: "Now as you can see, a refrigerated boxcart is a splidid way to travel. Splidid that is, if wasn't for a snowman, a cat-fur covered cat, two coat-up little mouses or a furry-coated rabbit. But for Karen..."

Karen: *sneezing*

Tom: "Are you cold, sweetie?"

Jerry: "I've never seen her so freezing cold before."

Tom: "Now, that's a silly question."

Frosty: "You said it, Thomas. Karen, you wouldn't be sneezing if you weren't cold."

Karen: "Well...just...just a li...a little." *sneezing*

The narrator: "Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Frosty realized that Karen need to get out of the boxcart soon as possible."

Droopy: (on microphone:) "Attention everyone, the train will stop exactly 2 minutes."

Frosty: "Hang in there, Karen, okay? We're almost made our stop."

Karen: " long I don't freeze myself to death." *sneezing*

The narrator: "As a little fright train stops, an express full of Happy Christmas traveled pass."

Droopy: "Attention everyone, the train ride's over. Everybody out, and have a good Merry Christmas."

The narrator: "Frosty took advantage of the opportunity and quickly, quietly got them all out."

Read more:

Frosty: *quickly hided behind the tree* "shhh..."

Droopy: "All aboard back home we go."

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, you tricked me! No fair!"

(Train Whistle blows)

Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus Pocus: "Professor Hinkle?!"

The narrator: "The only thing that Professor Hinkle would do, was make a jump for it."

Frosty: "(alarmed:) Hey, look out!"

(Professor Hinkle slipped off of the rail of the handle, whistle sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

(Crashing sound effects from the original by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

Tom: "Ow!"

Jerry: "Ouch!"

Frosty: "Oooh...that's gotta leave a mark."

Tuffy: "I agree, Mr. Frosty. Let's get going."

Christmas Eve in the Woods/ A Fire for Karen, Tom and Jerry/ Frosty, Tuffy and Hocus' Suggestions Edit

The narrator: "Frosty, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry wanted to get far away they could be before Hinkle woke up from his unconsciousness."

Hocus Pocus: *shaking* (whimpering)

Tom: *teeth chattering* "We...we..we have to..hurry and get ourselves...warm up as well, before we froze as an ice block."

Jerry: "Yeah...we might brought Frosty to the north...but now, we're started to get freezing cold."

Tuffy: (noticing Karen was about to sneeze, yanked out a hankie)

Karen: (sneezing)

Tuffy: "Gesundheit."

The narrator: "But the woods, however, in which they're travelling, were still bitterly cold."

Frosty: "Hocus, Tuffy, I've got to get Karen, Tom and Jerry warm up, or they will be goners."

Tuffy: "Maybe..Mr. can make a fireplace for them when we were out of this blizzard "

Hocus Pocus: "I agree with Tuffy. Watch this demonstration." (makes an enactment of creating a fire on his cottontail)

Frosty: "Just one problem, guys. I can't make a fire."

Hocus Pocus: *slaps his forehead* "We forgot, you're a snowman."

Frosty:*nodded his head* "Exactly, and that's one thing I really can't do. I think we just have to keep moving until we find somebody who can."

Tuffy: "Right, Mr. Frosty...Let's go.."

The narrator: "And soon enough, they reached to the tiny wooden glen, which seems almost magical. Though it was Christmas Eve, and the woodland animals were all decorating for that big celebration. Supervising their Christmas routine was none other than his kindness, his gentleness, his honor, Lord Owl."

Lord Owl: "Who-who! Come along now, animals. Santa Claus is expecting to see how beautiful our Christmas tree is. Don't stop until it's done, if your please."

Fox: *holding a tinsel, runs past Lord Owl and causes him to spin* "Right, Lord Owl."

Lord Owl: *spinning around* "WHOA!" *stops, but gets tangled in the red ribbons, groans*

Mrs. Skunk: *putting a star on a snow tree* "Here's the star."

Lord Owl: (dazed:) "Nice star."

The narrator: "Like this old animal in charge of others, they knew Santa was to come that night, and they wanted everything to be just right."

Frosty: *gasp, snaps fingers* "Tuffy, Hocus, speak to the animals over there. See if they won't all pitch in and build a fire for Tom, Jerry and Karen."

Tuffy: "Too easy, Mr. Frosty. Come on, Hocus."

Hocus Pocus: "Excuse us."

Deer: "Hi, who are you, little ones?"

Tuffy: "My name is Tuffy, Nibbles Tuffy Mouse. And this is my rabbit boss, Hocus Pocus. And we have no rights to interpreted you."

Male Squirrel: "No harm done, Tuffy."

Female Squirrel: "No interpretation around at the wooden glen."

Lord Owl: "You're more welcome, anyways, how can we assist you with?"

Hocus Pocus: "Lord Owl, can you and the others build a fireplace for our three friends of ours. They're freezing cold as ice."

Lord Owl: "Freezing cold as ice? We cannot allow this to happen. (whistles) Animals, wrap up some branches, and make a fireplace, Prato!"

Frosty: *watching the woodland animals, curiously*

Tuffy: "We gotta make sure the fire does not burn the trees."

Lord Owl: "Right, young Tuffy! Let's go!"

The narrator: "All the animals are delighted to help, so they found a spot away from the glen where the fire wouldn't catch on to their Christmas tree."

Beaver: "Your honor, I've found some branches under the bushes."

Bird 1: "We found some more fallen off from the trees"

Bird 2: "And some carefully out of the pond before it's completely frozen."

Male Squirrel: "We found few more."

Lord Owl: "Good. Now, start building it up like the fireplace. Immediately!"

Woodland Animals: "Yes, sir!"

The narrator: "Soon, that was a spark, and almost no time, the splendid fire was crackling away."

Tom: "Thanks, Tuffy."

Karen: "(sleepy:) Yeah, thank you very much."

Tom: "Yeah, all though you might be a little brave mouse, Tuffy..."

Jerry: "But you managed to speak to the animals and built a fireplace for us, my nephew."

Tuffy: "No problem, guys."

Frosty: "Psst! Tuffy, Hocus. I need you."

Hocus Pocus: "Oh! Umm...Please excuse us."

Tuffy: "I'll be right back."

Karen, Tom & Jerry: *nodded their heads*

(Hocus Pocus' squeaky bouncing/ footsteps sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

The narrator: "Frosty was careful to stay far away from the flames."

(Hocus Pocus' squeaky bouncing/ footsteps sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

Tuffy: "How can you help you, Mr. Frosty?"

Frosty: "Tuffy, Hocus, we've gotta find someone to bring Tom, Jerry and Karen home before they freezes again, and me to the North Pole before I melt."

Tuffy: *gasp* "You're right, Mr. Frosty! But, who can help us?"

Hocus Pocus: "I've got it! How about this?" *tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk*

Frosty: "No, not the marines."

Hocus Pocus: "Okay...ah!" *snaps fingers* "How about this?" *tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk*

Frosty: "No, not the President of the United States."

Tuffy: "Hocus, old pal. Those heroes are both swell ideas, but we gotta find somebody nearby." *gasp*  "Like this!" *jumps into the snow, fluffy snow on his chin, chuckling*

Frosty: "Tuffy, that's it! Santa Claus can help! That's a great idea! Why did I think of that before?"

Tuffy: *laughs*

Hocus Pocus: *rolled his eyes, while making his squeaky taps from his foot* "Real funny, snowman."

Frosty: "Sorry. Now, you two, you go back with the animals. And when Santa comes, you and Tuffy bring him right here. Understand? Hocus, I'll give you fresh carrots if you help Tuffy. And Tuffy, I'll give you a piece of cheese if you help Hocus."

Tuffy: "You got it, Mr. Frosty!"

Hocus Pocus: "At your service!"

Frosty: *chuckled* "Hurry now, and good luck!"

Tuffy: "Thanks, Mr. Frosty..." *grabbing Hocus' ear by the tip* "Whoa, whoa! Whoa, Hocus, wait! Whoa"

(Hocus Pocus' squeaky bouncing/ footsteps sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

Frosty: *laughs, notices his hat starting to slip off his head* "Whoops!" *quickly returns the hat back to its current spot, smiles at the viewers*

Professor Hinkle's Back/ Hinkle's Past and Scheme/ "Give Me That Hat!" Edit

The narrator: "And so, Frosty kept his silent vigil, waiting patiently all through the night until Santa would arrived. But all the sudden..."

Karen: *gasp, gotten jumpscared* "(shocked:) Professor Hinkle?!"

(Frosty quickly noticed Professor Hinkle from the hill top)

Professor Hinkle: "Ohh...a campfire. Well, isn't that all snug and comfy? Ahh, Mr. Starling's pets too, weren't you?

Tom: "How is it possible? How did you find us?"

Jerry: "And how did you know all of this? You were knockout unconscious before!"

Tom: "But most importantly..."

Tom and Jerry: "(both:) How do you know about our relationship with the Starlings?"

Professor Hinkle: "Well, you naughty, naughty little kitty cat and little mouse I'm glad you asked, it was USED to be a perfect fine day this afternoon, but until... my rabbit Hocus Pocus and his mouse assistant Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse had fooled me by switching my hat with a Christmas wreath on my head and that's why I was following your snowcrook's path the whole time! And now I've caught ya and the young lady, I'm gonna have some unfinished business here, especially with you! *evil laughs, inhales and blows out the fireplace*"

Frosty: *running towards Tom, Jerry & Karen* "No! Don't! What are you doing to my friends?"

