Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman is an upcoming 2019 Christmas musical fantasy comedy direct-to-video animated feature film starring Tom and Jerry, directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Turner Entertainment. It was based on the 1950 song Frosty the Snowman by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins, and the 1969 television special of the same name, produced by Rankin/Bass Productions and animated overseas by Osamu Tezuka's Mushi Productions.

Set after the events of Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992, 1993), it focuses on the continuing story of Robyn Starling's adoptive pets, the now-talking Tom and Jerry, who help a group of children build a snowman named Frosty and bring him to life with a silk hat filled with magic, discarded by a ridiculous magician named Professor Hinkle. When Frosty finds himself in the dangers of melting away, Tom and Jerry associates with a girl named Karen― Robyn's cousin and her father's niece, on getting Frosty to the North Pole, with support from Tuffy and Hinkle's rabbit Hocus Pocus. But when the greedy Hinkle reveals his partnership with Robyn's sinister aunt Pristine Figg in the past and threatens to kill Tom and Jerry for her defeat while intending to steal Frosty's hat away, the heroic cat and mouse must defend their "all-living" snowy friend and themselves until Santa Claus, guided by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, come to the rescue.

The film is the 14th Tom and Jerry direct-to-video feature film, the first holiday special since Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007), and the franchise's third production to have an adaptation of an original film after the success of Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz (2011) and Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2017). It will feature an all-star cast of characters with English-speaking voice actors and actresses from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, including Thomas & Friends' Alec Baldwin as the narrator, Helena Bonham Carter as the teacher and Christopher Lloyd as Professor Hinkle. Richard Kind will re-provide his voice for Tom, and Stephanie Nadolny, an voice actress from the Funimation dub of Toei Animation's Dragon Ball franchise (1986–present), became the voice of Jerry as a replacement of the late Dana Hill (1964–1996). For the first time ever in over twenty years since GoodTimes Entertainment's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (1998) and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys (2001), Kathleen Barr returns as the voice of Rudolph. Even Seth MacFarlane from Fuzzy Door Productions' Family Guy (1998, 1999–present) roles his voice for Frosty for the very first time.

As a reminder of Rankin/Bass Productions and its majority of animation outsourced to Japan, the film will be the first Tom and Jerry production to be animated for Warner Bros. Animation by the Japanese animation studios. TMS Entertainment, one of the selected overseas studios that work on several Warner Bros. Animation projects including the opening sequences and various episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures (1990–1995), Animaniacs (1993–1998) and Pinky and the Brain (1995–1998), will be re-contracted by Warner Bros. to handle the animation services, and Fizz Sound Creation will include its many classic anime and tokusatsu sound effects in the film, even to fix the problems of certain scenes from the Rankin/Bass film that does not have any further sounds from two of its many sound engineers Jim Harris and Phil Kaye.

As of 2018, Warner Bros. will announce the film on the 25th anniversary of the North American release of Tom and Jerry: The Movie, and plan to release it on Digital, DVD and Blu-Ray for the 2019 holiday season, marking the 50th anniversary of Frosty the Snowman as a dedication to the memory of the late June Foray (1917–2017). Due to a special guest appearance of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, also from Rankin/Bass, the film will even mark the 55th anniversary of the company's 1964 television special of the same name, shot in stop motion "Animagic" at Tadahito "Tad" Mochinaga's MOM Productions.

Summary Edit

Regular Version Edit

Happy Birthday! Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment are proud to present Tom and Jerry in their all-new Christmas adventure, and this time, they made a jolly-happy guest appearance with Frosty the Snowman in an all-new adorable, animated musical Christmas special from Rankin/Bass, narrated by Alec Baldwin.

When Frosty is accidentally brought to life by a magic silk hat, he must weather a storm of adventures and the dastardly plans of an evil magician; Professor Hinkle before he can find safety and happiness at the North Pole. Can Tom and Jerry, along with Tuffy and Hocus Pocus, help Robyn's cousin; Karen get Frosty to the North Pole before he melts and get their new friend and themselves warm too? Find out this new holiday special.

With all your favorite characters created by Hanna-Barbera and Tex Avery for MGM Studios, and original songs including Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this enchanted Tom and Jerry holiday story, longtime ever since Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007), brings plenty of Christmas magic to everyone who wants to get it.

Extended Version Edit

Happy Birthday! Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment are proud to present Tom and Jerry in their all-new Christmas adventure. And this time, they made a jolly-happy guest appearance with Frosty the Snowman in an adorable, animated musical Christmas special from Rankin/Bass, narrated by Alec Baldwin.

When Frosty is accidentally brought to life by a magic silk hat, he must weather a storm of adventures and the dastardly plans of an evil magician; Professor Hinkle before he can find safety and happiness at the North Pole. Can Tom and Jerry, along with Tuffy and Hocus Pocus, help Robyn's cousin; Karen get Frosty to the North Pole before he melts and get their new friend and themselves warm too? Find out in this new holiday special, created to mark the 50th anniversary of Rankin/Bass' Frosty the Snowman.

With all your favorite characters created by Hanna-Barbera and Tex Avery for MGM Studios, the very first time use of Japanese animation and original songs, the extended version of this enchanted Tom and Jerry holiday classic brings plenty of uncut footage and Christmas magic to everyone who wants to get it.

Plot Edit

Workprint #1 (Storyboards/Early Version) Edit

At a schoolhouse in the town during the first snow of the season, a magician named Professor Hinkle (Christopher Lloyd) is hired by the teacher (Helena Bonham Carter) to perform tricks for a class of children's Christmas party. His magic tricks all fail spectacularly, prompting him to throw his silk top hat into the trash can. But the hat bounces off and lands on the floor, releasing Hinkle's rabbit Hocus Pocus (John Cusack) and his mouse companion Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse (Kath Soucie), who wears the hat and upstages their master, much to the children's amusement. When the ring of the bell dismisses the school, the children go outside to play in the schoolyard where they build a snowman with a corncob pipe, a red button as his nose, two round lumps of coal as his eyes and a broomstick. It was then, Thomas "Tom" Cat (speaking voice by Richard Kind and vocal effects by Willaim Hanna) and Jerry Mouse (Stephanie Nadolny), two adoptive pets of Robyn Starling (Anndi McAfee) and her father (Jeff Bennett) from the Starling Enterprise, came by to greet the children after decorating the townsquare during the beginning of the film, and they decide to befriend each of them. After the children's suggested names for the snowman including Harold, BruceChristopher Columbus and "Oatmeal", Karen (Tifanie Christun), a young girl who is revealed to be Robyn's great, great, great cousin (and also Mr. Starling's great, great, great niece), names him Frosty (Seth MacFarlane).

Just then, Hocus and Tuffy went outside with the hat still over them, and with Professor Hinkle in hot pursuit. By the time Hinkle grabs only Hocus, the wind blows the hat with Tuffy hanging on, and Tom catches it. But in doing so, he accidentally tripped on a block of ice, and lets go of the hat which then lightly places itself onto Frosty's head. And suddenly, to everyone's surprise including Hinkle's, Frosty transforms into a living snowman with real eyes through some looping trails of sparkle, saying, "Happy Birthday!" The children and the animals becomes delighted as they realize it was the magic of the hat that cause Frosty to come to life. But after he, too, finds out that the hat is magic, Hinkle takes it back when another wind blows it off Frosty's head, changing the snowman back to his lifeless form with coal eyes. After shoving Tuffy and Hocus back inside the hat, the magician vows to use it to become a millionaire (or even a billionaire), and when the children, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry state their objections, he mockingly tells them that when the children grow up, they'll learn that snowmen can't come to life. And before leaving the schoolyard, he even says that Tom and Jerry will share in the kids' lesson as well.

But while Hinkle walks through town, Tuffy and Hocus steal back the hat by switching it with a wreath and escape their greedy master, immediately returning back to the children, Tom, Jerry and Frosty (in his non-living form) in the schoolyard. Thanks to Hocus and Tuffy, Karen puts the hat back on Frosty's head, and for the second time, the snowman is brought to life by its magical power, again saying, "Happy Birthday!" Amazed to see that he is alive (or "all-living"), Frosty takes some time to speak more words, move his body, juggle snowballs, sweep with his broom, count numbers and express emotions like being ticklish. Only his original self-observation is suddenly cut short when he notices Tom and Jerry for the very first time. With Tuffy's help, Tom and Jerry introduces themselves to Frosty, and the three develop feelings for each other to the point where Frosty said that he will forever always be there for them, as long as they believe in themselves

However, as the children, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus had fun with their friend with various winter activities including snowball battles, making Christmas angels, playing doctor with the discovery of Frosty's enchanted solid ice heart given to him by his late grandfather (from "The Snowman in July") which enables him to live as a bodiless, faceless magic dust vapor-like soul with two eyes that travels to and from both the magic hat and his snow body as the reasons he come alive, Tom and Jerry's martial arts tournament (featuring karate and bōjutsu) on an ice ring held by Tuffy and Hocus (as referees), and even ice-skating, Frosty suddenly enters the early stages of sweating. Noticing a thermometer on the school's brick wall, he worries that when the temperature rises, he will melt into a "wishy-washy" puddle of water. On Karen's suggestions to find some place where Frosty would never melt, Tom names only one place for Frosty to live at; the North Pole. The children, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus decide to take him to the North Pole, even if they have to take him downtown to the railroad station where he can ride on the train.

And so, the group left the schoolyard and parade through town, shocking other townspeople including the traffic cop or the traffic dog), Butch Dog (Jeff Bergman), who then accidentally swallows his whistle after excusing Frosty for being alive and naive. While on the way to the railroad station, they stop at the bakery and cafe where its owner, Red (Kath Soucie), offers Frosty free Christmas muffins for his "handsome" appearance and personality (at the same time), so he can share them with the kids (who had their healthy lunches during the class Christmas party), Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus. The group arrives at the railroad station, but they realize they have no money to buy train tickets as the ticket man with his son, Spike (Spike Brandt) and Tyke Bulldog (speaking voice by Sam Lavagnino and vocal effects by Frank Welker), refuses to let them go on the train. Noticing a freight train heading north, Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus stow aboard in the refrigerated boxcar full of ice cream and frozen Christmas cakes, waving the other children goodbye as the train departs from the station. But unbeknownst to the gang, Professor Hinkle, having already discovered that he has been outsmarted and double-crossed by Tuffy and Hocus, also sneaks aboard, still vowing to get the hat back.

As the train continued up north, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Frosty notice that Karen is getting cold, despite all her winter clothing, and realize that she has to get out as soon as possible. When the freight train stops to let a passenger train filled with Christmas travelers pass, Frosty, Hocus, Karen, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry jump off the boxcar just before the train starts off again. Seeing the gang foil him once again, Hinkle jumps off the train too, but tumbles down the hill (while Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Frosty, who is carrying the unconscious Karen, watches from their spot) and crashes into a tree where a pile of snow and ice falls on him and a nearby squirrel (Jeff Bennett) laugh at his misfortune.

Now in the woods as Christmas Eve begins to fall, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Frosty, Karen and Hocus struggle to get as far away before Hinkle can catch up to them. But Karen, along with Tom and Jerry, is near hypothermia, and the woods are bitterly cold. To make matters worse, when Tuffy and Hocus makes a suggestion of building a fire, Frosty admits that he can't do it, because he is made of snow. Luckily, the gang find the forest glen where the woodland animals including the same squirrel who has his wife (Brina Palencia) and their supervisor, an British-American-accented brown owl named Lord Owl (Neil Kaplan), are decorating their Christmas tree to await the arrival of Santa Claus (Kevin Michael Richardson). On Frosty's request, Tuffy and Hocus convinces the woodland animals and they agree to build Karen, Tom and Jerry a fire. While Karen, Tom and Jerry are warming themselves up, Frosty ask Tuffy and Hocus who might be able to take them home before they freeze, and him to the North Pole before he melt. First, Hocus suggested (by his pantomiming) the Marines and the President of United States, but Tuffy suggests of a help from Santa. Frosty agrees and promptly takes credits for the idea himself, much to Hocus' annoyance, except Tuffy. He then sends Tuffy and Hocus back to the animals to get Santa, promising them some carrots and cheese.

But that night, as Frosty waits patiently for Santa, the now-recovered Professor Hinkle shows up and confronts him, Tom, Jerry and Karen once more. Hinkle also recognizes Tom and Jerry as the pets of Robyn's father, and after blowing out Karen's fireplace, reveals to them that he is the long-time partner of Robyn's aunt Pristine Figg (Charlotte Rae). He then told Frosty about how he spent his years sharing the same goal of becoming a millionaire with Figg, and her lawyer, boyfriend and schemer Lickboot (Tim Curry) until their plan is not completed when they part separate ways, leading to Figg and Lickboot's unwitting defeat by Tom and Jerry over the incidents of Robyn and her father (as it happen in the events of Tom and Jerry: The Movie), and to Hinkle's dismay upon learning about their imprisonment from the newspapers. Now consumed by the knowledge of Tom and Jerry, and the need to avenge Figg's humiliation by the cat and mouse duo (his assumption), Hinkle even says to a frightened Frosty that not only he will take the hat back from him, but in order to stop them from warning Robyn and her father about his secret collaboration with Figg, he must kill Tom and Jerry with his magic, shocking them and Karen, as well as Tuffy, Hocus and the woodland animals who were overhearing the truth from the nearby hill where their Christmas tree still stands. Frosty, who refused to surrender his hat, Tom, Jerry and Karen are forced again to flee, this time with Tom, Jerry and Karen riding Frosty's back as he slides first-head down the hills, showing that he is the "fastest belly whopper in the world.".

At the bottom of the hill, Tom, Jerry, Karen and Frosty discovered "a tiny greenhouse", filled with Christmas poinsettias. Despite Tom, Jerry & Karen's objections, Frosty steps inside the greenhouse with them, suggesting that he can afford to lose a little weight while she, Tom and Jerry warm up. Unfortunately, an exhausted, angry and vengeful Hinkle catches up to the gang immediately after so much chasing on foot and locks them in the greenhouse. As a result, Frosty begins to melt to his death, but not before he happily and proudly tells Tom and Jerry to remember him and asks Karen to prevent Hinkle from destroying their two friends as a way of protecting them for Robyn, which she then promises. The moment Frosty is now reduced into a puddle, Hinkle enters the greenhouse and, despite Karen's pleas for their mercy, prepares to blast Tom and Jerry into oblivion with his magic, but is interrupted by the familiar sounds of the jingling bells. Going out to look out in the sky and thus sparing Tom and Jerry for a while, the magician realizes in shock that there was Santa Claus, who was finishing his worldwide Christmas present delivery with his sleigh pulled by his nine reindeer: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Kathleen Barr), his father Donner (Matt Hill), his uncles Blitzen (Rob Paulsen), Coach Comet (Scott McNeil), Cupid (David Kaye), Dasher (Paul Dobson), Cupid (David Kaye), Dancer (Kyle Hebert), and Prancer (Robert Axelrod), and his aunt Vixen (Lee Tockar).

Back in the glen, Tuffy, Hocus and the woodland animals call to Santa and his sleigh team who then flew down to them. After Tuffy and Hocus told Santa about Tom, Jerry and Frosty being in great danger, they and some of the woodland animals hurry away to find their friends, leaving behind the sleigh with Lord Owl and he others guarding it and explaining everything to the reindeer. Santa, Tuffy, Hocus and several woodland animals finds the greenhouse where Professor Hinkle quickly hides behind the tree from them, but they find Karen crying over the puddle of Frosty's remains with Tom and Jerry trying to soothe her while praying, believing him to be dead forever due to Hinkle's cruel and murderous acts. Santa explains to Karen, Tom and Jerry that Frosty is made of the magical Christmas snow, and that he can never disappeared completely, only take the form of the spring and summer rains, until next December. With Tom and Jerry as his volunteers, Santa opens the greenhouse's door and a magical gust of cold winds, known as the "December Wind", takes Frosty's puddle outside and restores it back to his typical snowman form. After the group adds the magic hat, which then made Frosty return to life, once more saying, "Happy Birthday!", Karen is finally reunited with Frosty, who is super overjoyed to see his friends again, especially Tom and Jerry, unharmed and protected. Karen explains she never meant to let him down-- even when he had sacrifice himself after promising to her. However, Frosty assures her that she will never ever let him down after his melting sacrifice and, as his love started to grow, he loves Karen-- and even his other friends for who she is, and who they are on the inside.

But before they leave, Hinkle yet again arrived at the scene and demands the return of his hat, and Tom and Jerry being exterminated. He relents only when Santa threatens to remove him of his Christmas list for the rest of his life if he put so much as one finger on Frosty's hat or kill Tom and Jerry. Trembling in fear and remorse at the ultimatum, Hinkle, reduced in tears, crumbles and begs Santa, Tuffy and even Frosty their forgiveness. Tuffy and Santa state that if Hinkle is truly repentant for his mean attitude and for harming Frosty (secretly felt jealous of him, his fun-loving personality and his handsome-gifted voice at the same time), explaining that he doesn't know anything about how to become a gentleman, which Frosty kindly says that friendship exists everywhere. Tom and Jerry secretly lies to Professor Hinkle, saying that Figg and Lickboot will be released from jail to spend the holidays with Robyn and her father. They and Karen even encourage him to think that friends and charity (wuth are much more important than wealth. Santa then tells Hinkle that if he goes home and writes, "I am really sorry for what I did to Frosty," a hundred zillion times, he may find a gift in his stocking on Christmas morning, which makes a joyous Hinkle bid Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Karen farewell and runs home to repeatedly write his apologies, assuming he may get a new hat.

After celebrating and greeting the Rudolph and his family, Santa took Tom, Jerry and Karen home and Frosty to the North Pole, but promises that Frosty will be back next winter. Before the end credits roll, one year later on Christmas Eve, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy (now wearing his elf suit, showing that he is trained and now working as Santa's mouse elf), Frosty and the children parade through the town square. The townspeople also join the parade, including Butch Dog, Spike (who had apologized to Frosty for his angry actions) and Tyke, Red, Droopy (also by Jeff Bergman) the trainmaster, the woodland animals, Hocus Pocus and a redeemed Hinkle wearing his new hat. At the end of the parade, Frosty boards Santa's sleigh with Tuffy and they leave for the North Pole with Frosty altering the last original song lyric, proclaiming, "I'll be back on Christmas Day!"

In the post-credits scene, on Christmas Day back home in a splendid house at the Starling Enterprise military base, Robyn and her father, Mr. Starling are having lunch with Tom and Jerry when they hear the doorbell ring. Robyn opens the door and surprisingly sees her aunt Pristine Figg, her boyfriend and fired lawyer Lickboot, and her dog Ferdinand (voiced by Troy Baker). Figg and Lickboot apologize to Mr. Starling for their actions at Robyn and beg for forgiveness from them. Robyn, smiling at her father, Tom and Jerry (who then realizes that their bluff to Professor Hinkle is the truth all along), accepts their apologies and invites them inside for Christmas lunch with them. Outside the window of the house, Frosty watches the happy moment with Tuffy (who is still wearing his elf suit) and Rudolph. They yet again boards Santa's sleigh, and they leave for the North Pole as Frosty waved at the other various characters down below (characters from Tom & Jerry and the Wizard of OZ, Tom & Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse, Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest). Soon, they reached to the Northern lights of the North Pole and the sleigh vanishes into a sparkling star before the film ends.

Characters Edit

  • Tom Cat (also known as Thomas Cat): A grayish blue cat, who wears his blue mittens, and his purple scarf and boots. He is Robyn's pet cat.
  • Jerry Mouse: A brown mouse, who he wears his scarf, mittens and shoes that are all white with red polka dots. He is Robyn's pet mouse.
  • Tuffy Mouse (full name: Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse): A little gray mouse with a white diaper, who wears his winter hat, scarf, shoes and mittens that are all colored emerald green in the MGM Grand Las Vegas/ Oz style. He is not only Geraldine's son and Jerry's nephew, but he also Professor Hinkle's former pet mouse.
  • Tim Cat (Tom and Jerry Kids) (mentioned): Tom's twin brother
  • Thomasina Cat (Tom and Jerry Tales) (mentioned): Tom's sister.
  • Baby Booties (Tom and Jerry Tales) (mentioned:) Tom's over-sized baby nephew.
  • Geraldine Mouse (Tom and Jerry Tales) (mentioned): A mouse with black hair, who is Jerry's sister and Tuffy's mother.
  • George Cat (aka Cousin George) (mentioned): Tom's cousin.
  • Muscles Mouse (aka Cousin Muscles) (mentioned): Jerry's cousin.
  • Uncle Pecos (mentioned): Jerry's cowboyish uncle.
  • Uncle Harry (The Tom and Jerry Show, 2014) (mentioned): Jerry and Tuffy's uncle, and the younger brother of Uncle Pecos, who wears a boater hat, and a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow flower patterns.
  • Eagle (Tom and Jerry) (mentioned):
  • Spike Bulldog: A strong dog who works as a Ticket Manger.
  • Tyke Bulldog: A puppy who is Spike's son, and has the ability to speak, just like Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus.
  • Droopy: A hound who plays the Train Master
  • Butch Dog: A dog who works as the Traffic Cop or, in this case, the Traffic Dog.
  • Red: A woman who portrays the role of the baker/ waitress
  • Puggsy Dog (mentioned/ in flashback)
  • Frankie Da Flea (mentioned/ in flashback)
  • Robyn Starling (mentioned/ in flashback/ cameo): The owner and friend of Tom and Jerry, the daughter of Mr. Starling and the niece of Aunt Pristine Figg.
  • Mr. Starling (mentioned/ in flashback/ cameo): Robyn's father, and the head chief of the Starling Enterprise
  • Aunt Pristine Figg: (mentioned/ in flashback/ cameo): Robyn's aunt who was the main antagonist of the previous film.
  • Lickboot (mentioned/ in flashback/ cameo): Figg's lawyer, boyfriend and former schemer.
  • Ferdinand (mentioned/ in flashback/ cameo): An overwighted dog on a skateboard.
  • Dr. J. Sweetface Applecheek and his Straycatchers (in flashback):
  • Captain Kiddie and Squawk (in flashback):
  • Jack Bradley (cameo):
  • Mrs. Bradley (Jack's mother/ cameo):
  • Farmer O'Dell (cameo):
  • Robin Hood (cameo):
  • Little John (cameo):
  • Friar Tuck (cameo):
  • Professor Marvel (cameo):
  • Miss Elmira Almira Gulch (cameo):
  • Mr. Bibb (cameo):
  • Aunt Em (cameo):
  • Uncle Henry (cameo):
  • Hunk (cameo):
  • Hickory (cameo):
  • Zeke (cameo):
  • Tractor (cameo):
  • Scarecrow (cameo):
  • Tin Man (cameo):
  • The Cowardly Lion (cameo):
  • Glinda (cameo):
  • The Hungry Tiger (cameo):
  • The Mouse Queen (cameo):
  • Troops (cameo):
  • Crows (cameo):
  • The Wizard (cameo):
  • Billina the chicken (cameo):
  • Tik-Tok (cameo):
  • Jack Pumpkinhead (cameo):
  • The Gump (cameo):
  • Queen Ozma (cameo):
  • Dorothy Gale (cameo):
  • Toto (cameo):
  • Charlie Bucket (cameo):
  • Grandpa Joe (cameo): The grandfather of Charlie.
  • Violet Beauregarde (cameo): The
  • Veruca Salt (cameo): A British girl who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Salt. She is already reforming her attitude upon seeing Frosty for the first and only time.
  • Augustus Gloop (cameo): A German boy who is seen dieting with his parents by having a healthy Christmas dinner consisting of a roast goose, fruit and vegetables in the near end of the post-credits scene
  • Mike Teevee (cameo):
  • Willy Wonka (cameo): The owner of his own chocolate factory, whom Charlie will soon succeed.
  • Jonny Quest (cameo):
  • Hadji (cameo):
  • Bandit (cameo):
  • The Narrator: A wise gentleman who resembles the late Jimmy Durante.
  • Frosty the Snowman (AKA Frostcalucis) (1969, Rankin/Bass): A snowman who is constructed by the children, Tom and Jerry, and brought to life by a magic top hat.
  • Der Schneemann (mentioned): A character from the 1944 German animated short film of the same name. He is Frosty's deceased grandfather behind the point where Frosty receives the solid ice heart from him, when he was a snow boy.
  • Karen: A little schoolgirl who names the snowman Frosty, and also is Robyn Starling's great, great, great cousin and Mr. Starling's great, great, great niece.
  • Other Children (including Karen's classmates)
  • The Teacher:
  • Professor Hinkle: A greedy, evil and jealous magician, whose secret past proves that he is the long-time partner of Figg and Lickboot.
  • Hocus Pocus: Professor Hinkle's pet rabbit/ Tuffy's boss 
  • Santa Claus: An immortal old man who travels around the world every December 24th, bringing his toys to many kids who are nice. He was formerly nicknamed Kris Kringle in his early years when he was young, and also known as Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas; or Saint Nick.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964, Rankin/Bass): The current guide of Santa's sleigh team, who succeed his father Donner. He is Frosty's new best friend.
  • Donner (1964, Rankin/Bass): Rudolph's father
  • Mrs. Donner (1964, Rankin/Bass) (mentioned): A beige reindeer who is Donner's wife and Rudolph's mother.
  • Blitzen (1964, Rankin/Bass): Donner's first brother and Rudolph's first uncle.
  • Coach Comet (1964, Rankin/Bass): A reindeer who wears a red and blue cab and run the Reindeer Games. He is Donner's second brother and Rudolph's second uncle.
  • Cupid: Donner's third brother and Rudolph's third uncle (1964, Rankin/Bass)
  • Dasher: Donner's fourth brother/ Rudolph's fourth uncle (1964, Rankin/Bass)
  • Vixen (1964, Rankin/Bass): A reindeer who is colored beige, like all female reindeer including Rudolph's girlfriend Clarice and his mother, Mrs. Donner. She is Mrs. Donner's sister and Rudolph's aunt.
  • Prancer (1964, Rankin/Bass): Donner's fifth brother/ Rudolph's fifth uncle
  • Dancer (1964, Rankin/Bass): Donner's six brother and Rudolph's sixth uncle.
  • Speiltoe: Santa's donkey.
  • Hermey the Elf (mentioned)
  • Sam the Snowman (mentioned)
  • Woodland Animals
    • Lord Owl: The animal in charge, an owl with a British-American accent.
  • Other Townspeople
    • The Christmas Tree Seller (debut)
    • The First Man with Christmas Presents (debut)
    • The Father and his Family (debut)
    • The Mailman and his Dog (debut)
    • The Street Band (debut)
    • The Second Man with Christmas Presents (debut)
    • The Woman with Christmas Presents (debut)
    • The Barber and his Customer (debut)
    • The Woman with Hand Mirror (debut)

Songs Edit

  1. Frosty the Snowman (Opening Credits) - The Gentleman, Chorus
  2. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Gentleman, Santa Claus, Chorus
  3. Frosty the Snowman (Ending Edition) - Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Karen, Spike, Tyke, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Butch Dog, Chorus
  4. Let There Be Snow (Duet Version) - Frosty the Snowman, Tom, Jerry, Karen, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, children chorus

Cast Edit


  • Alec Baldwin - The Gentleman/ The Narrator
  • Richard Kind - Tom Cat
    • William Hanna - Tom Cat (archive recordings/ vocal effects only/ uncredited)
  • Stephanie Nadolny - Jerry Mouse
  • Kath Soucie - Tuffy Mouse, Red
  • Jeff Bergman - Droopy, Butch Dog, Bugs Bunny (in the outtakes from the extended version)
  • Spike Brandt - Spike Bulldog, William Hanna (in outtakes from the extended version)
  • Tony Cervone - Joseph Barbera (in outtakes from the extended version)
  • Sam Lavagnino - Tyke Bulldog
  • Tifanie Christun - Karen
  • Seth Macfarlane - Frosty
  • Christopher Lloyd - Professor Hinkle
  • John Cusack - Hocus Pocus
  • Helena Bonham Carter - The Teacher
  • Tom Fahn - Brown-Haired Boy
  • Brianne Siddall - Orange-Haired Boy
  • Philece Sampler - Girl in Pink Dress
  • Steve Blum - Blonde-Haired Boy
  • Laura Summer - Boy in Green Coat
  • Saffron Henderson - Boy in Snowbank, Young Frosty (only in a deleted scene/ uncredited)
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Santa Claus
  • Kathleen Barr - Rudolph
  • Matt Hill - Donner
  • Rob Paulsen - Blitzen, Beaver
  • David Kaye - Cupid
  • Scott McNeil - Coach Comet
  • Lee Tockar - Vixen
  • Robert Axelrod - Prancer
  • David Kaye - Cupid
  • Kyle Hebert - Dancer
  • Paul Dobson - Dasher
  • Neil Kaplan - Lord Owl
  • Sugar Lynn Beard - Female Skunk
  • Peter MacNicol - Male Bird
  • Tress MacNeille - Female Bird
  • Kirk Thornton - Deer
  • Brina Palencia - Female Squirrel
  • Jeff Bennett - Mr. Starling
  • Anndi McAfee - Robyn Starling
  • Charlotte Rae - Aunt Pristine Figg
  • Tim Curry - Lickboot
  • Troy Baker - Ferdinand

Additional Voices and Vocal Effects Edit

  • Michael Donovan - The Barber and his Customer
  • Cathy Weseluck - The Woman with the Hand Mirror
  • Frank Welker - The First Man with Christmas Presents, The Mailman's Dog, Tyke Bulldog (vocal effects)
  • Jeff Bennett - The Mailman, Male Squirrel
  • Ellen Kennedy - The Woman with Christmas Presents
  • Pinto Colvig - The Second Man with Christmas Presents

Japanese Edit

  • Setsuji Sato - Tom Cat, Hocus Pocus
  • Junko Hori - Jerry Mouse
  • Etsuko Kozakura - Tuffy Mouse
  • Ryoko Shinohara - Karen, Robyn Starling
  • Hiroya Ishimaru - Mr. Starling, Lickboot
  • Sachiko Kobayashi - The Teacher, Red, Aunt Pristine Figg
  • Chika Sakamoto - Ferdinand
  • Yu Shimaka - Frosty, Spike Bulldog
  • Masako Nozawa - Tyke Bulldog, Jerry Mouse (bōjutsu sequence/ Kamehameha vocal effect/ uncredited)
  • Ryusei Nakao - Professor Hinkle, Droopy
  • Naoki Tatsuta - The Gentleman/ The Narrator, Butch Dog
  • Mayumi Tanaka - Brown-Haired Boy
  • Ikue Otani - Orange-Haired Boy
  • Yuki Kodaira - Blonde-Haired Boy
  • Naoko Watanabe - Girl in Pink Dress, Young Frosty (only in a deleted scene/ uncredited)
  • Miwa Matsumoto - Boy in Green Coat
  • Tokuma Nishioka - Santa Claus
  • Shinobu Otake - Rudolph
  • Toru Okawa - Donner
  • Hidehiro Kikuchi - Blitzen
  • Koji Ochiai - Coach Comet
  • Yume Miyamoto - Vixen
  • Koichi Tochika - Lord Owl
  • Yoneko Matsukane - Male Squirrel
  • Mayumi Yamaguchi - Deer

Chinese Edit

Korean Edit

Thai Edit

Hebrew Edit

German Edit

  • Joachim Tennstedt - Tom Cat
  • Anna Carlsson - Jerry Mouse, Karen, Girl in Pink Dress, Red, Rudolph
  • Susanne Kaps - Robyn Starling, Young Frosty (only in a deleted scene/ uncredited)
  • Gerald Schaale - Professor Hinkle, Tyke Bulldog, Droopy, Hocus Pocus
  • Tilo Schmitz - Frosty, Butch Dog, Spike Bulldog

French Edit

  • Gérard Loussine - Tom Cat
  • Jackie Berger - Jerry Mouse
  • Claire Guyot - Robyn Starling
  • Henri Courseaux - Ferdinand
  • Claire Guyot - Karen, Red, Tuffy Mouse, Young Frosty (only in a deleted scene/ uncredited)

Spanish Edit

  • Arturo Mercado - Tom Cat, Ferdinand, Droopy
  • Maria Fernanda Morales - Robyn Starling, The Teacher, Red
  • Francisco Colmenero - Frosty
  • Cristina Hernandez - Karen, Girl in Pink Dress, Boy with Green Coat, Young Frosty (only in a deleted scene/ uncredited)
  • Juan Guzman - The Gentleman/ The Narrator, Hocus Pocus, Professor Hinkle

Portuguese Edit

Italian Edit

  • Francesco Vairano - Tom Cat, Butch Dog
  • Ilaria Stagni - Jerry Mouse, Tuffy Mouse, Tyke Bulldog
  • Mino Caprio - Spike Bulldog, Ferdinand
  • Mauro Ramos - Frosty
  • Fabrizio Vidale - Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus
  • Marisa Leal - Karen, Girl with Pink Dress, Boy with Green Coat, Robyn Starling
  • Perla Liberatori - The Teacher, Red, Rudolph, Young Frosty (only in a deleted scene/ uncredited)
  • Vittorio Amandola - The Gentleman/ The Narrator, Santa Claus, Mr. Starling

Hungarian Edit

Polish Edit

Credits Edit

  • Produced and Directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone
  • Written by Gene Grillo, Paul Dini and Emily Kapnek
  • Original Screenplay by Romeo Muller
  • Associate Producer: Jim Wyatt
  • Executive Producers: Sam Register, Jules Bass
  • Co-Producer: Alan Burnett
  • Based on Characters Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara
  • Edited by Kyle Stafford
  • Music by Michael Tavera
  • Tom and Jerry Theme: Scott Bradley
  • Original Music Composer: Maury Laws
  • Frosty the Snowman - Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Johnny Barks
  • Casting and Voice Director: Maria Estrada
  • Associate Casting Direction: Saban Capital Group, Inc., Voice Box Productions, Inc. (Canada)
  • Character Designs: Dan Haskett
  • Original Concept Art: Paul Coker, Jr., Donald Duga and Anthony Peters
  • Storyboard Artists: Spike Brandt, Cinzia Angelini, Andrew Dickman, Naz Ghodrati-Azadi, Kirk Hanson, Nora Johnson, Larry Leker, Mike Milo, Matt Peters, Robb Pratt, Dan Root, Larry Scholl, Jeff Siergey, Adam Van Wyk
  • Animation Services: TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Additional Animation: Studio 4 °C Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Backgrounds: Mushi Production Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • In-Between Animation: Asahi Production Co., Ltd. (Japan), Bee Train Production, Inc. (Japan), Production I.G, Inc. (Japan)
  • Key Animation: The Answer Studio Co., Ltd. (Japan), Magic Bus Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Ink and Paint: Madhouse, Inc. (Japan), Production I.G, Inc. (Japan)
  • Sound Effects: Fizz Sound Creation Co., Ltd. (Japan)
    • Stock Sound Effects: Hidenori Ishida, Katsumi Ito, Shoji Kato, Akihiko Matsuda, Hidenori Arai, Mutsuhiro Nishimura
    • Sound Editors and Mixers: Masahiro Shoji, Kentaro Washio, Masami Kitakata, Yui Kazama
  • Original Sounds Effects: Rankin/Bass Productions, Inc.
    • Stock Sounds Effects: Bill Giles, Alan Mirchin, Ralph Friedman, Walter Gustafson, Phil Kaye, Jim Harris

Production Edit

Development Edit

For the 25th anniversary of Film Roman's Tom and Jerry: The Movie when it was premiered in Germany on October 1, 1992, and in North America on July 30, 1993, and to announce the plans to produce this film with Rankin/Bass as a sequel, Warner Bros. will be making plans to hold a 25th anniversary reunion panel discussion which will gather several cast and crew members of the film, including the animator, producer and director Phil Roman, and actors Richard Kind, Anndi McAfee and Charlotte Rae.

Story Edit

The script for the film by Gene Grillo, Paul Dini and Emily Kapnek, responsible for their work on other Tom and Jerry direct-to-video films including Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure (2013), Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2017), and Classic Media and Studio B Productions' The Legend of Frosty the Snowman (2004, 2005), was partially based on the screenplay of the Rankin/Bass Christmas special written by Romeo Muller.