Tom: "Trying to harm us, that's what he's doing!"

Professor Hinkle: "Silence, you pussycat! I'm getting there! The reason why I get to know you and your mouse ally is that I am to tell you both more with one secret.

(Tuffy, Hocus and the Woodland Animals were seen overhearing everything from Hinkle)

Professor Hinkle: I am the right-hand man of Miss Pristine Figg."

Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and Woodland Animals: (all gasping)

Hocus Pocus (scared): Really?

Karen: (gasps in horror)

Jerry: "No!"

Tom: "There's no way that he could be a right-hand man of her!"

Jerry: "Me, neither!"

Frosty: (confused:) "Miss Pristine Figg?"

Tom: "It's a very long story, big guy. We'll tell you about her another time, and also as long as you stay away from her."

Jerry: "And her future husband and their skateboarding dog, too!"

Professor Hinkle: "Don't get the wrong idea, you silly, silly, silly animals. If you won't explain everything to your snow friend, then perhaps I'll do it. Well, if your information, snow prince."

(A flashback appears with Professor Hinkle, Aunt Pristine Figg and Lickboot)

Professor Hinkle: "Years ago, back before Mr. Starling's daughter Robyn was born, I worked for Miss Pristine Figg because I was not only her loyal partner, but also a henchman of her boyfriend and schemer, Lickboot the Lawyer. We all wanted to be millionaires and be famous in the whole world, but it never happened until the years had passed when I was away to become a magician..."

(Another flashback made with clips/ scenes from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)

Professor Hinkle: "At the time when Robyn was living with her aunt and uncle after her father went to Tibet where he was injured by the avalanche to cause an assumption to his death, Miss Figg and Lickboot learned that Mr. Starling has survived, but planned to let her keep believing she is gone. When you also discover the information and saw what Miss Pristine was doing, you were going to warn Robyn of her family treason, but she stopped you and transported you to the animal shelter of Dr. J. Sweetface Applecheek, who have kidnapped all the other animals to torture them for fun. But you set them and yourselves free and escaped. You came back to RObyn and told her everything about her father being still alive, and the three of you manage to get away from Miss Pristine and Lickboot, and to look for him. But her own aunt and uncle wouldn't give up yet, and made another idea to take Robyn back, and to prevent her from finding Mr. Starling. They made posters on milk cartoons to announce that anyone who finds Robyn will be given the reward of one million dollars, and they vowed be the first to catch her and take that money for themselves. But her father have heard the news about Robyn, and decides to head back to America to search for his precious daughter. And to make matters worse, cat and mouse, you both once again interfere with the Figgs, as well as Dr. Applecheek and carnival owner Captain Kiddie who went after her as well. You outsmarted Miss Pristine's hired accomplices, but as a last resort, she and Lickboot followed you and Robyn by the river all the way to her cabin by the name of Robyn's Nest, where she and her father spend their summer vacations. After locking the two of you outside the cabin, they try to take Robyn back by force, but accidentally set the cabin on fire. Taking advantage, you rescued Robyn and drove away Miss Pristine and Lickboot by sending them back to the river on a steamboat which you and Robyn were driving. At the same time, Mr. Starling finally arrive from Tibet just as Robyn's Nest was demolished, and her daughter and both of you, her only pets, were saved."

(Another flashback with Professor Hinkle)

Professor Hinkle: "And when I return back home the next day, I realized that the Figgs were locked up in prison for life by the police forces of Starling Enterprise by reading the newspapers. And that is how we had failed!"

Professor Hinkle: (in the flashback) "Nooo....!"

(The flashback ends)

Professor Hinkle: "That's right. You may have defeated the Figgs, and therefore foiled their successful plan. But you haven't beaten me yet, just because I'm their successor who also wanted to be rich, rich, rich. Since you've also been knowing too much about me, to keep you from warning Robyn and her father about my secret collaboration with her aunt, I will do what she should have done with you in the first place last summer."

Frosty: (horrified:) *gasp*

Hocus Pocus: "Oh, no. Professor Hinkle means serious business."

Lord Owl: "It's not like that I'd agree with you, Hocus. But he's gone mad!"

Tuffy: "Even his own temptations get the best of him even more."

Professor Hinkle: "Finally, my chance to avenge Mr. and Mrs. Figg has come! And yes, I will harm you if I can. I could get rid of you for good, cat and mouse. But no, this cause for a change of plans. My first stage is to take my hat back from your crooked snowman friend, and then for the second and last... I'll use my magic to destroy you both!"

Frosty: (whimpers)

Karen: (shocked:) "No!"

Tom (worried:) *turns to the viewers* "Please, don't expect there'd be violence in this picture."

Jerry (worried:) *also speaking to the viewers* Yeah, not everything's appropriate for small little children."

Professor Hinkle: *turning to Frosty* "Alright, snowcrook, give me that hat right now, or else."

Frosty: "(scared and nervous:) Uhh...or else, what?"

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, well, don't bother about details. GIVE ME THAT HAT!"

Frosty: *making an angry-stood-up face* "(fierst:) No! Never! Like Karen said, It's not yours anymore! This hat it's what keeps me all living! It belongs to me, now!"

Professor Hinkle: "All yours now, eh?! We'll just see about that!"

Frosty: *gasp, making a shocked face* "Uh oh!" *jumps outta the way from Professor Hinkle*

Professor Hinkle: *crashes into the snowbank* (grunts)

Frosty: "Get on my shoulders, Karen! Tom, Jerry, grab Karen's hand, quick! Hang on tight!"

Tom & Jerry: "WHOA!"

(The score "Holiday Flight" from Home Alone started playing)

Professor Hinkle: *comes out of the snowbank* "Get back here, you wretched snowcrook and animals!"

Tuffy: "Go Mr. Frosty, go Tom, go Uncle Jerry!"

Hocus Pocus: You guys can do it! Don't let Hinkle get you!"

Lord Owl: "Do your bests, old chaps! Who-who!"

The narrator: "You see Frosty, since he was made of snow himself, was the fastest belly-whopper in the world."

Jerry: "Get faster, Frosty!"

Tom: "Yeah, Hinkle's catching after us!"

Professor Hinkle: *as he runs after* "Once I get my hands on you, snowcrook, I'm gotta give you and your two friends a piece of my mind!"

Tom and Jerry: *gasp*

Frosty: *gasp* "(fierst:) Hold on, guys!"

Tom & Jerry: *both exclaiming*

The narrator: "And that old Professor Hinkle was soon far out-distanced."

Spike Feels Bad About Frosty/ Trapped in the Greenhouse Edit

The narrator: "Back at the townsquare, in the railroad station, after the passenger train left...Two ticket managers, Spike and his son Tyke, were getting ready to close their office for the night. But before they do so, both father and son were looking out at the window to see where Frosty and his friends are going into. Of course, Spike looks worried about what might happen to Frosty as if he, Tom and Jerry are in great danger. And that's why he is filled with shame."

Spike: "(awful:) Tyke, my boy. I feel pretty awful about my angry actions at the snowman and his friends like that."

Tyke: "Especially, I have to admit, Dad. He's really kindhearted, widow and very, very nice to everyone. In fact, he is really, really, really nice."

Spike: *covered his eye with his hand, sighs* "And I made him heart wrenching when I slam the door so hard unexpectedly. If I have given them tickets in the first place, none of this would had happen if...I hadn't been so angry at them before after."

Tyke: "Don't be too hard on yourself, Dad. It's never be too late to see Frosty again. You might never know when you do so."

Spike: *rubs his son's head* "My boy, you're right. It's time I gave the snowman and his friends my apology." *smiles at Tyke*

(Cut back to Frosty, Tom, Jerry & Karen)

The narrator: "And now, back with the crew, it was Frosty's good fortune... that right at the bottom of the hill, was a tiny greenhouse, used to grow precious tropical poinsettias for Christmas."

Frosty: "It's got to be all warm and snug inside for those Christmas flowers to grow so beautiful. Let's go in."

Jerry:  *gasp* "But, Frosty, You'll melt inside!"

Tom: "Yeah, we don't want you to get all slushy."

Karen: (tearful:) "Yeah, Frosty. will melt."

Frosty: "Just a little, you guys. I'll only be inside for a minute. Besides, I've been meaning of take off my little weight anyway."

Jerry: (nervous:) "How does it feel?"

Frosty: "Phew! It's warm alright, Jerry. But, stay here much longer, I'll really make a splash in the world."

Karen: *giggling*

Tom: "Well, at least we were all nice, warm, snug and safe inside--oh, uhh..except for you, Frosty, that is."

Frosty: *chuckle* "That's alright, Thomas."

Professor Hinkle: *panting* "That...that..that is one..fastest snowcrook...I ever seen.." *pants*

Frosty: "Now, you three get settle up in there, I'm going to wait for Hocus and Tuffy back outside, and I should be..."

Professor Hinkle: *slams the door* "Gotcha!"

Frosty: *gasp* "(scared & worried:) No! Open the door! I'll melt in here!"

Karen, Tom & Jerry: (all gasping) *rushing to the window*

Professor Hinkle: (evil:) "Now I've got you! In the minute, you'll all be melted and your hat will be mine!" *evil laughter*

Frosty's Melting Death/ "Happy Black Christmas, Tom and Jerry!"/♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Edit

Frosty: "Oh no. This is not good. Not good at all. Guys, I started to don't feel  very well...Huh?" *feeling sweating on his forehead* (coughing) *feeling his heart beating in his chest* "(sick:) "Wha...what's..what's happening to me?"

Tom & Jerry: (both gasp)

Karen: "(worried:) Frosty, you don't look so good."

Professor Hinkle: *tapping on the window " "Aww, don't you get it, snow prince? Take a look at yourself!"

Frosty: "What?" *noticing his body is melting very slowly but quickly, cheeks blushing red, smiles weakly and sheepishly* "He's right...I am melting. My time is up!" *laying on the floor* (grunts to fight to stay alive)

Karen: "Frosty!" *running towards Frosty*

Tom: "(worried:) Frosty, no, we can't let you do this!"

Jerry: "(worried:) Don't melt just yet, big fella!"

Frosty: "(weakly:) Tom...Jerry...Karen..." (breathing weakly)

Karen: "(gentle:) You help us once before, and now we'll help you in return, Frosty. Just hang in there."

Frosty: (brimmed in tears) "(weakly:) Guys, thank you for your own bravery, but there's nothing you can do to help me. In fact, I'll...I'll never get to the North Pole this year. Maybe, It's better...It's better this way if I..."

Tom: *shooked his head* "(gentle:) No, no way, big guy, don't talk like that."

Jerry: "You'll be alright. We're together still as our friendship. Everything will be okay, you'll see."

Frosty: "(weakly:) I'm sorry, but..." *chuckles* "My spirit will go back to being inside this magic hat..." *touching his chest* "...and my icy heart will live within you. So I need you to remember me for all a friend to all of you." *looks at Karen with a weaker happy face* "Karen? You must go home to your family where you'll be safe, and you got to protect Tom and Jerry for your cousin Robyn...and me. And don't let that greedy Professor Hinkle the magician severely injure them." *offers his hand to Karen* "Just...promise me, sweetheart... okay?"

Karen: "I will, Frosty. I promise." *hugging his hand, noticing his hand slipping off of her cheek* *gasp* "Fro...Frosty...?"

Frosty: "(in dying/ gurgling voice:) Karen, Thomas Cat and Jerry Mouse, goodbye..." *his button nose and corncob pipe fell off* "Farewell...and thank you...."

(bubbling sound effects by Hidenori Arai)

Jerry: "No..."

Tom: "Frosty..."

Tom and Jerry: (both:) "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Karen: "(heartbroken in tears:) Oh, Frosty..."

Professor Hinkle: "YES!" *evil laughter, opens and closes the door* "At last! Frosty the Snow prince is melted away, gone forever!" *laughs* "And now, it's your turn, cat and mouse!"

Karen: *gasp*

Tom: *gulps*

Jerry: *whimpering*

Karen: (sobs:) "Professor Hinkle, please leave them alone! I don't want you to hurt them! They didn't mean to do something to Robyn's aunt and uncle!"

Professor Hinkle: "I'm terrible sorry, sweetheart. But I don't have any choice. For the humiliation of Pristine and Lickboot Figg by their constant meddling with them, they must pay with their lives! Before they die, this is the last time you three ever know each other." *makes an evil smile* "Revenge will be the Figgs', and mine!" *raise his hands in the air and creates two fireballs, his own magic element spell*

Karen: (screams)

Professor Hinkle: "Instead of a White Christmas, why won't you enjoy your first..."

Tom & Jerry: *shivering with fright*

Professor Hinkle: *laughing evilly* "Happy Black Christmas, Tom and Jerry!"

Tom and Jerry: (screaming)

(Santa's sleigh bells ringing, and Professor Hinke's fireballs disappears as he hear the sound, then look back)

Professor Hinkle: (shocked:) "What the devil?" *becomes firm and looks back to Karen, Tom and Jerry* "I'll be right back. I got to find out where that noise came from. Don't help your friends escape my wrath, young lady!"

(Hinkle leaves the greenhouse, and after closing the door to keep Karen, Tom and Jerry from avoiding him, looks to the sky)

Karen: *turns to the melted Frosty* "(crying:) Oh, Frosty, I'm so sorry..." *sobbing*

(Tom and Jerry both hugged Karen)

Professor Hinkle: *gasps* "It's Santa Claus and his reindeer!" *notices a red light from the first reindeer* "But what is this one?"

(Cut to a scene with an adult/teenage reindeer with long antlers, reddish-brown fur and a red nose that is lighting up)

Professor Hinkle: "What?! A reindeer with a glowing red nose? That's ridiculous! What kind of a young deer is it, a monster?"

(Cut to the narrator who is also witnessing the sky)

The narrator: "Oh, Professor Hinkle, it seems to me that you never recognize Santa Claus' reindeer by their names, including this one. Do you? Perhaps a song should refresh your memories, and everybody else's.

(Cut back to a scene with Santa and his reindeer)

The narrator: (speaking): "You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer and Vixen. Comet, and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen..."

(Cut to the scene with Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and the woodland animals who saw Santa's sleigh and reindeer)

Chorus (singing): "But do you recall..."

(Cut to the same reindeer with a glowing red nose)

Chorus (singing): "The most famous reindeer of all?"

Lord Owl: (happy:) "Ahh! It's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!"

Tuffy: "Yeah, I know him! He's the one started that it all!"

Hocus Pocus: (confused:) "But how?"

(A flashback represents the origin of Rudolph, using the clips/ scenes from Rankin/Bass' 1964 "Animagic" Christmas special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

The narrator (singing): "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows. All of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names. They'd never let poor Rudolph, join in any reindeer games. Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say..."

Santa Claus: (singing:) "Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

The narrator: (singing:) "Then how the reindeer loved him, as they shouted out with glee..."

Other Reindeer (singing): "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you'll go down in history!"

(Rudolph's red nose glows brighter with a beeping sound)

The narrator, Other Reindeer and Chorus: (singing:) "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you'll go down in history!"

Hocus Pocus: "Wow. Now I get it all."

Santa Claus' Arrival/ A Terrible, Revengeful Site Edit

The narrator: "Santa had arrived, along with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! But, was he too late?"

Tuffy: "Santa Claus! Down here!"

Hocus Pocus: "Rudolph, you too!"

Woodland Animals: "Santa! Rudolph! Hear us out!"

(Hearing the animal group's voices, Rudolph looks down to see Tuffy, Hocus and the others and then speaks to Santa)

Rudolph: "What's that?"

Santa Claus: *looking down from his height* "It's the woodland creatures. They're calling us."

Rudolph: (curious:) "From the wooden glen?"

Santa Claus: "That might be so, Rudolph!"

Donner: *looks back to Santa* "What shall we do about, Santa?"

Santa Claus: "Donner, we might have an emergency landing. Proceed."

Donner: *nods* "Yes, sir." *turns to Rudolph* Go on, Rudolph. Lead the way down there."

Rudolph: "I'll do it, Father."

(Santa and his reindeers lands on the ground to see Tuffy, Hocus and the Woodland Animals)

Santa Claus: "Why, hello there little one. What's the matter?"

Tuffy: "You see, Santa? It's our big snow-friend Frosty. He wants to go the North Pole with you because one: he's starting melting, just a little bit. And two: we need also you to take Tom, Jerry and Karen back home on time for supper for Christmas because they're freezing cold!"

Hocus Pocus: "However, our master Professor Hinkle is trying to stop us from suceeding our plan by swiping Frosty's hat, just because he wants to be a great magician in the world and being a millionaire."

Tuffy: "Not only that he was doing, but he is even intending to destroy Tom and Jerry, because he thinks they have purposely defeated his partners, Pristine Figg and Lickboot, who are Robyn's aunt and uncle!"

Hocus Pocus: "We just hate to let that madman kill these two animals. They were Robyn's friends, and what's more, Jerry is Tuffy's uncle as only he and I know it!"

Tuffy: "Can you help us, Mr. Claus, sir?"

Santa Claus: " Ohh...I see."

The narrator: "After Hocus and Tuffy explained to Santa about the situation, they started to find their missing friends, leaving behind Santa's sleigh guarded by Rudolph and his fellow reindeer. The Woodland Animals also step in to keep an eye on the sleigh filled with toys that are to be appeared before the children on Christmas Day. They all started talking about Frosty."

Rudolph: "Mother, I wonder what is this Frosty look like."

Blitzen: "I wish I knew, Rudolph, but I don't."

Lord Owl: "Well perhaps, I do, Mrs. Blilzen. I know about him and what he looks like."

Blitzen: "You do? What's he look like? Different from the other snowmen?"

Lord Owl: "You might said that, ma'am. Well, if I can remember, he had a corncob pipe on his mouth, a red button nose, a top hat with a flower on a side and also has gorgeous blue eyes. And he's so kindhearted, gentle, devoted, caring, adventurous, bravery & fun-loving self. That's not all the point you'd ever need to know about Frosty. He reveals that he has come to life through the magic of that hat which was put on his head."

Rudolph: *gasps in amazement* "A magic hat!"

Blitzen: "It's amazing."

Donner: "Oh, so that's what Frosty looks like. I'm sure we'll get to meet him soon when Santa returns."

Rudolph (worried): "Will Santa and Frosty come back together, Father? I kinda feel worry about them...a little."

Donner: "Oh, Rudolph, don't you worry. They will, I promise.

Rudolph: "Really?"

Donner: "I do, my son."

Blitzen: "So do I."

Lord Owl: *smiles* "We all made that promise. Isn't that right, animals?"

Woodland Animals: "Yeah!"