Voice Casting Edit

Voice Acting Trivia Edit

  • As an imitation to Jimmy Durante, the narrator's voice by Alec Baldwin from Universal Studios, DreamWorks Pictures and Imagine Entertainment's The Cat in the Hat (2003) was similar to the voice of Sir Topham Hatt from the fifth and sixth seasons of Thomas & Friends (1984–present) and the feature film Thomas and the Magic Railroad, both produced by The Britt Allcroft Company.
  • After the success of Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992, 1993), Richard Kind marks the return of his voice for Tom Cat. Voiced by Stephanie Nadolny, Jerry's voice sounds the same way as it did imitate Young Goku and Young Gohan from the Funimation dub version of Toei Animation's Dragon Ball anime series and KO from Cartoon Network's OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. Anndi McAfee from Universal's The Land Before Time series (1988–present) and Charlotte Rae return as the reprised voices of Robyn Starling and Pristine Figg. Spike Brandt himself will reprise his role of Spike Bulldog, and Sam Lavagnino from Disney's Puppy Dog Pals will become the voice of Tyke. In the outtakes from the extended/ uncut version of the film, Brandt and Tony Cervone portrays the voices of the unseen directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the original creators of Tom and Jerry.
  • As a reminder of Frosty's voice by the late Jackie Vernon, three suggested voice actors for Frosty are John Goodman from Bill Melendez Productions' Frosty Returns (1992), Bill Fagerbakke from Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants (1999–present) and Seth MacFarlane from Fuzzy Door Productions' Family Guy (1999–present).
  • As a remembrance to Billy De Wolfe, Christopher Lloyd, known for his roles in the various films and television series including Universal and Amblin Entertainment's Back to the Future franchise (1985–1992), Twentieth Century Fox's The Pagemaster (1993, 1994) and Anastasia (1997), and PBS' Cyperchase (2002–present), will be the voice of Professor Hinkle. And to make Hocus Pocus another animal character with the ability to talk after Tom, Jerry, Spike, Tyke, Tuffy and other Tom and Jerry characters, Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone will suggest a few voice actors for the character: Charles Fleischer, who had been voicing the Disney character Roger Rabbit in his major motion picture Who Framed Roger Rabbit and his three short films Tummy Trouble, Roller Coaster Rabbit and Trail Mix-Up, Derek Stephen Prince from the Saban dub of Toei Animation's Digimon franchise, John Cusack from Anastasia. Another voice actor from Digimon, Tifanie Christun will be returning to her acting career after about ten to eleven years after DiC Entertainment's Horseland (2006–2008), and performing her voice role of Karen.
  • The film will feature half of the casting, using voice actors from Canada. For example, the late Billie Mae Richards' successor, Kathleen Barr from Cartoon Network's Ed, Edd n Eddy (1998, 1999–2009), will once more voice another Rankin/Bass character, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Concept Art Edit

Early Versions Edit

More Early Concept Art (coming soon):
  • The third poster with Frosty coming to life with the hat's trail of magic dust
  • The narrator, a Jimmy Durante look-alike
  • The narrator Introducing the snowfall in town
  • Tom and Jerry working at the town square
  • The narrator, Tom and Jerry in front of the school house
  • The children's school teacher
  • Professor Hinkle's incompetent magic show
  • Hocus Pocus and Tuffy (in his emerald green suit with gold undershirt and black necktie)
  • Tom and Jerry surprised to see Tuffy work for Professor Hinkle as Hocus Pocus' assistant.
  • Karen and her friends building Frosty
  • Tom and Jerry introducing themselves to the children
  • Professor Hinkle chasing Hocus Pocus and Tuffy (unseen) in the hat
  • Tuffy (now wearing his diaper and winter clothes) amazed to see Frosty coming to life for the first time
  • Tom and Jerry are angry at Professor Hinkle for taking back the hat
  • "It will make me a millionaire magician!"
  • Tom pulling Jerry out of Frosty's chest cavity
  • Tuffy scolds Jerry for curiously entering Frosty's body
  • Jerry shrugging at the frowning Tuffy (recycled animation from Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Tom, Jerry and Tuffy dressed in medical white coats as doctors
  • Discovering Frosty's solid ice heart
  • Frosty revealing his origin from his time with the Snowman is July
  • The Snowman in July giving his ice heart to the snowboy Frosty in his memory orb (recycled animation from Disney's Epic Mickey)
  • Tom, Jerry and Tuffy learn that Frosty a soul that lives in both snow body and magic hat
  • Tuffy showing Jerry his emerald green winters as a reminder of the Emerald City
  • The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer logo above Jerry, Tuffy and Tom
  • Tom and Jerry's martial arts/ bōjutsu tournament on an ice ring
  • Tom and Jerry in their karate uniforms with the Rankin/Bass logo as a symbol
  • Tuffy and Hocus as referees in their winter-themed kimonos
  • Tuffy's introduction the Winter Wonderland Martial Arts Competition
  • Tuffy naming the first round: Tom vs. Jerry
  • Tom and Jerry bowing (recycled animation from The Tom and Jerry Show - The Wacky World of Sports)
  • Frosty and the children watching Tom and Jerry's martial arts tournament
  • Tuffy informing his two friends with tournament rules
  • "Magic fan, make my Jerry-Ojisan grow!"
  • Tuffy throwing his magic fan to grow Jerry
  • Jerry's growing into a giant...again?! (recycled animation from Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Jerry exclaims at his child-size, thinking he has grown into a giant mouse for the second time (recycled animation from Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
  • Tom and Jerry's fighting poses before the match
  • Tom's fighting stance (recycled animation from Tom and Jerry: The Karate Guard)
  • Jerry's fighting stance
  • Tuffy's magic fan creating peppermint candy blocks
  • Tom and Jerry's candy breaking before the match
  • Tom and Jerry perform more poses using snow staffs they make.
  • Martial artist Tom holding his snow staff with a determinded face
  • Snow-bō staff fighting Tom and Jerry
  • Tom and Jerry's karate combat in the air
  • Jerry dodging Tom's karate chops and kicks (recycled animation from The Tom and Jerry Show - The Wacky World of Sports)
  • Tom passes out for Tuffy's count to ten (recycled animation from The Tom and Jerry Show - The Wacky World of Sports)
  • Jerry dodges Tom's snow fighting pole with the after image technique
  • "Hey! Jerry, where'd you go?"
  • Tom hear Jerry's call for him ("Up here!")
  • Tom sees Jerry in the sky high above him
  • Jerry diving from the sky toward Tom (inspired by scenes from various Dragon Ball episodes)
  • Tom ready for a sneak attack while Jerry is still diving from the sky ("Sorry, Jerry! Victory will be mine!")
  • The still-diving Jerry before preparing his Kamehameha Wave ("Not today, Tom.")
  • "" (recycled animation from Dragon Ball - Episode 75: The Strong Ones)
  • "" (inspired by a scene from Dragon Ball - Episode 75: The Strong Ones)
  • "HA!!!" (inspired by a scene from Dragon Ball - Episode 75: The Strong Ones)
  • Jerry's Kamehameha wave coming down toward Tom
  • Tom screaming before dodging the Kamehameha wave ("YAAH!")
  • Tom dodges Jerry's Kamehameha by jumping to the sky
  • The kids shielding from the bright explosion of light on the ice ring.
  • Jerry catches Tom off-guard in the air before coloring his snow staff with red "instant dry" paint
  • Jerry holding his bucket of "instant dry" paint
  • "Power Pole, extend!" (inspired by a scene from Dragon Ball - Episode 5: Yamcha the Desert Bandit)
  • Jerry's red snow staff glows before extending.
  • The growing staff coming at Tom
  • Tom gasping before getting hit by Jerry's Power Pole
  • Poor Tom is sent flying by Jerry's Power Pole before crashing (recycled animation from Tom and Jerry: The Karate Guard)
  • Tom is out of bound, stuck in the snow with his legs sticking out (Tuffy: "Ring out!")
  • The children and Frosty cheering for Jerry's victory.
  • Hand-shaking Tom and Jerry
  • Tom freaking out at Jerry's suggestion for his training with Muscles
  • "Don't forget about me, Jerry!"
  • Tuffy announcing the final match: Frosty vs. Jerry
  • Jerry and Frosty's sumo pose, their first test.
  • Frosty and Jerry ice breaking, their second test
  • Frosty's broomstick (in an dark-colored, un-bendable, unbreakable iron fist mode) as a fighting staff for the final test before the match.
  • Jerry calling for the Flying Nimbus Cloud from Dragon Ball ("Hey! Nimbus!")
  • Jerry on the Flying Nimbus
  • Frosty whistling for his snow-cloud with his pipe
  • Cloud-riders Frosty and Jerry staff fighting in the sky (recycled animated scenes from Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies and Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle)
  • Jerry before flying down to Frosty ("Here I come!")
  • Jerry dodges Frosty's broom while going under his cloud (recycled animation of Goku and Bongo's fight in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies)
  • Jerry destroys Frosty's cloud, causing him to fall all the way back to the ice ring. (recycled animation of Goku and Bongo's fight in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies)
  • Jerry watching Frosty fall.
  • Frosty's broom bristle shoots up with an string of glowing blue snowflakes attaching to it. (recycled animation from Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies)
  • Jerry is grabbed in the neck by Frosty's broom bristle and its string of snowflakes (recycled animation of Goku and Bongo's fight in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies)
  • Frosty toying Jerry around by spinning him along with his snowflake string, transformed from his broom. (inspired by Gemmy's Spinning Snowflake Snowman)
  • Frosty's broomstick hitting Jerry (recycled animation from Tom and Jerry: The Karate Guard)
  • Frosty traps Jerry under the end bottom of his broomstick ("Had enough, Jer?")
  • "The winner is Frosty!"
  • Ice-skating with Frosty
  • Frosty briefly melts ("Uh-oh.")
  • Karen kissing Tom
  • Butch Dog as the traffic cop
  • Red and a blushing Frosty in the bakery
  • Professor Hinkle discovers he's been made a fool of
  • Spike & Tyke are ticket managers
  • Droopy as the conductor of the freight train
  • The shivering Tom and Jerry
  • "I can't build a fire."
  • The woodland animals decorating their Christmas tree in the glen
  • Professor Hinkle telling the truth about his partnership with Pristine Figg and Lickboot.
  • Frosty, Karen, Tom and Jerry escaping from Professor Hinkle
  • "Get on my shoulders, Karen!"
  • Belly whopper Frosty with riders Karen, Tom and Jerry
  • Spike feels ashamed of his angry actions at Frosty
  • Tom, Jerry, Karen and Frosty discovers the greenhouse
  • Professor Hinkle traps Frosty and his friends
  • Santa Claus
  • Adult Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964 version, Rankin/Bass)
  • Santa sees Hocus Pocus and Tuffy
  • Tuffy becomes shocked when he finds the unseen Frosted melted
  • A horrified Santa and Hocus
  • Karen crying over Frosty's puddle
  • Santa comforting Karen while explaining about Frosty
  • The magic December wind restores Frosty
  • "I want that hat, and I want it now!"
  • Tuffy stops Professor Hinkle from harming Tom and Jerry or taking Frosty's hat.
  • Frosty's gift-giving magic tricks
  • Frosty meets Rudolph (recycled animation from Rankin/Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Middle Versions Edit

Later Versions Edit

Animation Edit

Previously, Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. subcontracted two television series, fourteen feature films and two shorts of the Tom and Jerry franchise to a variety of animation studios in Asia. First, Taiwan's Wang Film Productions, along with the Philippines' Fil-Cartoons and Australia's Mr. Big Cartoons, collaborated with Hanna-Barbera on Tom & Jerry Kids, and provides the additional animation for Tom and Jerry: The Movie. Second, at CNK International's Koko Enterprises in South Korea, Tom and Jerry: The Mansion Cat was animated overseas, and so were Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring with additional animation by Seoul Movie. And third, another animation house in the Philippines, Toon City Animation and more of the South Korean studios including Yearim and Digital eMation were the animation services of Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars, Tom and Jerry Tales with episodes from two seasons animated by Lotto Animation and Rough Draft Korea, Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz, Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz and Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman is marked the fourteenth direct-to-video feature in the franchise, but on behalf of Warner Bros. Animation, it becomes the first Tom and Jerry production to be outsourced to Japan, the same as all of the original Rankin/Bass holiday specials. Animation services will take place at TMS Entertainment in Tokyo, founded in 1964 by Yutaka Fujioka and headed by Hideki Okamura. At Warner Bros. Animation, the script for the film was written, then the entire movie broke down into major and minor scenes, and visualized or storyboarded. Much like panels in a comic book, the storyboard illustrations are then arranged in sequence, giving Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone and the rest of the American and Japanese teams of directors, producers and animators an opportunity to see how the film's characters, actions and settings relate to and play against each other. Next, the Japanese animators create rough animation of the various scenes, using pencils and sheets of drawing papers. This preliminary work gives them a better sense of character proportion, weight and movement, all critical in determining how these animated individuals will appear and act. Another step of animation, known as "clean-up", refines the rough animation until there's just one clean, continuous pencil line for every character. On some scenes in that same pencil form, shadows are also added to provide the illusion of mass and dimension. For the final stage of animation, like Frosty, the film comes magically and fully to life with the addition of color through the use of ink and paint technicians. From character appearances, to costuming, to background settings, color plays a powerful role in determining the overall emotional impact of the scenes.

Comparison (Recycled-Different Animations) Edit

  • Tom and Jerry (1940–present)
    • Short films
      • Mouse Trouble (1944)
      • The Truce Hurts (1947, 1948)
      • The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit (1962)
      • The Karate Guard (2005)
    • TV series with episodes
      • The Tom and Jerry Show (1975) - The Wacky World of Sports and Gopher Broke
      • Tom and Jerry Tales (2006–2008) - Bats What I Like About the South
      • The Tom and Jerry Show (2014–present) - Tom-Fu
    • Films
      • Tom and Jerry: The Movie (1992, 1993)
      • Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring (2001, 2002)
      • Tom and Jerry: Blast Off To Mars (2005)
      • Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry (2005)
      • Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers (2006)
      • Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007)
      • Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (2010)
      • Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz (2011)
      • Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse (2012)
      • Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure (2013)
      • Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon (2014)
      • Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest (2015)
      • Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz (2016)
      • Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2017)
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)
  • Frosty the Snowman (1969)
  • Dragon Ball (1986–1989)
    • Episodes
      • Episode 5: Yamcha the Desert Bandit (1986)
      • Episode 75: The Strong Ones (1987)
    • Films
      • Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies (1986)
      • Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle (1987)
      • Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (1988)

Backgrounds Edit

The layouts and backgrounds for Frosty the Snowman were created by Paul Coker, Jr. and handled by Mushi Production.

Errors Edit

  • During a scene where Karen hugs Frosty after he is restored and brought back to life, Santa's sleigh briefly appears, although it was far away from the greenhouse where Lord Owl and the rest of the woodland animals are guarding it with Santa's reindeer including Rudolph.

Sound Effects Edit

This Tom and Jerry film includes the original sound effects from Frosty by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, and the glowing sounds of Rudolph's red nose by Bill Giles, Alan Mirchin, Ralph Friedman and Walter Gustafson.

But to fit in the Japanese animation production of the film, and to solve the problem of certain scenes with no further sound effects from Harris and Kaye, Hidenori Ishida's Fizz Sound Creation added many recordings of its sounds that were heard in the Dragon Ball franchise, Dr. Slump, One Piece and many other anime and tokusatsu productions from every film and television company in Japan, including the sounds of fighting/ punching, jumping, whirling, thudding, crashing, energy, chomping/ stabbing/ slashing, munching/ crunching and more.

Music Edit

Contented by: Michael Tavera

Original Score by: Maury Laws

Songs Edit

  • Frosty the Snowman
    • Written and Composed by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    • Written and Composed by Johnny Marks
  • Let There Be Snow (Frosty Returns)
    • Written and Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and Denis M. Hannigan

Background Music Edit

  • What's This? (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
    • Composed by Danny Elfman
    • Summary: Played when Jerry enters Frosty's body curiously to see if he is a big snowman, tickling him nonstop in the process, until Tom pulls him out of Frosty's chest cavity.
  • Mezase Tenkaichi (Dragon Ball) (instrumental version)
    • Composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Summary: Played when Tuffy and Hocus Pocus introduces their first annual Winter Wonderland Martial Arts Competition to Frosty and the children.
  • World Tournament Theme (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
    • Summary: Played when Tuffy calls for the first match of the Winter Wonderland Martial Arts Competition; Tom versus Jerry, set up the tournament rules and grows Jerry to human child size with his magic fan. Later, the duo compete three tests, martial arts stances, peppermint breaking and snow pole swings as more stances.
  • World Tournament - Battle Theme #1: Budo ~ Asian Spirit (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
    • Summary: Played when Tom and Jerry fight in the first round of the first match.
  • World Tournament - Battle Theme #2 (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
    • Summary: Played when Tom regained his consciousnesses and get back on his feet before Tuffy could finish his 10-count to draw him out of the match, leading to the second round between him and Jerry.
  • World Tournament - Battle Theme #3 - The Cell Games (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
    • Summary: After getting knocked out by Jerry again, Tom once more gets up the moment Tuffy's count to 10 began, and the duo's third round was on, but Jerry manages to win the match by distracting Tom with his afterimage technique and Kamehameha, before knocking him out of the ice ring with his snow staff which he disguises as Goku's Power Pole.
  • World Tournament - Battle Theme #4: Running To Victory (Dragon Ball Z: Budokai series)
    • Composed by Kenji Yamamoto
    • Summary: On Tuffy's suggestion for a volunteer on a final match for Jerry, Frosty steps into the ring, and Tuffy repeats three tests for his uncle and the snowman to compete. Jerry and Frosty did sumo poses, then breaks ice cubes created by Tuffy's magic fan and swing their staffs. Before the final test, Frosty changes his broomstick to its stronger, unbreakable iron fist mode. Then, instead of fighting on the ice ring, Frosty and Jerry took off into the sky for a flying duel with magic clouds to ride on. Jerry summons the Flying Nimbus, while Frosty calls for his winter cloud with his pipe. After nearly more than two minutes, Jerry destroys Frosty's cloud, sending him falling back to the ring. But...
  • Holiday Flight (Home Alone series)
    • Composed by John Williams
    • Summary: Played when Frosty, Karen, Tom and Jerry escapes Professor Hinkle through the snowman's ability to belly whoop.

Editing Edit

Test Screenings and Workprints Edit

Deleted Scenes Edit

There are almost many original scenes from the film that are cut out through editing, but can be seen in multiple workprints and test screenings.

Wrapping (Production) Edit

The production of this film will be done in between early and mid 2019.

Trivia Edit

  • Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman is the very first traditionally animated Tom and Jerry direct-to-video holiday feature since Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale (2007). For its release in 2019, it will commemorate the 55th anniversary of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) and the 50th anniversary of Frosty the Snowman (1969), both produced by Rankin/Bass Productions with Rudolph being filmed in "Animagic" at Tadahito Mochinaga's MOM Production and Frosty being cel-animated by Osamu Tezuka's Mushi Production, the studio behind Astro Boy (1963–1966) and Kimba the White Lion (1965–1967). Also, instead of South Korea, the Philippines or Taiwan, this film will be the first ever Tom and Jerry direct-to-video movie to be animated in Japan, much to the point where it could be considered by the American and Japanese cast and crew a Tom and Jerry anime. In collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation, the film's animation will be outsourced to TMS Entertainment, along with Studio 4 °C, Sunrise and other animation studios in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The film will be rated G for General Audience. But, the extended cut with some of the additional footage will be rated PG for Parental Guidance Suggested with Very mild comedy, slapstick humour, threat, etc, scary scenes.
  • The suggested running times for the film's Digital, Blu-Ray and DVD release around the world are 88 Minutes in NTSC format in the United States, Canada and Japan, and 85 Minutes in PAL format in the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • Hocus Pocus, who first time talks during Professor Hinke's magic show at the school's Christmas party, state his comments that he and Tuffy were late for fun with Frosty and the children, as if it were very important to them. And when Karen brings Frosty to life again, he exclaims "Oh, my fur and whiskers!". These lines are based on the lyrics of the White Rabbit's song, I'm Late!, from Alice in Wonderland (1951), part of the tribute to the late Bill Thompson, who was the original voices of Droopy and Tom's cousin George, and other Disney characters including Mr. Smee in Peter Pan (1953), King Hubert in Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Uncle Waldo in The Aristocats (1970). Also, the archive recordings of Hocus' squeaky footsteps by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye when he hops, walks and/or runs was taken from the original Rankin/Bass film.
  • During the scene where Frosty befriends him and Jerry, Tom nicknames him as "Frostcalucis". This was based on the point where the Sesame Street (1969–present) character Snuffleupagus is also called Snuffy.
  • Frosty's lines are "Now, who wants to get some snow?" (originally from The Legend of Frosty the Snowman) and "I don't have a skull, or bones." (from Olaf from Disney's Frozen).
  • Before moving onto the ice skating sequence where Frosty melts a little bit due to the temperature of the school's thermometer, the scene shows Tom and Jerry in a two-match snow martial arts tournament play on an non-slippery, unbreakable ice martial arts ring with the use of bōjutsu and karate, held by Tuffy and Hocus Pocus with Frosty and the children watching. They were wearing their karate uniforms with the Rankin/Bass logo as a symbol while Tuffy and Hocus wear winter-theme kinos and they later wield their bō staffs which they made of snow. This is even where Tom and Jerry entertain Frosty and his friends with a on an ice ring, Tuffy throws a magical fan to grow Jerry to human child size before he and Tom compete three tests, shouting "Magic fan, make my Jerry-Ojisan grow!" His line is a close resemblance to Rita Repulsa's magic wand commands in the first season of Saban and Toei's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993–1995), based on Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992–1993), Gosei Sentai Dairanger (1993–1994) and Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (1994–1995). Even the movement of Tuffy's spinning fan is similar to Yumi Ishiyama's Tessen Fans in the MoonScoop Group's Code Lyoko (2003–2007) and the energy discs of the Dragon Ball manga and anime franchise. Tuffy uses the word Hajime (begin in Japanese) to make the first match begin. After more than three minutes of combat with dodging, blocking and attacking, Jerry uses the after-image technique to dodge Tom's slash, and reappears high in the sky above him. As he went diving down toward Tom, Jerry fires the Kamehameha wave (his actually magic trick) which Tom jumps up high into the air to avoid getting hit. But with Tom off-guard, Jerry lands down on the ring, and coloring his snow bō red with his "instant dry paint", he shouts "Power Pole, extend!" ("Extend, Nyoi-bō!" in Japanese), causing the snow bō to grow longer. And forming a giant knuckle fist, it sends Tom into a ring-out, thus naming Jerry the winner.
  • Professor Hinkle, the first time, calls Frosty a "Snow Prince" and a "snowcrook" when he goes after the hat, and calls Karen "princess" and a "young lady" when he goes out and hear Santa's sleigh bells.
  • In the original Rankin/Bass Christmas special, Frosty's eye color are just solid black, but in this Tom and Jerry film, his eyes are blue, due the same eye color as Karen's.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, voiced by Kathleen Barr, makes his first time animated appearance (in the 1964 Rankin/Bass version) along with his father, ucnles and aunt in this film. But just like in the near end of the 1964 stop motion film, he has long antlers in his grown-up (adult) state. This Tom and Jerry film was believed to have taken place about three years after he and Santa collects and delivers all the Misfit Toys (including Charlie in the Box, the Spotted Elephant and Dolly) to the children on that foggy Christmas Eve.
  • According to this film, Tom and Jerry did not fight each other at all during Christmas...only during in the flashbacks.
  • Karen had revealed to Tom and Jerry that Robyn Starling (from Tom and Jerry: The Movie) is her actual great, great, great cousin, and Mr. Starling (Robyn's father) is her actual great, great, great uncle. Tom and Jerry then recalls their time with their own cousins, George Cat and Muscles Mouse, who closely resemble the, but Karen tells them that not every cousin's relative get to match their same looks, and explains why her face is almost the same as Robyn's.
  • Frosty's original song "Let There Be Snow" from Frosty Returns, will be a deleted song in the bonus features. It was also featured for the closing credits in the early and middles workprints of the film (with storyboards, pencil tests and finished footage), and on a list of a soundtrack.
  • In the film, a first-time scene where Frosty is starting to melt to his demise-death inside the greenhouse has references inspired from Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991).
  • Also in the early and middle workprint versions of the film features some of the different background score and music from various Christmas films and specials including "Holiday Flight" from Home Alone (1990), and "What's This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).
  • In the later workprint and extended versions, outtakes were included for the closing credits to show some familiar scenes or sequences that are filmed under the direction of the unseen William Hanna and Joseph Barbara (both voiced by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone themselves), but not included in the final version. For example, Frosty says "Merry Christmas!" instead of "Happy Birthday!" when he comes to life through his magic hat, while Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes (1930–present), in in his cameo appearance, replaces Hocus Pocus during Professor Hinkle's magic show in the class Christmas party. Also, in one of the outtakes in the credits, Professor Hinkle tries to jumps on Frosty to take the hat, but accidentally jump-lands off screen on the instruments and Porky Pig's classic Looney Tunes drum, which it made Frosty crack up. This was the first Tom and Jerry feature to have cameo appearances of the Looney Tunes.
  • Another deleted scene/ song, Think Happy Thoughts, was taken from The Magic Store and WildBrain Entertainment's Yo Gabba Gabba! (2007–2015), where Frosty helps Professor Hinkle, followed behind with Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, The Woodland Animals, Karen and Santa Claus, to learn about the true meaning of friendship and was given him a second chance to be on Santa's list. It will be a second deleted song in the bonus features, in the middle workprint (with storyboards, pencil tests and finished animation), and also on a list of a soundtrack.
  • According in the film, Karen resembles closer of her cousin Robyn Starling (only the eyes are designed in a original form by Paul Coker, Jr.), but some scenes later, she then resembles a little bit of Dorothy Gale from Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz.
  • This is the first time scene where Frosty visits the bakery and also seen him first time tasting a muffin (taken inspired by the 1990 Golden Books storybook).

International Titles Edit

  • Japanese: トムとジェリー フロスティ・ザ・スノーマン
    • Translations
      • Tomu to Jerī: Furosuti za Sunōman
      • Tom and Jerry: Frosty the Snowman

Short film Edit

A Tom and Jerry Halloween musical short, Little Mouse of Horrors, will be attached to the film on its Digital release.

DVD/ Blu-Ray Menus Edit

Regular/Edited Version Edit

  • Play
  • Scene Selection
    • Introduction/Meet Tom and Jerry
    • Profesor Hinkle's Magic Show
    • Building Frosty
    • Frosty Comes to Life
    • Credits/Frosty the Snowman
    • "He's Alive Again!"
    • The Fun Time Begins
    • A Snow Martial Arts Tournament
    • Frosty Begins to Melt
    • Let's Have A Parade!
    • Red's Bakery
    • A Ticket to the North Pole
    • The Train Ride
    • A Fire on Christmas Eve
    • The Plan to Get Frosty to the North Pole
    • Hinke's Past and Scheme
    • Spike Feels Bad About Frosty
    • Trapped in the Greenhouse
    • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    • Santa and Tuffy Arrives Too late
    • Professor Hinkle Learns his Lessons
    • Greeting the Reindeer
    • Conclusion
    • Ending Credits
    • Christmas at Starling Enterprise
  • Set Up
    • Languages
      • English
      • Japanese
      • French
      • Spanish
      • German
      • Portuguese
    • Subtitles
      • English (Closed Captioning)
      • English for the hearing impaired
      • Japanese
      • French
      • Spanish
      • German
      • Portuguese
  • Bonus Features
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Early Presentation Reel
    • Four Stages of Animation
    • Deleted Scenes
      • Let There Be Snow
      • Angels We had Heard on High
      • The Woodland Animals' Christmas Eve Routine
      • Think Happy Thoughts
      • Alternate Happy Ending
      • Arrival in the North Pole (aka Frosty's new home)
      • Reformance of Professor Hinkle
      • Frosty's Childhood Memories
    • Music Video
    • Bonus Cartoons
    • Games
    • Previews

Extended/ Uncut Version Edit

  • Play
  • Scene Selection
    • Uncut Version #1 (Workprint)
      • Introduction/Meet Tom and Jerry
      • Profesor Hinkle's Magic Show
      • Building Frosty
      • Frosty Comes to Life
      • Credits/Frosty the Snowman
      • "He's Alive Again!"
      • The Fun Time Begins
      • A Snow Martial Arts Tournament
      • Frosty Begins to Melt
      • Let's Have A Parade!
      • Red's Bakery
      • A Ticket to the North Pole
      • The Train Ride
      • A Fire on Christmas Eve
      • The Plan to Get Frosty to the North Pole
      • Hinke's Past and Scheme
      • Spike Feels Bad About Frosty
      • Trapped in the Greenhouse
      • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
      • Santa and Tuffy Arrives Too late
      • Professor Hinkle Learns his Lessons
      • Greeting the Reindeer
      • Conclusion
      • Ending Credits/Outtakes
      • Christmas at Starling Enterprise
    • Uncut Version #2 (Finished)
      • Introduction/Meet Tom and Jerry
      • Profesor Hinkle's Magic Show
      • Building Frosty
      • Frosty Comes to Life
      • Credits/Frosty the Snowman
      • "He's Alive Again!"
      • The Fun Time Begins
      • A Snow Martial Arts Tournament
      • Frosty Begins to Melt
      • Let's Have A Parade!
      • Red's Bakery
      • A Ticket to the North Pole
      • The Train Ride
      • A Fire on Christmas Eve
      • The Plan to Get Frosty to the North Pole
      • Hinke's Past and Scheme
      • Spike Feels Bad About Frosty
      • Trapped in the Greenhouse
      • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
      • Santa and Tuffy Arrives Too late
      • Professor Hinkle Learns his Lessons
      • Greeting the Reindeer
      • Conclusion
      • Ending Credits/Outtakes
      • Christmas at Starling Enterprise
    • Edited Version
      • Introduction/Meet Tom and Jerry
      • Profesor Hinkle's Magic Show
      • Building Frosty
      • Frosty Comes to Life
      • Credits/Frosty the Snowman
      • "He's Alive Again!"
      • The Fun Time Begins
      • A Snow Martial Arts Tournament
      • Frosty Begins to Melt
      • Let's Have A Parade!
      • Red's Bakery
      • A Ticket to the North Pole
      • The Train Ride
      • A Fire on Christmas Eve
      • The Plan to Get Frosty to the North Pole
      • Hinke's Past and Scheme
      • Spike Feels Bad About Frosty
      • Trapped in the Greenhouse
      • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
      • Santa and Tuffy Arrives Too late
      • Professor Hinkle Learns his Lessons
      • Greeting the Reindeer
      • Conclusion
      • Ending Credits
      • Christmas at Starling Enterprise
  • Set Up
    • Three Versions of the Film
      • Uncut Version (Workprint Edition)
      • Uncut Version (Finished)
      • Edited Version
    • Languages
      • English
      • Japanese
      • French
      • Spanish
      • German
      • Portuguese
    • Subtitles
      • English (Closed Captioning)
      • English for the hearing impaired
      • Japanese
      • French
      • Spanish
      • German
      • Portuguese
  • Special Features
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Early Presentation Reel (2014 - 2017)
    • Four Stages of Animation
    • Deleted Scenes
      • Let There Be Snow (song)
      • Angels We had Heard on High (song)
      • The Woodland Animals' Christmas Eve Routine
      • You Will Find Your Way (song)
      • Alternate Happy Ending
      • Arrival in the North Pole (aka Frosty's new home)
      • The Reformance of Professor Hinkle
      • Frosty's Childhood Memories
    • Music Video
    • Bonus Cartoons
    • Games
    • Previews

Teaser Trailer ScriptEdit

  • "Over twenty-five years ago..."
  • "A cat and a mouse restored a young girl to her father."
  • "Then, throughout the following years, they go on more adventures to meet other characters..."
  • "From the discovery of the magic ring, to a mission to Mars..."
  • "From the Nutcracker's kingdom, to the Land of Oz, to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, they'll share experiences they always remember."
  • "Now, for the first time, the world's heroic duo meets...a magical snowman!"
  • "From producers and directors Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone, and the studios that brought you The Legend of Frosty the Snowman, comes an all-new full-length holiday adventure with Tom and Jerry...and your favorite snowman from the original Rankin/Bass Christmas television classic that premiered in 1969."
  • "Starring the voice talents of Alec Baldwin, Christopher Lloyd, Seth MacFarlane, Tifanie Christun, and from Don Bluth's Anastasia, John Cusack, with Dragon Ball's Stephanie Nadolny as Jerry, and the returning Richard Kind as Tom, from their first major motion picture, Tom and Jerry: The Movie."
  • "And featuring enchanting animation and sound effects by the Japanese companies, plus new magical moments including a special guest appearance of the most famous reindeer of all, and new wonderful songs like never before."
  • "For the 50th anniversary of Frosty the Snowman, and the 55th anniversary of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, both based on the most popular holiday songs, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Turner Entertainment proudly presents a new Christmas classic that you and your family will add to your favorite Tom and Jerry movie collection."
  • "Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman. Coming for the 2019 holiday season, only on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital."
  • "Plus, look for these other Tom and Jerry movies, cartoon classics and TV series, also available wherever DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are sold."

Marketing Edit

Cross-Promotional Partners Edit

United States and Canada Edit

  • Trick or Treat for UNICEF
  • Gemmy Industries
  • Coca Cola
  • Six Flags Theme Parks
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • Pillsbury

Australia and New Zealand Edit

  • Trick or Treat for UNICEF
  • Village Roadshow Theme Parks
    • Warner Bros. Movie World
    • Sea World
      • Sea World Resort (formerly known as Sea World Nara Resort)
    • Wet 'n' Wild Gold Coast
    • Paradise Country
    • Australian Outback Spectacular
  • Unilever's Streets Ice Cream
  • Thrifty
  • Coca Cola
  • FujiFilm
  • Cadbury
  • XXXX Gold
  • Qantas
  • Banana Boat Sunscreen

Europe Edit

  • Coca Cola
  • Tetley Tea (United Kingdom)
  • Cadbury
  • Parque Warner Madrid (Spain)

Japan Edit

  • Club Warner
  • KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
  • Coca Cola

Soundtrack (Songs) Edit

  1. Theme from Tom and Jerry - played by Scott Bradley
  2. Frosty the Snowman - sung by Gerard Butler and the chorus
  3. Let There Be Snow (originally from Frosty Returns) - sung by Seth Macfarlane, Richard Kind, Stephanie Nadolny, Kath Soucie, John Cusack and the children chorus
  4. Angels We have Heard On High - sung by Seth Macfarlane and the children chorus (Music:
  5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - sung by Gerard Butler, Santa Claus (speaking line), reindeers and the chorus
  6. You Will Find Your Way (Frosty's Friendship Song) - sung by Seth Macfarlane and Christopter Lloyd
  7. Frosty the Snowman (reprise/ finale) - sung by Gerard Butler, Seth Macfarlane, Richard Kind, Stephanie Nadolny, Kath Soucie, Christopter Lloyd, John Cusack, Jim Cummings and the chorus
  8. I'm All Living (Frosty's Alive) Karaoke - played by Maury Laws

Scripts Edit

Workprint #1 (Early Version A, Storyboards) Edit

Opening Logos/ Tom and Jerry (opening theme by Scott Bradley) Edit

The Gentleman's Introduction/ Meeting Tom and Jerry Edit

(After the Tom and Jerry logo, as a snowflake, disappears from the viewing, we now see a foggy, cloudy winter sky background with snowflakes falling lightly from the sky. Then a man appears into the middle,walking toward the camera. He is wearing brown suit and hat, and had an scarf that are stripped orange and yellow around his neck to keep him warm. This man is a gentleman, and was known as Jimmy Durante, or in this case, a narrator who resembles Mr. Durante. By the moment our narrator stops to speak to us in a British-American accent, the sky background changes into a nice, peaceful town where there are houses, shops, restaurants and other buildings that have Christmas decorations placed outdoor)

The narrator: "I suppose it all started with the snow.

(The narrator went walking around the town as he continued, with the camera following him. Then along with the camera, he stopped near a man sitting on his small chair in front of his Christmas trees he was selling, with a sign saying "X'mass Trees" standing right next to him)

The narrator: "You see, it's a very special kind of snow.

(When the narrator looks to the Christmas Tree Seller, the camera switches us to a closer view of the man where a snowflake softly hits his nose, turning into magic dust and making him smile.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) A snow that made all the people happy happier..."