(Cut to Santa, Tuffy and Hocus on the search for Frosty and the others)

The narrator: "Santa, Hocus and Tuffy failed to find Frosty, Karen, Tom and Jerry anywhere. Luckily, they find Frosty's pattern of snow, so Tuffy and Hocus guided Santa down the hill, all the way to the greenhouse."

(Cut to Professor Hinkle who was scared as he is sensing Santa, Tuffy and Hocus coming)

Tuffy: "Mr. Frosty!"

Professor Hinkle: *gasp, hides behind the tree*

Tuffy: "Mr. Frosty! We're back with Santa, and he's going to help us! Uhh...Mr. Frosty?"

Santa Claus: *door opens*

Tuffy: "Mr. Frost..." *gasp*

The narrator: "But when they got inside, a terrible, revengeful site at their eyes."

Karen: (sobbing & crying)

Tuffy: (heartwrench:) "Oh, Mr. Frosty..."

(A single tear from Karen splashed up Frosty's puddle, and the effects of magic dust creates an orb-like image of Frosty in his lifeless form with the same magic hat that was supposed to bring him to life)

The narrator: (singing sadly and slowly:) "Frosty...the Snowman, was a happy jolly soul...

(fades to a flashback of Karen's relationship memories with Tom, Jerry and Frosty)

The Narrator (singing): "With a corncob pipe, and a button nose...and two eyes made out of...coal."

(The flashback ends)

The narrator: " They were too late."

Karen: (weeping)

Santa Claus: "Too late? Why, nonsense. Oh, don't cry, Karen. Frosty's not gone for good. You see, he was made out of Christmas snow, and Christmas snow can never disappear completely."

Tom: "It doesn't, Santa?"

Santa Claus: "No, it sometimes goes away through almost the year time to time, and takes a form of spring and summer rain. But if you can bet your boots, for when a good jolly December wind kisses it..." (chuckle) " will turn into Christmas snow all over again. Do you understand?"

Tom & Jerry: "Yes, Santa sir."

Karen: (sobs:) "I do agree, Santa, but...he was our..friend."

The Magic December Wind/ Frosty's Brought Back to Life Again/ Santa Confronts Hinkle Edit

Tom: "We can fix that problem for ya, Karen."

Santa Claus: "Yes. *chuckles* Just watch." *door opens*

Karen & Tuffy: *both gasps*

Tuffy: "Mr. Frosty!"

Karen: *laughter*

Hocus Pocus: "Here's his hat, Santa!"

Jerry: "Allow me, Hocus."

Tom: "Here, Jerry. I'll give you a lift."

Jerry: "Thanks, old chump." *placing the hat back on Frosty's head, quickly jumps off of Tom's hand*

(sparkling sound effects)

Frosty: *stretching his arms and his body* (yawning) *blinking his eyes, curiously looking himself down, realizing he's all living and well again, smiles surprisely* (joyful:) "Happy Birthday!"

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Woodland Animals & Hocus Pocus: (all cheering)

Frosty: (brimmed in tears:) "(joyful/ laughs:) Karen!"

Karen: *running towards Frosty* "Frosty, you're back!" *hugging Frosty, hearing his heart beating* "And your heart is... beating well again!"

Frosty: "(laughs:) It sure did, sweetheart. I've missed you so much! Come here you..." *started kissing Karen*

Karen: (laughing) "Frosty, I was so worried that you'll be really gone forever when you sacrifice yourself."

Frosty: "(happy sobs:) Oh, Karen...and I ever thought you, Tom and Jerry wouldn't make it back home for supper with your friends been harmed, or destroyed. Besides, you never let me down, even when I was in a puddle. *hugging Karen* (laughs:) But, I'm so super-duper happy that you're okay!" *wiped away his tears* "Thank you! Thank you all! *turns to Tom and Jerry* Especially you, Tom and Jerry. I've could have been lost forever, if it wasn't for you two. And you guys have been very good this year!"

Santa Claus: "Frosty's right, Tom & Jerry. You two guys deserve Christmas presents this year, 'cause you have been so nice, so kindhearted, so heroic, being clever-fied, so smart and being protective to Frosty. Let's go take you and Karen back home."

Professor Hinkle: (unseen) "Wait a minute!"

All: (gasping)

Professor Hinkle: "I want that hat back, and I want it now! And you, cat and mouse, stay where you are so I can obliterate you either last or maybe first!"

Tuffy: *jumps on Hinkle's nose* "Don't you ever dare touch that hat, and don't even slaughter my two friends! You will never become a millionaire magician, Professor Hinkle!"

(Professor Hinkle grabs Tuffy by his tail and removes him off his nose)

Tuffy: "Eek!"

Tom & Karen: *both gasps*

Frosty: "Tuffy!"

Jerry: "No!"

Professor Hinkle: *holding Tuffy by his tail* "And just what are you going to do about it, little Tuffy? *looks to Tom and Jerry* Risking your own life to save them?"

Tuffy: *waving his finger* "That's not what we're gonna say." *swings and lands on Santa's shoulder*

Santa Claus: *sneering at Hinkle fierst* "I agree with Tuffy. If you ever so much lay as one finger on the brim of this hat, or if you even take the life out of the bodies of an innocent grayish-blue cat and brown mouse who are his uncle and friend, I will never, ever bring you another Christmas present as long as you lived for the rest of your life."

Frosty: (shocked/ unexpected:) *gasp*

Professor Hinkle: (shocked:) *gasp* "N..N...Never?" *drops Tuffy, who then lands on the snowy ground*

Tuffy: *picking himself up* "Never."

Professor Hinkle: (worried:) "You mean, no more trick cards, or magic balls, or..."

Santa Claus: "No more anything."

Tuffy: (fierst:) "You should be ashamed of yourself, Professor Hinkle. You deilberately have no right to harm Mr. Frosty, Uncle Jerry and Tom like that, especially on Christmas Eve."

Professor Hinkle: (upsetly heart wrenching:) "Oh!" *kicking an empty can* "That's not fair!"

Frosty: *staring at his friends, then turns to Professor Hinkle* "(nervous:) Umm..excuse me, but what's not fair?"

Professor Hinkle: "I mean, we, evil magicians, had to make a living, too. And...Tuffy's right, I have no right to act so cruel to you like that on Christmas Eve. And also..." (begin sobs) "I...I right..been so jealous of you either."

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Karen, Santa Claus, Woodland Animals & Hocus Pocus: "(shocked:) Jealous?"

Frosty: "(shocked:) Wait a minue, were just jealous of me...the whole time, professor?"

Professor Hinkle: *sniff* "(sobs:) I..I'm sorry. I am so sorry! I mean...I have no right to act so insanely crazy to the snow prince, or snowcrook like that. I mean...I just didn't know there was another way."

Frosty: "Well, you know, Professor. The magic that I got was not just came from my own hat, and there is absolutely no way you're going to be a millionaire magician so just you want the Figgs to be released from prison. I really hate to tell you this, but, Professor Hinkle," *first time, making a disappointed face* "I am very disappointed at you." *his eyes looking back to Professor Hinkle without turning his head*

Professor Hinkle: *in tears, getting behind the tree* "(sobs:) But...but, It just that back at the Christmas party in the classroom in school, at first I had failed my magic act, all the the children hated them and I even throw away my hat in the trash before in failure. But when I ever seen magic the first time when it brings you to life, I just want it back to make myself and the Figgs rich and famous in the world, but it never happened. I did not mean any of this...and I didn't know the first thing how to become a gentleman."

Frosty: *gently grabs Hinkle's hands & pulled him from the tree* "(gently:) Hinkle, if you were just jealous of me before, then you should have told all of us about it. We could have helped you before, and I'm sorry how you really feel, and I will be honor to teach you how, learning about friendship and be your friend, like me, right now...well...if I returned again someday." *stared at the viewers, winks*

Professor Hinkle: *sniff* "(feeling touched:) Thank you, Frosty. I'd never realized how much I needed to hear that." *hugging Frosty, wiped their tears, then turning to Tom and Jerry* "Tom Cat? Jerry Mouse? Hear this from me. I now realize how wrong, wrong, wrong it is to murder you as an effort to have vengeance. The reason why I meant to do so is that I'm upset with the loss of Robyn's aunt and uncle, who are now prisoners in Starling Enterprise. They are like friends to me when we were young classmates in college, and I couldn't even forget about them, not even anytime soon."

Tom: "(gently:) That's okay, Professor Hinkle."

Jerry: "(gently:) We have no right to been fierst at you like that. Even though me and Thomas don't get along by fighting each other, but we're still good pals."

Tom: "I agree with Jerry. You didn't do anything too much bad."

Professor Hinkle: "If only Mr. Starling would release them, he'd forgive them for everything wrong they did to his daughter and give then another chance to be Robyn's nice aunt and uncle."

Jerry: "He will. The morning news is that their imprisonment will expire next year, at Christmas time. They'll come back to spend the holidays with Robyn and her dad."

Professor Hinkle: "They will?"

Tom: "Certainly, Professor. And you're not the only one. They'll need to see the errors of their ways too."

Jerry: "And maybe, Mr. Starling will ask Figg and Lickboot to help him raise the money for every trust fund and charity by working together, that way he won't go out exploring alone and leaving them to take care of Robin just like he only did once."

Tom: "There are lots of charities, including UNICEF, short for United Nations Children's Fund."

Karen: (gently:) "You see, Professor? It's not for our own wealth. It's also important to help other people worldwide."

Professor Hinkle: *smiles* "Yes, young lady. I understand now. I gave you a credit for your kind words. Thank you, Tom and Jerry, for understanding my feelings."

Jerry: "Aw, it was nothing."

Tom: "You betcha."

Frosty: "So, uhh...professor..."*smiles nervously* "Friends?"

Professor Hinkle: *smiles back, nodded his head, grabs his hand & hugs Frosty*

Frosty & Professor Hinkle: *both smiled*

Santa Claus: *sigh* "Oh, Ahem! Now Professor Hinkle, you must go home at once and write I am very sorry for what I have done to Frosty, just in case, a hundred zillion times."


Professor Hinkle: *slaps his forehead*

Frosty: (giggling)

Tuffy: "Santa is right, Professor Hinkle. Then maybe if you did, just maybe in his mind, you will received something in your stocking, tomorrow morning."

Professor Hinkle: "A...a new hat, maybe?"

Frosty: "If you're forgivable already..."

Professor Hinkle (overjoyed): "Oh, yes sir! Goodbye, everyone! Sorry to lose and run, but I've got busy writing. Busy, busy, busy!" (laughing happily)

Frosty & Santa: (both laughing)

Frosty: "Now, that is one wacky magician I'd ever seen!"

Tom: "(giggling:) You said it, big guy."

Jerry: "Tell me about it."

Frosty: *chuckle, gasp, snaps fingers* "Oh, yeah! Hocus, Tuffy, I almost forgot! Here you are, this is for helping all of us before back then." *giving Hocus fresh carrots, holding his nose, giving Tuffy a piece of cheese & rubs their heads* "You guys deserve them for the help."

Hocus Pocus: *smiles at Frosty* "Thanks, Frosty. I owe you alot!" *started eating the carrots politely*

Tuffy: *munching on cheese* "Mmm, yeah, we all have a lot of thank you coming your way soon, Mr. Frosty."

Greeting the Reindeer/ "Ready, Rudolph?"/ Reprise Edit

The narrator: "A little later, before their journey can continue, Santa convinced Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, Karen and Frosty to meet and talk with his reindeer. As we memorized, among them are Rudolph, his parents Donner and Blitzen and his coach Comet."

Rudolph: "(surprised:) Frosty, you exist!"

Frosty: *hugging Rudolph gently by the neck* "Hi, Rudolph! How's my favorite friend doing with your shiny red nose?"

Rudolph: *giggle* "My nose is doing great. And I learn from Lord Owl that your magic silk hat can make you all living."

Frosty: *giggle* "It sure did. Reindeers, I want to introduce to my other friends: Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse, his boss and friend Hocus Pocus the rabbit, a young schoolgirl Karen and this two are my favorite assistants, my friends, Thomas "Tom" Cat and of course Jerry Mouse."

Other Reindeer: (exclaiming Hello)

Donner: "We all hear that you and Jerry are being good this year, Tom."

Blitzen: "You two also make great heroic assistant for the snow fella. We're very proud of you both."

Coach Comet: "Tom and Jerry? On behalf on Santa's kindness & heroics to Frosty, I'd suggest that in April of next year, you, Tuffy and Hocus can come to the North Pole where you can watch Rudolph at the reindeer games in Christmas Town."

Rudolph: "This is where all our other friends live. How about it?"

Hocus Pocus: "Yahoo!"

Jerry: "Sound great, Rudolph! That will be fun."

Tom: "You can't count on us, big reindeer."

Karen: *giggle, gasp* "You guys, it's almost midnight!"

Tuffy: "You're right, Miss Karen! We gotta take you, Tom and Jerry back home, fast!"

Tom: "Quick, let's go!"

Santa Claus: "Have no fear, my friends. No matter how late we may get, we'll always be on time before sunrise."

Rudolph: "True to Santa's words, we've broken new records each year. And now, we can do it again this year."

Donner: *chuckles* "That's my little buck."

Coach Comet: "And my great student!"

Lord Owl: "Good luck, Santa!"

Santa Claus: "Good luck to you too, Lord Owl." *climbs back up his sleigh* "Ready, Rudolph?"

Rudolph: *lighting up his nose* "All ready, Santa!"

Santa Claus: "Now, dash Away! Dash away all! Ho ho! To Karen's house! Ho ho ho!"

(Santa's sleigh took off into the air, and the Woodland Animals wave goodbye as the theme song comes by)

(Tom, Jerry and Hocus watched the view, Karen happily hugs Frosty, and Frosty & Karen looked & smiled each other)

Chorus (singing): "Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow, and the children know how he came to life one day..."

The narrator: "And so, Santa took Tom, Jerry and Karen home. And made ready to bring Frosty back to the North Pole with him."

Tuffy: "I'll come with you as well, Santa! I'll be your own head elf mouse for ya."

Santa Claus: "Ho, ho, ho. Thanks, Tuffy."

Frosty: "The other elves would love that very much, Tuffy!" *noticing Karen* "Huh? Karen? Sweetheart?"

Karen: *stares at Frosty, sobbing as she runs to Frosty, gasps*

Frosty: *gasp, caught Karen, hugs her, kissed her*

The narrator: "Tom, Jerry and Karen all hated to say goodbye to Frosty."

Tom: *walks towards Frosty* "We're gonna miss you, big guy..."

Karen: (sobs:) "Yeah, we love you, Frosty...forever..."

Frosty: "I love you, guys-and Jerry, too! Don't you cry, guys. I'll be back someday. Thomas, remember what I said before in the school courtyard."

Tom: "When me and Jerry believed in ourselves,"

Jerry: "You will always be there with us, right?"

Frosty: "You're right... (sobs happily:) Especially, when you two became great heroes to me." *hugging Tom & Jerry, shedding a tear, sniff*

Santa Claus: "Oh, don't feel bad, Frosty. Tuffy and I had something very important surprise to say for you."

Frosty (curious:) "Like what, Santa?"

Santa Claus: "Tuffy...?"

Tuffy:  "On this day foward, due to the next winter season, a snowman, like Mr. Frosty, can always return to his companions whenever he wants, from now on."

Frosty: *surprisely smiles*

Rudolph: "Yeah, you just got to believe it, pal. Your friendship with not only Karen, nor Tom and Jerry, but everyone in the world will never end in the future."

Santa Claus: "Even when you travel around the world, you can still be with your friends and have fun with them, too."

Karen, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry & Frosty: (All laughing)

The narrator: "As a token of Santa and Tuffy's promises, Frosty will always return every year with the magical Christmas snow."

Frosty: (joyful:) "Goodbye, Karen! Goodbye, Thomas! Goodbye, Jerry! Goodbye, Hocus! I love you!"

The narrator: "And every year, when winter comes again, there was a big celebration with a big Christmas parade. And here we are, the next year, into our present-day."

(The citizens including Tom, Jerry and Tuffy are marching around the town square with Frosty and the children)

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpty Thump Thump, Thumpty Thump Thump."

Jerry: (singing:) "Look at Frosty go!"

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpty Thump Thump, Thumpty Thump Thump."

Tom: (singing:) "Over the hills of snow."

Karen: (singing:) "Frosty the Snowman was a happy jolly soul..."

Spike: (singing:) "With a corncob pipe..."

Tyke: (singing:) "And a button nose..."

Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and Traffic Cop (singing:) "And two eyes made out of coal."

Spike: *gently tapping Frosty on the shoulder* "(nervous:) Hey, umm...excuse me, Frosty, listen I'm really sorry that I got angry at ya, and your friends before, you know?"

Frosty: *smiles at Spike* "Oh, that's alright Mr. Spike, I just worried that I wouldn't make it to the North Pole before. You and your son can join me as a part of the friendship club, if you're gureeted available."

Tyke: "We'll always be gureeted to see you, someday."

Droopy: *tapping on Frosty's thigh* "I beg your pardon, Mr. Frosty, but you're forgetting one more like "you-know-who?"

Frosty and Spike: "Oh, Droopy!" *both laughs*

The narrator: *watching the parade, then turning to the viewers* "And with Frosty the Snowman, Christmas was always very merry indeed."

Tuffy: *jumps on the narrator's shoulder* "And you, have a Merry Christmas to you, too." *wink his eye*

Chorus (singing): "Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way..."

Tom, Jerry, Children, Townspeople and Woodland Animals: (All:) "Goodbye, Frosty!"

The narrator: "But he waved goodbye, saying "don't you cry..."

Frosty: *waving at the viewers* (joyful:) "I'll be back on Christmas Day!" (laughter)

Closing Credits (♪ Frosty the Snowman (extended version) ♪/ ♪ Let There Be Snow ♪) Edit

(Frosty the Snowman theme plays as the credits began to roll)

Frosty: "(in Jackie Vernon's voice:) Happy Birthday!"

The narrator: (singing) "Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, with a corncob pipe, and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal."

The narrator and chorus (singing): "Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow, but the children know how he came to life one day."

The narrator (singing): "There must have be some magic in that old silk hat they found. For when they placed it on his head, he begin to dance around.

Chorus (singing): Frosty the Snowman, was alive as he could be.

The narrator and chorus: (singing): And the children say that he can laugh and play, just the same as you and me.

(♪ Instrumental theme ♪)

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpty Thump Thump, Thumpty Thump Thump."

Jerry: (singing:) "Look at Frosty go!"

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpty Thump Thump, Thumpty Thump Thump."

Tom: (singing:) "Over the hills of snow."

Frosty: (singing in John Goodman's voice) I, Frosty the Snowman, knew the sun was hot that day. So I said, "Let's run, and we'll have some now before I melt away!" Down to the village with the broomstick in my hand, I ran here and there, all around the square, saying "catch me if you can!" (laughs) I led them down the streets of town, right into a traffic cop. And I only paused a moment, when I heard him holler..."