(Then, it showed the narrator near an old man with a blue coat, a teal hat and a brown walking cane coming out of a toy shop, happily carrying a stack of presents when another snowflake makes him smile too.)

The narrator: "And the giddy even giddier."

(While the camera did the right movement, the first of the many classic anime/tokusatsu sound effect by sound company in Tokyo, Japan: Fizz Sound Creation, previously previously known as Ishida Sound Productions when it was founded on April 7, 1971 by anime/tokusatsu sound engineer Hidenori Ishida, is heard in the background as the first man with Christmas Presents jumps in the air, clicks his heals with a chuckle and dashes away. Next, the camera showed us the narrator again, this time, near a house that a man was coming up to. As the Jimmy Durante-look-alike speaks, the camera moves on the left to the man at the door which is then opened by his wife and two children.)

The narrator: "A snow that would make a homecoming homier..."

(The children excitedly ran out to happily hug their father, cheering indistinctly, while their mother watches by the opened door. Then, the next shot of the scene showed a dog growling and barking angrily at a scared mailman, until two snowflakes landed on the mailman and the dog, making them smile at each other)

The narrator: (Unseen:) "...and natural enemies, friends. Natural."

(The dog carried one of the mailman’s envelopes in his mouth, to assist him in delivering the mail. They took their leave together, as the narrator stood by the scene.)

The narrator: "It was the first snow of this season. And as any child can tell you, there's a certain magic to the very first snow..."

(The camera then zooms in slowly on him as he continue to tell us)

The narrator: "...especially when it falls on the day before Christmas. In other words, we call it the Christmas snow.

(The camera stops as the narrator chuckles)

The narrator: "Well, on this 24th day of December, three days after winter have began following the end of autumn or fall, home of the worldwide Halloween in October, and the American Thanksgiving Day in November..."

(The camera switches to two familiar animals working at the town square. This one is a blue/gray cat that is wearing scarf and pair of boots that are purple, and a pair of blue mittens. And the other one is a brown mouse who wears his winter clothes that are white, but with red polka dots. They are known as Tom and Jerry.)

The narrator: (Unseen:) "A cat named Thomas; or Tom for short, and a mouse named Jerry were getting into a holiday spirits by helping the townspeople decorating the town square, lamp posts and the trees and houses."

(The camera switches back to the narrator in his current spot.)

The narrator: "The fact is these two animals are the pets of a little girl named Robyn Starling and her father, the founder and owner of a military base called Starling Enterprises whose operation is exploration, and a summer cabin called Robyn's Nest.

(Tom and Jerry appear next to the narrator after finishing their hard work, smiling at him)

The narrator: I know so well about yourselves, isn't that right, Thomas and Jerry?

(Tom and Jerry nods to say yes, then disappears to do some quick sightseeing, leaving the narrator alone to continue his words to us viewers.)

The narrator: "Oh, I'm sorry to say that Thomas Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse were silent, but not for long. You see? Ever since they meet Puggsy Dog and Frankie Da Flea before their first encounter and friendship with Robyn six months ago during summer, they still have their abilities to speak."

(The camera switches to Tom and Jerry overhearing what the narrator is saying about them with their hands above their ears)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Trust me, they won't start talking until later in this story you are watching."

(Both Tom and Jerry then smile, then looks to us viewers. Tom takes out his scroll and unravels it to show us his writings to tell us when they might speak. His writings says "This gentleman has a point, we'll be talking soon enough." Then the camera shows Jerry standing next to Tom and unrolling his scroll to inform us with his writing saying "So for now, let it play out and be patient with us.". He then went giggling; his voice is similar to that of either Goku or Gohan from the Dragon Ball anime series when they were boys, especially with their monkey-like Saiyan tails, revealing that he is voiced by Stephanie Nadolny in his Kid Goku-like accent.)

Jerry: "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh."

(Next, the camera shows us a school house, and at that time, Tom and Jerry then appeared running toward the building as the narrator reappear nearby)

The narrator: "A little later afterwards, Tom and Jerry unknowingly discovers the children in school, glazing at the window and watching the snowflakes of December falls."

(The camera panned away from the narrator and zoomed in onto Tom and Jerry at the sight of the school building as the narrator continued)

The narrator: "(unseen:) It's obvious that the schoolhouse was closed for the winter holidays, but it is reopened for a Christmas Eve party with special lessons just for the children. As we all know, there's something wonderful that is bound to happen."

Christmas Party in School/ Professor Hinkle's Magic Act Edit

(The scene dissolve into the sequence of a group of kids looking happily and laughing at the snow falling outside from inside the classroom. As the camera then zooms away before stopping, all the boys and girls drew little Christmas trees on their three windows before wiping them to get a clear view of the snowfall. The camera then shows us Tom & Jerry curiously watching the kids' observation without being noticed by them. Next, inside the classroom, we see the arm of the children's teacher as she tapped a ruler on the desk three times like a gavel, and then her full appearance before she spoke to the kids. She was standing next to her desk with a globe and in front of her chalkboard at that time.)

The Teacher: "Children, please sit back to your seats. *smiles* The snow can wait."

(The children turned around, jeering or groaning in disappointment as they headed back to their seats. And whilte the teacher speak to them, while Tom and Jerry climb up to one of their windows so they can oversee the class.)

The Teacher: "(Unseen:) Now, now. There's no need to be glum about this, for we are about to have something very special to do before we can go back to our winter vacation."

(The camera cuts to the teacher standing behind her desk.)

The teacher: "I've hired Professor Hinkle, the magician, to entertain our class Christmas party. So, pay attention."

(Then a magician stepped in with a smile, clearing his throat, crunching fingers and looking professional, as the kids gave him a dry, but polite round of applause, and Tom and Jerry look on in confusion to see why the kids don't get to like him. The man had his brown hair and mustache, and he wore his grey suit including his silk hat that had a pretty pink flower with a blue round center pinned on its larger black ribbon surrounding it, his rose-pink shirt underneath his coat, his black bowtie, his pair of white gloves and his pair of brown shoes, which each had a white section. This man was Professor Hinkle, the same magician the teacher hired to perform in her class. Hinkle pulled a handkerchief out of his coat before wiping his lower lip and placing it back in, and then he straightened his bowtie as the narrator is heard resuming his words with us.)

The narrator: (unseen:) "Now, as you may see, Professor Hinkle was just about to be the worse magician in the world."

(However, when Professor Hinkle removes his hat while bowing to the children, many of his magic items fell out of the hat and onto the floor, much to his surprise, the teacher's and the children's. With non-stop panting, he quickly gathered each of the items together and placed them back into his hat. While the magician is still clearing away his items with more boing sound effects by two of the many original Rankin/Bass sound engineers, Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, the camera take us back to Tom & Jerry as they both observably watch Professor Hinkle's magic acts, and are even surprised by the mess that he had brought. They thought he was funny, and they quietly giggles to not let him, the children or their teacher overhear and find them outside the window where they are. Of course, Jerry is indeed voiced by Stephanie Nadolny by his vocal effects and soon-to come speaking ability, but Tom's vocal effects are voiced by one of their two original creators, William Hanna.)

Tom and Jerry: (laughing quietly)

(Back at Professor Hinkle, he soon recomposed himself before more of the classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background as he then tossed his hat in the air with his right hand and grabs it with his left hand, then uses his right hand to pull out three eggs.)

Professor Hinkle: "And so..."

Professor Hinkle: "I put the magic eggs into my hat."

(The magician places the eggs into his hat, and then shaking them around carefully)

Professor Hinkle: "Abracadabra a coin to phrase. *laughs* And voila! The eggs have turned into..."

(He turned his hat upside-down, but without him looking, two of the so-called "magic" eggs fell onto the floor and broke with cracking sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, releasing yellow yolks. Professor Hinkle noticed and picked up a couple shells before dropping them. Then he pulls out a handkerchief with one anime sound effect from Fizz Sound Creation)

Professor Hinkle: "Messy, messy, messy."

(Another of Fizz Sound Creation's classic anime/tokusatsu sound effects is heard as Hinkle places his handkerchief on the shattered eggs and shakes his head in shame. The kids groaned in boredom, while Tom & Jerry jeeringly stared at Professor Hinkle. The grayish-blue cat and the brown mouse put their hands on their cheeks and shake their heads in disagree, with each of them sighing.)

Tom and Jerry: "Hmm..."

(The camera cuts back to the now-annoyed Professor Hinkle impatiently and suspiciously looking at the inside of his hat.)

Professor Hinkle: "Where is that rabbit, and his mouse assistant?"

(More of Fizz Sound Creation's anime sound effects play in the background as he make his attempts to get his rabbit and mouse out of the hat.)

Professor Hinkle: *spinning the hat* "Hocus Pocus? *grabbing his hat and taking another gaze at the inside* Nibbles Tuffy Mouse? *digging his hand inside* Where are you?"

(Seemingly finding nothing, Professor Hinkles becomes frustrated.)

Professor Hinkle: (disgusted:) Bah! *squashing his hat and stretching it back to is previous state* The only thing this hat's good for is the trash can."

(With sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye in the background, he angrily throws the hat at the nearest trash can. But with each shot of the camera, the hat bounces on the trash can, just to come back. And when it hits the floor and flattens itself, it pops out two animals who are owned by Professor Hinkle. First, a white bunny with pink eyes and a red nose named Hocus Pocus leaps out the hat and went vibrating side to side. Further more of the anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background as the hat went up flying and stopping in the air to hold still, then a little gray mouse also pops out, spinning down and landing on the floor, right in front of Hocus. The mouse then widen his arms with an open-mouth smile with his teeth not being seen, making his full appearance to reveal himself to be wearing not only his white diaper, but an emerald green suit jacket with gold shirt underneath and a black necktie. His name is Nibbles, or Tuffy in some cases, and he is Jerry's nephew.)

Hocus Pocus: *waving at the kids* "(spoken:) Hiya, kids! Merry Christmas!"

(The next shot of the scene shows us Tom & Jerry outside the window, who are surprised as they saw the talking rabbit and Tuffy, while the children are heard gasping. They gasped too.)

Jerry: "Ah!"

Tom: (gasping)

(And while the children exclaim, the cat and mouse duo wonder what is Tuffy doing with Hocus, and how come he is working with a phony magician like Hinkle.)

Children: (Unseen:) "(amazed): Wow! A white rabbit that can talk!"

(The camera then takes us back to Tuffy and Hocus, who are busy talking to the kids that they didn't look up to see the hat that about to be falling back.)

Tuffy: "Sorry about that, everyone, it just that we can't see what we were going, and...

(Tuffy's speech is interrupted when the hat lands on him and Hocus Pocus, covering them both, but showing Hocus' feet underneath in the process.)

Tuffy: (Unseen/inside the hat:) "(shocked:) Hey, who turn out the lights?"

(Then suddenly, the hat-covered Hocus hopped everywhere around the classroom with squeak-like high-pitched bouncing sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye. He bounced on Professor Hinkle's head with a grunt, and then jumps onto the teacher's desk, making her gasp in surprise or shock.)

Hocus Pocus: (underneath the hat:) *hopping off the teacher's desk and disappearing* "Hiya, lady!"

(Then Hocus hops over the window where Tom & Jerry are spying. They hid or ducked themselves to avoid being knocked off the window. And backside the classroom, with an even-more annoyed grunt, Professor Hinke tried to grab the hat in an effort to stop Hocus and Tuffy. But along with the hat, the two animals escaped his grasp, making him stumble with an anime/tokusatsu sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation. The magician groans in frustration even more when his legs hit the floor with another anime Thud! sound effect by the Tokyo-based company behind the sounds of Dragon Ball. The camera then shows the hat with Hocus' legs, until the rabbit lifts it up a bit to unveil his head and look at his clumsy master. Tuffy popped his head upside down, and he, too, saw Hinkle's discomfort on the floor.)

Tuffy: "Missed us!"

(The children laughed at what was happening. And back outside the window, Tom and Jerry, having seen enough action, starts to laugh with their eyes closed, too.)

Tom and Jerry: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

(Suddenly, the clock struck three as the school bell rang, meaning that the class' Christmas party has ended, and it is time for the kids to return home for the rest of their American winter break or Christmas holidays which will end on the weak where New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1. The students were overjoyed to this, then they jump out of their desks and dash towards the doors, cheering happily. They run out so wildly, that they unknowingly carry Professor Hinkle along with them, while Tuffy and Hocus watch from underneath the hat.)

Professor Hinkle: "You wouldn't dessert Hinkle the...ouch! For some stupid... Ow! Frozen water?"

(The washed-up magician fell out of view, and is unseen hitting floor with piano sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye. Next, we saw Tuffy and Hocus, still underneath the silk hat, hopping toward the injured Professor Hinkle.)

Hocus Pocus: "What's the matter, Professor Hinkle? Did the kids try to get your tongue?

Tuffy: "Or so did the mouse and the rabbit?"

Professor Hinkle: "(annoyed:) Ha ha! Very funny!"

Building Frosty/ Frosty Comes to Life/ Hinkle's Selfish Desire Edit

(Back outside the school, Tom and Jerry curiously watches from behind as they saw the children running out of the building and into the snow with laughter, wearing their winter coats.)

Orange-haired boy: (Unseen:) "(thrilled:) Hey, look at the snow!"

(The camera then shows us three kids running together with each one following another. The first kid is a blonde-haired girl with a red coat, light-blue boots, and a white pair of mittens, scarf and set of ear muffs, and her name is Karen. The second child is a boy with brown hair, a caramel-brown sweater, a pair of dark green pants and dark brown shoes, and the third child in line is a little boy with his green winter coats, who wears his light-blue shoes like Karen. Then a boy with gold-blonde hair, a black and blue sweater and caramel-green shoes appears, sledding next to the three kids. One by one, the kids are heard excitedly chattering indistinctly, but we only hear a few speaking rightfully)

Boy in green coat: "It's snow!"

Brown-haired boy: It’s the best kind of snow too! I like snow!"

Blonde-haired boy: *still sledding, but disappearing out of view* "Yeah, snow's good!"

(Then another boy rises from behind the snowbank)

Boy in Snowbank: *throws snow in the air* "See? Snow!"

(Back to Tom and Jerry, after climbing back down to the ground, they dash away toward the gateway to exit the school yards, not wanting to disrupt the kids' favorite winter activities. Before they head back home, probably to the Staring Enterprises where Robyn and her father lives in a splendid house, they spare their last moment of observation as the kids starts to creature their snowman. Back at the school yard, the two boys rolled a giant snowball to Karen.)

Brown-haired Boy: "We're building a snowman, Karen."

Orange-haired Boy: "You make the head."

(After nodding, Karen went off and then came back with a medium-sized snowball. With Tom and Jerry, they kept looking on as the children continue building a giant-adult-sized snowman. Then the camera cuts to Karen holding a snowball next to the unfinished snowman's body.)

Karen: "The head is the most difficult part."

(She rolls the medium-sized snowball to the top of the large-sized snowball)

Karen: "Ask anyone."

(Turning her head to find a volunteer, she quickly notices Tom and Jerry still standing by the gateway, and with a cheerful face, starts waving her hand)

Karen: "Hey, you! The cat and the mouse! Come help us finish building our snowman!"

(Tom and Jerry smiles with their mouths hanging open, and after closing them, agrees to help out. Tom carries Jerry on his shoulder, picks up the broomstick which he had recently used to sweep out dust from the inside of every building, and walks towards the children. He hands the broom to the blonde-haired boy.)

Blonde-haired Boy: *grabs the broomstick* "Thanks!"

(The rest of the kids then look to Tom and Jerry, and thought that if Tuffy and Hocus can talk, then they should ask them if they, too, can speak.)

Girl in Pink Dress: *walks to Tom and Jerry, smiles* "(curious:) What are you guys' names?"

(Looking at each other while remembering the narrator's remarks about them, Tom and Jerry nods to each other, meaning to decide it's finally time to talk, starting with their friendly introduction to the kids as they did to Puggsy and Frankie last summer. When Tom is the first to speak, his voice are already switched from William Hanna's to Richard Kind's.)

Tom: "(spoken:) Well... *taking out his name badge* I'm Thomas, or Tom Cat, is to shorten my name."

(The camera cuts to a close-in at Jerry standing on Tom's shoulder with the cat's body areas and scarf as an illustrated background or matte painting.)

Jerry: "(spoken:) *holding out his name badge* And I'm Jerry Mouse. We're the adopted pets of our owners, Robyn Starling and her father, Mr. Starling at the Starling Enterprises."

(The camera cuts to Tom and Jerry with the kids they're talking to.)

Tom: *pointed at Karen* "And let me guess. You must be Karen, right?"

(Karen took Tom's hands and shakes them, before moving onto Jerry's hands. At this same time, she nod her head*)

Karen: "I am, that's me! It's our pleasure to meet you guys, too. And you know what, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse? Robyn Starling, that you both described to me and my friends, is actually my great, great, great cousin." 

Tom & Jerry: "(both/ amazed:) Really?" 

Tom: "So, that means...Mr. Starling is your great, great, great uncle, too?" 

(Karen smiles at Tom and Jerry, and with giggle, nods her head) 

Jerry: "I did not notice that, do you, Tom?" 

Tom: "No, not me either. But speaking of cousins, Jerry, this remind us of the times we had with our own that almost looked like us." 

(As Tom speaks, a flashback in an orb appears above his head, showing footage from the 1957 cartoon, Timid Tabby, and then the 1951 cartoon, Jerry's Cousin.) 

Tom: "We know George, a cat who is afraid of mice, and Muscles, a strong and tough mouse who can easily beat more than nine alley cats. Right, Jerry?" 

(The camera cuts to a close in at Jerry's face.) 

Jerry: "Right, Thomas. When I first saw George, I thought he was you without realizing the difference between the two of you. And after discovering his fear of mice, I thought it'd be fun to tease him, until you both pretend to fuse into a two-head cat and scare me back." 

Tom: (chuckles): "We did, Jer. To think he managed to get used to mice, either with or without my help. It feels kind of difficult for a mouse to tell a difference between one brave cat and one scared cat, but until last year, back before we were accidentally left behind by our owner and her housemaid Mammy Two Shoes." 

(Then a flashback shows footage of an unnamed cartoon from the future which focus on the return of Tom and Jerry's cousins, one year before the events of Tom and Jerry: The Movie




(The flashback orb disappears before Tom and Jerry stare at each other with guilty faces.) 


Tom: "Or better yet, let the four of us respect each other, just like Robyn would want us to. After all, it's a new day, during this Christmas season." 


(She points at herself as she continued to talk to the cat and mouse duo.) 


Jerry: "Yes, Karen. We understand now." 

Tom: "Boy, if Robyn was here already with us, she will be thrilled to see Karen again." 

Jerry: "And same goes to Mr. Starling when he sees his niece again." 

Tom: *nods his head* "Ain't that for sure."  

(A bit later, Tom, Jerry and the children had just about finished the whole body of a snowman with two arms and hands, with the right hand holding the broom, two legs and feet, a large round torso, two coal lumps for the eyes and a smile that may either be carved or drawn. The orange-haired boy, who resembles the brown-haired boy, added the finishing touches by removing his red button from his orange sweater and puts it on the snowman's face for the nose.)

Orange-haired Boy: "Done."  

(Tom and Jerry are delighted to see how perfect the snowman really is, with each of them giving a smile toward it.)  

Tom: *nods his head* "Not bad, kids."

Jerry: *thumbs up* "Looks good to me."

Brown-haired Boy: "Thanks. What shall we call him though?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Yeah, should we call him Harold?"

Blonde-haired Boy: "Umm...Bruce?"

(Next, we see the brown-haired boy starring at the snowman from behind its body through the camera.)

Orange-haired Boy: "No."

Girl in Pink Dress: *appearing next to the boy and pointing at the snowman* "Christopher Columbus?"

(The camera then shows the face of the snowman with Karen and the two boys seen from behind their backs, shaking their heads.)

Boy in Green Coat: (Unseen:) "Oh, no."

Brown-haired Boy: "Any ideas for his name?"

(The camera then shows the children, Tom and Jerry still looking at their snowman.)

Boy in Green Coat: "Oatmeal?"

Children: "(shocked:) Oatmeal?!"

(Confused, Tom and Jerry looked at each other, then turned to the children. The next shot of this scene shows us Karen stating the one last suggested name for their snowman.)

Karen: "How about...Frosty?"

(The camera then takes us back to Tom, Jerry and the kids staring at their snowman again.)

Brown-haired Boy: "Frosty?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Yeah, Frosty it is! Frosty the Snowman! What do you two think, Tom & Jerry?

(Tom and Jerry smiles, and nod their heads)

Tom: "I agree."

Jerry: "Frosty the a perfect name!"

(The children went cheering again. Next, we see them forming a ring around Frosty, singing a theme song about their snowman while dancing around him, with Tom & Jerry smiling, shaking their hands in agreement and watching the children. At this time, the camera zooms away from that scene, and gives an nearly overview of the schoolyard, including the schoolhouse.)

The children "(singing) Frosty the Snowman, what a happy jolly soul, with a corncob pipe, and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal. Frosty the Snow..."

(But the kids' song got cut off, for the next scene, using the in-background sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, shows the school's doors bursting open, and hopping out of the building with more squeaky boings came Hocus Pocus inside the silk hat with Tuffy on top, and an angry Professor Hinkle chasing them.)

Professor Hinkle: "Come back here, you!"

(The children turned around to see the commotion, gasping, and so did Tom and Jerry. And then, the next shot of the scene takes us back to Hinkle chasing after Hocus in the hat, with the rabbit's jumping played as anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, while the kids are heard laughing at him. Again, Tuffy is seen on top of the hat. This time, he no longer wears his suit for the magic show that is now rejected by the kids due to Hinkle's incompetence. In addition to his white diaper, he instead wears his winter clothes including his hat that are colored emerald green, too.)

Hocus Pocus: (underneath the hat) *raspberry* "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!"

Professor Hinkle: (becoming nearly enraged even more after taking this insult:) "I'm gonna get you!"

(Tom and Jerry unexpectedly watched Professor Hinkle still in pursuit of the jumping hat with Hocus' legs. Then the cat and mouse duo notice Tuffy on top of the hat.)

Jerry: "Tuffy?"

Tuffy: "Excuse us! Coming through! Look out!"

(Two classic anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Professor Hinkle pounced to Hocus and grabbed him, causing the hat to fly off and not noticing Tuffy escape him quite easily by hanging onto the hat.)

Professor Hinkle: "Gotcha!"

(The wind picked up the hat and blew it across the air and towards the children. Tuffy hang on tight, screaming because of his strong-windy ride on the hat, as if it were a thrill ride at the fair or amusement park.)

Tuffy: "Tom, head's up!"

(Letting out another of his high-pitched scream-like gasps voiced by William Hanna, the man who along with Joseph Barbera, created him and Jerry, Tom catches the hat with an anime sound of grabbing by Fizz Sound Creation before his speaking voice by Richard Kind continues.)

Tom: "Got it! *slip on a nearby block of ice, kicking it away* Whoa!"

(More classic anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard in the background when a silly Tom falls forward and hits the snowy ground so hard, prompting the hat to fly out of the cat's hands and land lightly right onto Frosty's head as Tuffy quickly jumps off of it. The moment the silk hat was placed on the snowman's head, something wonderful are happening to Frosty. With sparkling sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, a trail of star-like dust or magic dust appears to loop up around Frosty's head and the hat, changing his coal eyes into real eyes with blue pupils. And suddenly, as the magic dust trail slowly fades away, Frosty quickly turn his blue pupils to the unseen children, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, not noticing Professor Hinkle and Hocus Pocus, and begins to talk.)

Frosty: "(joyful:) Happy Birthday!" (blinks his eyes two times)

(Then the scene shows the children becoming surprised at this, that they gasped while Tuffy look back up to see what's going on. Then we cut onto Tuffy as he went into the same expression as the kids.)

Tuffy: "(amazed:) I...I don't believe it! He's...he's...he's..."

(Next, we see Tom and Jerry staring at the newly transformed Frosty.)

Tom & Jerry: "(amazed:) He's alive!"

(Back with Professor Hinkle, he is picking himself and Hocus up from the ground with a furious moan, glaring at the rabbit. But by then, he also sees Frosty as a living snowman. His face went from being angered to being shocked, and he drops Hocus back to the snowy ground with an anime/tokusatsu Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation.)

Professor Hinkle: "(curious:) What the...?"

(The camera cuts back to Karen making her most magnificent remark.)

Karen: "(amazed:) That hat brought Frosty to life. *leans up a bit.* It must be magic!"

(Next, we see Karen and her classmates, Tom and Jerry witnessing the first-time living birth of Frosty when Professor Hinkle walks to them and gently tapping Karen's shoulder with some various anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, thus drawing out the kids' attention to him.)

Professor Hinkle: "(curious/amazed:) Excuse mean my hat is magic?"

(Then some other anime/tokusatsu landing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background when Tuffy jumps on Professor Hinkle's right shoulder)

Tuffy: "Just see it for yourself, professor."

Karen: *nodding her head and pointing at Frosty* "Yeah, just look!"

(Back to Frosty, he is now smiling and chuckling with his eyes and mouth closed until another wind comes above him. It blows the magic hat off Frosty's head, and this made him quickly opens his eyes with blue pupils in reaction with a surprised gasp and freeze with a happy face, turning back to being a lifeless snowman with coal eyes; but this time, without the trail of magic dust from before. Then more of Fizz Sound Creation's anime/tokusatsu sound effects are heard in the background as Professor Hinkle quickly leaps up in the air and catches the hat, with Tuffy jumping onto his left shoulder while the kids, Tom and Jerry look on.)

Professor Hinkle: "(delighted/happy:) If that hat is magic, then I want it back!"

(Tom and Jerry shockingly stared at Professor Hinkle in disbelief. Then they look at each other with angry faces.)

Tom and Jerry: *nodding their heads once* "Hmph!"

(Back at Professor Hinkle, he was waving his left hand at the inside of the hat, looking forward to use it again, when the voice of Jerry is heard shouting angrily at him.)

Jerry: "(Unseen/ fierst:) Hey, you!"

(Further anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Professor Hinkle gets startled with a yelp, briefly letting go of the hat, but grabbing it back from the air and giving a hug-like hold to it. He look around to see if there's anyone else talking to him.)

Jerry: "(Unseen/fierst:) Professor, down here!

(Professor Hinkle finally looks down to see Jerry standing in front of Tom, glaring at the magician. The camera cuts to a close-up of Jerry from behind with Hinkle standing like he is towering over the brown mouse. At this time, Tuffy does the same to his uncle, but realizes that Jerry knows his nephew is not as bad as his master.)

Jerry: *pointed at the hat, waving his finger* "(fierst:) That hat doesn't belong to you anymore!"

(Turning around to Tom, he jumps up to land on Tom's hand with another anime sound by Fizz Sound Creation, disappearing out of view. The camera cuts to Tom who then catches Jerry with one of his hands.)

Tom: "(fierst:) *pointed at Professor Hinkle* Yeah! We just saw you nearly threw it away in the trash can, through one of the windows!"

(The camera switches to a scene where Professor Hinkle glares back at Tom and Jerry with Hocus Pocus is looking up at him while staring at the cat and mouse.)

Professor Hinkle: "(annoyed with Tom and Jerry:) Don't speak to elders like me in such rude manners, you..."

(He reaches down for Hocus Pocus with his right hand, trying to grab the rabbit who hops around to dodge him until finally capturing him, with several anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation playing in the process of their movements)

Professor Hinkle: "(continuing:) naughty little kitty cat and little mouse."

(The camera cuts to Professor Hinkle as he began to put Hocus back inside the hat)

Professor Hinkle: "And you, Hocus..."

(Classic sound effects by Rankin/Bass sound engineers Jim Harris and Phil Kaye are heard as Hinkle shoves Hocus into the hat before letting it go for a second and catching it with his right hand. Then Fizz Sound Creation does its anime sound parts as he uses his left hand to pick up Tuffy by his diaper, removing the little mouse off his shoulder, and in doing so, stretching his diaper to show his tail and butt which the magician is too busy to notice.)

Professor Hinkle: "(continuing:) ...and little Tuffy..."

(Another of Fizz Sound Creation's anime sound effects plays when he throws Tuffy into the hat)

Tuffy: "(getting thrown into the hat:) Unh!"

Professor Hinkle: "(finishing/glaring at the inside of the hat:) Stay in there, or there'll be no carrots and cheese for Christmas."

(The two boys ran towards Professor Hinkle along with the orange-haired boy, stopping next to Tom and Jerry.)

Brown-haired Boy: "But that cat and a mouse are right, professor, you can't just take that hat back now!"

Orange-haired Boy: "(concerned:) It brought Frosty to life!"

Karen: *walking towards Professor Hinkle* "(fierst:) You saw it happen!"

(But Professor Hinkle: smirked stubbornly with his pupils turned to Karen before shaking his head)

Professor Hinkle: "I saw nothing of the kind, young lady."

(Hocus Pocus sticks his arms out and pops out of the hat, grunting. He then waves his crossed fingers at Professor Hinkle with his tsking)

Hocus Pocus: "Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk!"

Professor Hinkle: *waving his finger back at Hocus, silencing him* "Quiet! I can't lose my hat if it's got magic now. It will make a millionaire magician!"

(Another anime/tokusatsu sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation play when Tuffy pops out of the hat, too)

Tuffy: *glaring at Hinkle* "But, professor, the kids did saw Frosty come to life! *looks to the kids* Didn't you, children?"

(The camera switches to the scene where the kids are nodding their heads to agree with Tuffy)

Children: "(all:) Uh-huh! We sure did!"

(Then the camera cuts back to Tuffy, who then sees Tom and Jerry)

Tuffy: *looks to Tom and Jerry* "What about you, Thomas and Uncle Jerry?"

Tom and Jerry: "That's right, Tuffy!"

(Ignoring the kids, Tom and Jerry, Hinkle spoke furiously to Tuffy)

Professor Hinkle: "(sneering at Tuffy:) That does not concern you either, little Tuffy. Now hold your tongue!"

(With more anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation in the background, he pops Tuffy and Hocus back inside the hat with hand. The next scene shows Tuffy and Hocus inside the hat with Professor Hinkle's pointing finger appearing and stopping in front of the little mouse.)

Proffesor Hinkle: (Unseen:) "One more foolish word out of you, and you will pay the one life-threatening consequence with a littler squeeze to your heart from my finger, understand?"

(Tuffy nods five times, thinking Professor Hinkle would not ever let him talk again. But this infuriated the unseen magician into pressing his finger on Tuffy's chest, pinning the gray mouse against Hocus's body and making him closed his eyes tight and showing his teeth, which means he is taking pain from the pressure. Hocus was shocked as he sees Professor Hinkle is trying to crush Tuffy to death)

Professor Hinkle: (Unseen:) "(nearly enraged:) ANSWER ME!"

Tuffy: *trying to push Hinkle's finger away from his chest* "Okay, okay! Now un-finger me, please!"

(Professor Hinkle does so, leaving Tuffy gasping for air as Hocus comfort him)

Hocus Pocus: "(worried:) Tuffy..."

Tuffy: "(panting:) I'm alright, Hocus. There's no damage to my body. Lucky my ribs didn't break, and my heart is not reduced to jelly."

(Next, we see Tom and Jerry looking horrified to see how Professor Hinkle nearly injure or kill Tuffy)

Professor Hinkle: "(Unseen:) I hope so, too. See that there isn't, unless you feel like dying for REAL."

(Then the scene shows Professor Hinkle turning to Tom, Jerry and the children)

Professor Hinkle: "As for you silly children, believing everything you see is all you ever do."

(While continuing his words with the children, the anime/tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background as raises his left arm in the air, then rolls is hat down from his right arm to his left arm, bounces it off and catches it)

Professor Hinkle: "When you're grown up, you'll realize that snowmen, especially your friend Frosty... *shaking his head* can't come to life. *looks down to Tom and Jerry* And this lesson will go to you as well, cat and mouse."

(Tom and Jerry looked at Professor Hinkle in anger and disbelief, while Karen tried to explain to Professor Hinkle once more.)

Karen: "But, we don't...."

Professor Hinkle: *cutting off Karen's words while moving his left hand mockingly* "Silly, silly, silly!"

(The ruder-than-ever Professor Hinkle makes the last "magic egg" appear, bounce on the ground and land on top of his head without cracking. He places the hat on his head and walks away to the townsquare, leaving Tom, Jerry and the kids alone with their non-living Frosty. The camera then cuts to Tom and Jerry becoming sad, not pleased with what they saw.)

Jerry: *sighs sadly, turns his head to the children* "We're so sorry, kids."

Tom: "Yeah, let me tell you. That Professor Hinkle guy can be definitely more worse than Robyn's aunt Pristine Figg and her lawyer Lickboot."

Jerry: "And her skate-boarding dog Ferdinand, as well. Remember that?"

Tom: *nods his head* "Yep. And as we recall, Miss Figg had to be real mean to her own niece after her father was nearly killed in a Tibet avalanche, trying to hide the detail about his survival, and even made a bounty posters on every milk carton with the reward of $1,000,000, with help from Mr. Lickboot. They're both very greedy with some unlimited thoughts of money, especially her father's trust fund money. But thank gratuitous, they're now arrested for life in prison by Mr. Starling, that's for sure."

(The blonde-haired boy walks to Tom and Jerry, and rubs on the cat's head )

Blonde-haired Boy: "(gently:) Aw, it's not your fault, guys. It was Professor Hinklewho got his selfish desire for money and refuse to give the hat back to Frosty. We should have interest his magic act in the first place."

Jerry: "But did you guys see what he did, threatening to harm Tuffy for his disagreement with him? There's absolutely no way he can't do that to him. After all, he is my nephew and my sister Geraldine's son."

Karen: "We all did that, Jerry. And we know how you feel about him, just as much as he do. But he'll be fine, no matter what happens to him."

Jerry: "Are you sure?"

Karen: *nodding her head* "Yes, Jer."

Brown-haired Boy: (Unseen-before-On-Screen:) "Aw, Frosty, we don't care what grownups say."

(Tom and Jerry frowned, then helplessly watched the children staring at the lifeless Frosty)

Orange-haired Boy: "We know you did come to life."

(The camera zooms toward the lifeless Frosty as Karen hugs him with an soft anime thud sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation)

Karen: "We know, Frosty. We just know."

(The camera then cuts us to a closer view of Karen looking up to the sky)

Karen: "Oh, little Tuffy and Hocus..."

(The camera shows Frosty's happy face as it pans away from the lifeless snowman and zooms in toward the sky)

Karen: (Unseen:) "Wherever you both are, please bring the hat back to us."

Opening Credits/ ♪Frosty the Snowman ♪ Edit

(Now in the sky, we see falling snowflakes appearing again as the credits starts with the names of the cast members who play the characters of this film, so went the narrator's theme song.)

The narrator: (singing) ♪ "Frosty the Snowman" ♪

♪ "Was a jolly, happy soul" ♪

♪ "With a corncob pipe" ♪

♪ "And a button nose" ♪

And two eyes made out of coal" ♪

The narrator and children chorus: (singing:) ♪ "Frosty the Snowman"

♪ "Is a fairy tale they say" ♪

♪ "He was made of snow" ♪

♪ "But the children know" ♪

♪ "How he came to life one day" ♪ ♪

(The main title saying "Tom and Jerry Meet Frosty the Snowman" is the last credit to be seen before the theme music ends.)

"He's Alive Again!"/ Introducing Tom and Jerry to Frosty Edit

(After the credits in the sky, we dissolve to a scene with the narrator, a Jimmy Durante look-alike, somewhere in town, standing as he saw Professor Hinkle appear and look around to make sure nobody can get in his way)

The narrator: "Now, of course, the hat did belonged to Frosty, the children, Tom and Jerry."

(As Professor Hinkle started walking after tidying his bow, the narrator walked the way he was going, with the camera following.)

The narrator: "That point was to make very clear."

(From the distance, we see Professor Hinkle tipped his hat as he passed by a woman carrying presents before he placed the hat back on his head and continued on his way)

The narrator: "Therefore, Nibbles or Tuffy Mouse and Hocus Pocus were both entirely in the right, and they know what they're about to do."

(The camera pans away from the narrator, zooms in on Professor Hinkle, and then switches to a closer view of the magic silk hat that gives Frosty life where we hear Tuffy and Hocus whispering to each other)

Tuffy: (Unseen/ whispering") "Come on."