Chorus: (singing:) "STOP!"

The Traffic Cop (singing): "Stop, stop, stop!"

The narrator: (singing:) Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way. But he waved goodbye, saying..."

Frosty: (singing:) "Don't you cry, I'll be back again someday."

(♪ Instrumental theme ♪)

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpty Thump Thump, Thumpty Thump Thump."

Jerry: (singing:) "Look at Frosty go!"

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpty Thump Thump, Thumpty Thump Thump."

Tom: (singing:) "Over the hills of snow."

Karen: (singing:) "Frosty the Snowman was a happy jolly soul..."

Spike: (singing:) "With a corncob pipe..."

Tyke: (singing:) "And a button nose..."

Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and Traffic Cop (singing:) "And two eyes made out of coal."

Chorus: (singing:) "Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way."

The narrator: (singing:) But he waved goodbye, saying..."

Frosty: (singing:) "Don't you cry, I'll be back...again...someday...."

(♪ Instrumental theme ♪)

Chorus: (singing:) "Somedaaaaaay!"

(The theme ends)

(Let There Be Snow from Frosty Returns started playing)

Frosty: (singing): "Sometimes when the words just fail you, you're scared, but you know they're wrong. I found that I get much further, when I turn my thoughts to song. You know why you love this season, the joy that the snow can bring. So why should you stop to reason? Just open your heart and sing... Oh, let there be snow. Let there be snow. Let there be snow. Need I remind you, the autumn's behind you? Let the wind blow. This is a time of year to make, figure eights across the lake. Such a magical sight, when the world's dressed all in white. Whoa....let there be snow. The days may grow short and grayer, and the cold may nip at your nose. But once there's a six-inch layer, those soft flakes beneath your toes. You can't help but want to taste it, or jump in a snowy pile. Why not build a fort or igloo, or find a window to print your smile? Oh, let there be snow." (speaking:) "Kids, Hocus, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, sing with me!"

Tuffy: "You got it, Mr. Frosty!"

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "Let there be snow! Let there be snow! Close down the schools, and let's act like fools, there's parties to throw."

Tom: (singing:) "Those days may grow short and grayer..."

Jerry (singing:) "And the cold may nip at your nose..."

Tuffy: (singing:) "But once there's a six-inch layer..."

Hocus Pocus: (singing:) "Those soft flakes beneath your toes."

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "You can't help but want to taste it, or jump in a snowy pile. Why not build a fort or igloo, or find a window to print your smile? Oh, let there be snow.

(♪ Instrumental version playing ♪)

Frosty (singing:) "Let there be snow. Let there be snow. This kind of weather brings people together, so friendships can grow."

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "Why should we sit around and wait, for summer days to celebrate? Such a magical sight, when the world's dressed in white. Whoa...let there be snow. Let there be snow. Let there be snow. This kind of weather brings people together, so friendships can grow."

(♪ Instrumental version playing ♪)

Frosty: (singing:) "Why should we sit around and wait..."

Tom: (singing:) "For summer days to celebrate?"

Jerry: (singing:) "Such a magical sight..."

Tuffy: (singing:) "When the world's dressed in white!"

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "Whoa...let there be snow."

(The music ends, and the credits stopped rolling to show one last scene before the end)

Post-Credits-Scene: The Figgs' Christmas Reunion with the Starlings Edit

(Fade into Tom, Jerry, Robyn and her father Mr. Starling in their home on this Christmas Day)

Mr. Starling: "Merry Christmas, my little Robyn."

Robyn Starling: "Merry Christmas, to you too, daddy. Tom, Jerry? My cousin Karen told me that you went on an adventure with a magical snowman to the North Pole, am I right?"

Jerry: *munching on a Christmas cookie* "(dreamy:) Yeah! In case if you forgotten his name, Frosty is a dreaming snowman we've ever met in our entire life."

Tom: "(dreamy:) I have to agree with Jerry, Robyn. We have the best..."

(Doorbell sound effects by Hidenori Arai)

Tom: "Who can that be?"

Robyn Starling: "Oh, I've got it!" *getting her coat from a hook* "Properly someone wants to say Merry Christmas to us." *turning the door knob, opening the door* "Merry Chr..." *gasp in shocked, seeing Pristine Figg and Lickboot in their tored-ragged clothing and their hair messed up*

Mr. Starling: *gasp*

Pristine Figg: (smiles:) "Merry Christmas, dear old Mr. Starling and Robyn. And Tom and Jerry too, huh?"

Tom: "Pristine Figg?"

Jerry: "Lickboot?"

Ferdinand: "Hey! Hey! Hey! What about me?"

Tom & Jerry: "(both:) And Ferdinand too?"

Mr. Starling: "(confused and fierst:) Pristine? Mr. Lickboot?" *holding Robyn's shoulders* What are you guys doing here? And what do you want from us? I heard you two tried to abuse my only daughter Robyn one year ago when I was away injured on the mountains of Tibet."

Pristine Figg: "(in tears:) Oh, Mr. Starling...we're so extremely sorry."

Lickboot: "(ashamed:) She's right. Besides, we have no right to treat her like that until our right-hand henchman, my partner Professor Hinkle just wrote us a letter about his strong strict behavior attitude during on Christmas Eve last year, when were in prison for life until this year they let us go. And now, we have lost everything, and now we're in a middle of nowhere until we came by at your home."

Pristine Figg: *picks up her dog Ferdinand* "(sobs:) My dog Ferdinand was sorry as well."

(Ferdinand whimpers sadly)

Pristine Figg: "(sobs:) Mr. Starling...Robyn...Tom...and Jerry...can you please...forgive us...?"

Lickboot: "And also can with you...?"

Pristine Figg: "And we really strongly mean it, this time."

Mr. Starling: *turning back to Tom and Jerry*

Tom & Jerry: *looking at Mr. Starling, smiling at each other, and nodded their heads*

Mr. Starling: *looking down at Robyn* "Robyn?"

Robyn Starling: *looking at Tom, Jerry and her father smiling, turning to the Figgs, touching Pristine's hand* "(gentle:) Of course you can... Merry Christmas."

All: (cheering)

Pristine Figg: "Let's give Robyn the best Christmas she always wanted!"

Lickboot: "Yes, we shall, my love!"

(Ferdinand barking happily)

(Tom and Jerry looked at each, remembering their suggestion that they gave Professor Hinkle)

Tom: "Just as we planned from last year, Jerry."

Jerry: "Yeah, Tom. It's a holiday dream come true."

Frosty: *watching the ancient through the window with Rudolph, turning back smiling, climbs on Santa's sleigh* "Come on, Santa, let's go home."

Santa Claus: (nodded his head, wiped his reindeer sleigh lines) "Dash Away! Dash Away All! Ho-Ho!"

(Frosty watches and waved at the various characters from the Tom and Jerry Crossover Collection down below)

(Veruca Salt nervously walks towards her bedroom window, surprisely staring at Santa's sleigh, seeing Frosty, smilingly waved at him)

(Frosty blows his kiss at Veruca Salt, smiling charmingly at Veruca Salt)

(Veruca Salt blinks her eyes, faded happily to her bed)

Frosty: (giggling) (waving and winked to the viewers)

Closing Credits (♪ Frosty the Snowman (extended version) ♪/ ♪ Let There Be Snow ♪)/Outtakes (coming for the later workprint and extended cut editions) Edit

(The end credits started rolling with the extended version of the Frosty theme, but the outtakes that happen during the movie's shooting are included)

First Director (off-screen): "Speed. Marker."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

Second Director (off-screen): "And action!"

Professor Hinkle: "Ahem, where are my two assistants!? Hocus Pocus? Nibbles Tuffy Mouse? Where are you!? Bah! The only thing this hat's good for is the trash can!"

(Hinkle throws his hat, which bounces off the trash can and hits the floor. But instead of Hocus, it releases Bugs Bunny who pops out with Tuffy and starts chewing his carrot)

Bugs Bunny: "Ehh...what's up, Doc?"

Tuffy: "(confused:) What the? Bugs Bunny? What are you doin' here?"

The Directors and Professor Hinkle: (laughing)

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, dear me!" (laughs)

Hocus Pocus (annoyed:) *appearing next to Bugs* "Mr. Bunny, that's my acting job and nobody steals it from me!"

Bugs Bunny: "Whoops. Wrong showcase area. Cut!

First Director: "Good remembering, Bugs."

Bugs Bunny: (smiles:) "Sorry about that."

Second Director: "It's all right."


Second Director: "Marker."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

First Director: "And let's have action!"

Karen: *shaking Tom & Jerry's hands* "It's our pleasure to meet you guys, too. You're more welcome to join us as our winter friendship club during Christmas. And you know Tom and Jerry, Robyn Starling, that you may know her before, is actually my older sister."

Tom & Jerry: "(unexpected/ surprised:) What?"

The Directors: "Old sister?" (chuckles)

Tom and Jerry: (laughing:)

Karen: *nodded her head*

Jerry: "Don't you mean, your great, great, great cousin, Karen?

Karen: "Oh! Right, I wish that we're sisters. Cut!"


(Clapperboard sound effect)

Second Director: "Action!"

(Karen placed the hat on Frosty's head, sparkling sound effects)

Frosty: *blinking his eyes* "(joyful:) Merry Christmas! (realized he said it wrong, laughs:) Wait, what?"

The Directors, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, Karen and her classmates: (all laughing)

Frosty: "(laughs:) I'm suppose to say Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry about that, guys, but overall it's already Christmas.

First Director: "We know, Johnny. Cut!"


Second Director: "Action!"

(Karen, again, placed the hat on Frosty's head, sparkling sound effects)

Frosty: "(in Bill Fagerbakke's voice:) Happy Birthday!...(covered his mouth in shocked, realized he got the voice tone wrong, laughs:) Hey, wrong voice acting area, guys!"

The Directors, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, Karen and her classmates: (laughing)

First Director: "Oops! So sorry about that, Frosty!"

Frosty: (laughs)

Second Director: "Cut!" (laughter) "Where's John Goodman?"


First Director: "Speed, marker..."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

First Director: "And action."

Professor Hinkle: "I saw nothing of the kind, young lady."

Hocus Pocus: *pops out of the hat with a grunt, tsk tsk tsk tsk....*

Professor Hinkle: "Quiet! I can't lose my hat if it's got magic now. It will make me Prince Jean Bob again!"

Tuffy: *pops out of the hat* "You're a what?!"

All: (laughing)

Tuffy: "Don't you mean a millionaire magician? 'Cause you're not a frog."

Professor Hinkle: "Oh my goodness! Cut!"


Frosty: *staring the viewers* "Could...Could I really be alive? I mean, I can make words!" *moving his body* "I can move!" *Thump!* "I can juggle!" *juggling snowballs in one hand* "I can sweep!" *sweeping and throws the broomstick*

(Tom quickly caught the broomstick, but then there was a sizzling sound as smoke coming from Tom's hand as the broom is burning him)

Tom: *gasps, lets go of the very hot broomstick, screaming in pain* "TOO HOT! HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT..."

Jerry: "Uh-oh."

Tuffy: "What's the matter, Thomas?"

Hocus Pocus:

Tom (panicking):

Frosty: (nervous:) "Hey, Tom, are you alright?"

Tom: (screams while running)

Hocus Pocus: "Cut!"


Second Direcotr: "Speed. Marker."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

First Director: "And, action!"

The Traffic Cop: "So, you wanna a ticket, wiseguy?"

Frosty: "I would LOVE to have one! To Six Flags, please."

The Traffic Cop: "Huh?"


Red: *shaking Frosty's hand* "(kindhearted:) Hello."

Frosty: "(giggling:) Please to meet you, ma'am. I heard you're an actress of yourself..." *noticing the decorated muffins on a display* "Oh, those looks so wonderful! What are those?"

Red: "These are my most famous Christmas muffins that the Pillsbury Doughboy made for this year's holiday tradition."

Frosty: *walks to the Pillsbury Doughboy* (chuckling:) "He's a cute little fella, too." *touched his stomach*

Pillsbury Doughboy: (laughs)


First Director: "Speed...

Second Director: "Maker..."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

The Directors: "And action."

Tyke: "Done!"

Spike: "Here you go! Also route you by the way of Six Flags Over Texas, Darien Lake, Over Georgia, Discovery Kingdom, AstroWorld and Magic Mountain. You know, Tyke my boy, there are lots of other Six Flags amusement parks locations around the world."



Professor Hinkle: "Alright, snowcrook, give me the hat right now, or else."

Frosty: "Or else...what?"

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, well, don't bothered me with details. GIVE ME THAT HAT!

Frosty: *making an angry-stood-up face* "(fierst:) No! Never!"

Professor Hinkle: "Never, eh?! We'll see about that!"

Frosty: *gasp* "Uh oh!"

Professor Hinkle: WHOAAAA!" *jumps off screen forward right into the instruments with a bowling strike sound effects as Frosty watches*

First Director: "Oh boy!"

Porky Pig: "Sorry about that!"

Frosty: "(laughing, cracked up voice:) Oh man, that was too funny! Hinkle, are you okay?"

Professor Hinkle: "(dizzy:) Yeah...I'm...I'm okay, Frosty..." *drumset sound effects when he get unconscious*

Frosty: "(laughs, cracked-up voice:) Guys, did you see how Hinkle jumps out off screen and he landed on the instruments? And I think he got knockout by Porky Pig's classic Looney Tunes big red drum!" (laughing, snort)

Second Director: "Cut!"


Cast Edit

English Edit

  • Richard Kind - Thomas "Tom" Cat
    • Frank Welker - Thomas "Tom" Cat (some grunts, uncredited)
    • William Hanna - Thomas "Tom" Cat (gasps and screams, uncredited)
    • Harry E. Lang - Thomas "Tom" Cat (gasps and screams, uncredited)
    • Mel Blanc - Thomas "Tom" Cat (gasps and screams, uncredited)
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry Mouse
  • Kath Soucie - Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse, Red
  • Jeff Bergman - Droopy, Bugs Bunny
  • Spike Brandt - Spike
  • Patric Zimmerman - Tyke
  • John Goodman - Frosty the Snowman
    • Jackie Vernon - Frosty the Snowman (his archive recorded voice only lent in the Frosty the Snowman theme song roll credits, uncredited)
    • Bill Fagerbakke - Frosty the Snowman (only in the outtakes, uncredited)
  • Tifanie Christun - Karen
  • John Cleese - Professor Hinkle
  • Derek Stephen Prince - Hocus Pocus
  • Gerard Butler - The Gentleman/ The Narrator
  • Mona Marshall - The Teacher
  • Tom Fahn - Brown-Haired Boy
  • Brianne Siddall - Orange-Haired Boy
  • Philece Sampler - Girl in Pink Dress
  • Steve Blum - Blonde-Haired Boy
  • Laura Summer - Boy in Green Coat
  • Saffron Henderson - Boy in Snowbank
  • Jim Cummings - The Traffic Cop
  • Christopher R. Sabat - Santa Claus
  • Kathleen Barr - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
  • Matt Hill - Donner
  • Lisa Ann Beley - Blitzen
  • Scott McNeil - Coach Comet
  • Neil Kaplan - Lord Owl
  • Cathy Weseluck - Female Skunk
  • R. Martin Klein - Male Bird
  • Tress MacNeille - Female Bird
  • Frank Welker - First Man with Christmas Presents, Mailman's Dog, Fox
  • Kirk Thornton - Deer
  • Rob Paulsen - Beaver
  • Brina Palencia - Female Squirrel
  • Jeff Bennett - Mr. Starling, Male Squirrel
    • Ed Gilbert - Mr. Starling (archive recordings/flashback, uncredited)
  • Anndi McAfee - Robyn Starling
  • Charlotte Rae - Aunt Pristine Figg
  • Corey Burton - Lickboot
    • Tony Jay as Lickboot (archive recordings/flashback, uncredited)
  • David Lander as Frankie Da Flea
  • Rip Taylor - Captain Kiddie
  • Gilbert Gottfried - Squawk
    • Howard Morris - Squawk (archive recording/flashback, uncredited)
  • Henry Gibson - Dr. J. Sweetface Applecheek
  • Michael Bell - Ferdinand, Straycatcher #1
  • Sydney Lassick - Straycatcher #2

Japanese Edit

  • Setsuji Sato - Thomas "Tom" Cat
  • Junko Hori - Jerry Mouse
  • Etsuko Kozakura - Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse
  • Ryoko Shinohara - Robyn Starling
  • Hiroya Ishimaru - Mr. Starling
  • Sachiko Kobayashi - Aunt Figg
  • Chika Sakamoto - Ferdinand
  • Yu Shimaka - Spike Bulldog
  • Masako Nozawa - Tyke Bulldog
  • Ryusei Nakao - Droopy
  • Naoki Tatsuta - The Gentleman/ The Narrator

German Edit

  • Joachim Tennstedt - Thomas "Tom" Cat
  • Moritz Matern - Jerry Mouse
  • Susanne Kaps - Robyn Starling

French Edit

  • Gérard Loussine - Thomas "Tom" Cat
  • Jackie Berger - Jerry Mouse
  • Claire Guyot - Robyn Starling
  • Henri Courseaux - Ferdinand

Spanish Edit

  • Arturo Mercado - Thomas "Tom" Cat, Ferdinand, Droopy
  • Maria Fernanda Morales - Robyn Starling

Portuguese Edit

Italian Edit

  • Francesco Vairano - Thomas "Tom" Cat
  • Ilaria Stagni - Jerry Mouse
  • Mino Caprio - Ferndinad

Hungarian Edit

Polish Edit

Hebrew Edit

Credits Edit

  • Distribution: Warner Home Video
  • Production: Warner Bros. Animation, Turner Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Animation Production: TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Additional Animation Production: Studio 4°C Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Additional Sound Effects: JetSoundEngine (Japan)


Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Early Presentation Reel (2014 - 2017)
  • Four Stages of Animation
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Traliers
  • Music Video
  • Previews
  • Games

Languages and SubtitlesEdit

  • English
  • Spanish (European and Mexican Versions)
  • French (European and Canadian Versions)
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese

Production Edit

Development Edit

The plan to create Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman have began in the late 2014.

Story Edit

The script for the film was partially based on the screenplay of the Rankin/Bass Christmas special written by Romeo Muller.

Early Versions Edit

Middle Versions Edit

Later Versions Edit

Voice Casting Edit

Original Dialogues and Recordings Edit

Concept Sketches and Design Edit

Animation Edit

After the completion of Tom and Jerry: The Wind in the Willows (2018), the animation production will soon begin, and will be produced for Warner Bros. Animation by TMS Entertainment and Studio 4°C in Tokyo, Japan.