Hocus Pocus: (Unseen/ whispering:) "Right, Tuffy."

(Tuffy, a little mouse who is Jerry's nephew, and Hocus Pocus, a white rabbit who is Tuffy's boss, came out from under the hat, quickly snatched a nearby hanging wreath, placed it on their master's head and quickly took off before he could catch them. Professor Hinkle, unaware of what just happened as being outwitted by Tuffy and Hocus, kept walking before tipping his ‘hat’ to another lady carrying presents he passes as he chuckles, before putting it back on his head, leaving the lady confused)

Woman: "(curious:) Hmm?"

(With Hocus and Tuffy, they had quickly hopped along, wearing the hat with only Hocus' legs sticking out. With every jumping and landing to skip, they were heard grunting while carrying the hat, along with Hocus ' squeaky footsteps/ bouncing sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye. In the town square, a dog who wears a suit of a police officer, known as Butch Dog from the Droopy series, was directing traffic, while Hocus and Tuffy quickly hopped pass him. Butch saw the hat with Hocus' feet hopping, as he looked confused about seeing a hat that could have legs to walk, run or jump)

The narrator: "Well, Hocus and Tuffy both raced back to Tom, Jerry and the children just as fast as they could."

Butch Dog: *scoffs* "Hats don't walk, just my imagination."

(The camera switches to the gateway entrance to the children's schoolyard, and Hocus and Tuffy, still inside the hat, appears re-entering the area)

Hocus Pocus: "(underneath the hat/in a hurry:) We're late, we're late for a very important fun. No time to say hello, goodbye. We're late, we're late, we're late."

(Next, we see Tom, Jerry and the children standing and staring at Frosty, who is still in his motionless form with his coal eyes and his smile when Tuffy and Hocus arrived and tried getting the gang's attention. As Hocus started hopping up and down, Tuffy came out of the hat and called for Karen to turn around)

Tuffy: "Hey, young lady! We brought back something for your friend!"

Hocus Pocus: (removing the hat off him for a moment:) "Ahem, allow me."

(The rabbit whistles, then quickly hides himself back in the hat)

Tom: *heard Hocus' whistle, turns around behind* "(surprised:) Karen, look! The hat's back!"

Karen: "(curious:) Huh?" *turning around, gasp in surprised* "You're right, Tom. The hat did return to us! *places her hand on the hat to pick it up* Now let's see if this would make Frosty alive again."

(One classic anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard as Karen removed the hat from Hocus before he ran a bit further away to find a better spot to wait and see if Frosty will be coming to life for real. The camera then shows Tuffy directing Tom and Jerry to keep their distance and stay with him)

Tuffy: "Stand clear!"

(Next, we see Karen raising up the hat which is sparkling with magic dust until stopping with both a single star and its Ding! sound effect when she places it back on Frosty's head and steps back with her friends. Then suddenly, with the anime sounds of boosting energy by Fizz Sound Creation and another sparkling sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, the hat powers up again in a flash of light, and a trail of magic dust reappears. This time, it loop down from the hat, to Frosty's head, and to the rest of his body, changing him into a living snowman again. And after the magic dust trail faded, Frosty turns his blue pupils down to the children again, and...)

Frosty: "(joyful:) Happy Birthday!"

(After a blink from his eyes, Frosty then gasps and covers his mouth with his left hand in complete shock/ surprised as the children also gasped. The camera then shows Tom, Jerry and Tuffy becoming amazed.)

Tom, Jerry & Tuffy: "(shocked/ amazed:) He's alive again!"

(Then it shows Hocus chittering excitedly in shock.)

Hocus Pocus: "(shocked:) Oh, my fur and whiskers!"

(Two anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, including the sound of a shattering rock, are heard as the white rabbit made a great jump and crashes into a bank of snow. Back to Frosty, he surprisingly removes his left hand from his mouth and looks at it. Many anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Frosty waves it three times and clench a fist. Then quickly looking at his right hand holding his broomstick, he tosses it to his left hand and does the same to his right hand. The living snowman then look down to his feet, which the camera pans down to, taps them five times gently, one at a time. After the camera pans back up to Frosty's upper body, he then touches his arms and chest with his right hand, and then suddenly slowly lift his head)

Frosty: "(surprised/ thrilled:) Hey..."

(Then by the time Frosty begin smiling, the camera backs up as the snowman widen his arms open with another of Fizz Sound Creation's anime sound effects)

Frosty: "I said my first words! I...I can't believe it!"

(He laughs before he tosses his brook back to his left hand with one anime grabbing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation. Then the next closer shot of the scene, using the recycled animation produced by Mushi Production for Rankin/Bass, shows Frosty putting his finger on his chin)

Frosty: "This...this is already happening!"

(By the time Frosty looked up at the magic hat on his head in confusion, Maury Law's score I'm All Living, or Frosty's Alive!, started playing in an extended version)

Frosty: "But... *smiles again as he points his finger at the hat while bringing his broomstick back to view, making a strange-confused looking face with his eye pupils crossed* But snowmen can't talk."

(He then eyes closes, putting his hand on his chin and starting chuckling. The next scene shows Karen and her classmates shockingly staring at Frosty, who is seen from behind his back through the camera.)

Frosty: "Alright, come on now. What's the joke?"

(The camera then cuts to Tuffy, Tom and Jerry looking on with further amazement)

Tuffy: *quickly noticing Frosty* "Oh boy!"

(A few anime or tokusatsu sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background when Tuffy jumps up to Tom's shoulder.)

Tuffy: "(whispering:) Psst! I suggested that you two should give Frosty a lot of room, you guys. 'Cause he's gotta thumpety thump thump!"

(While doing as Tuffy say, with more anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation in the background, Tom and Jerry both ran quickly to the tree nearby, knocking the little diaper-wearing mouse off. And landing on the ground with another of Fizz Sound Creation's classic anime sound effects, Tuffy look confused as he saw Tom and Jerry hanging on a tree branch. The camera cuts us back to Frosty, who now sees that he didn't get a not-a-single-answer from the curious children)

Frosty: *tapping his chin, while holding his pipe* "Hmm...*placing his pipe back in his mouth, looking up at the viewers behind the children)* Hey...could I really be alive? I mean, I can make words!

(The camera shows another of the recycled animated scene from the Rankin/Bass Christmas special where Frosty is moving his body.)

Frosty: "I can move!"

(He stomps his foot with the sound effects of a Boing! and a Thump!, both recorded by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye)

Frosty: "I can juggle!"

(He began juggling snowballs in one hand with bubbling or popping sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, then we see the brown-haired boy throwing snowballs to Frosty from behind Karen who are ducking to avoid getting hit accidentally)

Frosty: "(Unseen:) I can sweep!"

(It then shows Frosty sweeping his broomstick and throwing it into the air with a anime swoosh sound effect Fizz Sound Creation. Back with Tom and Jerry on the tree, they saw Frosty's broom flying toward them, and, with an anime grabbing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, Tom quickly caught it before it could fall down. And back at Frosty...)

Frosty: "I can sing a song!"

(The current music cuts off and Let it Snow begins to play as Frost closes his eyes, clears throat, and twirls one time with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation before singing on the auto-tuned voice)

Frosty: "Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

(The children went exclaiming in amazement, and the camera pans up to Tom and Jerry on the tree, while the unseen Frosty's singing fades into background)

Tom: "(amazed/ whispering:) Wow! I have never hear Frosty's singing voice like this before!"

Jerry: "(whispering:) Like...a snow prince, to me. How does he do it so fast?"

Tom: *shooked his head* "(whispering:) I have no idea, Jerry old pal." *looks down below to see Frosty*

(Back at Frosty, in yet another recycled animated scene, he is still learning to do things that people do when I'm All Living by Maury Laws resumes)

Frosty: *chuckle* "Oh! I can count to 10! *holding up his hand, counting his fingers* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 6, 8...

(The next shot of the recycled animated scene shows us Frosty and the kids as the snowman stops, realizing he's counting wrong)

Frosty: "Oh! Uh..." *his eye pupils looked up at his hat* Well, I can count to 5."

(The children smiled in delight by the time he looked back at his hands. Then we see Tom slapping his head in complete shock with an anime punch/ ping sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation as Jerry pops his eyes out in surprised. Then camera switches to Karen with Tuffy jumping on Karen's shoulder with an anime landing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation)

Tuffy: "(amazed/ whispering:) Unbelievable! How does Frosty even knows how to count to ten, but then five? Gosh, how did he learn it so fast without using a calculator?"

Karen: "(whispering:) You tell me the same question, Tuffy."

(Karen and Tuffy turned their heads in surprise as they heard Frosty laughing. Back with Tom and Jerry on the tree branch, they amazingly hear Frosty's laughter, as well. The camera then shows Frosty again in a recycled animated scene from Rankin/Bass.)

Frosty: *raises his arms up above his head* "What do you know? I'm even ticklish. In fact...*holds his left hand on his pipe, while pointing in the air with his right hand* I'm all living!"

(Next, we see him walking around Karen and her classmates)

Frosty: "(thrilled:) I am alive!"

(Then we see a close-up of Frosty folding his two hands together, looking up in the sky)

Frosty: "What a neat thing to happen to be a nice guy like..."

(Before he could say "me", Frosty sees Tom & Jerry climbing down from a tree unexpectedly.)

Frosty: "(chuckling:) Hey, who were you?"

(Tom and Jerry becomes surprised with their eyes widening, then they pointed at each other)

Tom: "(shy/ nervous:)"

Frosty: *nodding his head* "Yeah, I'm talking to you!"

(While Frosty begins walking towards Tom and Jerry, the talking cat and mouse whisper to each other to not let him overhear them.)

Jerry: "(whispering/ surprised:) He's a snowman, Tom. What do we do?"

Tom: "(whispering/ sneering:) Just prepare yourself, old chump, 'cause here he comes."

Frosty: *kneeled down* "(amazed:) My, my, I have never seen a cat and a little mouse before, two animals that can talk like I do. *kindly held out his hand at Jerry* Again, who were you, guys?"

(Tom and Jerry suddenly begin stepping back two times, feeling a bit nervous and shy with sweats falling off their heads and turning ice drops in the process. The camera then shows a surprised/shocked Frosty seeing his new friends being scared, thinking they're afraid of him because they knew he is alive due to the magical power of his hat)

Frosty: (gently:) "Oh, you don't have to be scared of me. I won't hurt you."

(The various anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background as Jerry is sliding down on Tom's arm, and jumping onto Frosty's hand)

Jerry: "(shy:) Well...we wanted to tell you who we are, sir, but..."

(Suddenly, Tuffy appears cutting through Jerry and surprising Frosty unexpectedly)

Tuffy: "Excuse me, Frosty, but allow me to introduce to them... and myself, of course."

(Frosty giggles, and Jerry nervously walks backwards, then jumps back on Tom's hand with Fizz Sound Creation's anime sound effects playing along, curiously observing at Frosty unknown to Tom, Tuffy and the children)

Tuffy: "As you may know, my name is Tuffy...Nibbles Tuffy Mouse, Geraldine's son, Uncles Pecos and Harry's great nephew, Mrs. Mouse's grandson, Muscles's cousin and Hocus Pocus' assistant."

Frosty: "Oh, well... *tips he brim of his hat while wearing it and nods his head* I'm very pleased to meet you, Tuffy Mouse. And, who are those creatures I've first time met? Although they've been trying to pronounce their names to me."

Tuffy: *pointed at Tom and Jerry* "Them? Well, these are actually my friends of mine...and now yours. This is Tom Cat. (whispering to Frosty:) But you can call him Thomas if you like.

(The little diaper-wearing mouse winks at Frosty, who then nods his head & winks at Tuffy back)

Tuffy: "And who is also a member of the Mouse family? My grandmother's son, my mother's big brother, my good olé uncle...

(But before he could announce the name of his uncle, an anime heartbeat-like Boing! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard as Tuffy notices Jerry disappeared once Tom opens his hand)

Tuffy: "(shocked/ curious:) Hey, where did he go?"

Girl in Pink Dress: *kneeled down* "(curious:) mean your uncle mouse, Jerry, little Tuffy?"

Tuffy: *turns to the Girl in Pink Dress and nods his head* "Exactly. You see, he was right here with Tom a moment ago, but then completely disappeared!

(Once more, the various anime sound effects of Fizz Sound Creation plays in the background as Tuffy jumps on Tom's hand, scratching his head)

Tuffy: "Hmm...Where could my uncle be?"

(The camera switches to Karen speaking to Tuffy, with Frosty standing behind her.)

Karen: "I'm sure he hadn't been gone out too far, Tuffy. *turns to Frosty as he started to stand up* Do you know exactly where he could be, Frosty?"

(The camera then shows Frosty talking to the unseen Karen)

Frosty: "I've gotta be honest with you, I have no clue where he could be at."

(Suddenly, Frosty feel a unexpected tickle inside his body. With various anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, his eyes widen, his eye pupils shrunk, his little smiling mouth twitches a bit as the pipe dropped, and he gasps in surprise. The next scene shows Tuffy, Tom, Karen and her classmates thinking until they all heard Frosty laughing)

Orange-haired Boy: *turns to Frosty* "(curious:) What's so funny, Frosty?"

(Tom, Tuffy, Karen and her classmates all curiously gathered around Frosty)

Tuffy: "Frosty, are you alright?"

(Frosty just kept on laughing instead of answering Tuffy's question as he, Tom and the children look on in confusion.)

Tom: "(confused:) Yeah, honestly, I really don't see anything that funny."

(The camera switches to Frosty, now with his eyes open, as he pick up his pipe with some snow clogging it's corncob, put it back in his mouth and blows the snow out of the cob with a Toot! sound effect in the same way as how Popeye the Sailor Man from E.C. Segar's Thimble Theater smoke his pipe. Then he burst into more laughter with his eyes closing again for he still have something ticklish from inside his body.)

Frosty: *brimmed in tears with sparkle* "(laughs:) Oh no! I'm...I'm so sorry to...(laughs) confuse you, guys. But you see...(laughs)...there's something...(laughs) my body...(laughs)...tickling me!"

(The camera switches to Tom, Tuffy and the children starring at Frosty.)

Blonde-haired Boy: *slaps his leg with his hand* "Oh, we get it Frosty, you're acting ticklish. We get the point."

Tom: "Yeah, it just your imagination or something in your mind perhaps, big guy."

(Back to Frosty went the camera, the "all-living" snowman fell on his knees, hitting the ground an anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation

Frosty: "(laughs:) No, really! Hoo hoo hoo hoo!"

(The camera then cuts back to Tom, Tuffy and the children who stare at Frosty in confusion)

Frosty: (Unseen:) "I'm being tickled to death... (laughs) a little mouse!"

(As Frosty continues laughing, unseeingly, the instrumental version of Danny Elfman's "What's This?" from The Nightmare Before Christmas started playing as the camera cuts to a close-up at Tuffy, who then went becoming shocked upon hearing what Frosty is talking about and revealing to be the one that is indeed inside him)

Tuffy: *gasps* "Uncle Jerry!"

(When the camera cuts back to him, Tom and the children watching the uncontrollably laughing Frosty, Tuffy pointed at their friend, prompting them to see what the toddler mouse is showing and get shocked as well)

Tuffy: "He must be inside Frosty's body!"

(After Tom let out his scream-like gasp voiced by William Hanna, the next shot of the scene shows Jerry crawling inside of Frosty's chest cavity while the snowman is heard laughing and brimming his tears. Then it shows Hocus crawling out of the snow bank completely as he sees Frosty surprisingly, and is also horrified to see that he is endangered by Jerry from within his body)

Brown-haired Boy: (Unseen:) "We gotta get Jerry out of Frosty, quick!"

(The camera switches to Tom placing Tuffy on Karen's hand)

Tom: "I'll get him out!"

(An anime jumping sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard as Tom dashed to Frosty, looking at the still laughing snowman.)

Tom: "Okay, just stand still and don't move, big guy."

(With that, the cat start digging his hand inside of Frosty's chest cavity in a desperate effort to free his former mousy rival)

Tom: "Jerry, get out of there, old pal!"

Frosty: (hugging his stomach) "(laughing:) Thomas, that tickles!" (laughs)

(The camera cuts to a close-in a Tom looking up at Frosty with sweats rolling down his head)

Tom: "Please, excuse me about that."

(Then the moment he looks back at what he is rightfully doing, the camera shows Tom's arm turning sides with his hand inside Frosty's chest cavity as he tries harder ti find whatever part of Jerry's body he could find.)

Tom: "(Unseen:) Almost..."

(It wasn't long before Tom's hand comes out of the chest cavity, with only Jerry's tail being hold by his two fingers. And the camera cuts back to Tom, who then becomes delighted when he finally found him.)

Tom: "Aha! Gotcha!"

(Then Tom completely yanked Jerry out of Frosty's chest cavity with one anime Pop! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation playing out. Then we see Frosty slowly stops laughing as he started breathing and his tears dropped, while What's This? is stopping to an end. The next scene shows Tom glaring at Jerry on his left hand when Tuffy, with two anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, jumps on his right hand and began to rebuke his uncle)

Tuffy: "Uncle Jerry, have you completely lost your mind? Going inside the body of Frosty like that?"

(Tom took his turn to speak severely to Jerry, making his mouse friend look up to his face)

Tom: "You'd forgot that Frosty's ticklish, according to his original script."

(The camera cuts to a close up shot at Tuffy and Jerry on Tom's hands; this time with the sky as a background and Tom's hands or head not being seen. Looking back at his frowning nephew, the brown mouse blinks his eyes and shrugs sheepishly at the little diaper-wearing grey mouse with his smiling teeth and chuckle. Then the camera switches back to the three animals when Jerry is starting to apologize to Tom and Tuffy)

Jerry: "I'm sorry, you guys. I just wanted to get a better look at him since he was so big, like adult-size he is."

(Then the camera cuts to Jerry who looks behind to see Frosty gazing down at his chest cavity caused by the brown mouse, then it shows a close-up at him with a guilty face.)

Jerry: "I'm really sorry about that, Frosty sir. I was just curious."

(Back to Frosty, he was touching his chest and hugging his stomach before he begin hiccuping with classic Tom and Jerry cartoon sound effects)

Frosty: "That's...*hic!*..that's..that's okay, young..*hic!*..Jerry Mouse."

(Then he look at Tuffy standing next to Jerry on Tom's other hand)*

Frosty: " harm done on me, by..*hic!* the way, Tuffy. I'm...*hic!*...completely alright...*HIC!*...Oh, excuse me." *tapping his mouth*

(The camera switches back to Tuffy on Tom's hand)

Tuffy: "Oh! Well, Umm...*nervous chuckle, giving Frosty a thumbs up* That's good to know, Frosty."

(With more of the many anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, Tuffy jumps off Tom's right hand and lands on the snowy ground to see Frosty shoving some of the snow to repair his chest cavity)

Tuffy: *thinks quickly for a moment* "Or should I recall you Mr. Frosty... *points at Frosty's hat* ...since you look great for a snow gentleman with a hat, but with no suit?"

(Frosty finish reconstructing himself by pounding on his chest with anime punching sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation. Looking down to Tuffy, he lay his hand on the ground, and after Tuffy walk onto it, the snowman picked himself and his little diaper-wearing mouse friend up.)

Frosty: *clears his throat, nodding his head in agreement* "Sure, I like that. And I love the way you talked like that, too, for a littlest you are."

(Gently, Frosty gives a rubbing touch on Tuffy's nose with his snow finger, making the baby mouse giggle. Then the camera shows Tom walking towards Frosty with Jerry still standing on his left hand, chuckles*

Tom: "Yeah, it's just that it's impossible to be an all-living snowman like you are, Mr. Frostcalucis."

Jerry: "Tom's right, is that true for every snow person?"

(Then we see Frosty placing Tuffy on top of his life-giving magic hat to sit on carefully before turning his eyes to Tom behind)

Frosty: "I know, right? And, please, you can easily call me Frosty for short. *then turning to Jerry as he jumps onto Tom's left hand with one repeated anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation * Every snow person has to be made of snow, according to my lyrics. And nothing is impossible."

(The snowman kneeled down on one knee with a soft anime thud sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, and the camera cuts to Tom and Jerry with Frosty's hand pointed at them.)

Frosty: "(Unseen:) As long as you and Jerry Mouse believe in yourselves, I will always be there for you."

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Tom becoming happy)

Tom: "(surprised:) Really?"

(Then the camera pans down to Jerry)

Jerry: *his eyes begin sparkle* "(dreamy/ surprised:) forever always, Frosty?"

(The camera switches back to Frosty and Tuffy with Tom and Jerry)

Frosty: "(gentle:) Forever always, young Jerry."

(The snowman rubs on Tom's head, and then touches Jerry's nose. One by one with each shot of the camera, Frosty, Tuffy, Jerry and Tom shared a smile. Then Frosty looked at the children and Hocus.)

Frosty: "(thrilled:) Now, come on, everybody! Who wants to catch some snow?"

(Next, we see Karen and the two boys cheering, and then Frosty as he went dancing with Tuffy dancing on his hat, while the narrator is resuming his theme song.)

The narrator (Unseen/singing): ♪ "There must have been some magic" ♪

♪ " In that old silk hat they found"♪

(The camera then shows the kids hopping up and down with laughter before they form their ring around Frosty again.)

The narrator: (Unseen/singing:) ♪ "For when they placed it on his head" ♪

♪ "He begin to dance around" ♪

(Tom, Jerry and Hocus joins in, and Tuffy appears jumping off from Frosty's head to Tom and Jerry's hands.)

Tuffy: "(thrilled:) Come on!"

(Next, we see Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and the children circling around Frosty while he continues dancing)

Children chorus (singing): ♪ "Frosty the Snowman" ♪

♪ "Was alive as he could be" ♪

The narrator and children chorus: (singing:) ♪ "And the children say" ♪

♪ "He can laugh and play" ♪

♪ "Just the same as you and me" ♪ ♪

(The instrumental theme went ending as the children, Hocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy let go of their hands and scamper away from Frosty for just a moment, while the camera zooms in slowly toward the snowman)

Frosty: "(thrilled:) Come on, kids... *realizing his new friends and pointing at them beside the children* ...and Tom and Jerry! Let the winter fun time begin!"

(The children cheered in excitement, and they and Frosty, along with Hocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, ran together with playful laughter)

The Winter Fun Time Begins!/Playing Doctor/Frosty's Childhood Memories Edit

(Cut to Frosty, walking down the other side)

Boy in Green Coat: *tip-toed behind Frosty without his knowledge* (giggling)

Frosty: (humming a tune Angels We Had Heard On High theme)

Boy in the Green Coat: *rolled a snowball, giggle, quickly throws it at Frosty*

Frosty: *hit by a snowball on the back unexpected, his eye pupils shrunk* "(shocked/ surprised:) Ahh!" *quickly turns to Boy in Green Coat*

Boy in Green Coat: *pointing at Frosty* "You're it!" *laughing as he ran away from Frosty*

Frosty: *gasp in surprised, making a smirk face with a smile* "Oh, yeah?" *laughter, rolling up snowballs*

Blonde-haired Boy: *quickly noticing Frosty* "(shouting:) Look out! Frosty's it!"

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus & the children: *running from Frosty, laughing*

Frosty: "Ready or not, here I come!" *started throwing the snowballs, laughter* "Gotcha!"

Boy in Green Coat: *quickly ducked the snowball* "Missed me! (laughs) Wa-Ha!"

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Ooh, almost got him, Frosty!"

Frosty: *giggles, winks at the viewers, until he heard Tuffy's voice, turns to Tuffy with a snowball*

Tuffy: "Hey! Catch this, Mr. Frosty!" (grunts) *quickly throws a snowball at Frosty*

Frosty: "Zoinks! *as he ducked from the thrown snowball with a swoosh! sound effect, got up, sticking out his tongue with a Woody Woodpecker sound effect* You missed me! *about to throw snowballs until hearing Karen's whistle* (confused:) uhh?" *looking up to Karen, Tom and Jerry above the tree*

(Zooms up to Karen, Tom and Jerry above the tree)

Karen: "Hey, Frosty..."

Tom & Jerry: "(both:) Head's up!" *both slingshot snowballs at Frosty*

Frosty: *gasp in shocked, been hit by snowballs* "Dohh..! *slams backwards on the gates upside down, classic drum cymbals sound effects, looks at the viewers, smiles smrikly, acting been defeated* Oh, you got me! You have my mercy in my life! I've surrender... *moans, until seeing Hocus Pocus unexpectedly, Hocus then curiously staring at Frosty, smiles at him and Frosty while upside down first curiously stares at Hocus, blinking his eyes two times, then slowly started smiling* Oh, hello! You must be Hocus, right?"

(Hocus Pocus giggling and nodding his head, hops towards to Frosty and then hugging him)

Frosty: "Oh..." (giggling) (hugging Hocus Pocus back)

Blonde-haired Boy: "(giggle:) Hey, Frosty, you know you do look silly when you're upside down like that."

Frosty: "(laughs:) Oh! No wonder you kids are like...little fruit bats. *giggling* Come on, let's kept playing." *trying to pull himself out of the gates* (grunting) Uhh, guys? Can somebody please give me a hand first? I'm kinda stuck!"

Karen: *running to Frosty* "We've got you, Frosty!" *with the help of Tom and Jerry, pulled Frosty on his both arms, grunting strongly, yanked him out with a Pop! sound effects* "Uh-oh..."

Frosty: "(Unseen:) Whoa...! *rolled over on Tom and Jerry, and hit on the tree in the back of his head with an anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation* Dof!"

Karen: *making her painful-reaction face/ staring at the viewers* "Ouch!" *then ran to Frosty at the tree*

Frosty: *feeling dizzy, snowflakes appear above his head, sparkling sound effects* (groaning) "(dizzy:) Oh, my head is spinning."

Karen: "(curious:) Frosty, are you alright?"

Frosty: *shaking his head* "Ah...I'm okay, thanks. *chuckle, realizing Tom and Jerry, gasp in shocked* Tom! Jerry! *picking himself up, seeing Tom and Jerry both being flat-covered in the snow* Whoops! My bad. (embarrassed:) Sorry, guys."

Tuffy: *jumps on Frosty's shoulder* "Are you guys okay?"

(Tom and Jerry both dugged out, nod their heads)

Jerry: "Oh, we're fine, guys."

Tom: "Yeah, in fact, that always happen to me and Jerry years ago in the past."

Frosty: "Whew! Thank goodness you are. *smiles, waving his pointer finger* Now, follow me on top of the hill."

(Cut to Brown-haired Boy and Orange-haired Boy with Frosty on top of the snowy hill with Tom and Jerry)

Frosty: "Get ready, four of you...*started sliding down the hill fast* Ho Ho Ho!"

Orange-haired Boy: *laughter wildly*

Brown-haired Boy: "Whee...!"

Tom & Jerry: "(thrilled:) Awesome!"

Frosty: "(joyful:) Look us go over the hills of snow! Woo-Hoo!..." *suddenly unexpectedly hit a rock, sending himself, the boys, Tom and Jerry spin-flying through the sky* (screaming:) WHOAAAAA....!" *landed on the ground with a crash! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation*

Frosty, Tom, Jerry and the boys: (all laughing)

Frosty: *while laid on the snowy ground* "(laughs:) Oh, wow! That was fun, wasn't it?"

Tom: *pops out of the snow* "You bet it is, big guy!"

(Frosty begin laughing again)

Tom: "(confused:) Uhh, Frosty, we all get it it was fun when we..."

Frosty: "(laughing:) No! Jerry's tickling me again!" (laughs)

Jerry: *crawling out of Frosty's chest and out of the snow* "Excuse me about that again, Frosty. And, I really have to admit, I agree with Tom. It was fun! We've never rode down on you in our lives."

Tom: "Jerry's right, big...*seeing Frosty laying on the snow, waving his hands* (curious:) Hey, Frosty, what are you doin'?"

Frosty: (giggling:) "Look! I made a Christmas Angel! It's also my favorite thing to do when it's come to Christmas, and any Holiday Traditions like this. Try it!" (chuckling)

Children: *seeing Frosty happily, started to make snow angels* (all giggling)

Tom, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus & Jerry: *all nod their heads, joins in with Frosty and the children*

(Cut to Blonde-haired Boy and Boy in Green Coat with Tom and Jerry)

Tom, Jerry, Blonde-haired Boy and Boy in Green Coat: *swinging strong ropes on the tree* (all laughing) *all let go, jumps on the snow below*

Blonde-haired Boy: *seeing a nervous Frosty above the giant hill* "Come on, Frosty! It's your turn to jump!"

Boy in Green Coat: *waving at Frosty* "Come on down!"

(Jerry jumps as he waving his hands)

Tom: "We're all waiting for ya, big guy!"

Frosty: *nervously grabs the rope, looking down below, gulps, bitting his lip, taking a deep breath, making his bravery face, his hand wrapped on the rope, starting to jump off of a thick branch* (classic Tarzan yell)

Blonde-haired Boy: *seeing Frosty swinging this way* "Incoming!"

(Tom, Jerry, Blonde-haired Boy and Boy in Green Coat all ducked in the snowbank as Frosty swung by, then pops back out)

Frosty: (suddenly stops as the rope accidentally snaps off) *looking down below, making a frighten face* "Oh, snowballs...Whoa!" (begin falling down with an anime Thump! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation as the background shakes)

Blonde-haired Boy: "Uh-oh."

(Tom, Jerry, Blonde-haired Boy and Boy in Green Coat all ran towards Frosty, seeing him in the ground)

Frosty: "(joyful:) That was really more fun than ever, guys!"

Jerry: "Are you okay, big fella?"

Tom: "Yeah, that was a huge thumpity, thump thud you made!"

Frosty: *picking himself up, dust the snow off of his hat* "(laughs:) Yes, I'm okay. Snowmen, like me, never get hurt. Because, I don't have a skull, or bones. Just only made of snow."

Jerry: "Just in our case, Frosty, we've better check you out."

Tom: *gently pushing Frosty* "Right this way, please."

(The next shot of the scene shows Tuffy, Tom and Jerry, dressed in medical white suits, examine Frosty, who is sitting his bottom on the ground of snow with his legs a bit further, while Hocus Pocus and the kids are watching.)

Tuffy: *wearing glasses, reading his clipboard* "Hmm? Just we expected, Mr. Frosty. We've better check you out. *winks* Dr. Thomas, if you would be so kind and please check his throat with your tongue depressor, please?"

Tom: *winks at Tuffy* "Gladly, Dr. Tuffy." *helding up a tongue depressor from his coat pocket* "Okay, big guy, head lift up, now please say ahhh...for me."

Frosty: *nods his head, sticking out his tongue* "(vocalizing/ singing) How does it look in there, Dr. Thomas?"

Tom: "Mmm-mmm...your throat looks good in there. His throat looks good in there, Dr. Tuffy."

Tuffy: "That's good, Dr. Thomas. Now, let me do this *yanking out a large feather* on you real quick, Mr. Frosty." *begin tickling Frosty's nose*

Frosty: *his nose twitching and first-time begin to sneeze* "Ahh-Choo!" *blowing Tuffy off*

Tuffy: "Whoa! Ugh!"

Frosty: *sniff* "Ooh, excuse me."

Karen: *ran to Tuffy* "Are you alright, Dr. Tuffy?"

Tuffy: *pops out of the snow* "Yeah, I'm alright, Miss Karen. Gladly, there's bunch of snow to land on, only protection."

Jerry: "That's good to know, Tuffy. Now, let me check how your body looks."

(Crunching his fingers, Jerry then climbs on the outside of Frosty's body. The snowman was trying to stand still, but is feeling tickled by Jerry for the third time in doing so.)

Frosty: "(laughing:) Oh no, not again! I'm too ticklish, remember?" (laughs)

Jerry: *nervously smiling at Frosty with a sweat on his head* "I know, big fella. Looks good on ya, by the way. *started climbing down* Okay, now if we can just let us..."

(Before he can continue with his words, Jerry unexpectedly hears a single Ba-bump!, the sound of a heartbeat from Frosty's chest, played as an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation)

Jerry: "(amazed:) Whoa...Tom, you've gotta listen to this, quick!"

(Tom quickly take out his stethoscope, carefully inserts its eartips into his ears and places its diaphragm on Frosty's chest)

Tom: "(confused:) Why in the world do you want me to take out my...?"

(Tom's sentence was interrupted when he, too, heard an expected heart beat for the first time. A few anime heartbeat sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play in the background when Tom notice the metal binaurals of the stethoscope heaving with each Ba-bump! as it look like getting absorbed into his head.)

Tom: *takes off the stethoscope for seconds* "(amazed/ curious:) Wow... *puts the stethoscope's eartips back in his ears* What kind of sound is this?"

Frosty: "That's the sound of my icy heart, that you're listening to."

Tom: "(curious:) You mean you have a solid ice heart yourself?"

Frosty: *nods his head* "Uh-huh. *leading Tom closely with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation* Pretty neat, huh?"

Karen: *leading to Frosty's chest* "(amazed:) Yeah..."

(Fizz Sound Creation's anime heartbeat sound kept beating)

Tuffy: "(amazed:) You must be lucky to have an icy heart like yours, Mr. Frosty."

Frosty: "Why, thank you, Tuffy."

(As Frosty continue to spoke to his unseen friends, an image of Frosty's past appears on the left next to his head. Inside the orb or crystal-ball-size image is a flashback of the Snowman in July during his final moments with Frosty when he was a snowboy with his body similar to his adult state, but with no corncob pipe and no hat.)

Frosty: *looks to his memories in a circle next to him* "You see, it's my own special gift of my grandfather, who is a snow person just like I was...well, only with a carrot for a nose and dreams of living last in July."

(The Snowman in July holds his hand in front of his chest, and a glowing, sparkling blue heart made of solid ice appears floating above and beating. He moves both his hand and heart closer to the young Frosty, who watch as the ice heart float toward his chest and disappears through it, thus entering the snowboy's body.)

Frosty: "I was much opposite than my grandfather, cause' I only dreamed of living forever in winter, like at all times."

Young Frosty: "Oh, boy! *laughs* Thanks, Grandpa!"

(The young Frosty's laughter continues before the orb-shaped flashback disappears from the view, and the adult Frosty looks back at his friends.)

Frosty: "After my grandfather melted on that hot sunny day in July, the second month of summer, to rest in peace, I have to use the willpower of my heart to separate myself from that body before it too melts, and this reveals that I'm just an invisible soul or spirit."

Jerry: "Really, Frosty?"

Tom: "Like an invisible ghost?"

Frosty: "That's correct. And hoping to be recreated as either a snow person, I find myself a place to rest at a shop, here in this town. It has lots of hats, but when I notice this silk top hat with a pink flower, I decide to live inside one of them for years."

Tom: "So in search of a new snow body... *points at Frosty's hat in realization* invisibly live inside what is now known to be Professor Hink.. Uh, I mean, your magic hat for a long time."

Frosty: "Yeah, Thomas. *points at himself with his hands* And here I am, reborn as a snowman as being grown up, thanks to that hat and my grandfather's icy heart."

Jerry: "Then in that case, you're the reason this hat's magical power made you come alive two times."

Frosty: "Of course, I am."

Tom: "But how was it possible. We never saw that happen before."

Frosty: "Well, I thought I can prove it. Tom, why won't you take my hat off and you'll see this example?"

(Tom, Jerry and the children look concerned, but Tuffy and Hocus secretly smile in agreement with Frosty's suggestion. What does his truth of being a soul has to do with the hat's magic?)

Karen: "But Frosty, you need your hat to continue all-living."

Frosty: (smiling:)

Hocus Pocus: *hopping over to the kids* "Tuffy and I are the only ones who knows the secret of how he transfers from his own body to his hat, with the power of his own heart."


Frosty: "You tell 'em, Hocus and Tuffy. *turns to Tom* Now, Tom, please remove this hat and hold it right where its inside is pointing at me."

Tuffy: "Yeah, Tom. Just a demonstration for you, Jerry and the kids."

Tom: *still feeling reluctant, but finally agreeing as Jerry jumps onto his left shoulder* "Um... Well, okay, Frosty."

(Reaching out his hands, Tom gently removes Frosty's magic hat from his head and holds it down to point its inside. At this time, this hasn't cause Frosty to returning to his non-living form just yet.)

Tom: "Like this?"

Frosty: "Perfect, Tom. Now keep holding and watch."

(Then suddenly, Frosty's body is surrounded by the same magic dust and his the bright glow of his icy heart appeared on his chest, astonishing the kids, Jerry and even Tom, who is still holding the hat, while Tuffy and Hocus watch calmly with smiles. Then along with the same enchanted heart, the magic dust trails starts siphoning from Frosty's body to the inside of the hat, and his eyes are turning back into fake eyes made with lumps of coal, meaning that Frosty, as the not-yet-revealed invisible soul is leaving his own body and going back to the hat.)

Karen: "Incredible."

(Finally, the last amount of magic dust is drained out of Frosty's body, and his glowing heart is also sucked into the hat too. Then Frosty's voice is heard talking to Tom.)

Frosty (Unseen/echoing:) "Now, Tom, turn the hat the other away and find me inside."

(Tom turns the hat the other way to find its inside. After succeeding to do so, it shows him the magic dust with Frosty's white eyes with blue pupil's appear to look at him and Jerry.)

Jerry: "So that's what you look like, Frosty.

Tom: "A soul made with all the sparkling magic dust."


Frosty: "(echoing:) Good answering, Tom and Jerry. Now, let's put it back on my head, so I can come back to my own body."

Tuffy: "It's all ready again now."

(Tom places Frosty's hat, containing him in his faceless soul form made of magic dust, back onto his head. Then for the fourth time, the sparkles reappear looping around Frosty's body, the glowing heart went back in his chest, and his coal eyes turn back into closed eyelids, meaning that Frosty is transferred back to his body, with the power of his icy heart and his hat. When he then opened his eyes with blue pupils, instead of saying "Happy Birthday!", he chuckles before speaking to Tom, Jerry and the kids.)

Frosty: "Well, how do you like this?"

Tom, Jerry and the children: "(amazed:) Wow..."

Hocus Pocus:

Tuffy: "No kidding, Hocus. He's not just a soul, ghost or spirit, but a jolly-happy soul!"

Karen: "(amazed:) I never knew your grandfather was your most prized-pupil to you, Frosty."

(The camera switches to Frosty with his magic sparkles surrounding him until disappearing.)

Frosty: *shook his head* "Not technically just only my grandfather, Karen, but my icy heart of his does."

Tuffy: *sighs happily, snaps his fingers, realizing about the gifted heart* "Hey! Tom, Uncle Jerry, that gifted heart of Mr. Frosty and his grandfather reminds me of our friend, the Tin Man from the land of OZ, with Miss Dorothy back in Kansas, remember?"

Frosty: "Hey, I know that story read to me by my grandfather! The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, right?"

Tuffy: "That is correct, Mr. Frosty!"

Tom: *smiles in realizable* "I'd remember that day!"

Jerry: "I was with them, too!"

Tom: "(dreamy:) Good Ole days."

Frosty: (curious:) "You guys went to the land of Oz, too? Before meeting me?"

Tuffy: "Exactly! *taking off his medical white coat, showing his white diaper and putting back on his emerald green winter clothes* And to remind us of the Emerald City, my hat, scarf, mittens and shoes are matched the same color of emerald green. See?"

Frosty: *nodding his head in amazement*

Jerry: *looks at his nephew's emerald green winter clothes* "We do every time we give contact to each other." (thinking to himself:) "At least, it's even a reminder of the second MGM Grand in Las Vegas."

Tom: "Oh! *quickly turns to Frosty* Please excuse us for a minute, big guy."

(Frosty nods his head, then Tom, Jerry and Tuffy turns to the viewers)

Tuffy: "Keep this in mind, folks. The Wizard of OZ that we all know is actually a motion picture in Technicolor, based on the fairy-tale book written by Lyman Frank Baum, the man who even brought you The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus."

Tom: *taking off his medical white coat and putting on his winter clothes* "Surprisingly, we were featured in there for a crossover, along with other film and TV production per company that you've been watching on DVD, Blu-Ray or Digital."

Jerry: *also changing his clothes from a doctor to an ordinary mouse with red-polka-dotted white winter clothes.* "For the correct version of the movie without us, see the real picture itself."

Tuffy: "From who else?"

(A logo for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer with Leo the Lion appears above Tom, Jerry and Tuffy)

Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc., Beverly Hills, California!"

Leo the Lion: (roaring, smiles with a wink)

Frosty: (chuckling) *waving at Leo the lion above*

A Two-Match Snow Bōjutsu Tournament/ First Round: Tom vs. Jerry Edit

(Next, we see a a large martial arts ring made of solid ice where Frosty and the children are surrounding it, and where Tuffy and Hocus Pocus, as referees in their blue kimonos with white snowflakes, walks up to it. Tom and Jerry, however, were not seen among the group yet. The traditional Japanese music was heard playing, the children all applause, except Frosty)

Frosty: "Wow. I've never seen anything like this. *looks to Karen* What's this about?"

Karen: "This is a martial arts tournament, Frosty, right here on an solid ice ring made by Tuffy and Hocus."

Frosty: "(curious:) Martial arts, huh?"

Boy in Green Coat: "Yeah, back at our Christmas party in the classroom, we just learn about martial arts during our special lessons about the Japanese culture just about one hour before Professor Hinkle's magic acts."

Brown-haired boy: "As the world know, the Asian martial arts are combat sports that are all related to self-defense. China was the introducer of several arts including Kung Fu, Wushu and Tai Chi to America."

Orange-haired boy: "Japan is responsible for teaching our country Judo, Aikido, Kendo, Jujutsu and Okinawa's Karate."

Girl in Pin Dress: "Even South Korea's Taekwondo will be coming next soon."

Frosty: "Great! You guys are a lot smarter on everything. Too bad, I'm not used to be how you are."

Boy in Green Coat: "We know what you mean, Frosty. It will take a long time of education before you have knowledge of the Earth. The martial arts may be mental, when it comes to wisdom and to protect everything sacred, but for the kids, it's fun!"

Orange-haired boy: "Do you want to watch, Frosty? You know, like a play fight."

Frosty: "A play fight? I would love to do that! More to this point, it's like a live show that is closely themed to Christmas on an solid ice stage, but with no decorations."

(The children giggles in agreement before Frosty looks over to find Tom and Jerry no longer with him or the kids.)

Frosty: "(confused:) Hey, has anybody seen Tom and Jerry? They should be watching too."

Karen: *seeing Tom and Jerry, pointing at them far away from the martial arts tournament* "There they are, Frosty! Over there!"

(The camera then show Tom and Jerry in their karate uniforms that has the Rankin/Bass logo as the symbol. They were waving to Frosty and the kids. Next, we cut back to Frosty and the kids)

Girl in Pink Dress: "Phew, that's very quick. They've manage to put on their costumes."

Karen: "She's right. Tom and Jerry said that they are known for their acting careers in motion pictures and television programs, in shows and parades, and on radio."

Frosty: "Hmm, that makes sense in acting."

(The camera cuts to Tuffy and Hocus Pocus standing on the ice ring. Hocus is holding up the mallet, grunting. Then he hits the gong with the mallet, resulting a Gong chime sound effect)

Tuffy: *taking out his foldable hand fan that match the same design as the kimonos he and Hocus are wearing* (speaking English in a Japanese accent:) "Ladies and gentle boys! And Frosty-san."

(The camera then switches back to Frosty and the kids while Tuffy is heard continuing to present the martial arts tournament)

Tuffy: (Unseen:) "My hippity-hoppity boss, Hocus Pocus-sama, and I, Tuffy-san, welcome you to our first annual Winter Wonderland Martial Arts Competition."

(The children starts clapping their applause again, this time with Frosty joining them. Next, we see Tuffy continuing with his announcement on how their competition is all about)


(The next scene shows Tom and Jerry watching Tuffy's announcement to the children and Frosty as he continue to spoke)

Tuffy: "According to Victor Hugo, author of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a European festival, known as the Feast of Fools, features a contest in which any man who reveals his ugliest face to the people will be crowned the King of Fools. So, we're gonna do something our way; a one martial arts competition detail that is similar to that. If any one of our chosen competitors wins at last two matches featuring the uses of bōjutsu and karate, he will not be the winner of the tournament, be to be elected the King of Winters!"

(While the children and Frosty applause, Tom and Jerry smiled at each other, knowing that their performance is about to begin. Jerry starts running around to make it to his far away right side from the ring. The camera then shows Tuffy's hand opening his foldable hand fan which briefly shows the flag of Japan on its center of the blue background with white snowflakes)

Tuffy: (Unseen:) "The contest will began with the first round, one that neither America nor Japan has never seen before in history."

(Tuffy then move his fan away, revealing his face)

Tuffy: "Let's watch as our two competitors come onto the ice ring. (looks to the right:) Now here he comes..."

(The camera then shows Frosty and the kids as they look to the left to see who's coming onto the ring)

Tuffy: "(Unseen:) The one and only..."

(Next, it shows Tom dashing toward the ice ring. With yet more anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, he jumped up high in the air, spinning for a few seconds until stopping, and then landing on the ring with one foot, before putting the other down)

Tuffy: (Unseen:) "Thomas Cat!"

(The kids and Frosty cheered as Tom puts his fists on his torso, turned to his friends and smiles with his teeth sparkling. Next, Frosty and the children look to the right on who Tom is challenging.)

Tuffy: "(Unseen:) Versus..."


Tuffy: "(Unseen:) Jerry Mouse!"



Hocus Pocus:

(Tom and Jerry bow to each other, before Tuffy walks to the middle to tell his two competitors the rules of the tournament and its two matches.



Tuffy: "But that's not the reason. Either attacking private body parts or killing each other may scare the kids, especially Frosty-san."


Jerry: "Don't worry, Tuffy. We'll try not to do any killing or private area striking parts in front of them."


Tuffy: "Good! But speaking of these rules, I'm just curious over two things. Are mice smaller than rats?"

Jerry: (nodding:) "Uh-uh."

(Tuffy then turns to Tom)

Tuffy: "And cats stand tall over the mice, do they?"

Tom: "Yes, they do."


Tuffy: "Well, to be honest, it won't be a fair fight with one small mouse against a large cat. I thought Jerry-Ojisan will need a little more height to get ready, so we'll grow it."

Tom: "Wha?"

Jerry: "Grow my height?"

Tuffy: "Yes, Ojisan. With the help of... (takes out his same fan) this!


Tom: "Hey, it's just a fan."

Tuffy: "Oh, no, Tom-san. It's not just a fan, it's a magic fan."

(The kids and Frosty look amazed to hear that Tuffy's fan is magic, and so are Tom and Jerry)

Tom and Jerry: "A magic fan?"

Tuffy: "Yeah!"

(The fan which Tuffy holds glows with an aura of light while he continue to explain about it.)


(The camera cuts to Tom and Jerry.)

Jerry: "Wow! We bet it has the same magic as Frosty's."



Tom: Okay, but I hope Jerry won't grow that much bigger to be a gigantic giant mouse, just like the last time when we were in the Wonkavision at Mr. Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.


(While Tom is stepping back a few steps away, Tuffy called to Frosty and the children while holding his magic fan)

Tuffy: "Frosty-san and kids, get a load of this!"

(He looks back to Jerry, who stares at Tuffy in confusion)

Tuffy: "Magic fan, make my Jerry-Ojisan GROW!"


Jerry: (horrified at his new size:) "Aah!"

Last Match: Jerry vs. Frosty/ "Frosty is the Winner!" Edit

(Frosty and the children's applause continues as Tom walks out of the ring after a handshake with Jerry in congratulating him for his victory. Karen look to Tom, seeing the cat feel sad about not being able to win against his mouse friend)

Karen: "Cheer up, Tom. You fought well, and you'll have another chance to win a fair and square round with Jerry in a real martial arts championship."



Jerry: "Well, for your training, Thomas, won't you think about sparring with Cousin Muscles?"

Tom: (frightened:) "Yipe! (waving his hands in fear) No, no, no! Anybody but that strong mouse who look like exactly you!"


(Everyone laugh at the duo's remarks. The scene shows Frosty looking at Jerry as he thought about how to get back at him for tickling him three times.)

Frosty: "(thinking to himself:) Well done, Jerry. You may have beaten Tom in your current human child-size that almost match the same as his, thanks to Tuffy's magic fan, but as a token of a harmless repay for your constant tickling, I'll take you down in this final match."

(The camera cuts to Tuffy and Hocus Pocus)

Hocus Pocus: "


Hocus Pocus:

Tuffy: "You're right, Hocus."

(The children and Frosty continue to cheer with my applause until Hocus quiets them down with blow to the gong from his mallet.)

Tuffy: "(speaking in Japanese accent:) Attention, kids of America and Frosty-san. We apologize for disrupting your cheers, but the Winter Wonderland Martial Arts Competition is not done yet. With Jerry here on this solid ice ring, what we need you to enjoy is one more match to go. But since they were no more fighters but Jerry Ojisan and Thomas-san, we need on vollunteer for this last match"

(The camera shows the children and Frosty cheering in agreement)

Frosty (looks to the kids and whispers to them) "Kids, can some of you fetch the broom and pass it to me?"

(The kids nodded as the brown-haired boy and the orange-haired boy hurried away to collect Frosty's broomstick. The camera cuts us back to Tuffy and Hocus with Jerry standing on the left side of the screen, holding his red-painting snow staff which resembles the Power Pole from Dragon Ball and punches Tom out of the ring.)

Tuffy: "Now who wants to fight with Jerry-Ojisan in this final match, as a ?"

Frosty: (Unseen:) "I will, Tuffy-san!"

Jerry: "Huh?"

(The camera swoosh over to Frosty, now holding his broomstick passed to him by the kids. He jumps into the ice tournament ring with an anime Thump! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, causing the camera to vibrate a little.)

Frosty: "Don't forget about me, Jerry Mouse!"

(The camera cuts to Jerry looking confused.)

Jerry: "You're a volunteer?"

Frosty: *spinning his broomstick before answering Jerry's question* Yes, I am. *turns to Tuffy and Hocus Pocus* I am so going to battle your uncle alright, Tuffy!"

Tuffy: "Good idea, Frosty-san. (clearing his throat:) Here it is, kids and Thomas-san! The moment we've been waiting for! The second and final match of the Snow Bōjutsu is about to start! Frosty the Snowman versus Jerry Mouse! Who will be victorious? Who will be the best fighter? Who will be the grand winner? Will it be Frosty-san? Or will it be to Jerry Ojisan? And most of all, who neither of them be crowned the King of Winters?!"

Children: "Yeah! Who will be?"

Tom: "Go ahead, Jerry. Let's see how you can teach Frosty a lesson or two! But go easy on him!"

Jerry: "I will, Tom! Don't you worry."

(Both Frosty and Jerry then stare at each other, eye to eye)

Tuffy: "Now, competitors. Let's us see three tests that needs to be be completed before we begin the match, just like on between Tom-san and Jerry Ojisan. First test, pose any fighting stances!"

(Both competitors nods their heads, then they stick their sticks to the tournament ground to perform fighting stances.)

Frosty: "Now what should we do, Jer? Sumo stomps?"

Jerry: (smiles:) "Sure. You first."

Ice Skating /Frosty Begins to Melt Edit

(Cut to Girl with Pink Dress with Frosty, Tom & Jerry ice skating on the ice)

Girl in Pink Dress: *grabbing Tom's hands, spinning, laughter* "Whee...!"

Frosty: *making magic with his hands behind Girl in Pink Dress*

Girl in Pink Dress: *gently lets Tom go* "You're amazing, Frosty!" *hugging Frosty*

Frosty: *hugging Girl in Pink Dress* "Aw..." (chuckling)

Jerry: "Hey Tom, we should stay in here! It's perfect!"

Tom: "Sounds good to me, Jerry! I mean, it doesn't seems to be wrong with this. Nothing is going to stop this fun-time."

Frosty: *spinning* "Whee...*giggling, but suddenly stopped, noticing he's sweating, touching his forehead* "Uh-oh..."

(The camera shows Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and the children as they stopped and stare at Frosty)

Tuffy: "Is there something wrong, Mr. Frosty?"

Karen: *walk towards Frosty* "Yeah, what's the matter, Frosty?"

Frosty: "Phew! However, I think I might be melting. Karen, is there a thermometer around here?"

Karen: (curious:) *points to where the thermometer is* "Over there on the wall. Why?"

(The camera shows the thermometer sequence, with the red liquid rising to show how hot its temperature get to)

Frosty: (Unseen:) "Oh, I was afraid of that. And the thermometer is getting all red. To tell you all the truth, I really hate red thermometers."

Jerry: (Unseen/surprised:) "Huh? How come, big fella?"

(The camera cuts back to Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and and Karen)

Karen: *carrying Tuffy in her shoulder* "(curious:) Why, Frosty?"

Frosty: *turning to Karen, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry, admitting the truth* "Because when the thermometer gets all reddish, the temperature goes up. And when the temperature climbs up... *wiping away his sweats* I start to melt. And if I started to melt, I'll get all wishy-washy...which meant... (whimpers in fear:) ...that I'll turn into a puddle of water!"

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus & the children gasped in horror before Karen spoke firmly to Frosty)

Karen: "(bravery:) No! *holding Frosty's hands* I won't let that happen to you, Frosty! You gotta go someplace, where you will never melt!" *curiously, with Frosty, turns to Tom*

Tom: (Unseen before Seen-On-Screen:) "Umm...excuse me, but I was thinking of maybe..taking him to...the North Pole?"

(The camera shows the two boys, Karen and Frosty, who are slowly started to smile)

Karen: "Thomas, that's a great place for Frosty be safe at! Anyway, we've got to get him there."

(The camera then shows Brown-haired Boy)

Brown-Haired Boy: "Yeah! We can take Frosty downtown to the railroad station."

(The camera switches back to Karen and the two boys)

Orange-haired boy: *pointing his finger up with an anime swoosh sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation* "And put him on a train!"

Tuffy: "Perfect idea, kids!"

(The delighted Tuffy turns his eye pupils to Frosty above, and another anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is played out when he jumps onto his right shoulder.)

Tuffy: "What did you think, Mr. Frosty?"

Frosty: "(thrilled:) Great!"

(More of the classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are played out when Tuffy jumps off Frosty, and the he went twirling once more, holding his hands)

Frosty: "I always wanted to see the town!"

(The camera switches to a scene where Karen turned to Tom with a smile)

Karen: "You made Frosty's dream came true. For this, Tom, here's my only way to say thanks to you."

(She kisses Tom, and the grayish-blue cat blushed his cheeks red before he chuckles)

"Let's Have A Parade!"/ The Traffic Cop Edit

(The camera then shows us Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and the children)

Frosty: "In honor of an idea from Tom Cat, let's make a party out of it! Let's have a parade!"

(The original parade version of Frosty's theme song started playing as Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and the children stars cheering and hoping up and down with joy. And for the third time; just like Popeye the Sailor Man, Frosty blows toot-like whistles from his pipe with snowflakes and magic dust coming out of its corncob, then his broomstick magically flew over in response. Tom, however, catches the broom with an anime grabbling sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and kindly hands it to Frosty, smiling. Then like a band leader, Frosty starts marching with Tom, Jerry and the kids marching behind him) 

Chorus: (singing:) ♪ "Frosty the Snowman" ♪

♪ "Knew the sun was hot that day" ♪

♪ "So he said, 'Let's run!'" ♪

♪ "'And we'll have some fun!'" ♪

♪ "'Now, before I melt away!'"

(Frosty, Tom, Jerry and the kids had marched right out of the schoolyard, with Hocus Pocus hopping, following them.)

Tuffy: *riding on Hocus Pocus' back* "Hey, Mr. Frosty, Wait for us!"

(In town, a band had played part of the theme as the group marched through the town. Then a man with a pair of eye glasses, carrying presents, was passing the group when he notices Frosty from behind, only to see him moving and gasps in surprise, with his vocal effect voiced by Pinto Colvig. The man is so stunned, in fact, that he was walking without even seeing where he was going. That, of course, caused him to bump into a woman from before who was carrying presents as well. They and their stacks of presents fell down, and looked back to the living Frosty, while a jack in a box popped from the wrapped packaging. While this happened, inside a barber shop, a barber was combing the mustache of his customer and preparing to give him a trim, while the narrator is heard singing more about Frosty.)

The narrator: (singing:) ♪ "Down to the village..." ♪

Barber: *looking back to see Frosty outside the window* "Wha?!"

(Dumbstruck and distracted by the all-living appearance of Frosty, the barber accidentally clipped off half of his customer's mustache. The customer then noticed the half of his mustache falling off, much to his shock)

The Barber's Customer: "(picking up his mustache's half and rolling his eyes in horror:) Sweet Henrietta!"

The narrator: (singing:) ♪ "With a broomstick in his hand..." ♪

(Now we see a beautiful young woman with a red turtleneck that is similar to Olive Oyl's, combing her orange hair until stopping as she sees something on the reflection of her hand mirror she is holding. The woman becomes shocked with a gasp, too, for her mirror shows us the reflection of Frosty, Tom, Jerry and the kids marching.)

The narrator: (singing:) ♪ "Running here and there" ♪

♪ "All around the square..." ♪

(With a single groan, the woman fainted as both her body and her chair she was sitting on hit the floor with a crashing sound effect. The camera switches us back to a scene with the marching group with Hocus hopping alongside with them, and with Tuffy riding on the rabbit)

The narrator: (singing:) ♪"Saying 'catch me if you can!'" ♪

(They stopped a bit before Frosty turned to the kids)

Frosty: "Come on, kids! Follow the leader!"

(The snowman crouched to the ground with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, and the children laughed as they leap-frog jumping over Frosty's back with the anime company'es classic jumping sounds)

Frosty: *turned his head to Tom and Jerry behind* "Come on, Tom and Jerry! You can join, too!"

(The camera cuts to Tom and Jerry as Tuffy and Hocus Pocus followed closer behind the cat and mouse duo)

Jerry: *calling out to Frosty* "We're right behind you, big fella!"

Tom: *carries Tuffy on his shoulder, getting a running start* "(thrilled:) Here we come!"

(With Fizz Sound Creation repeating its anime sound effects, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry also leap frog jumping over Frosty's back)

Chorus: (singing:) ♪ "He led them down the streets of town" ♪

♪ "Right into a traffic cop."

(And with more anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation, Hocus Pocus slides on Frosty's back, too, but in doing so, the rabbit accidentally knocks the children down. We then see Butch Dog as the traffic cop still directing traffic. The marching group, with Frosty back in the lead, had marched in the direction of Butch without even thinking)

The narrator: (singing:) "And he only paused a moment, when he heard him holler..."

Chorus: (singing:) "STOP!"

(Butch Dog quickly noticed the group and blew his whistle as he put his hand in front of them Tuffy notices Butch, but he hasn't discovered that he is a traffic dog yet)

Tuffy: "(alarmed:) Mr. Frosty, watch out!"

Butch Dog: "(halting Frosty and his friends, shocking them into moving back:) Stop."

(Then the camera shows Forsty becoming strartled with his pipe jumping out while Butch is repeating his command.)

Butch Dog: "(Unseen:) Stop!"

(Then it shows Butch shouting his command one more time, this time, even louder.)

Butch Dog: "STOOOOP!"

(While some of the cars in the town were heard stopping with screeching tires, the camera switches back to Frosty gasps in shock as his pipe went back into his mouth. Then he is bumping into Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and the children behind with Fizz Sound Creation's classic anime sound effects, causing the kids to exclaim. Next, we see Butch Dog staring at Frosty with a suspicious frown, and then cuts back to Frosty. The snowman widen eyes his and shrunk his pupils before turning behind at the children. His cheeks blushed pink with embarrassment.)

Frosty: "Whoops! Are you guys alright, back there?"

Tom: *nods his head as carrying Jerry in his hand* "We're fine, big guy, but what happened?"

Jerry: "I think we heard him holler stop."

Frosty: *nods his head* "You got that right, Jerry." *turns to Butch Dog in front of him*

Tuffy: "So sorry about that, Mr. Traffic...*opens his eyes, finally seeing Butch Dog in his full appearance*...Butch Dog? You're a traffic cop, or a traffic dog?"

Butch Dog: "Yeah. The real traffic cop had taken a week off, for he and his family on a Christmas vacation in South Korea."

(The dog then walks toward Frosty.)

Butch Dog: *sneered at Frosty* "Alright, mister, didn't you see a traffic light?"

(The camera cuts to a confuse Frosty and Tuffy with the snowman blinking his eyes.)

Frosty: "(curious:) What's a traffic light?"

Tuffy: *slaps his forehead with an anime punch sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation in disbelief* "Oh, boy..."

(The camera cuts to Tom and Jerry watching from behind Karen)

Butch Dog: (Unseen:) "Up there on a lamp post, buddy!"

Frosty: (Unseen:) "What's a lamp post, chump?"

(Tom and Jerry then started to laugh quietly, hoping they do not insult Butch, then the next scene represent their recycled animation when they were laughing at the house of the sorcerer Chip in Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring.)

Tom: (giggling) "I have to admit, Frosty might be a snowman, but he's really funny."

Jerry: "I know, right? (giggles). More like a snow comedian."

(Tom and Jerry resumed giggling. The camera cuts to Frosty and Butch Dog)

Butch Dog: "So, you wanna a ticket, wiseguy?"

Frosty: *started smiling* "I'd LOVE one! *winks to Butch Dog* To the North Pole, please."

Butch Dog: "(confused:) Huh?"

(Karen walked up to Butch as he turned to her.)

Karen: *clears throat* "You have to excuse him, Officer Butch, sir. You see, he just came to life. And he doesn't know about such things. So, can you let us go?"

Butch Dog: "Well...*started to smile* ...Okay, ever since he came to life."

(The traffic dog then blows whistle with music notes coming out, before motioning the group to move along.)

Butch Dog: "Move along!"

Tuffy: *tipping his emerald green winter hat* "Thanks, Officer Butch! Come on, Mr. Frosty, let's get you to the railroad station!"

(The group then look their leave, before Butch Dog scoffed)

Butch Dog: "Heh, silly snowmen. Once they come to life, they don't know nothing, just like that one."

(He was preparing to blow his whistle, until he quickly become shock at what he was thinking about)

Butch Dog: "Come to LIFE?!"

(The horrified Butch Dog unknowingly lets go of his whistle, causing him to swallow it. Then instead of chocking, he starts whistling from inside his throat that music notes came out of his mouth. Next, we see Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and the children looking back at the incident, with the snowman giggling as if he couldn't help it.)

(Without sparing more time of observation, the group continue to march on, with the instrumental version of the theme ending and leading to some military march music)

Frosty's First Bakery Visit/ Professor Hinkle Notices! Edit

(After the incident with Butch Dog who works as a traffic dog, Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and the kids continue to parade through town on their way to the railroad station, hoping to buy tickets for him to be transported to the North Pole, and to avoid melting. The narrator is watching this scene nearby, then he turned to us, the viewers.)

The narrator: "Just as they were getting close to the railroad station, and for the very first time, Frosty got a good scent of a delicious smell, all the way from the bakery and cafe restaurant."

(A white stream of warm steam came from out of nowhere, and it halts the parade.)

Frosty: *seeing the steam* "Huh?"

(He closed his eyes and inhaled the steam through his red button nose which does not have nostrils as the broomstick dropped with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation)

Frosty: *opening his eyes* "(dreamy:) Oh...what is that smell? It smelled so...scrumptiously good. (curious:) Where is it coming from?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Oh, Frosty. *pointed to the bakery and cafe* That's the downtown bakery you're smelling from. Do you want to take a look with me?"

Frosty: "(shy:) Can I?"

Tuffy: *nods his head, waving his hands below* "Go ahead, Mr. Frosty. We'll wait for ya here. Don't worry about us. You will have plenty of time. Me, Tom and Jerry got your friends in our backs for you."

(Tom and Jerry both smiled at Frosty, nod their heads in agreement)

Tom: "Go on, big guy."

Frosty: *nods his head* "Okay."

(The snowman grabs the orange-haired boy's hand, and walked towards the bakery and cafe with other other kids, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus following them. They entered the cafe and bakery where a familiar young woman in red is humming a tune We Wish You A Merry Christmas while prepping the goods for the other customers. Outside, where they are waiting with the kids holding Frosty's broom, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy watch through the glass door and recognize the woman as Red. The camera cuts to Frosty and the orange-haired boy.)

Orange-haired Boy: *turning to Frosty* "Shhh... *begin dings on a bell on the table* Hello...?"

Red: *turns to the orange-haired Boy, smiles* "Oh, Hello, young man, welcome to Red's bakery and cafe restaurant, how can I... *seeing Frosty unexpectedly* (curious:) And who's your friend of yours?"

Orange-haired Boy: "Well, ma'am, do not be alarmed, but this is my friend Frosty. He's a snowman, and he was curious about it through the open window of your restaurant."

Red: "(tomboyish:) Well, for a snowman like him young man, he's sure is quite handsome."

Frosty: *his eyes widen in shocked, cheeks starting blushing, smiles sheepishly* "Oh!" (chuckling)

Red: *started shaking Frosty's hand* "Hello."

Frosty: (giggling) "(bashful:) Please to meet you. I heard you're also an actress of yourself, right?"

Red: *nods her head* "I really am, I've been acting since a very long time. And I still do so, and I even make money and donated them to charity."

Frosty: *touching his chest, feeling warm-hearted* "How thoughtful of you to do so. *noticing the Christmas-theme decorated muffins on a display on the window* "(amazed:) Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! They look so wonderful! *pointed at the muffin display* What are those?"

Red: *walked towards the display* "Well, these are my most famous Christmas muffins that I decorate myself for this year's holiday tradition."

Frosty "Oh my, I never actually had a muffin before. (nervous:) Heh heh, do you think that I could try one?"

Red: *nods her head* "Be my guest. Here, try the classic: a chocolate chip muffin. Try one." *handing him a muffin from the display, kindly giving it to Frosty*

Frosty: *blushly grabs a muffin, sniffing* "It smells good..." *stared at the muffin curiously, turns to Orange-haired Boy*

Orange-haired Boy: *nods his head* "(whispering:) Go ahead, Frosty."

Frosty: "Okay..." *removed his pipe from his mouth, closed his eyes, deep breath, took a bite of a muffin, slowly chewing, widened his eyes surprisingly* Hey, that's a pretty good stuff! *took another bite, his tongue slopping* mmm, yeah, not bad! This is such a good muffin I've ever tasted any so unique in my entire life!"

Red: "Well, Frosty the Snowman, these muffins on the display are all for free! That means you don't have to pay anything."

Orange-haired Boy: "(surprised:) Wow! That's sounds great, ma'am! You hear that, Frosty?"

Frosty: *chewing on his muffin, nods his head* "Mm-mm."

Red: *giggling, wrapping the muffins in a gift box* "There're all yours. *waving* Happy Holidays!"

Frosty: *outside inch of the door, swallows with an anime gulping sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation* "Yeah, you too, ma'am, bye! Thanks!"

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and the children ran towards Frosty and Orange-haired Boy)

Tuffy: " did it go in there, Mr. Frosty?"

Frosty: "Oh, Tuffy, it's looks so wonderful in there! That lady baker, herself, was so kind, that she given me her most famous Christmas muffins on the display, for free, which means without paying anything! And she even... *giggles as his cheeks are blushing pink* She even called me handsome!"

Children: (all giggling)

Tuffy: "Well, you are the handsome snowman since Miss Karen and her friends had built you, with Tom and Jerry's volunteer help."

Frosty: *chuckle* "Oh! Care for one, everyone? You too, Tom & Jerry, you get one as well."

Tom: "Thanks, big guy!"

Jerry: "Yeah, thanks!"

Karen: "(curious:) Well, we have been eating our healthy snacks during lunch time in the Christmas party, so, *grabbing a muffin, smiles* thanks, Frosty."

Children: (exclaiming) *all eating their muffins*

The narrator: "While Frosty and his crew were enjoying their muffins at Red's cafe & bakery, on the other side of the townsquare, Professor Hinkle got a real up close look on himself in a reflection of the store window."

Professor Hinkle: (humming) "(Unseen/ shocked:) What the?"

(An anime *zip! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard as he look back to the reflection, noticing a wreath on his head)

Professor Hinkle: "Hey, this...*removing the wreath from his head* this isn't my magic hat, this is a Christmas wreath! Oh, ahem. *gently places it on a lamp post, and then becoming angry and suspicious* Somebody's been hopping around with Professor Hinkle! But who, and how has this ever happened?"

(hearing/ seeing Frosty and the children. Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and the children: (all laughing)

Professor Hinkle: *noticing his hat, gasp* "My hat! I knew it! That little rabbit and mouse of mine! They did it just to turn against me. I'll show them- and that handsome snowcrook that nobody insults moi! When I get my hands on him soon, he will never get to the North Pole, and I shall yet again return with my hat to make me a millionaire!"

(evil laughter, goes quietly & quickly goes following them*

Getting Train Tickets/ Stowaways on the Train Edit

(Meanwhile, Frosty's group had finally reached the train station and went inside the building. Inside, in a ticket booth was a bulldog in the suit of a ticket manager sleeping a bit on the chair. It was Spike, one of Tom and Jerry's occasional enemies. He was snoring until suddenly, the anime sounds of door-knocking by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as it wakes up Spike.)

Spike: "Wha...wha..wha...huh? Uhh, who's out there?"

(Opening the window door a half inch, Spike took a peek at Frosty and Karen standing near him on the other side of the booth.)

Frosty: "Hello, it's just us! We've just came here to get the tickets to the North Pole, if you would please."

Spike: *opening the window door* "North Pole, you say?"

Karen: "Yes, manger, sir? Ahem, 'cause we need to take the train to the North Pole, like really fast!"

Spike: "Oh, yes, ma'am! Coming right up."

(The bulldog turns back to call for his assistant.)

Spike: "Hey, Tyke! Set up the tickets for the North Pole right away!"

(Then Spike's assistant, Tyke, is heard responding to his boss, with a young human boy's voice.)

Tyke: (Unseen:) "You got it, Dad!"

(As Frosty and Karen look on, the camera shows Spike's son Tyke, as the ticket man's assistant, taking out many tickets as he rapidly organized and stacked each one with his many panting, barking, howling and growling vocals by Frank Welker, and with bonking, pinging, tinkling, scrabbling and doinking sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye. He signed a few before stamping most of them. He then somehow got tangled up in a whole row of the tickets, but manage to get loose. Back outside the booth, Frosty and Karen looked a bit concerned as they watch Tyke work with more of his yipping and more of the tickets' wacky sound effects, but Tom and Jerry were clearly recognizing who he and his father are.)

Karen: *turns back to Tom and Jerry* "(whispering:) You guys never told me and Frosty that Spike & Tyke are ticket managers."

Tom: "'s kinda of..very long story, Karen."

Jerry: "Yeah, we'll tell you and Frosty about it another time."

(Now we see Spike looking down as Tyke walk on four legs toward his father, carrying a stack of tickets on his back.)

Tyke: "Done!"

(The father bulldog takes the ticket stack off Tyke's back and starts checking it while the puppy is panting.)

Spike: "Here you go. Those tickets route you by the way of Saskatchewan, Hudson Bay, Nome, Alaska, the Klondike and Aurora Borealis. *looks back at Tyke* You know, Tyke my boy..."

(An anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is played out when Spike is picking up Tyke and carrying him in his arms)

Spike: "We gotta make a change at nanook of the North."

(Another of Fizz Sound Creation's classic anime sounds is played out as Spike places Tyke on the counter.)

Tyke: "Right, Dad. Next time."

Frosty: "(thrilled:) This is getting so exciting! I can't believed that I'm actually going to the North Pole!"

Tuffy: "It will be soon enough, Mr. Frosty! We promise! So, Ticket Manager Spike, how much are those tickets?"

Spike: (chuckle) "Well, those tickets to the North Pole are each cost about...$3,000.04... *taking out a bone* ...including taxes." *chewing on a bone*

(Frosty gasps in shock, then he nervously pushed the tickets back to Spike. Next, we see Tyke and Tuffy looking at the unseen Spike in confusion and surprise)

Tyke: "(confused:) $3,000.04, Dad?"

Spike: (Unseen:) "That's correct, Tyke, my boy."

(Tuffy slaps his forehead with anime punch/ ping sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation as Tyke look back at his friend, and Tom and Jerry are horrified with their mouths open before they bite their lips with their teeth, causing stabbing or chomping sound effects from this anime sound effect company in this film)

Karen: "Oh, I really hate to tell you and your son about this. But...we don't have any money."