Storyboards Edit

After the script for the film was written, the entire movie broke down into major and minor scenes, and visualized or storyboarded. Much like panels in a comic book, the storyboard illustrations are then arranged in sequence, giving the directors, producers and animators an opportunity to see how the film's characters, actions and settings relate to and play against each other.

Rough Pencil Tests Edit

The animators create rough animation of the various scenes, using pencils and sheets of drawing papers. This preliminary work gives them a better sense of character proportion, weight and movement, all critical in determining how these animated individuals will appear and act.

Clean-Up Pencil Tests Edit

Another step of animation, known as "clean-up", refines the rough animation until there's just one clean continuous pencil line for every character. On some scenes in that same pencil form, shadows are also added to provide the illusion of mass and dimension.

Final Color (Ink and Paint) Edit

The scenes were brought fully to life with the addition of color. From character appearance, to costuming, to background settings, color plays a powerful role in determining the overall emotional impact of the scenes

Backgrounds Edit

The backgrounds for Frosty the Snowman were done by Osamu Teuzuka's Mushi Productions for Rankin/Bass Productions. TMS Entertainment and Studio 4°C will recreate the backgrounds to fit the animation for the film's characters

Sound Effects Edit

This Tom and Jerry film includes the original sound effects from the Rankin/Bass film by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye. But for the Japanese animation production of the film, additional sound effects by Hidenori Arai at JetSoundEngine are also added.

Music Edit

Editing Edit

Test Screenings and Workprints Edit

Deleted Scenes Edit

There are almost many original scenes from the film that are cut out through editing, but can be seen in multiple workprints and test screenings.

  1. Let There Be Snow (deleted song/scene)
  2. Angels We had Heard on High (deleted song/ scene)
  3. The Woodland Animals' Christmas Eve Routine
  4. Alternate Happy Ending
  5. Arrival in the North Pole (aka Frosty's new home)

Wrapping (Production) Edit

The production of this film will be done in the spring or summer of 2019. 😇😇😇👍👍👍👍👍

Trivia Edit

  • Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman is the very first traditionally animated Tom and Jerry direct-to-video holiday feature since Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007). For its release in 2019, it will commemorate the 55th anniversary of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) and the 50th anniversary of Frosty the Snowman (1969), both produced by Rankin/Bass Productions and animated by the Japanese studios: Tadahito Mochinaga's MOM Production and Osamu Tezuka's Mushi Productions. Also, this film will be the first ever Tom and Jerry direct-to-video movie to be animated in Japan. In collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation, the film's animation will be outsourced to Yutaka Fujioka's TMS Entertainment. Eiko Tanaka and Koji Morimoto's Studio 4°C will run the additional animation for the movie.
  • The film will be rated G for General Audience, but the director's cut with some of the additional footage will be rated PG for Parental Guidance Suggested with very mild bad language, threat, slapstick violence, rude humour, and one use of very mild sex references.
  • Running Time: 88 Minutes - 85 Minutes.
  • The film is set six months after the events of Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992, 1993), revealing that Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse are still the pets and friends of Robyn Starling. And just like in the previous film, they retain their ability to speak. Richard Kind returns as the voice of Tom, and Stephanie Nadolny, known for her roles as the child versions of Goku and Gohan in the Dragon Ball anime franchise, became the new voice of Jerry as a replacement of the late Dana Hill from National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985), Jetsons: The Movie (1990), Rover Dangerfield (1991) and Disney's Goof Troop (1992–1993).
  • John Goodman reprises once again as Frosty the Snowman (in his original Television Christmas classic form) from the original CBS special, Frosty Returns (1992), in honor replacement of the late Jackie Vernon.
  • Tifanie Christun, one of the English voice actors from Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999–2003), will do the voice of Karen (in dedication-to-the Memory of the original voice actress, June Foray).
  • Hocus Pocus, first time talks during Professor Hinke's magic show at the school's Christmas party, state his comments that he and Tuffy were late for fun with Frosty and the children, as if it were very important to them. And when Karen brings Frosty to life again, he exclaims "Oh, my fur and whiskers!". These lines are based on the lyrics of the White Rabbit's song, I'm Late!, from Alice in Wonderland (1951), part of the tribute to the late Bill Thompson, who was the original voice of Droopy and other Disney characters including Mr. Smee in Peter Pan (1953), King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Uncle Waldo in The Aristocats (1970). Also, the archive recordings of Hocus' squeaky footsteps when he hops, walks and/or runs was taken from the original Rankin/Bass film.
  • During the scene where Frosty befriends him and Jerry, Tom nicknames him as Frostcalucis. This was based on the point where the Sesame Street (1969–present) character Snuffleupagus is also called Snuffy.
  • Frosty's original lines are "Now, who wants to get some snow?" (from The Legend of Frosty the Snowman) and "I don't have a skull, or bones." (from Olaf from Disney's Frozen).
  • Professor Hinkle, the first time, calls Frosty a "snowcrook" when he goes after the hat.
  • In the 1969 original film, Frosty's eye color are just solid black, but in this 2019 film, his eyes are blue, due the same eye color as Karen's.
  • Characters acting: Professor Hinkle acts like Sunset Shimmer when he gets evil and greedy, Karen acts like Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash and Frosty, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy act like (Princess) Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Applejack from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, voiced by Kathleen Barr, makes his first time animated appearance (in his original Television Christmas classic form), along with Santa Claus, in this film. But just like in the near end of the 1964 stop motion film, he has long antlers and reddish-brown fur in his grown-up teenage/adult state. This Tom and Jerry film was believed to have taken place about three years after he and Santa collects and delivers all the Misfit Toys (including Charlie in the Box, the Spotted Elephant and Dolly) to the children on that foggy Christmas Eve.
  • According to this film, Tom and Jerry did not fight each other during Christmas...well only during in the flashbacks.
  • Karen mentioned to Tom and Jerry that Robyn Starling is her great, great, great cousin.
  • Frosty's original song "Let There Be Snow" from Frosty Returns, will be a deleted song in the bonus features. It was also featured for the closing credits in the first several workprint versions with storyboards and animation (rough animation and clean-up animation), and on a list of a soundtrack.
  • In the early and middle workprints of the film, a first scene where Frosty is starting to melt to his demise-death in the greenhouse has inspired references from Beauty and the Beast (1991).
  • Also in the early and middle workprint versions of the film features some of the different background score and music from various Christmas films and specials including "Holiday Flight" from Home Alone (1990), and "What's This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).
  • In the later workprint and director's cut versions, outtakes were included for the closing credits to show some familiar scenes or sequences that are filmed, but not included in the final version. For example, Frosty says "Merry Christmas!" instead of "Happy Birthday!" when he comes to life through his magic hat, while Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes (1930–present), in in his cameo appearance, replaces Hocus Pocus during Professor Hinkle's magic show in the class Christmas party. Also, in one of the outtakes in the credits, Professor Hinkle tries to jumps on Frosty to take the hat, but accidentally jump-lands off-screen on the instruments and Porky Pig's classic Looney Tunes drum, which it made Frosty crack up.

Release Dates Edit

Preview Screenings Edit

Home Media Release Dates Edit

  • August 2019 (United States and Canada)
  • September 2019 (Australia and New Zealand)
    • Bonus Short: Tom and Jerry: Little Mouse of Horrors
  • October 2019 (United Kingdom and Ireland)
    • Bonus Short: Tom and Jerry: Little Mouse of Horrors
  • December 2019 (Japan)

Promotions Edit

Marketing Partners Edit

United States and Canada Edit

  • Warner Home Video
    • Warner Archive Collection
  • Trick or Treat for UNICEF
  • Gemmy Industries
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tours
    • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Burbank
    • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood
  • Six Flags Theme Parks
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Pillsbury
  • Kid Rhino Records

Australia and New Zealand Edit

  • Trick or Treat for UNICEF
  • Village Roadshow Theme Parks
    • Warner Bros. Movie World
    • Sea World
      • Sea World Resort (formerly known as Sea World Nara Resort)
    • Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast
    • Paradise Country
    • Australian Outback Spectacular

Europe Edit

  • Tetley Tea (UK/Ireland)
  • Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden (UK)
  • Parque Warner Madrid (Spain)

Japan Edit

  • Club Warner
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Soundtrack Edit

  1. Frosty the Snowman - sung by Gerald Butler
  2. Let There Be Snow (from Frosty Returns) - sung by John Goodman and chorus
  3. Angels We have Heard On High- sung by John Goodman and children chorus (Music:
  4. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - sung by Gerald Butler, Santa Claus, reindeers and chorus
  5. Frosty the Snowman (reprise) - sung by Gerald Butler, John Goodman
  6. I'm All Living (Frosty's Alive) instrumental version- original played by The Rankin/Bass Productions

Transcripts Edit

Logo Variations for the distributorsEdit

  • Warner Bros Pictures and Turner Entertainment logo titles, in the background, begin to snow due the trailers and the beginning of the movie.
  • Tom and Jerry original title logo transform into a snowflake during the opening credits of the movie.
  • The scenes on the snowflakes from Tom and Jerry: the Movie, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood & Merry Mouse, Tom and Jerry: The Nutcraker Tale, Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz, Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz and Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory showed to the viewers due the beginning of the movie as the memories of Tom and Jerry Crossover Collection.

Comparison Edit

Workprints Edit

Director's Cuts Edit

Trailers Edit

TV Spots Edit

Radio Spots Edit

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