Spike: *becomes shock and spits out a bone* "What!? No money!?

(One anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard as an outraged Spike slams his fist on the desk so hard that the stack of tickets becomes unraveled, flying around him and tangling him with mor wacky sounds by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, while Tyke, Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy look on with sewats on their heads.)

Spike: "Whoa!"

(Before he could free himself, Spike starts to slip backwards, waving his arms around with anime twirling sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation and disappearing, screaming.)

Tyke: "Dad, watch out!"

(Then the loud anime crashing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard, while Spike's screams are finally stopped as everyone closed their eyes, and then open them to see if Spike is severely bruised or wounded.)

Frosty: "(worried:) Umm...Ticket Manager Spike, sir? Are you alright?"

(But suddenly, Spike reappears in front of Frosty, covered in spilled-coffee and completely enraged. The bulldog is growling angrily, and the snowman gasps in horror as he stepped back. Karen, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy were also startled at the reign of Spike. Even Tyke looked worried upon seeing how vicious he look to his friends.)

Tyke: "Uh-oh. *turns to Frosty and his friends* Here's something you guys don't want to see every day. One raging dog like my Dad here in town on this Christmas Eve."

Spike: *glares at Tyke* "(annoyed:) Hmm?"

(Tyke grins anxiously to show he was not insulting Spike)

Spike: *turns to Frosty and his friends* "(angry:) I am terribly sorry, but..."

(Then an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard when the furious bulldog grabs Tyke with his right arm, making the puppy yelp in startle)

Spike: "(angry:) No money means...NO TICKET!"

(With that, Spike fiercely slammed the window shut, causing Frosty, Karen, Tom, Jerry & Tuffy to get jump-scared, with Frosty's hat hopping off the snowman's head for one moment. They and the rest of the children gasp in shocked as they all fall backwards and hit the floor with anime Thud! sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation. Everyone was uninjured as the kids, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus lie, and Frosty, without his magical silk hat on his head, was sitting on his bottom. One anime Boing! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation came next as the magic hat then lands back on Frosty's head before he could even revert back to his lifeless state. Furious at Spike's fit of rage toward his friends, Tuffy jumps back on booth bar and stares at the window door, before banging on it loudly.)

Tuffy: "Ticket Manager Spike, don't slam the door like that! We need those tickets to get our friend to the North Pole, before he melts!"

(But then, the little grey mouse with his white diaper and emerald green winter clothes gets frightened with a sweat on his furry head as he gets a shouting response from Spike, who is heard to be even more angrier and louder than Tuffy, while Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Hocus and the kids get up.)

Spike: (Unseen:) "(angry:) I don't care about that anymore! Now scram, before I'll shove you and your friend away with my force!"

Tuffy: "But, Spike, you can't...." *turns to Frosty, as he heard his voice*

Frosty: "(sadly:) It's no use, Tuffy. Now, I'll never get to the North Pole. *starts walking away sadly* It looks like I'll just...have to melt myself to death for good."

(Tom, Jerry, Tuffy & Karen stared shockingly at each other, then they turned to Frosty.)

Tom: *ran to Frosty, grabbing his hand to stop him (inspired from Disney's Frozen)* "No, you're not! *turning Frosty to face him* We are not gonna let you survive yourself like that, Frosty! 'Cause we all care about you, big guy. We will find another way to get you to the North Pole. We promise. Cross our hearts!"

Karen: *walks towards Frosty* "(worried:) Tom's' right, Frosty. You just can't melt! And we won't let you either!"

(Two classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are played out when Karen jumps to hug Frosty)

Frosty: *hugging Karen, smiling, feeling touched* "Aw, Karen. Don't you get all slushy, too. *staring at Tom* And I really appreciate your comments, Thomas, *staring at Tuffy and Jerry on Tom's shoulder* and you and Tuffy at the same time as well."

(Hocus Pocus hops over to Karen with his tsking and the same squeaky boings from his footsteps, provied by Rankin/Bass sound engineers Jim Harris and Phil Kaye.)

Frosty: "(curious:) Hocus?"

Hocus Pocus: (still hopping) "Tsk, tsk, tsk! Excuse me, Frosty. Hey, Karen! *grabs Karen's scarf with an anime grabbling sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and turns her to face him* I found something!"

Karen: "(curious:) What is it, Hocus?"

Hocus Pocus: (slams Karen's scarf to the floor with an anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation) "Actually, you should just...(tapping his feet on the floor with normal sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye while point at the window with his fingers and ears:) ...look up!"

Karen: "You mean out the window?"

Hocus Pocus: "Correct!"

(Three of the classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard when Tuffy jumps on the window and pointed at a train)

Tuffy: "Hey, Hocus' right! Look!"

(Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Karen and Hocus Pocus walked to the window, and out there was a steam engine with a few freight cars and a caboose that are all colored red. In the middle of a train was a boxcar)

Karen: "(Unseen:) A refrigerated boxcar, on a train headed north!"

(The camera cuts back to Tom and Jerry)

Jerry: "Yeah! This will be it!"

Tom: "But, guys, the trainmaster Droopy himself is in charge of this train. If Droopy sees us that we don't got the tickets, he won't take Frosty to the North Pole."

(The camera pans from Tom and Jerry to Karen and Hocus Pocus)

Karen: "Tom, you're right. How are we gonna bring Frosty to the train and get him to the North Pole?"

Hocus Pocus: "Yeah, before the train leaves!"

Frosty: "Hmm...*snaps his fingers* I've got an idea! Guys, follow my lead."

(Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Frosty and Hocus came out of the building and up to the boxcar where Droopy is in charge of the train.)

Droopy: "Next in line, please. And you are?"

Tuffy: "Do not be alarmed, but this is our snowman mascot for...uhhh..Oh, yeah! For the Christmas Party at the north, yeah."

Droopy: "A snowman mascot, huh?"

Frosty: "You see, I need to get to the North Pole fast on time for the celebration in time. Because I'm a very special one, and also almost-every parties needed a mascot, you know?"

Droopy: "Well, in that case, you don't have to give me any your tickets, you can just hop aboard on my train. I'll take you to the North to the celebration in no time."

Karen: "Thank you, sir!"

Droopy: (Unseen:) "Don't mention it, young lady."

Frosty: "Hold on, guys. Psst! Excuse me, Master Droopy, you wouldn't mind if I could go to the back of your train with my friends? You know, in the boxcar, where I can...practice back there...?"

Droopy: *nods his head* "Be my guest, but get settle up, the train is going to pull up exactly 5 minutes, and stay warm back there."

Frosty: *smling* "Thanks alot, pal!" *rubs Droopy's head*

Droopy: "No problem, sir." *smiles, staring at the viewers* "You know what, I've never seen a kindhearted snowman mascot before in my life this year. What a gentleman he is."

Tom: *high-fives Frosty* "Nice!"

Frosty: "Thanks, told you that plan would work! Thanks for your help, Tuffy."

Tuffy: "No problem!"

Karen: "And you'll be safe there in no time, Frosty."

(Karen's classmates came out of the building after moments of watching from the window.)

Frosty: *seeing Karen's classmates* "(whispering:) Psst, kids! Over here."

(Karen's classmates ran to Frosty, Karen, Hocus, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry)

Orange-haired Boy: *seeing Trainmaster Droopy, clears throat* "We just came here to say good luck to our favorite mascot."

Droopy: (Unseen:) "Not a problem, young man."

(Karen opens the door of the refrigerated boxcar, revealing a large supply of frozen cakes, dairy treats, ice pops and ice cream inside, much to everyone’s delight as the children are exclaiming indistinctly.)

Brown-haired Boy: "It's full of ice cream."

Orange-haired boy: "And frozen Christmas cakes."

(Tom & Jerry went slopping their tongues in delight, then the camera cuts to Frosty with Tuffy jumping on his hat.)

Tuffy: "What a neat way to travel!"

Frosty: *chuckle* "You got that right, Tuffy."

(The camera shows a train whistle blowing with steam coming out, zooming away from it. Next, the scene switches to Frosty, Karen, Tom and Jerry looking up.)

Droopy: (Unseen:) "(on microphone:) Attention, everyone. The train will be pulling exactly 1 minute."

Karen: *pushing Frosty into the boxcar with Tom and Jerry's help* "Hurry up, Frosty! The train is pulling out."

Frosty: "Are you coming to the North Pole, too?"

Tom: "Well...we're sure Robyn and her father wouldn't mind." *climbs aboard the boxcar, carrying Jerry*

Jerry: "As long as me and Tom return home back to Starling Enterprise on time for supper."

Karen: *climbs aboard the boxcar* "Same goes to mel with my mother, Frosty." (grunts)

Frosty: *pulled Karen up, smiling* "(gentle:) You guys will have plenty of time of your Christmas feast. I promise."

Tuffy: *riding on Hocus Pocus* "Wait for us, Mr. Frosty! Here we go!"

(Hocus Pocus, with Tuffy on his back, hops into the boxcart to join Tom, Jerry, Frosty and Karen.)

Hocus Pocus: "All ready, guys!"

(The white rabbit inhales a deep breath, and by the time he pretends to whistle with his fingers, the real whistle of the steam engine has done it. Then with more whistle blows, the train started chugging, before pulling out of the station.)

Droopy: "All Aboard to the North we go."

(As the freight train began to depart, Frosty, Karen, Hocus Pocus, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry see Karen's classmates waving goodbye, exclaiming)

Frosty: "Bye, kids! Thanks for your help! I'll be back again someday! I love you all!"

(The kids then departed the station as the passengers closed the door on the car before a familiar theme continued, except back to its normal pace.)

The narrator: "(Unseen/singing:) Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way. But he waved goodbye, saying, "Don't you cry, I'll be back again someday."

(As the train started leaving town, Professor Hinkle quickly ran to the train before quickly hitching a ride onto the bottom railing of the train with a n anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation as he smiled sinisterly.)

Proffesor Hinkle: "I must get that hat back. Think nasty, think nasty, think nasty!" *evil chuckling*

(The train pulled out of town, with the chorus finishing up the song.)

Chorus: "He'll be back..again..somedaaaaaay!"

Karen is Freezing /"Train Ride's Over!" Edit

(Later that day, as the train kept rolling on with the sounds of its blowing whistle, far out into the countryside, the narrator, a gentleman who resembles Jimmy Durante, was heard once again.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Now, actually, a refrigerated boxcar is a splendid way to travel."

(Inside the boxcar, Frosty was sitting down with his hands together on his knees, happily enjoying the ride with each blink of his two eyes.)

The narrator: "(Unseen) Splendid that is, if one is a snowman..."

(Frosty looks down to Tom, and as the camera moves down to the cat, he gave him a few gentle rubs on his fur)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Another one is a cat-fur warm covered cat..."

(Tom purred while looking back at Frosty with a smile. The camera then switches to Jerry watching Frosty patting Tom from the snowman's right shoulder, then looking back up at Tuffy sitting on the box of ice pops above. Both uncle and nephew smiles at each other.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) The third and fourth, two coat-up little mice..."

(Then it shows Hocus Pocus lying down relaxingly on a box of ice cream, with a smile on his face.

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Or the last one, a furry-coated rabbit."

(The camera then moves on the left side to Karen who is shivering with her arms bundled around herself, trying to keep warm.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) But for Karen, on the other hand, that was a different story..."

Karen: *sneezing*

(Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus turn to Karen after hearing her sneeze.)

Frosty: "(worried/ gently:) Are you cold, Karen?"

(Two anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation plays out in the background as Jerry jumps from Frosty's shoulder to Tom's shoulder)

Jerry: "We've never seen her freezing before."

Tom: "Now, that's a silly question I'd ever ask."

Frosty: *looking back at Tom* "You said it, Tom. *struggling over to Karen* Karen, you wouldn't be sneezing if you weren't cold. Would you?"

Karen: *looks to Frosty while shivering* "(freezing:) Well... just... just a li.. a little." *sneezing*

(The five friends then looked around the boxcar and looked at Karen in worry.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Frosty realized that Karen need to get out of the boxcar, as soon as possible."

(Then the group heard Droopy's voice as he makes his announcement through the microphone.)

Droopy: (Unseen:) "(on microphone:) Attention everyone, the train will stop at the north exactly 2 minutes."

Frosty: "Now look, Karen, I know I have to get the North Pole to avoid melting, like you guys wanted me to. But right now, it's more important that we got you some place warm."

Karen: "(freezing:) But, Frosty..."

Jerry: "But nothing, we all have to get you warm, while at the same time, we'll find another way to get Frosty to the North Pole."

Frosty: "Hang in there, Karen. We're almost made our stop, okay?"

Karen: "(freezing:) Okay... as long... as long I don't freeze myself into an ice block." *sneezes*

(Outside, the little train came to a stop, before a whistle was heard and another train passed by on another track very quickly.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) So, when the little fright train stops, and then an express full of Happy Christmas traveled pass..."

(The camera switches to Droopy the train master calling to Frosty and his friends through his r

Droopy: "Attention everyone, the train ride's over. Everybody out, and have a good Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays."

(Then, the next shot of the scene shows Frosty with Karen in her arms, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus opening the door of the boxcar.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Frosty took advantage of the opportunity, and quickly, quietly got them all out."

(One anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard as the gang jumps off the boxcart, and the same sound effect of Hocus' squeaky footstep by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye came next when the rabbit lands. Then they quickly hided behind the tree. Karen groans quietly before Frosty hushed her with a finger in front of his mouth.)

Frosty: "Shhh..."

Droopy: (Unseen:) "All aboard back home we go."

(The train continued moving without Frosty and his friends. Unaware to them, Professor Hinkle was still hung onto the railing, and was stunned at what just happened. Then the camera cuts in to a zooming close-up at Professor Hinkle furiously waving his fist to Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Hocus Pocus & Tuffy, now that he had seen them behind)

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, you tricked me! No fair!"

Tuffy and Hocus Pocus: "(shocked:) Professor Hinkle?!"

Professor Hinkle: "(calling back:) That's right, it is moi! And I've known you were both in on it, you little traitors! Now you're really going to get it!"

(Tom, Jerry and Frosty, who noticed Hinkle, looked concerned as the train continue to be pulled out with the steam engine's whistle blowing two times. The camera switches to Professor Hinkle as he climbed out of the railing and held onto the gate of the caboose, looking determined to take the hat back from Frosty and make Tuffy and Hocus suffer for betraying him.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) The only thing that Professor Hinkle would do, was make a jump for it."

(When the magician extended his leg out, the camera cuts to Frosty, who is seeing Professor Hinkle was about to jump off Droopy's Train. His eyes widen, and his blue pupils shrunk in shock)

Frosty: "(alarmed:) Hey, look out!"

(Too late! Professor Hinkle slipped off of the rail of the handle with a whistle sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye. And with crashing sound effects by Kaye and Harris, Hinkle fall down the snowy hill. During the tumbling, many magic items fell out of his suit, including magic cards, hankees, eggs, buttons, etc. He then finally came to a stop when he hit a tree at the bottom. The collision to the tree caused a pile of snow to fall on him, with a few icicles to follow, only the icicles miss him. He popped his head out, looking quite dazed, as a male squirrel climb down the tree and see what has happened to Professor Hinkle.)

Male Squirrel:

Professor Hinkle: "(dazed) Ha ha. Very...funny, little squirrel." *moans as he reburies his head in the snowbank*

Male Squirrel: "(confused:) Ooh. Did I do anything bad?" (blinks his eyes two times)

(The camera cut to Frosty holding Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy & Hocus Pocus looking down)

Tom: *carrying Jerry in his hand* "Ow!"

Jerry: "Ouch!"

Frosty: *grinding his teeth in pain reaction* "Oooh...that's gotta leave a mark. *shaking his head* Glad I am not a realistic human being like him. I'd prefer myself as a snowman better."

Tuffy: "I agree with you, Mr. Frosty. Let's get going."

Frosty: *nods his head in agreement, started walking through the woods*

(With that, the group starts walking away to continue for their journey to the North Pole on foot.)

Christmas Eve in the Woods/ A Fire for Karen, Tom and Jerry/ Frosty, Tuffy and Hocus' Suggestions Edit

(When we last left Tom, Jerry, Frosty and their friends in the previous scene, a snowflake passes the camera, switching us to the woods itself during the evening with the effects of falling snowflakes from the opening sequences earlier. Then by the time it changes into a horrible blizzard of blowing winds and snowfall, Tom, Jerry and Frosty's group appears on the hills, trudging through a blizzard.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Frosty, requested by Tuffy, wanted to get himself and his friends far away as they could be before Hinkle woke up from his unconsciousness."

(The camera switches to a closer view at Hocus holding his arms together with the sounds of chattering teeth in the background, shivering and whimpering. Then it shows Tom and Jerry doing the same emotion due to the cold winter winds.)

Tom: *teeth chattering* "We...we..we have to..hurry and get ourselves...warm up as well, before we froze as an ice block."

Jerry: "Yeah...we might brought Frosty to the north...but now, we're started to get icy cold."

(Next, we see Tuffy on Frosty's right shoulder, looking back at Tom and Jerry and fighting to stay strong and not ending up like his two friends.)

Tuffy: " said it, Uncle Jerry and Tom, just hang in there."

(Then he quickly noticed Karen was about to sneeze, and yanked out a hankie from his emerald green hat with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation)

Karen: (sneezing)

(Two anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are played out when Tuffy jumps onto her knee before he wiping her face with the hankie)

Tuffy: "Gesundheit."

(Then the camera cuts to recycled animated scene where Frosty, Karen and Hocus, supported by Tom, Jerry and Tuffy, continue to struggle through the snowstorm in the forest.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) But even though they were very far as of now, the woods in which they're travelling, were still bitterly cold."

(Frosty stares at Karen being unconscious, then he sees Tom and Jerry still shaking)

Frosty: "(worried:) Oh, dear. *turns to Tuffy and Hocus Pocus* Hocus, Tuffy, I've got to get Karen, Tom and Jerry all warm up, or they'll be goners."

Tuffy: "Maybe..Mr. can make a fireplace for them when we were out of this blizzard "

Hocus Pocus: "I agree with Tuffy. Watch this demonstration."

(And with more tsking, Hocus hops around and makes gestures of building a fire on his cottontail.)

Frosty: "That was a great idea, guy. But, just one problem. I can't make a fire."

Hocus Pocus: *slaps his forehead with another anime punch/ping sound by Fizz Sound Creation* "We forgot, you're a snowman."

Frosty: *nods his head* "Exactly...

(He stares at the viewers and shakes his head, feeling ashamed of himself)

Frosty: "Oh, boy. That's one thing I really can't do. I think we just have to keep moving until we find somebody who can."

Tuffy: "Okay, Mr. Frosty, let's go."

Hocus Pocus: "Right!"

(The group kept on walking, and a bit later, somewhere in another part of the forest, the blizzard had stopped)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) And soon enough, they reached to the tiny wooden glen, which seems almost magical."

(The camera now dissolves us to the next scene of what our narrator is telling us about. In the said glen, a green bird was seen decorating a tree with a red ribbon.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) For it was Christmas Eve, and the woodland animals were all decorating for that big celebration."

(Next, we see the other animals bringing in more decorations for the Christmas tree, including the flags of the United Kingdom and England, a part of this four-kingdom country from Europe.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Supervising their Christmas routine was none other than his kindness... his gentleness... his Englishness... or Britishness in this case. His honor..."

(Finally, we see an brown owl instructing the woodland animals with a voice that is similiar to Hawkmon from Digimon as the narrator introduces him as...)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Lord Owl."

Lord Owl: "Who-who-who! Come along now, animals. Santa Claus is expecting to see how beautiful our Christmas tree is. Don't stop until it's done, if your please."

(Then a fox, holding a tinsel with his teeth, runs past Lord Owl and causes him to spin with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation)

Fox: "Right, Lord Owl."

Lord Owl: *spinning around* "WHOA!"

(The owl stops, but gets tangled in the red ribbons and groans)

Mrs. Skunk: *putting a star on a snow tree* "Here's the star."

Lord Owl: "(dazed:) Nice star."

(Next, we see a squirrel on a post being given ornaments by another squirrel, putting each one on the red ribbon, allowing them to slide with each throw, performed as anime jumping sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation. It was the same male squirrel who appear during the incident with Professor Hinkle, and the other one is a female.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Like this old animal in charge of others, they knew Santa was to come that night..."

Male Squirrel: *placing the last ornament's hook, grabs onto the ornament itself and sliding down with it with more of Fizz Sound Creation's classic anime sounds playing along with his moments* "Whee!"

(The camera switches to Tom, Jerry and Frosty's group walking toward us, but stopping and looking at the decorated glen in awe. The camera zooms away from the gang and shows the Christmas tree shining with pink and gold sparkles from the ornaments, the ribbons and other decorations.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) ...and they wanted everything to be just right."

Frosty: *snaps fingers* "Tuffy, Hocus, speak to the animals over there. See if they won't all pitch in and build a fire for Tom, Jerry and Karen."

Tuffy: "Too easy, Mr. Frosty. Come on, Hocus."

(Hocus hopped over to the forest animals with Tuffy running along with him. Lord Owl and his fellow woodland animals turned to see him.)

Hocus Pocus: "Excuse us."

Deer: (seeing/ noticing Tuffy and Hocus Pocus) "Hi, who are you, little ones?"

Tuffy: "My name is Tuffy, Nibbles Tuffy Mouse. And this is my rabbit boss, Hocus Pocus. And we have no rights to interpreted you."

Male Squirrel: "No harm done, Tuffy."

Female Squirrel: "No interpretation around at the wooden glen."

Lord Owl: (flying over to Tuffy and Hocus Pocus) "You're more welcome, anyway. How can we assist you with?"

Hocus Pocus: *making gestures of shivering.* "Lord Owl, sir, can you and the others build a fireplace for our three friends of ours. They're freezing as if they turning into ice."

Lord Owl: "(shocked:) Turning into ice?"

(Tuffy took his turn to speak as Hocus performed gestures of building a fire, blowing on the fire to have it grow higher and yelping, feeling it is too warm.)

Tuffy: Yes, sir. If we don't build that fire for them now, they'll succumb to what we call hypothermia."

Hocus Pocus: "And death will come afterwards.

Lord Owl: "Certainly not, my dear chaps. This ain't gonna happen to your friends! *whistles* Animals, wrap up some branches, and make a fireplace, Prato!"

(The camera switches to Tom and Jerry, who are still feeling cold, and Frosty, who is still carrying Karen as the three friends curiously watch the woodland animals, and then back to the same forest group with Hocus and Tuffy.)

Tuffy: "We gotta make sure the fire does not burn the trees."

Lord Owl: "Right, young Tuffy! Let's go!"

(The camera cuts to the forest critters as they nodded at the idea.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) All the animals are delighted to help."

(The scene faded into the next sequence of Frosty, Hocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy watching the woodland collect firewood. One by one, they're dropping it into the middle of the glen.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) So they found a spot away from the glen, where the fire wouldn't catch on to their Christmas tree."

Beaver: "Your honor, I've found some branches under the bushes."

Bird 1: "We found some more fallen off from the trees"

Bird 2: "And some carefully out of the pond before it's completely frozen."

Male Squirrel: "We found few more."

Lord Owl: "Good. Now, start building it up like the fireplace. Immediately!"

Woodland Animals: "Yes, sir!"

(The next shot of the scene shows the deer holding a stick with two squirrels rubbing the sticks together until lighting a spark of fire.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Soon, that was a spark."

(The scene dissolve to the now-complete average-sized campfire. The camera zooms away from the flame, showing the animals as they smiled at what they had done.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) And in almost no time..."

(As the camera kept zooming out, the male squirrel placed his hands in front of the fire, before yelping a bit, and cooling his hands off.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) The splendid fire was crackling away."

(Next, we fade into the next scene where Karen, Tom and Jerry are now sitting down happily and relaxingly on the ground. Tuffy and Hocus were standing next to their three friends.)

Tom: "Thanks, Tuffy."

Karen: "(sleepy:) Yeah, thank you very much."

Tom: "You know? Things would've been taking a turn for the worse if it weren't for you and Hocus, although you might be a little brave mouse..."

Jerry: "But you managed to speak to the animals and built a fireplace for us, my nephew."

Tuffy: "No problem, guys."

Frosty: (Unseen:) "Tuffy, Hocus, I need you guys back here for a minute!"

Hocus Pocus: "Oh! Please excuse us, guys."

Tuffy: "We'll be right back." *jumps onto Hocus' back with two anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation*

(Karen, Tom & Jerry nod their heads, and Hocus Pocus' squeaky bouncing/ footsteps sound effects by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye are played out as Hocus and Tuffy hops away from Tom, Jerry and Karen. The camera switches to a far view of the same group on the log by the fire. then pan away to a hill where Frosty stood and look back in concern.) 

The narrator: "Frosty was careful to stay far away from the flames."

(Again, Hocus Pocus' squeaky bouncing/ footsteps sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye are heard when he and Tuffy came to Frosty, with the white rabbit tsking a bit, before two classic anime sound effects By Fizz Sound Creation were heard as Tuffy jumps off Hocus.)

Tuffy: "How can you help you, Mr. Frosty?"

(The camera cuts to a sequence of Frosty speaking to his unseen friends.)

Frosty: "Tuffy, Hocus, we've gotta find someone to bring Tom, Jerry and Karen home before they freeze again... *points at the air with a smile* and me to the North Pole before I melt."

(The camera switches to Tuffy and Hocus)

Tuffy: *gasp in shocked* "You're right, Mr. Frosty! But, who can help us?"

Hocus Pocus: "I've got it! How about this?"

(Then several anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation play along with the military music as Hocus dived into the snow with rock shattering sounds, then came out, donning a helmet made out of snow and holding a rifle-shaped stick of wood. Tsking, he started running back and forth, imitating a war veteran.)

Frosty: *shooked his head* "No, not the marines."

Hocus Pocus: *dropped his helmet and stick* "Okay...ah! *snaps fingers* How about this?"

(The rabbit jumped back to his current spot with two of Fizz Sound Creation's classic anime sound effects. He posed as the president, marching down an aisle and tsking as if he was greeting people. But the camera cuts to a displeased Frosty)

Frosty: *shooked his head again* "No, not the President of the United States."

(Back to Hocus, he frowned at Frosty with a groan, before Tuffy spoke to his boss and friend.)

Tuffy: "Hocus, old pal. Those heroes are both swell ideas, but we gotta find somebody nearby. *gasp in idea, snaps fingers* Like this!"

(Further anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard when the diaper-wearing gray mouse jumps into the snow, digging underneath like a mole and finally rising out. His face and chin painted with fluffy snow as a beard and mustache, he then chuckles, imitating he-knows-who. The camera switches to Frosty as he smiled, pointing his finger in the air.)

Frosty: "Tuffy, that's it! Santa Claus can help! *brings his hand down with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, forming a fist* That's a great idea!"

(Next, we see a close up at Frosty's head.)

Frosty: *rolling his eye pupils upwards* "Why did I think of that before?"

(Back to Hocus and Tuffy, the little mouse is giggling happily after brushing the snow off his face, while the annoyed rabbit is making his squeaky taps from his foot.)

Hocus Pocus: "Real funny, snowman."

Frosty: "Sorry. *clears throat* Now, you two... *pointed at the Woodland Animals* you go back with the animals. And when Santa comes, you and Tuffy bring him right here to this location. Oh, and try to keep your head down, so that Professor Hinkle guy doesn't find you, try to do something mean to you and take this hat away from me. Understand?"

(Hocus and Tuffy nodded with the rabbit tsking.)

Tuffy: "You got it, Mr. Frosty!"

Hocus Pocus: "At your service!"

Frosty: "Hocus, I'll give you fresh carrots if you help Tuffy. And Tuffy, I'll give you a great big piece of cheese if you help Hocus. Do you understand again?"

Tuffy and Hocus Pocus: "Roger!"

Frosty: *chuckled* "Hurry now, and good luck!"

Tuffy: "Thanks, Mr. Frosty..."

(While trying to finish his talk with Frosty, a few move anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are playing out as he was grabbing Hocus Pocus' ear by the tip before he starts hopping on his way back to the woodland animals with his Hocus Pocus' squeaky bouncing/ footsteps sound effect by Jim Harris and Phil Kaye, taking Tuffy with him.)

Tuffy: "(Unseen:) "Whoa, whoa! Whoa, Hocus, wait! Whoa!"

(Frosty laughs, until he notices his hat starting to slip off his head, half-covering his eyes in the process)

Frosty: ""Whoops!"

(He quickly returns the hat back to the top of his head with a grappling anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation playing with his movement, and smiles at the viewers. Then his voice is heard, meaning that Frosty is thinking; a way of talking without moving his mouth.)

Frosty: *thinking to himself* ("Well, with that taken care of, I don't think anything could go wrong now.")

Professor Hinkle's Back/ Hinkle's Past and Scheme/ "Give Me That Hat!" Edit

(As night came, a full moon is shining above the hill, and a bright, largest star is twinkling next to the moon. Back on the hill near the glen, Frosty stood anxiously, with his arms folded, looking up at the sky.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) And so, Frosty kept his silent vigil..."

(The camera moves from Frosty directly back to Karen, Tom and Jerry sitting relaxingly by the fire keeping her hands warm, while the narrator continued.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Waiting patiently all through the night until Santa would arrived. But all the sudden..."

(A familiar magician leaped out from out of nowhere, startling Tom, Jerry and Karen into jumping off and landing back on their bottoms with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation.)

Karen: *gasp in surprised* "(shocked:) Professor Hinkle?!"

(Back on his spot, Frosty quickly noticed Professor Hinkle from the hill top shockingly, and at the other side of the glen, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and the woodland animals are alarmed at the sight of Hinkle, too.)

Tuffy: "Uh-oh!"

Hocus Pocus: "Professor Hinke's back!"

(The camera cuts back to Professor Hinkle, Karen, Tom and Jerry.)

Professor Hinkle: *looking at Karen's fire* "(mockingly:) Ohh...a campfire. Well, isn't that all snug and comfy?"

(The heartless magician then notices that Tom and Jerry are still with Karen.)

Professor Hinkle: "Ahh, Mr. Starling's pets too, weren't you?"

(Tom and Jerry are stunned when they see that Professor Hinkle has recognized them to be the pets of Mr. Starling and her daughter Robyn. Much to their puzzling, if Karen was the only one who knows the cat-and-mouse duo, why is this incompetent magician has a little more knowledge than their friend. Is it because their relationships with the Starlings has something to do with Hinkle's failures to take the hat back from Frosty?)

Tom: "(shocked:) How is it possible? How did you find us?"

Jerry: "And how did you know all of this? You were knockout unconscious before!"

Tom: "But most importantly..."

Tom and Jerry: "(both:) How do you know about our relationship with the Starlings?"

Professor Hinkle: "Well, you naughty, naughty little kitty cat and little mouse I'm glad you asked, it was USED to be a perfect fine day this afternoon, but until... my rabbit Hocus Pocus and his mouse assistant Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse had fooled me by switching my hat with a Christmas wreath on my head and that's why I was following your snowcrook's path the whole time! And now I've caught ya and that young lady, I'm gonna have some unfinished business here, especially with you!"

(Hinkled cackled heartlessly before he takes a deep breath and blows out the fireplace. Then the scene zooms to Frosty as he ran to Tom, Jerry and Karen down the hill to stop the magician from doing away with Karen, Tom and Jerry.)

Frosty: "No! Don't! What are you doing to my friends?"

Tom: "Trying to harm us, that's what he's doing!"

Professor Hinkle: "Silence, pussycat! I'm getting there! The reason why I get to know you and your mouse ally is that I am to tell you both more with one secret."

(Back to the other side of the glen, Tuffy, Hocus and the Woodland Animals were seen overhearing everything from Professor Hinkle)

Professor Hinkle: "(Unseen:) I am the right-hand man of Miss Pristine Figg!"

(Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and the Woodland Animals gasps in surprise after hearing what Hinkle had said)

Hocus Pocus "(scared): Really?"

(Back to Karen, Tom and Jerry...)

Karen: (gasps in horror)

Jerry: "(surprised:) No!"

Tom: "There's no way that he could be a right-hand man of her!"

Jerry: *turns to Tom* "Me, neither!"

Frosty: "(confused:) Pristine Figg?"

Tom: *walks to a nervous Frosty* "It's a very long story, big guy. We'll tell you about her another time, and also as long as you stay away from her, her dog on a skateboard called Ferdinand and her lawyer Lickboot."

(An anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard when Jerry jumps on Frosty's pipe.)

Jerry: "Until then, Frosty, you must not worry about them, too."

Professor Hinkle: "Don't give your snow friend any more wrong ideas, you silly, silly, silly animals. If you won't explain everything to him, then perhaps I'll do it."

Frosty: "I...I don't understand, professor."

Professor Hinkle: "Well, for your curious information about me, Pristine Figg, her lawyer Lickboot and our future, snow prince, well..."

(Snaps his fingers, Professor Hinkle makes an flashback appears with Professor Hinkle, Aunt Pristine Figg and Lickboot when they were young people, covering the scene.)

Professor Hinkle: (Unseen:) "Years ago, back before Mr. Starling's daughter Robyn was born, I worked for Miss Pristine Figg because I was not only her loyal partner, but also a henchman of her lawyer, boyfriend and schemer, Lickboot. We all wanted to be millionaires and be famous in the whole world, but until the years had passed when I was away to become a magician..."

(The flashback shows many clips/ scenes from Tom and Jerry: The Movie)

Professor Hinkle: (Unseen:) "At the time when Robyn was living with her aunt after her father, the head of Starling Enterprises, went on his exploration to Tibet where he was injured by the avalanche to cause an assumption to his death, Miss Figg and Lickboot learned that Mr. Starling has survived through the telegram, but planned to let her keep believing he is still dead as an opportunity to prevent him from coming back alive to his daughter. When you also discover the information and saw what Miss Pristine was dong, you were going to warn Robyn of her family treason, but she stopped you and transported you to the animal shelter of Dr. J. Sweetface Applecheek, who have kidnapped all the other animals to torture them for fun and sell them to other places for his own fortune. Later on, Miss Figg telephoned Dr. Applecheek and asked him to get rid of you, just in order to make sure that Robyn would lose you for good as well, but you have avoided this execution by freeing yourselves and all the other animals, and escaping Applecheek. You came back to Robyn and told her everything about her father being still alive, and the three of you manage to get away from Miss Figg and Lickboot, and to look for him. But little do the three of you know, her own aunt and her lawyer wouldn't give up yet, and made another idea to take Robyn back, to prevent her from finding Mr. Starling and themselves from facing bankrupt. They made bounty posters on milk cartoons to announce that anyone who finds Robyn will be given the reward of one million dollars, and they vowed be the first to catch her and take that money for themselves. But her father have heard the news about Robyn, and decides to head back to America to search for his precious daughter. And to make matters worse, cat and mouse, you both once again interfere with the magnificent Pristine Figg, as well as Dr. Applecheek and his carnival owner Captain Kiddie who went after her as well. You outsmarted Miss Figg's hired accomplices, but as a last resort, she and Lickboot followed you and Robyn by the river all the way to her cabin by the name of Robyn's Nest, where she and her father spend their summer vacations. After locking the two of you outside the cabin, they try to take Robyn back by force, but accidentally set the cabin on fire. Taking advantage, you rescued Robyn and drove away Miss Figg and Lickboot by sending them back to the river on a steamboat which you and Robyn were driving. At the same time, Mr. Starling finally arrive from Tibet just as Robyn's Nest was demolished, and her daughter and both of you, her only pets, were saved."

(Another flashback shows Professor Hinkle reading his newspaper with a horrified face as he learns what has happened.)

Professor Hinkle: "And when I return back home the next day, I learn from the newspapers that Pristine Figg, the supposedly legal guardian of Robyn Starling, and Lickboot, the lawyer who knows everything and her love interest, were locked up in prison for life by the police forces of Starling Enterprise. And that is how we had failed!"

(Then Hinkle let out an anguish yell)

Professor Hinkle: (echoing:) "No!"

(The flashback ends, changing back to a scene with Frosty, Tom, Jerry, Karen and Professor Hinkle)

Frosty: *covering his mouth, gasp in horror* "(horrified/ sobs:) No...that's awfully terrible."

Professor Hinkle: "That's right. *turns to Tom and Jerry while protecting Karen behind* You may have defeated Miss Figg and Lickboot, and therefore foiled their successful plan. But you haven't beaten me yet, just because I'm their successor who also wanted to be rich, rich, rich. Since you've been knowing too much about me, to keep you from warning Robyn and her father about my secret collaboration with her aunt, I will do what she should have done to you in the first place herself last summer. Finally, my chance to avenge Miss Pristine Figg, the queen of all wealth, and Lickboot, the soon-to-become Mr. Figg and king of wealth has come! And yes, I will harm you if I can. I could get rid of you for good in the name of Figg, cat and mouse. But no, this cause for a change of plans. My first stage is to take my hat back from your crooked snowman friend, and then for the second and last... I'll use my magic to destroy you both!"

Frosty: *his eyes widen, pupils shrunk in shocked/ horror* (whimpers)

Karen: "(shocked:) No!"

(The camera shows Tuffy, Hocus and the Woodland Animals watching in horror as they, too, learn of Hinkle's vengeful scheme to take Frosty's hat and kill Tom and Jerry.)

Hocus Pocus: "Oh, no. Professor Hinkle means serious business."

Lord Owl: "It's not like that I'd agree with you, Hocus. But he's gone mad!"

Tuffy: "Even his own temptations get the best of him even more."

(Back to Tom and Jerry, they knew that it's about time for them to be destroyed after Hinkle steals Frosty's hat.)

Tom *turns to the viewers* "(worried:) Please, don't expect there'd be violence in this picture."

Jerry *also speaking to the viewers* "(worried:) Yeah, not everything's appropriate for small little children."

Professor Hinkle: *turning back to Frosty* "Alright, snowcrook, give me that hat right now, or else."

Frosty: "(nervous:) Or else... *shrugs with an innocent smile* ...what?"

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, well, don't bother about details. GIVE ME THAT HAT!"

Frosty: *standing himself up, making an angry face and shocking Professor Hinkle* "No! Never! Like Karen said, It's not yours anymore! *pointed his hat on his head* This hat is what keeps me all living! It belongs to me now, and you can never get it back!"

Professor Hinkle: *fierst back at Frosty* "All yours now, eh?! *prepares to jump on Frosty* We'll just see about that!"

Frosty: *gasp in shocked, making a complete shocked face* "Uh oh!"

(Hinkle leaped at the Frosty, but the snowman quickly dodged, causing the magician to fall into the snow bank with a thudding sound effect by Jim Harris and Phily Kaye as he grunted. Then, an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation is heard as Frosty crouched down near Karen, Tom and Jerry.)

Frosty: "Get on my shoulders, Karen! Tom, Jerry, you too!"

(Karen, Jerry and Tom did so as they hopped onto Frosty's shoulders with more anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation. John Williams' score "Holiday Flight" from Home Alone started playing at that time.)

Frosty: "Hang on tight!"

(He started sliding down the hills with his three friends holding on)

Tom & Jerry: "(both:) WHOA!"

(The camera switches to Hinkle coming out and seeing the group escaping him with an angry growl)

Professor Hinkle: "Get back here, you wretched snow prince!"

(Hocus, Tuffy and the woodland animals watch as Professor Hinkle started running after Tom, Jerry and Frosty most importantly, but they started cheering for the heroes with encouragements.)

Tuffy: "Go, Mr. Frosty! Go, Tom! Go, Uncle Jerry!"

Hocus Pocus: You guys can do it! Don't let Master Hinkle get ya!"

Lord Owl: "Do your bests, old chaps! Who-who!"

(Next, the camera shows us the sliding Frosty with Tom, Jerry and Karen on his back, zooming away from the group.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) You see Frosty, since he was made of snow himself, was the fastest belly-whopper in the world."

(We now see Professor Hinkle running after them, trying to catch up with his enemies and panting along the way. Then we cut back to Frosty, Tom, Jerry and Karen when Professor Hinkle is heard calling out for them.)

Professor Hinkle: "(Unseen:) Once I get my hands on you, snowcrook, I'm gotta give you and your two fur-balled friends a piece of my mind!"

(Karen gasps again upon hearing another of Hinkle's threats toward Frosty, Jerry and Thomas, so did the cat and mouse duo.)

Jerry: "Get faster, Frosty!"

Tom: "Yeah, the professor is catching after us!"

(Frosty turns his head, gasps in surprise when he saw Hinkle in hot pursuit, then give dtermined eye contact Tom and Jerry)

Frosty: "(fierst:) Hang on, guys!"

(The anime sound effects of boosting energy by Fizz Sound Creation is heard for the second time as Frosty went sliding down the hill faster, making Tom and Jerry exclaim, but only Tom's vocal effect by William Hanna is heard along with Jerry's scream.)

Tom: Ow-whoa-oh-ho-ho-ho-HO!

(Then, Frosty, Tom, Jerry and Karen rode over a couple hills, while Hinkle tripped at one hill, but he quickly jumped back up and continued pursuing them.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) And that old Professor Hinkle was soon far out-distanced."

(The score "Holiday Flight" ends.)

Spike Feels Bad About Frosty/ Trapped in the Greenhouse Edit


The narrator: "(Unseen:) Back at the townsquare, in the railroad station, after the passenger train left..."


The narrator: "Two ticket managers, Spike and his son Tyke, were getting ready to close their office for the night. But before they do so, both father and son were looking out at the window to see where Frosty and his friends are going into."


The narrator: "Of course, Spike looks worried about what might happen to Frosty as if he, Tom and Jerry are in great danger. And that's why he is filled with shame."

Tyke: "Dad, what's the matter?"

(The camera cuts to a close-up at Tyke as he move his head left side way in confusion.)

Tke: "Why looking sad on Christmas Eve?"

Spike: "(awful:) Tyke, my boy. I feel pretty awful about my angry actions at the snowman and his friends like that."

Tyke: "Especially, I have to admit, Dad. He's really kindhearted, widow and very devoted to everyone. In fact, he was really, really, really nice."

Spike: *covered his eye with his hand, sighs* "And I made him heart wrenching when I slam the door so hard unexpectedly. If I have given them tickets in the first place, none of this would had happen if...I hadn't been so angry at them before after."

Tyke: "Don't be too hard on yourself, Dad. It's never be too late to see Frosty again, or own him an apology this Christmas. You might never know when you do so."

Spike: *rubs his son's head* "My boy, you're right. It's time I gave that snowman and his friends my apology." *smiles at Tyke*

(As for Tom, Jerry, Frosty and Karen, a bit later, they arrived near a little greenhouse. A few anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard when Karen, Tom and Jerry are hopping off Frosty's back, allowing the "all-living" snowman to get up. Tom groans as his fur goes wacky and fluffy with another anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation because of wildly high-speeding ride on Frosty)

Frosty: *turns to Tom, snickered* "(laughs:) Tom, are you okay?"

(Karen & Jerry snickered at Tom's new look, to, and they went laughing)

Tom: "Yeah, I'm okay, big guy. Gladly, I got a cat brush right here."

(He yanked out his cat brush from his scarf, and starts brushing his fur)

Jerry: *seeing the greenhouse* "Hey, great fortune plan, Frosty!"

Frosty: *looks down at Jerry and smiles at him* "Why, thank you, Jerry."

(Tom, Jerry, Karen and Frosty then takes another look at the greenhouse. Inside were indeed a bunch of tropical poinsettias, as they gazed in delight.)

The narrator: (Unseen) "Yes. It was Frosty's good fortune now, that right at the bottom of the hill was a tiny greenhouse, which it was used to grow precious tropical poinsettias directly for Christmas."

(Frosty carries Karen with a soft grabbing anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, then he, Tom and Jerry walks down around the greenhouse to find its door)

Frosty: "It's got to be all warm and snug inside for those Christmas flowers to grow so wonderfully beautiful. Let's go in."


Jerry: *gasps in shock* "Wait, Frosty! You'll melt inside!"

Tom: *finishing brushing his fur* "Yeah, we don't want you to get all slushy like you told us before."

(The camera switches to Karen in Frosty's arms)

Karen: "(tearful:) Yeah, Frosty. will melt."

(Then we see Frosty looking down at at his friends)

Frosty: "Just a little, you guys. I'll only be inside for a minute."

(The group got up to the door as the snowman continue to talk to his friends)

Frosty: "Besides, I've been meaning to take off a little weight anyway."

(Frosty opens the door, and he, Tom and Jerry enter the greenhouse. They started looking around at the greenhouse uneasily. Then Frosty started sweating a little again, as he walked to the center.)

Jerry: "(nervous:) How does it feel, big fella?"

Frosty: "Phew! It's warm alright."


Frosty: "Stay here much longer, and I'll really make a splash in the world."

(The camera cuts back to Tom and Jerry in the greenhouse with Karen being heard giggling. They smiled at Frosty's comment.)

Tom: "Well, at least we were all nice, warm, snug and safe inside-- Oh, uhh..except for you, Frosty, that is."

Frosty: *chuckle* "That's okay, Thomas."

(Unknown to the four friends, as the camera cuts the other side of the greenhouse, Professor Hinkle came upon the greenhouse, exhausted after all the running.)

Professor Hinkle: (panting) "That...that..that is one..fastest snowcrook...I've ever seen.." *pants*

Frosty: (Unseen:) "Now, you three get settle up in there, I'm going to wait for Hocus and Tuffy back outside, and I should be..."

Professor Hinkle: *realizing Frosty was inside, slams the greenhouse door* "Gotcha!"

Frosty: *turns to the door, gasp in shock, ran for the knob* "(scared:) No! Open the door! I'll melt in here!"

Karen, Tom & Jerry: (all gasping in shock) *all ran to the window*

Professor Hinkle: "(evil:) Now I've got you all, snowcrook! In the minute, you'll all be melted into a helpless puddle of water, and your precious hat will be mine! Remember, when you're out of my way, I'll make sure your two animal friends are going to be exterminated by me once and for all! Don't think about defending them and yourself against me once more, And don't even bother looking for a back-exit, there is none!" *evil laughter*

Frosty's Death/ "Happy Black Christmas, Tom and Jerry!"/♪ Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Edit

(While Professor Hinkle continues with his sinister laughing, Frosty is scared even more as he does remember what Hinkle is planning to do; to steal his magic hat away, and kill Tom and Jerry. Even Karen memorizes the Professor's terrible scheme.)

Frosty: "Oh no. This can't be good."  

(The snowman then become angry before bravely looking back to Karen, and more importantly Tom and Jerry.)  

Frosty: "Guys, I'm not gonna let him either take that hat or kill Tom and Jerry. I know it's not right for me to do something terrible like violence on him, but I got no choice. True to Tuffy's words, this is self de--"  

(But before he could finish his words, Frosty groans in pain and hugs his body, feeling sweating on his forehead. This means there is more trouble for him and his friends.)  

Frosty: "(sick/ worried:) What's..what's happening?"  

Tom & Jerry: (both gasp in horror)

Karen: "(worried:) Frosty, you don't look too good."

Professor Hinkle: *tapping on the glass* "Aww, you still don't you get it, do you, snow prince? Take a look at yourself!"

Frosty: "(confused:) What?

(Noticing his body is melting very slowly but quickly, Frosty then staring at the viewers with his cheeks blushing red. He smiles weakly and sheepishly)

Frosty: "He's right... I am melting. (panicking:) My time is up! I can't hold any longer!"

(The weakening snowman then lays on the floor with an anime thud sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation and struggles to fight and stay alive, grunting and coughing. The frightened Tom and Jerry ran towards Frosty)

Karen: "(shocked:) Frosty! *running towards Frosty* Oh no..."

Tom: "(worried:) Frosty, no, we can't let you do this!"

Jerry: "(worried:) Don't you melt just yet, big fella!"

Frosty: "(weakly:) Tom... Jerry... Karen..." (breathing weakly)

Karen: "(gently:) You helped us once before, and now we'll help you in return, Frosty. Just hang in there. Please!"

Frosty: (starts reducing in tears with a smile) "(weakly:) Guys, thank you for your own bravery, but there's nothing you can do to help me. In fact, I'll... I'll never get to the North Pole this year. Maybe, It's better. It's just better this way."

Tom: *shooked his head in disagree* "(gently:) No, no way! Don't talk like that, big guy. You're our good friend to us."

Jerry: "(gently:) Yeah, you'll be alright. We're together, everything will be okay. You'll see."

Frosty: "(weakly:) I'm so extremely sorry, but..." *chuckles painfully* "My spirit will go back to being inside this magic hat..." *touching his chest* "...and my icy heart will live within you. So I need you to remember me for all a friend to all of you. *looks at Karen with an even more weaker happy face* Karen? You must go home to your mother where you'll be safe, and you got to protect Tom and Jerry for your cousin Robyn, your uncle...and me. *making an angry face as he turns eye pupils to Professor Hinkle out of the window* Don't let that greedy Professor Hinkle the magician destroy them both. And also... *offers his hand to Karen* Just... *gag* ...promise me, sweetheart... okay?"

Karen: "I will, Frosty. I promise. I promise I'll never let you down. *hugging his hand*

(Cut to Professor Hinkle watching this moment)

Professor Hinkle: "Ooh... How very touching, for a greater vow of friendship, but for greatest of all; a vow of everlasting love."

(Cut back to Karen still hugging Frosty's hand)

Karen: *noticing his hand slipping off of her cheek, gasp in shock* (whimpers:) Fro...Frosty...?"

Frosty: "(in dying/ gurgling voice:) Karen, Tom and Jerry, goodbye. Farewell...and thank you."

(With that, he closes his eyes with a happy sigh as his button nose and corncob pipe fell off before his head finally dissolve into water with bubbling sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation. The camera then shows a blue line on the center of the screen with left shot of Tom, and the right shot of Jerry.)

Jerry: "No..."

Tom: "Frosty..."

Tom and Jerry: (both:) "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Karen: "(heartbroken in tears:) Frosty!"

Professor Hinkle: "YES!" *evil laughter, opens and closes the door* "At last! Frosty the Snow prince is melted away, gone forever!" *laughs* "And now, it's your turn, cat and mouse!"

Karen: *gasp in horror*

Tom: *gulps*

Jerry: *whimpering*

Karen: (sobs:) "Professor Hinkle, please leave them alone! I don't want you to hurt them! They didn't mean to do something to Robyn's aunt Figg!"

Professor Hinkle: "I'm terrible sorry, sweetheart. But I don't have any choice. For the humiliation of Miss Figg and Lickboot by their constant meddling with them, they must pay with their lives! Before they die, this is the last time you three ever know each other."

(More of the anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation were heard as Professor Hinkle cruelly snatches Tom from Karen's grasp and throws him to the corner, causing her and Jerry to gasp)

Jerry: *running up to Tom* "Thomas!"

Professor Hinkle: *makes an evil smile* "Revenge will be Pristine Figg's, and mine!"

(Yet even more of Fizz Sound Creations anime/tokusatsu sound effects are heard as Professor Hinkle raise his hands in the air and creates two large fireballs, his own magic element spell. Karen screams, not wanting to see Tom and Jerry die.)

Professor Hinkle: "Instead of a White Christmas, why won't you enjoy your first..."

(The next scene shows Tom & Jerry shivering with fright, then Karen close her eyes in fright, and then to the vengeful Hinkle ready to blast Tom and Jerry into ashes)

Professor Hinkle: *laughing evilly* "Happy Black Christmas, Tom and Jerry!"

(Tom and Jerry starts screaming in panic with, for it seems this is the bitter end for the cat and mouse duo at last. But suddenly, Santa's sleigh bells are ringing, interrupting this fiery violence. Professor Hinke's fireballs disappears as he hear the sound, then look back)

Professor Hinkle: "(shocked:) What the devil?" *became firm and looks back to Tom and Jerry* "I'll be right back. I got to find out where that noise came from. *turns to Karen and points to her* And you, don't help your two animal friends escape my wrath, princess!"

(Hinkle leaves the greenhouse, and after slamming the door to keep Karen, Tom and Jerry from avoiding him, looks to the sky. Back inside, Karen turned to the melted Frosty and kneeled down.)

Karen: "(sobs:) Oh, Frosty, I'm so sorry..." *crying*

(Tom and Jerry, now temporarily spared by Professor Hinkle, walked back to Karen.)

Tom: "(gentle:) Aw, Karen. Don't feel bad at yourself."

Jerry: "(gentle:) You did nothing wrong, Karen. Frosty would be very pleased to see you and your protective job."

(Karen, still crying, hugs Tom, who then hugs her back while Jerry cuddles her as they both praying to Frosty. The cat and mouse duo then both look back at Hinkle through the windows with their angry faces, growling. Back to Hinkle, outside the greenhouse, he saw someone familar to him and becomes alarmed.)

Professor Hinkle: *gasps in shock* "Oh, no. It's Santa Claus, the man who delivers Christmas presents to the children, using his sleigh pulled by reindeer! He'll ruin everything I planned for revenge on my enemies, for my long-time partners!

(He then notices a red light from the first reindeer*

Professor Hinkle: "(curious/ firm:) But what is this one?"

(The next shot of a scene shows a young adult reindeer with long antlers, light-brown fur and a red nose that is lighting up with classic beep sound effects. Then it cuts back to Professor Hinkle who is surprised to see how newly special this reindeer is)

Professor Hinkle: "What?! A reindeer with a glowing red nose?

(He slaps his forehead with an anime punch/ ping sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation in disbelief)

Professor Hinkle: That's ridiculous! What kind of a young deer is it, a monster?"

(Next, we see the narrator witnessing Santa and his reindeer in the sky, most importantly the one red-nosed reindeer)

The narrator: "Oh, professor, it seems to me that you never recognize Santa Claus' reindeer by their names, including this one. Do you? Perhaps a song should refresh your memories, and everybody else's."

(Cut back to a scene with Santa and his reindeer)

The narrator: "(Unseen/ speaking): You know Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer and Vixen. Comet, and Cupid, and Donner and Blitzen..."

(Cut to the scene with Tuffy, Hocus Pocus and the woodland animals who saw Santa's sleigh and reindeer)

The narrator and chorus "(singing): But do you recall..."

(Cut to the same reindeer with a glowing red nose)

The narrator and chorus "(singing): The most famous reindeer of all?"

Lord Owl: "(happy:) Ahh! It's Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!"

Tuffy: "Yeah, I know him! He's the one started that it all!"

Hocus Pocus: "(confused:) But how?"

(A flashback represents the origin of Rudolph, using the clips/ scenes from Rankin/Bass' 1964 "Animagic" Christmas special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

The narrator "(singing): Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you would even say it glows. All of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names. They'd never let poor Rudolph, join in any reindeer games. Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say..."

Santa Claus: (in flashback/speaking:) "Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?"

The narrator: "(singing:) Then how the reindeer loved him, as they shouted out with glee..."

Other Reindeer "(singing): Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you'll go down in history!"

(Rudolph's red nose glows brighter with a beeping sound)

The narrator, Other Reindeer and Chorus: (singing:) "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, you'll go down in history!"

Hocus Pocus: "Wow. Now, I get it."

Santa Claus' Arrival/ A Terrible, Revengeful Site Edit

(Again, we see Santa's sleigh team flying slowly, as a sleigh drawn by nine reindeer, including Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, who always guide his sleigh every foggy Christmas Eve.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Santa had arrived, during his Christmas present delivery with his sleigh still being guided by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. But, was he too late?"

(Back at the glen, Tuffy, Hocus and the Woodland Animals starts calling out for Santa's sleigh team to come down to them.)

Tuffy: "Santa Claus! Down here!"

Hocus Pocus: "Rudolph, you too!"

Woodland Animals: "Santa! Rudolph! Hear us out!"

(Back in the sky, Rudolph heard the animal group's voices, then turning where his nose is shining at, he looks down to see Tuffy, Hocus and the others)

Rudolph: "What's that?"

Santa Claus: *looking down from his height* "It's the woodland creatures. They're calling us."

Rudolph: "(curious:) From the wooden glen?"

Santa Claus: "That might be so, Rudolph! They're may be in such distress."

Donner: *looks back to Santa* "What shall we do about, Santa?"

Santa Claus: "Donner, we might have an emergency landing. Proceed."

Donner: *nods his head* "Yes, sir. *turns to Rudolph* Go on, Rudolph. Lead the way down there."

Rudolph: "I'll do it, Father."

(Immediately, Santa's sleigh team of reindeer starts flew down directly to glen where Tuffy, Hocus and the woodland animals are waiting in their current spot. The nine reindeer came in to land, when Santa pulled on the reigns.)

Santa: "Whoa!"

The reindeer slowed down when they landed, and the sleigh came to a stop)

Coach Comet: "Santa, the emergency landing is now complete."

Santa Claus: "Good report, Comet."

(The woodland animals, Tuffy and Hocus came up to Santa, who jumps off of his sleigh and removes his hat, noticing his animal friends.)

Santa Claus: "Why, hello there little one. What seems to be a matter here?"

Tuffy: "You see, Santa? It's our giant snow-friend, a snowman named Frosty. He wants to go the North Pole with you because one: he's starting melting, just a little bit. And two: we need also you to take Tom, Jerry and Karen back home on time for supper for Christmas because they're freezing cold!"

Hocus Pocus: "However, our master Professor Hinkle is trying to stop us from suceeding our plan by swiping Frosty's hat, just because he wants to be a great magician in the world and being a millionaire."

Tuffy: "Not only that he was doing, but he is even intending to destroy Tom and Jerry, because he thinks they have purposely defeated his partners, Pristine Figg, the aunt of Robyn Starling, and Lickboot, her lawyer and boyfriend!"

Hocus Pocus: *stomping his feet rapidly* "We just hate to let that madman kill these two animals. They were Robyn's friends, and what's more, Jerry is Tuffy's uncle as only he and I know it!"

(The camera switches to the narrator whatching the conversation between Santa and the animals.)

The narrator: "Hocus and Tuffy explained the expanding situation to Santa, who, as you know, speaks one fluent white rabbit and one intelligent, diaper-wearing gray mouse. (correctly:) No, speaks to more than two animals that talk, just like Tom and Jerry."

(The camera switches back to Santa, Hocus, Tuffy and the woodland animals.)

Tuffy: "Can you help us, Mr. Claus, sir?"

Santa Claus: *nods his head* "Ohh...I see. Well, don't worry. I'll be sure to get this Frosty fellow to the North Pole, and Tom and Jerry back to their own from which they came from, after I'm done with my deliveries. But there won't be than many left. I'm practically almost done."

Tuffy: "If that's the case, then we can still save Tom and Uncle Jerry, or Professor Hinkle will roast them alive or dead for Christmas."

Lord Owl: "Santa, we'll keep an eye on your sleigh.

Santa Claus: "Why, thank you, Lord Owl. I couldn't agree more."

The narrator: (Unseen:) "Santa, Tuffy and Hocus started to find their missing friends with some of the woodland animals guiding them, leaving behind Santa's sleigh guarded by Rudolph and his fellow reindeer. The remaining woodland animals also step in to keep an eye on the sleigh filled with toys that are to be appeared before the children on Christmas Day. Lord Owl started talking about the desperate problems that Frosty was facing during his adventures with Tom and Jerry."

Lord Owl:




Coach Comet:


Rudolph: "Father, I wonder what is this Frosty look like."

Donner: "I wish I knew, but I don't have any knowledge of him."

Lord Owl: "Well perhaps, I do, Mr. Donner. I know about him and what he looks like."

Donner: "You do? What's he look like? Different from the other snowmen?"

Lord Owl: "You might said that, sir. Well, if I can remember, he had a corncob pipe on his mouth, a red button nose, a top hat with a flower on a side and also has gorgeous blue eyes. And he's so kindhearted, gentle, devoted, caring, adventurous, bravery and fun-loving self."

Donner: "Oh, so that's what Frosty looks like."

Lord Owl: "Yes, but that's not everything you'd need to know about him."


Lord Owl:

Rudolph: *gasps in amazement* "(surprised/ curious:) A magic hat?"

Lord Owl:




Donner: "Yes, my brothers. I'm sure we'll get to meet him soon when Santa returns."

Rudolph "(worried): Will Santa and Frosty come back together, Father? I kinda feel worry about them...a little."

Donner: "Oh, Rudolph, don't you worry. They will, I promise.

Rudolph: "Really?"

Donner: "I do, my son, for the sake of everyone including your mother."

Blitzen: "So do we, nephew."

Lord Owl: *smiles* "We all made that promise. Isn't that right, animals?"

Woodland Animals: "Yeah!"

(The camera cuts to Santa, Tuffy, Hocus and several Woodland Animals on the search for Frosty and the others down the other hills, far away from the glen)

The narrator: "Santa, Hocus and Tuffy failed to find Frosty, Karen, Tom and Jerry anywhere. Luckily, they find Frosty's pattern of snow, so Tuffy and Hocus guided Santa down the hills, all the way to the greenhouse."

(The camera witchesto Professor Hinkle who was scared as he is sensing Santa, Tuffy and Hocus coming with the woodland animals)

Tuffy: "(Unseen:) Frosty!"

Professor Hinkle: *gasps in shock, then quickly hides behind the tree with a Zip! sound effects*

(Hocus hopped over to the greenhouse and saw the path connecting)

Hocus Pocus: (happily pointing with his arm and his ear:) Right here.

(Tuffy and Santa caught up to Hocus, not noticing Professor Hinkle, who is watching from behind the tree quietly.)

Tuffy: "Frosty, we're back with Santa, and he's going to help us!"

(But unknown to Tuffy, Hocus, Santa and the woodland animals, there was silence instead of response.)

Tuffy: "(curious/ confused:) Uhh...Frosty? Karen? Thomas and Uncle Jerry"

(Again, the group finds no answer from Tom, Jerry, Karen or; unbeknownst to them, the melted Frosty.)

Tuffy: "That's funny. I could've swore they're inside this greenhouse, where they are hiding from Professor Hinkle."

Santa Claus: "The greenhouse? Well, that shouldn't be a good place for someone like him to be. Tuffy, we better bring him out."

Tuffy: "Okay."

(Santa opened the door and lets Tuffy enter the greenhouse to find Frosty, Karen, Tom and his Uncle Jerry.)

Tuffy: "Mr. Frost...?" *gasps in horror*

(Santa also walked in, with Hocus following, but as soon as they came in, they stopped and look in shock and surprise at what is not-yet-to-be seen. At this time, Frosty's sad version of his instrumental theme starts playing and the narrator is heard telling us what has happened.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) But when they got inside, a terrible, revengeful site at their eyes."

(There, as we cut to a next shot of this scene, lay a puddle of Frosty, with his magic hat, corncob pipe and button nose, with Karen burying her face in her gloved hands, crying at the sight of her now-melted snow friend. The still-unharmed Tom and Jerry were still praying and comforting Karen at the same time. A saddened Tuffy walks up right next to Tom, and takes off his emerald green hat.)

Tuffy: "(sobs:) Oh, Frosty...what did the professor done to you?" *shedding tears from his eyes with the effects of sparkle*

(Then the sad music continued playing as a single, sparkling tear from Karen splashed up Frosty's puddle, and the effects of magic dust creates an orb or crystal ball-like image of Frosty in his lifeless form with his coal eyes and the his magic hat that was supposed to bring him to life. During this time, the narrator's voice was heard singing the song about Frosty, once more, only slower and more sadly. )

The narrator: "(Unseen/singing sadly and slowly:) Frosty...the Snowman, was a happy jolly soul..."

(The scene fades to a flashback of Karen's relationship with Tom, Jerry and Frosty. First, it shows Karen, Tom and Jerry smiling at Frosty coming to life.)

The narrator "(Unseen/singing): With a corncob pipe..."

(After Karen laughed, the flashback shows Frosty moving his body, chuckling.)

The narrator: "(Unseen/singing:) And a button nose..."

(The "all-living" snowman stomps his foot into the snow with an anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, and then juggles some snowballs that the unseen children are throwing at him. Then the flashback shows a scene with Frosty leading Tom, Jerry and the kids out of school by marching with Tuffy and Hocus following.)

The narrator: "(Unseen/singing:) And two eyes made out of..."

During this last verse, we tsee the last flashbacks of the kids leaping over Frosty's back with him crouched down.)

The narrator: "(Unseen/finish singing:) Coal..."

(The flashback ends, returning back to a scene where Santa is smiling instead of feeling miserable.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) They were too late."

(Karen continued weeping, but Santa wouldn't take that remark from the narrator.)

Santa Claus: "Too late? *shaking his head* Why, nonsense."

(As Karen kept on sobbing, Santa then comforted her as he spoke to her and Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus look to him, while another instrumental version of Frosty's theme song plays again.)

Karen: "Oh, don't cry, Karen. Frosty's not gone for good."

(Karen stopped crying while Santa continues to speak with her.)

Santa Claus: "You see, he was made out of Christmas snow... *holding Karen up* ...and Christmas snow can never disappear completely. (chuckles) *walking toward the box and putting her on it to sit with a gentle anime thud sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation* And these nonsense comments from that magician were all not true."

Tom: "(confused:) It doesn't, Santa?"

Santa Claus: *shooked his head* "No, it doesn't. Those comments from the magician are lies. And the snow sometimes goes away through almost the year time to time, and takes a form of spring and summer rain. But if you can bet your boots, for when a good jolly December wind kisses it...*chuckle* will turn into Christmas snow all over again like magic. Do you understand?"

Tom & Jerry: *both nod their heads in understandable* "(both:) Yes, Santa."

Karen: "(sobs:) I do agree, Santa, but...he was our... *shedding her tear with a sparkle* ...friend."

The Magic December Wind/ Frosty's Brought Back to Life Again/ Santa Confronts Professor Hinkle Edit

(The camera switches to Tom and Jerry, who was having the same emotion as Karen, but not for long.)

Tom: *smiling* "We understand, Karen, but I think we can fix that problem for ya."

Jerry: "Yeah. And after all, we're your friends, too--and with your cousin."

Santa Claus: *chuckles, walks away to the door along with Tom and Jerry* "They're right. Just watch. Tom, Jerry?"

(With Tom and Jerry's help, Santa opens the greenhouse door, then a wind blew in, whisking up all the puddle remains of the melted Frosty and swirling them around in a tornado of magic dust and snowflakes, much to Tuffy, Hocus and Karen's amazement.)

Karen & Tuffy: (both gasp in surprise)

(The wind left the greenhouse and magically rebuilt Frosty back in perfect order, standing outside the greenhouse with his smile magically redrawn or recarved,. The wind also blew his button nose and coal eyes right into his head, redesigning his face. Frosty's corncob pipe flew next, returning back into his mouth, and his even broomstick returned with a flash of light that made an anime energy sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, but this time, in Frosty's left hand.)

Tuffy: *started running outside* "(thrilled:) Mr. Frosty!"

Karen: *ran towards the lifeless Frosty with laughter* "He's back...almost."

Santa Claus: "Now all he needs is his hat. Hocus Pocus, if you please."

(Hcous then came out of the greenhouse hopping to Santa with squeaky boings, wearing the top hat, covering him like before.)

Hocus Pocus: "Here's his hat, Santa!"

Jerry: "Here, allow me, Hocus." *takes the hat from Hocus*

(Hocus Pocus smiles at Jerry before Tom grabs his former mousy rival.)

Tom: "Here, old champ. let me give you a lift."

Jerry: *smiles at Tom* "Thanks, Thomas."

(Several anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Jerry places the hat back on Frosty's head, and immediately jumps on Tom's shoulder. And then, some magical sparkles appeared for the fifth time as Frosty returned to his living state with real eyes and blue pupils. Instead of disappearing, the magic dust trails continue to surround Frosty, even though his transformation was completed.)

Frosty: *blinking his eyes, curiously looking himself down* "Hmm?"

(The camera pans down to Frosty's legs where he again gave five gentle taps with his feet, blowing away some of the magic dust, and then it moves back to Frosty's face.)

Frosty: *looks at his right hand* "Huh?"

(Even more anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are head as the snowman waves his right hand three times, then looks to his own broom in his left hand and spins it for four seconds, finally clearing out the magic dust that has been looping around him for a while. And then realizing he's all living and well again as if it were no dream, Frosty gasps surprisingly)

Frosty: (joyful and louder:) "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

(Professor Hinkle appears behind the tree, and as his eyes widen and pupils shrunk, he gasps in shock/ horror to realize Frosty is back and alive. The camera then shows Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, several Woodland Animals & Hocus Pocus cheering. The camera then switches to Karen who then smiled, and then cuts back to Frosty laughing at his animal friends until he notices Karen.)

Frosty: "Karen!"

Karen: *shredding her tear* "(sobs:) Frosty!"

(She ran towards Frosty as he dropped his broomstick to the ground and then kneeled down and gave her a huge joyous hug.)

Karen: "Frosty, you're back!"

(Frosty smiles tearfully, and continues hugging Karen and shredding his tear with sparkle. Then he and Karen both went sobbing and whimpering in happiness. The camera then shows us Tom, Jerry, Tuffy Santa and Hocus Pocus while the several Woodland Animals happily look on.)

Hocus Pocus: "Frosty's brought back to life!"

Tuffy: "We did it! *turns to Tom and Jerry behind* Thanks for your help, Tom and Uncle Jerry! Me and Hocus owe you enough!"

(Tom & Jerry smiled before they went chuckling. Back to Frosty and Karen, they are overfilled with joy to see each other again.)

Frosty: "(sobbing:) Oh, Karen...I've missed you so much. *gently lets Karen go, touching her face* I was so worried about you, and Tom and Jerry, when I became a puddle. But, you, in the other hand, did not let me down, at all. Not even once."

(Wanting to make sure if Frosty is fully restored both on the outside and inside, Karen leads her head. She removes her set of earmuffs and places her head on Frosty's chest.)

Frosty: "(chuckling:) Oh, Karen..."

Karen: *listening to Frosty's heart* "And...and your icy heart is..beating very well and healthy again, too! *removing her head, putting her earmuffs back on her eyes and lifting her head up to Frosty and... (curious:) But, did you get a chance to see your grandfather again for a moment?"

Frosty: *nods his head* "I sure did. My grandfather is very happy to see me again, and also would be honor to meet you. Oh, come here you."

(He gently pulled Karen by her coat and started kissing her, making her laugh. Then she, Frosty, Santa, Hocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy joined hands together and played ring-around-the-rosy. The scene dissolves to Frosty as he is laughing, then switches back to him and his as they have finished their ring and separate each other.)

Karen: "I was so worried that you'll be really gone forever when you sacrifice yourself like that."

Frosty: "And I ever thought you, Tom and Jerry wouldn't make it back home for supper with your friends been harmed or destroyed. Besides, even through I said it before, but, you absolutely never let me down at all. You have done it the right thing. I'm so proud of you. *hugging/ kissed Karen* And, I'm super happy that you guys are alright! Thank you! Thank you all for helping me! *turns to Tom and Jerry when they walked by* Especially you two, Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse. I've could have been lost forever, if it wasn't for you two. And you guys have been very good this year, as well!"

Santa Claus: "Frosty's right. Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse, you two guys most definitely deserve Christmas presents this year, 'cause you have been nice, but also acting so kindhearted, so heroic, being clever-fied, smart and being protective for all the entire time. Now, let's go take you and Karen back home."

Professor Hinkle: "(Unseen:) Wait a minute!"

(Everyone gasps in shock as Professor Hinkle, unable to overhear more while knowing all of his plans to become a millionaire magician with the hat are in danger, jumps in front of the crowd to get ready for his one last ditch-effort.)

Professor Hinkle: *pointed at Frosty with his hat* "I want that hat back, and I want it now! And you, cat and mouse, stay where you are so I can obliterate you either last! *thinks for a second* Or maybe, first!"

(The angry magician is about to come closer to the frightened Tom and Jerry to do away with them, when Tuffy jumps on his nose, stopping him.)

Tuffy: *points at Professor Hinkle* "Don't you ever dare touch that hat, and don't even slaughter my two friends--especially Uncle Jerry!"

(More of the anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Hinkle, annoyed with Tuffy's interference with him, grabs the little diaper-wearing mouse by his tail and removes him off his nose)

Tuffy: "Eek!"

(Karen and Tom were both scared with the cat's gasp performed by William Hanna.)

Frosty: "(shocked:) Tuffy!"

Jerry: "No..."

Professor Hinkle: *holding Tuffy by his tail and looking with an evil, vengeful smile* "And just what are you going to do about it, little Tuffy? *looks to Frosty, Tom and Jerry* Risking your own life to save them?"

Tuffy: *waving his finger* "That's not what we're gonna say."

Santa Claus: *sneering at Hinkle fierstly, prompting him and Tuffy to look at him* "I strongly agree with young Tuffy Mouse. If you ever so much lay as one finger on the brim of this hat, or if you even take the life out of the bodies of an innocent grayish-blue cat and brown mouse who are his uncle and friend, I will never, ever bring you another Christmas present as long as you live."

(Frosty gasp in unexpected shock after hearing "Never" to Hinkle right in front of him, and Professor Hinkle did the same, but in complete shock.)

Professor Hinkle: *drops Tuffy who then lands on the snowy ground with an anime Thud! sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation* "(shocked:) N..N...Never?"

Tuffy: *picking himself up and dusting off snow* "Never."

Professor Hinkle: "(worried:) You mean, no more trick cards, or magic balls, or..."

Santa Claus: "(fierst:) No more anything." *snaps his fingers*

Tuffy: *jumps on Santa's hand* "You should be ashamed of yourself, professor. You deliberately have no right to harm Frosty, my Uncle Jerry and my friend Thomas, especially on Christmas Eve like that."

Professor Hinkle: "(heart wrenching:) Oh! *turns to the other side, kicking an empty can* That's not fair!"

Frosty: *staring at his friends, then walks over to Hinkle* "(nervous/ confused/ curious:) Excuse me, but what do you mean it's not fair?"

Professor Hinkle: "I mean, *turns frighteningly to Frosty* we, evil magicians, had to make a living, too. And...Tuffy was right, I have no right to act so cruel to you like that on Christmas Eve. And...*slowly begin sobbing* I...I also right..been so jealous of you either."

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Karen, Santa Claus, Woodland Animals & Hocus Pocus: "(unexpected shocked:) Jealous?!"

Frosty: " were just jealous of me...the whole time?"

Professor Hinkle: "Yes."

(The magician gets behind the same tree that he had hid before, reducing in tears)

Professor Hinkle: "I..I'm sorry. I am so sorry! I mean...I have no right to act so insanely crazy to you as if you were a snow prince, or snowcrook. I mean... *shooked his head* (whimpers:) I just didn't know there was another way."

Frosty: "Well, you know, professor, the magic that I got was not just came from my own hat, and Tuffy, my friend, was right. (sneering:) There's absolutely no way you're gonna be a millionaire magician so just you want this Aunt Figg guy and her lawyer to be released from prison. I really hate to act like this at you, Professor Hinkle, but...*turns back on Hinkle, making another angry as he crossed his arms and his eyes closed* I am very disappointed at you."

(Frosty opened his eyes, before his eye pupils looked back at Hinkle behind)

Professor Hinkle: "(sobs:) But...but, It just that back at the Christmas party in the classroom in school, at first I had failed my magic, all the children hated them and I even throw away my hat in the trash before in failure. But when I ever seen magic the first time when it brings you to life, I just want it back to make myself, Miss Figg and Lickboot rich and famous in the world. But it never happened after years later. I really did not mean any of this to happen...*thought about something else in his mind, stared at Frosty, shaking his head* And I didn't know the first thing how to become a gentleman."

(Feeling his hands being touched, Professor Hinkle widened his eyes unexpected when looks up at Frosty. Then with more of Fizz Sound's anime sound effects, Frosty gently grabs Hinkle's hands, pulled him away from a tree)

Frosty: "(gentle:) Professor Hinkle, you should have told all of us about it before you became jealous at me. We could have helped you before, and I'm sorry how you really feel, and I will be honor to teach you how, learning about friendship and be your friend, like me, right now...well...if I returned again someday."

(The camera cuts to a closer viewer at Frosty, who stares at the viewers and winks with a ding sound effect. Then it switches back to him and Professor Hinkle.)

Professor Hinkle: *sniff* "(touched:) Thank you, Frosty. I'd never realized how much I needed to hear that."

(After wiping his tears, Hinkle turns to Tom and Jerry and kneeled down with an anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation)

Professor Hinkle: "Tom, Jerry? Hear this from me now. I now learn how it's wrong, wrong, wrong to murder you as an effort to have my vengeance for Miss Figg and Lickboot. The reason why I meant to do so is that I'm upset with the loss of Robyn's aunt and lawyer, who are prisoners in the Starling Enterprises. They are like friends to me when we were young classmates in college, and I couldn't even forget about them, not even anytime soon."

Tom: *walks towards Hinkle, smiles* "(gentle:) That's okay, Professor Hinkle."

Jerry: *jumps on Hinkle's shoulder with anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation* "(gentle:) We have no right to be so angry at you like that either. Even though me and Tom don't get along through cat and mouse chases and fighting each other in the past years, but we're still good pals."

Tom: "I agree with Jerry. You didn't do anything too much bad. You just need to speak it all of us."

Jerry: "And, Mr. Frosty too."

(The brown mouse winks at Tuffy, remembering what his nephew had recalled him before)

Tuffy: "(laughs:) Hey, that's my line, uncle!"

(Jerry chuckles at his nephew, then the camera cuts us to a scene of him, Tom and Professor Hinkle)

Professor Hinkle: "I completely understand. But, if only Mr. Starling would release them in the first place, he'd forgive them for everything wrong they did to his daughter, which is your friend and Karen's cousin Robyn, and give then another chance to be a nice aunt and lawyer."

Jerry: "He will, professor. The morning newspapers from today said to us that their imprisonment will expire next year, at Christmas time. They'll come back to spend the holidays with Robyn and her father."

(The camera cuts to a close up at Jerry as he turned to the viewers, thinking to himself)

Jerry: *thinking* ("Just in case you guys don't know, Thomas and I, are only bluffing. We would not let Aunt Figg and Lickboot be released from jail after all their horrible actions last summer.")

(The scene switches back to Professor Hinkle.)

Professor Hinkle: "(curious:) They will?"

(The camera cuts to Tom and Jerry.)

Tom: "Certainly, professor. And you're not the only one. They'll need to see the errors of their ways too."

Jerry: "And maybe, Mr. Starling will ask Figg and Lickboot to help him raise the money for every trust fund and charity by working together at his Starling Enterprise, that way he won't go out exploring the world alone and leaving them to take care of Robin just like he only did once."

Tom: "There are lots of charities, including UNICEF, short for United Nations Children's Fund."

Karen: "You see, professor? What we should've meant before back at our school is that money is not for your own wealth, especially Aunt Figg and Mr. Lickboot. It's also important to help other people worldwide."

Professor Hinkle: *smiles at Karen* "Yes, you're right, young lady. I accept now, and I gave you a credit for those kind words from each of you. Especially you, Tom and Jerry, for understanding my feelings."

Jerry: "Aw, it was nothing."

Tom: "You betcha."

Frosty: *walks nervously towards Hinkle* "So, uhh, professor...*offers Hinkle out his hand* friends?"

(Professor Hinkle stares at Frosty's hand for a moment, he smiles, nods his head, and grabs Frosty's hand. They smiled and hugged each other, giggling)

Santa Claus: *sigh* "Oh, Ahem! Now, Professor Hinkle, if you want to be on my nice list again, you must go home at once and write I am very sorry for what I have done to Frosty, just in case, a hundred zillion times."

(Professor Hinkle slaps his forehead in unbelievable with a Wamp! sound effect. Frosty couldn't help but giggle.)

Tuffy: "Santa's right, professor. Then maybe if you did, just maybe in his mind, you will received something from Santa in your stocking, tomorrow morning. A.K.A. Christmas morning"

(Professor Hinkle gasps in surprise at what Tuffy had said.)

Professor Hinkle: "A...a new hat, maybe?" *happily quickly turns to Frosty besides him*

Frosty: *smiles at Hinkle* "If you're forgivable already."

(Other anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Professor Hinkle jumped in the air

Professor Hinkle "(overjoyed): Oh, yes Indeed!

(After landing back on the ground with another anime sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, the magician rubs Karen, Tom and Frosty's heads without knocking off his formerly owned hat before he took his leave for his journey back to the town from which he and the group went out from, leaving them confused.)

Professor Hinkle: "Goodbye, everyone! Sorry to lose and run..."

(The next scene shows Hinkle running down the snowy hill and stopping to call back to the group.)

Proessor Hinkle: "But I've got to get busy writing! (jumping in the air twice in happiness:) Busy, busy, busy!"

(Then Professor Hinkle continued running on his way home, laughing happily. The scene switches back to Santa, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus, Karen and several woodland animals as they all laugh to see how Hinkle is really filled with a soon-to-come joyful desire for forgiveness and present)

Frosty: *pointed at the unseen Hinkle as he ran with his thumb* "Now, that is one funny wacky magician I'd ever seen in my entire life!"

Tom: "(giggling:) You said it, big guy."

Jerry: *chuckle* "Tell me about it."

Frosty: *giggle, snaps his fingers in remembering* "Oh, yeah! Hocus, Tuffy, I almost forgot! 'Cuse me.

(Frosty removes his now-owned magic hat off his head and held it with both his hands, showing how he looked like without the hat, but this time, with his real eyes. This also means that it does not cause Frosty to transform back from being an "all-living" snowman to being a lifeless snowman, unless the hat is out of his grasp.)

Frosty: *looking at the inside of his hat* "Hmm?"

(Using his left hand, Frosty digged inside of his hat until he yanked out fresh carrots with magic dust coming out, surprising only Karen, Hocus, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry)

Frosty: "Ha, got 'em! Here you are, Hocus, a bunch of carrots."

(Frosty gives Hocus the carrots, then, with an anime swoosh sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, he holds his left hand above the hat he is holding with his right hand.)

Frosty: "And what's for Tuffy?"

(Several anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as he shake the hat two times, and a large piece of cheese with carved holes came out of the hat and landed on his left hand.)

Tuffy: (amazed:) "A king-sized piece of cheese!'

Frosty: "Ta-da! You guessed it, Tuffy!"

(While Tuffy is taking his winter clothes before taking the cheese from Frosty, Tom, Jerry and Karen are laughing)

Tom: "Oh, boy! You can still use magic, just like Professor Hinkle, thanks to that hat."

Jerry: "Very smart!"

Karen: "And it's a good thing you're not letting go of your hat, Frosty. It'll turn you back to not being an all-living snowman if you do so."

(After kneeling down and handing over the cheese to Tuffy who grabs it carefully with super-strength, Frosty gets up and looks to his friends, still holding the hat with his right.)

Frosty: "Hey, don't worry about that. This wonderful magic hat kept me "all-living" with contact such as me holding it right now. *puts his hat back on his head* And as long as it stays on my head, I can't turn back to being an non-all-living snowman, right?"

Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Karen: (giggling:) "Right!"

(Frosty then kneeled back to Tuffy and Hocus)

Frosty: "Tuffy, Hocus, these edible Christmas presents are for helping all of us before. *rubbing their heads* You guys deserve them for the help."

Hocus Pocus: *smiles at Frosty* "Thanks, Frosty. I owe you a lot coming!" *politely started eating the carrots with crunching sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation*

Tuffy: *munching on cheese* "Mmm, yeah, we all have a lot of thank you coming your way soon, Mr. Frosty."

Frosty: "Thanks, guys. *turned to the viewers, smiling* For me you may ask? Well, I'd managed to grab a little something...*helding up a vanilla beam ice cream cone* from the refrigerated boxcar from the train headed north that is." *giggling*

(Frosty starts licking his ice cream, while Tom and Jerry smile at each other and shake their hands)

Greeting the Reindeer/ "Ready, Rudolph?"/ ♪ Frosty the Snowman (reprise, part 1) ♪ Edit

(Back at the glen, the remaining woodland animals and Santa's sleigh team waiting for Santa, Frosty, Hocus, Karen, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy when the male squirrel is heared calling out for them)

Male Squirrel: (Unseen:) "Hey, Lord Owl! We're back!"

(They all turned to see the other woodland animals coming back with Santa, Hocus, Frosty, Tuffy, Jerry, Tom and Karen)

Female Squirrel: We're back with Santa and Frosty!"

Male Squirel: "Everything here is good s new again!"

Lord Owl: (smiling:) "Well, it's a about time for the sake of the Queen of England."

The narrator: "(Unseen) A little later, before their journey can continue, Santa convinced Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus Pocus, Karen and Frosty to meet and talk with his nine reindeer. As we memorized, the nine reindeer are Rudolph, his father Donner, his six uncles, Blitzen, Prancer, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer and Comet; who is the coach of the Reindeer Games, and of course, his aunt Vixen."

(The camera cuts to the narrator watching the scene, before turning to the viewers)

The narrator: "But, what you are to watch is the best moment when Rudolph meets Frosty for the first time ever, another misfit character who is more special and more magical than neither he nor his elf friend Hermey had ever imagine."

(The camera then takes us back to the scene with Santa, Frosty, Karen, Hocus, Tuffy, Tom and Jerry.)

Santa Claus: (looks to Frosty) "Frosty, your new friend awaits you. His name is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

(Frosty lets out a happy gasp, then makes his broom disappear with a flash of magic dust and walks over to Rudolph. The camera then shows Rudolph as he, too, becomes amazed to see Frosty for the first time.)

Rudolph: "(surprised/ thrilled:) Frosty the Snowman, you exist!"

(Frosty hugged Rudolph gently by his neck with an anime grabbing sound effect by Fizz Sound Creation, making his red nose glowed with soft beeping sounds)

Frosty: "Hi, Rudolph! How's my favorite friend doing with your shiny red nose?"

Rudolph: *giggle* "My nose is doing great. *stops lighting up his nose* While we're waiting for you and your friends to come here safely, Frosty, I just learn from Lord Owl that your magic silk hat can make you all living."

Frosty: "It sure did, Rudolph. Reindeers, I want to introduce to my other friends: Nibbles "Tuffy" Mouse, his boss and friend Hocus Pocus the rabbit, a young schoolgirl Karen and this two are my favorite assistants, my friends, Thomas "Tom" Cat and of course Jerry Mouse."

Other Reindeer: (exclaiming "Hi" and "Hello")

Donner: "We all hear that you and Jerry are being good this year, Thomas. You two also make great heroic assistants for the snow fella like Frosty. We're very proud of you both."

Blitzen: "Isn't that the truth for one of my brothers like yourself, huh, Donner?

Rudolph: "He's got every point, Uncle Blitzen."



(Tom and Jerry starts giggling, but stops when Coach Comet's voice spoke to them, drawing out their attention to him.)

Coach Comet: "(Unseen:) Tom and Jerry?"

(The moment Tom and Jerry look to Comet, the camera switches to the reindeer who is wearing a red and blue cab)

Coach Comet: "On behalf on Santa's kindness & heroics to Frosty, I'd suggest that in April of next year, you, Tuffy and Hocus can come to the North Pole where you can watch Rudolph at the reindeer games in Christmas Town."

Rudolph: "This is where all our other friends live, including Clarice. How about it?"

Hocus Pocus: *jumping in the air* "Yahoo!"

Jerry: "Sound great, Rudolph! That will be fun."

Tom: "You can't count on us, big reindeer."

(Karen giggles until she turns to the big clock, which is located far back to the town. The camera switches to the clock showing the time of 11:00 PM with chiming sound effects, then cuts back to her, Tom and Jerry.)

Karen: *gasp in shock* "You guys, it's almost midnight!"

Tuffy: "You're right, Miss Karen! We gotta take you, Tom and Jerry back home, fast!"

Tom: "Tuffy's right! And, me and Jerry have to get back home to Robyn for Christmas, too!"

Jerry: "Quick, let's go!"

Santa Claus: "Have no fear, my friends. No matter how late we may get, we'll always be on time before sunrise. After all, until then and after 12:00, there's plenty of more Christmas Eve. "

Rudolph: "True to Santa's words, we've recently broken new records two years, including the time I took my father's place as lead reindeer after coming up with the idea of using my nose to save Christmas Day around the world. And now, we can do it again this year."

Donner: *chuckles* "That's my little buck."

Coach Comet: "And my great student and nephew!"

(More of Fizz Sound's anime sound effects are heard as Frosty, Karen, Hocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy then hopped onto Santa's sleigh before Santa goes last.)

Lord Owl: "Good luck, Santa!"

Santa Claus: "Good luck to you too, Lord Owl." *climbs back up his sleigh* "Ready, Rudolph?"

Rudolph: *lighting up his nose with beeping sounds* "All ready, Santa!"

Santa Claus: "Now, up! Up! Dash Away! Dash away all! Ho ho! To Karen's house! Ho ho ho!"

(Santa's sleigh took off into the air, and the Woodland Animals wave goodbye as the theme music comes by. And while the chorus do their singing part, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy and Hocus Pocus watching the view below, and then the full moon shining in the sky. Karen happily started hugging Frosty, and she and Frosty looked each other and shared their smiles)

Chorus (singing): "Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow, and the children know how he came to life one day..."

Frosty Farewell/ ♪ Frosty the Snowman (reprise, part 2) ♪ Edit

(We now see Santa flying his sleigh above the town that Karen, her classmates and their parents, and Professor Hinkle lived in, with Karen, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Hocus and Frosty still riding, and with Rudolph guiding the way with the magical glowing power of his red nose.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) And so, Santa took Tom, Jerry and Karen back home, and made ready to bring Frosty back to the North Pole with him."

Santa Claus: "Well, here we are; your house, Karen. By the way, I've already made my delivery here, just to let you know."

Karen: "Thanks, sir."

(Karen and Hocus stepped out as she hugged Santa, then patted Hocus on the head before kissing him on the nose, causing him to blush a bit.)

Tom and Jerry: "How nice of you, Karen."

Tuffy: "I'll come with you, Santa! I'll be your own head elf mouse for ya and the other elves, including this Hermey fella."

Santa Claus: "Ho, ho, ho. Thanks, Tuffy."

Frosty: "The elves would love that very much, Tuffy!" *noticing Karen* "Huh?"

(The camera switches to the scene with Tom, Jerry, Hocus and Karen, where the girl in red reduced in tears, touching her chest)

Frosty: (Unseen:) "Karen? Sweetheart?"

(Karen, Tom and Jerry stares at Frosty and Tuffy, then they turn back before Karen sobs as she runs to Frosty until gasping. Frosty gasps, and more classic anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as he quickly caught Karen, wrapping his arms around his friend and patting her in comfort.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Tom, Jerry and Karen all hated to say goodbye to Frosty."

Tom: *walks towards Frosty* "We're gonna miss you and Tuffy, big guy..."

Karen: (sobs:) "Yeah, we love you...forever, Frosty."

Frosty: *hugging Karen* "Oh...I love you, guys, too! And don't you cry, I'll be back someday. *turns to Tom and Jerry* Tom, Jerry? Remember what I said back in the school courtyard before."

Tom: "When me and Jerry believed in ourselves..."

Jerry: "You will always be there with us, right?"

Frosty: "You got it, guys. *sniff, kneeled down to Tom and Jerry* (sobs:) Especially, when...*hugging Tom & Jerry, shedding a first single tear with a sparkle* Especially when you two became brave heroes to me." *smiles, sniff* 

Santa Claus: *seeing Frosty behind* "Oh, don't feel bad at yourself, Frosty. Tuffy and I had something very important surprise to say for you."

Frosty *turns to Santa* "(curious:) Like what, Santa?"

Santa Claus: *clears throat* "Tuffy...?"

Tuffy: *rolled out the scroll, begin reading* "On this day forward, due to the next winter season, Frosty the Snowman can always return to his companions whenever he wants, from now on."

Rudolph: "Yeah, you just got to believe it, pal. Your friendship with not only Karen, nor Tom and Jerry, but everyone in the world will never end in the future."

Santa Claus: "Even when you travel around the world, you can still be with your friends and have fun with them, too."

(Frosty's slowly and surprisingly widen his smile, and then with yet even more of Fizz Sound Creation's classics anime sound effects, jumps off the sleigh along with Tuffy and slide-kneels down, hugging their friends and making them all laugh)

Jerry: "Tuffy, Thomas and I never forget about the time when you were a baby with hunger for milk, and all the rough time we share together."

Tom: "What could we say to the rest of your family including your mother while you're gone to live with Frosty in the North Pole?"

Tuffy: "You guys just tell Mama, Uncle Harry and the others that I love them, and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Can you do that, Uncle Jer and Tommy?"

Tom and Jerry: "Yes, we can."

Santa Claus: *smiling* "Ahem, Frosty and Tuffy?"

(Seeing Santa after hearing him, Frosty and Tuffy smiles sheepishly. The snowman steps back to the sleigh, and with classic anime jumping sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation. Tuffy leaped onto the top of Frosty's hat, then jumped back onto Santa's shoulder)

Frosty: *climbing up the sleigh* "Sorry..."

Santa Claus: *nodded his head, smiles*

The narrator: "As a token of Santa and Tuffy's promises, Frosty will always return every year with the magical Christmas snow."

Santa Claus: *wiping his ropes* "Up! Up! Dash Away! Dash Away All! To the North Pole!"

Tom, Jerry, Hocus Pocus & Karen: *all waving goodbye to Frosty above, smiling happily*

Frosty: (Unseen:) "(joyful:) Goodbye, Karen! Goodbye, Tom! Goodbye, Jerry! Goodbye, Hocus! I love you!"

(The camera cuts to Frosty on Santa's sleigh with Tuffy happily watches the view. Both the all-living snowman and the diaper wearing gray mouse hugged each other, before the sleigh went out of the camera's view, disappearing into the full moon.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) And every year, when winter comes again, there was a big celebration with a big Christmas parade."

(The scene dissolve to the next sequence, showing that one year has passed, right onto the day when Frosty was built by Tom, Jerry and the children, and brought to life by his magic hat. Frosty was happily leading the kids, Tom and Jerry who were marching through town, like they did the year before. The narrator, a Jimmy Durante look-alike is strolling along the parade, Tuffy is seen marching with Frosty, Tom and Jerry, now wearing his elf suit that is duplicated from the same clothes of Santa's male elves including Rudolph's friend Hermey. It was an elf jacket and hat that are teal or light blue with a black belt, a pink ribbon with a pink quill pen wrapped around the hat, his rose pink pants and his black elf shoes. And Frosty is twirling his broomstick with Fizz Sound Creation's classic anime swooshing sound effects.)

The narrator: "(Unseen:) Here we are now, the next year, into our present-day."

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpity Thump Thump, Thumpity Thump Thump."

Jerry: (singing:) "Look at Frosty go!"

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpity Thump Thump, Thumpity Thump Thump."

Tom: (singing:) "Over the hills of snow."

(Various anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Frosty spins around, tosses his broomstick up in the air, then catches it. As the parade continued, the boy with his green coat and hat, in the back, stopped marching for a bit, breathed happily and then continued following the group.)

Karen: (singing:) "Frosty the Snowman was a happy jolly soul..."

(Then Spike and his son Tyke, who now walks on two legs like people do, appears to do their singing part, while Hocus Pocus followed happily, hopping after the group, as well as Professor Hinkle with a new hat that is duplicated from Frosty's and Butch Dog, still working as a traffic dog, running up to catch up with them. They finally caught up as they marched along.)

Spike: (singing:) "With a corncob pipe..."

Tyke: (singing:) "And a button nose..."

Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and Butch Dog (singing:) "And two eyes made out of coal."

(Frosty continue to lead the Christmas Eve parade when Spike dashes up to the magically living snowman)

Spike: *gently tapping Frosty on the shoulder* "(nervous:) Hey, umm...excuse me, Frosty, listen I'm really sorry that I got angry at ya, and your friends while I'm giving ya the tickets before, you know?"

Frosty: *smiles at Spike* "Oh, that's alright, Spike. I just worried that I wouldn't make it to the North Pole. You and your son can join me as a part of the friendship, if you're gureeted available."

Tyke: "We'll always be gureeted to see you, someday."

(Then Droopy appear on the left side, next to Frosty)

Droopy: *tapping on Frosty's thigh* "I beg your pardon, Mr. Frosty, but you're forgetting one more like "you-know-who?"

Frosty and Spike: "Oh, Droopy!" *both laugh*

(Pretty soon, the townspeople and the woodland animals from the glen were joining the parade through the snow, including Santa flying the sleigh again with Rudolph and his fellow reindeer. The narrator and Tuffy rose from the crowd, dashing toward the camera with super speed. But only the narrator stops while Tuffy disappears out of the view.)

The narrator: "And with Frosty the Snowman... *takes off his hat* Christmas was always very merry indeed." *puts his hat back on*

(Then more anime sound effects by Fizz Sound Creation are heard as Tuffy reappears, jumping on the narrator's shoulder)

Tuffy: *tipping his elf hat* "And you, have a Merry Christmas to you, too." *wink his eye*

(Santa then landed the sleigh down, and Frosty got in. Tuffy returns and hugs Jerry, before climbing into the sleigh with Frosty.)

Chorus (singing): "Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way..."

(The two friends waved good-bye to Tom, Jerry, the kids, the woodland animals and the townspeople as Santa got Rudolph and his fellow sleigh team members going, with the Tom, Jerry, the kids and the woodland animals following after and everyone else, on the sides, watching with glee.)

Children, Townspeople and Woodland Animals: (All:) "Goodbye, Frosty!"

Tom & Jerry: "(both:) Good luck out there, Tuffy!"

The narrator: "(Unseen:/singing): But he waved goodbye, saying "don't you cry..."

(As the song came to the big finish, Rudolph and his fellow reindeer pull the sleigh up into the air. Frosty and Tuffy then waved goodbye once more to the people below, with the snowman declaring one last thing.)

Frosty: *waving at the viewers* "(joyful:) I'll be back on Christmas Day!"

(The sleigh then left for the North Pole as Frosty is heard laughing and the song came to an end, with snowflakes falling like earlier.)

The End

A Tom and Jerry Cartoon Produced in Hollywood, U.S.A., Vancouver, Canada and Tokyo, Japan, compliments of Warner Bros. and Rankin/Bass.

Closing Credits (♪ Frosty the Snowman (extended version) ♪/ ♪ Let There Be Snow ♪) Edit

(After we then fade to a black background to show signs that the film is ending, the Frosty the Snowman theme began to play as the credits for all the cast and crew members, and their companies began)

Frosty: "Happy Birthday!"

The narrator: (singing) "Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, with a corncob pipe, and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal."

The narrator and chorus (singing): "Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow, but the children know how he came to life one day."

The narrator (singing): "There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found. For when they placed it on his head, he begin to dance around.

Chorus (singing): "Frosty the Snowman, was alive as he could be."

The narrator and chorus: (singing): "And the children say that he can laugh and play, just the same as you and me."

(♪ Instrumental theme: Frosty the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, with a corncob pipe, and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal. Frosty the Snowman is a fairy tale they say. He was made of snow, but the children know how he came to life one day. There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found. For when they placed it on his head, he begin to dance around. Frosty the Snowman, was alive as he could be. And the children say that he can laugh and play, just the same as you and me. Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump. ♪)

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump."

Jerry: (singing:) "Look at Frosty go!"

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump."

Tom: (singing:) "Over the hills of snow."

Frosty: (now singing in John Goodman's voice) I, Frosty the Snowman, knew the sun was hot that day. So I said, "Let's run, and we'll have some now before I melt away!" Down to the village with the broomstick in my hand, I ran here and there, all around the square, saying "catch me if you can!" (laughs) I led them down the streets of town, right into a traffic cop. And I only paused a moment, when I heard him holler..."

Chorus: (singing:) "STOP!"

Butch Dog (singing): "Stop, stop, stop!"

The narrator: (singing:) Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way. But he waved goodbye, saying..."

Frosty: (singing:) "Don't you cry, I'll be back again someday."

(♪ Instrumental theme: Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump. ♪)

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump."

Jerry: (singing:) "Look at Frosty go!"

Tuffy: (singing:) "Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump."

Tom: (singing:) "Over the hills of snow."

Karen: (singing:) "Frosty the Snowman was a happy jolly soul..."

Spike: (singing:) "With a corncob pipe..."

Tyke: (singing:) "And a button nose..."

Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus and Traffic Cop (singing:) "And two eyes made out of coal."

Chorus: (singing:) "Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way."

The narrator: (singing:) But he waved goodbye, saying..."

Frosty: (singing:) "Don't you cry, I'll be back again someday."

Chorus: "He'll be back..again..somedaaaaaay!"

(♪ Instrumental theme: Frosty the Snowman... ♪)

Chorus: (singing:) "Somedaaaaaaaay!"

(The theme ends, then Let There Be Snow from Frosty Returns started playing as the credits continue rolling to show how the movie was made)

Frosty: (singing): "Sometimes when the words just fail you, you're scared, but you know they're wrong. I found that I get much further, when I turn my thoughts to song. You know why you love this season, the joy that the snow can bring. So why should you stop to reason? Just open your heart and sing... Oh, let there be snow. Let there be snow. Let there be snow. Need I remind you, the autumn's behind you? Let the wind blow. This is a time of year to make, figure eights across the lake. Such a magical sight, when the world's dressed all in white. Whoa....let there be snow. The days may grow short and grayer, and the cold may nip at your nose. But once there's a six-inch layer, those soft flakes beneath your toes. You can't help but want to taste it, or jump in a snowy pile. Why not build a fort or igloo, or find a window to print your smile? Oh, let there be snow." (speaking:) "Kids, Hocus, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, sing with me!"

Tuffy: "You got it, Mr. Frosty!"

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "Let there be snow! Let there be snow! Close down the schools, and let's act like fools, there's parties to throw."

Tom: (singing:) "Those days may grow short and grayer..."

Jerry (singing:) "And the cold may nip at your nose..."

Tuffy: (singing:) "But once there's a six-inch layer..."

Hocus Pocus: (singing:) "Those soft flakes beneath your toes."

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "You can't help but want to taste it, or jump in a snowy pile. Why not build a fort or igloo, or find a window to print your smile? Oh, let there be snow.

(♪ Instrumental version playing ♪)

Frosty (singing:) "Let there be snow. Let there be snow. This kind of weather brings people together, so friendships can grow."

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "Why should we sit around and wait, for summer days to celebrate? Such a magical sight, when the world's dressed in white. Whoa...let there be snow. Let there be snow. Let there be snow. This kind of weather brings people together, so friendships can grow."

(♪ Instrumental version playing ♪)

Frosty: (singing:) "Why should we sit around and wait..."

Tom: (singing:) "For summer days to celebrate..."

Jerry: (singing:) "With such a magical sight?"

Tuffy: (singing:) "When the world's dressed in white..."

Frosty, Children, Hocus Pocus, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy: (singing:) "Whoa...let there be snow."

(After the credits finish rolling to show that the film is done, the words "In Loving Memory of June Foray (1917–2017)" appears on the center of the screen, and after nearly ten seconds, they fade away)

Post-Credits-Scene: The Figgs' Christmas Reunion with the Starlings Edit

(We now dissolve to a scene with Tom, Jerry, Robyn and her father Mr. Starling in their home at the Starling Enterprise base on this Christmas Day)

Mr. Starling: "Merry Christmas, my little Robyn." *kisses Robyn Starling*

Robyn Starling: "Merry Christmas, to you too, daddy. Tom, Jerry? My cousin Karen told me that you went on an adventure with a magical snowman to bring him to the North Pole, right?"

Jerry: *munching on a Christmas cookie* "(dreamy:) Yeah! In case if you forgotten his name, Frosty is the most dreaming-handsome snowman we've ever met in our lives."

Tom: "(dreamy:) I agree with Jerry, Robyn. You should have went with us. We have the best time...!"

(Doorbell sound effects by Hidenori Arai)

Tom: "(curious:) Who can that be?"

Robyn Starling: "Oh, I've got it!" *getting her coat from a hook* "Properly somebody else wants to say Merry Christmas to us." *turning the door knob, opening the door* "Merry Chris..." *gasp in shocked, seeing Pristine Figg and Lickboot in their tored-ragged clothing and their hair messed up*

Pristine Figg: *smiles* "Merry Christmas, dear old Robyn. And Tom and Jerry too, huh?"

Mr. Starling: *gasp in shocked/ surprised*

Tom: "Pristine Figg?"

Jerry: "Lickboot?"

Ferdinand: (Unseen/Spoken:) Hey! Hey! What about me?

(Tom and Jerry look to Ferdinand standing in front of Figg and Lickboot)

Tom & Jerry: "(both:) And Ferdinand, too?"

Mr. Starling: "(confused and fierst:) Pristine Figg? Mr. Lickboot?" *holding Robyn's shoulders* What are you guys doing here? And what do you want from us? I heard you two tried to abuse my only daughter Robyn one year ago when I was away injured on the mountains of Tibet. And, you also lied about my death once you're both in our nest cabin, which you cause a fire."

Pristine Figg: "(sobs:) Oh, Mr. Starling...we're so extremely sorry!"

Lickboot: "(ashamed:) She's right. Besides, we have no right to treat her like that until our right-hand henchman, my partner Professor Hinkle just wrote us a letter about his strong strict behavior attitude during on Christmas Eve last year, when were in prison for life until this year they let us go. And now, we have lost everything, and now we're in a middle of nowhere until we came by at your home."

Pristine Figg: *picks up her dog Ferdinand* "(sobs:) My dog Ferdinand was sorry as well."

(Ferdinand whimpers sadly in agreement)

Pristine Figg: "(sobs:) Mr. Starling...Robyn...Tom and Jerry...can you please...forgive us...for our actions years ago?"

Lickboot: "And also can with you...?"

Pristine Figg: "And we really strongly mean it, this time."

Mr. Starling: *turning back to Tom and Jerry*

Tom & Jerry: *looking at Mr. Starling, smiling at each other, and nodded their heads*

Mr. Starling: *looking down at Robyn* "Robyn?"

Robyn Starling: *looking at Tom, Jerry and her father smiling, turning to the Figgs, touching Pristine's hand* "(gentle:) Of course you can... Merry Christmas."

(Tom, Jerry, Lickboot and Ferdinand all cheered, while Mr. Starling smiles with delight)

Pristine Figg: *touching Robyn's hand* "(thrilled:) Let's give our niece Robyn Starling the best Christmas she always wanted!"

Lickboot: "Yes, we shall, my love!"

(Ferdinand barking happily)

(Tom and Jerry looked at each with smiles, remembering their suggestion that they gave Professor Hinkle)

Tom: "Well, just as we planned from last year, Jerry."

Jerry: "Yeah, Tom. It's a holiday dream come true. According to Puggsy and Frankie...

Tom and Jerry: "We'll always be friends to the end."

Frosty: *watching the best moment through the window with Tuffy (still in his elf suit) on his right shoulder and Rudolph, turning back smiling, climbs on Santa's sleigh* "Come on, Santa, let's go home."

Santa Claus: (nodded his head, wiped his reindeer sleigh lines) "Dash Away! Dash Away All! Ho-Ho!"

(Frosty watches and waved at the various characters from the Tom and Jerry crossover films down below)

(lastly, Veruca Salt nervously walks towards her bedroom window, surprisingly stares at Santa's sleigh, seeing Frosty, smilingly waved at him)

(Frosty blows his kiss at Veruca Salt, smiling charmingly at Veruca Salt)

(Veruca Salt blinks her eyes in amazement, happily faded to her bed)

Frosty: (giggling) (winking and waving to the viewers once again)

Closing Credits (♪ Frosty the Snowman ♪/♪ Let There Be Snow ♪)/ Outtakes Edit

(The end credits started rolling with the extended version of the Frosty the Snowman theme, but the outtakes that happen during the movie's shooting are included)

William Hanna (off-screen): "Speed. Marker."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

Joseph Barbera (off-screen): "And action!"

Professor Hinkle: "Ahem, where is that rabbit and his mouse assistant? *spins his hat with whirling sound effects by Hidenori Arai* Hocus Pocus? Nibbles Tuffy Mouse? Where are you!? Bah! The only thing this hat's good for is the trash can!"

(Hinkle throws his hat, which bounces off the trash can and hits the floor. But instead of Hocus, it releases Bugs Bunny who pops out with Tuffy and starts chewing his carrot)

Bugs Bunny: "Ehh...what's up, Doc?"

Tuffy: "(confused:) Huh? Bugs Bunny? What are you doin' here?"

William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Professor Hinkle (off-screen): (laughing)

Professor Hinkle (off-screen): "Oh, dear me!" (laughs)

Hocus Pocus (annoyed:) *appearing next to Bugs* "Excuse me, Mr. Bunny, that would be my acting job and nobody steals it from me!"

Bugs Bunny: "Whoops. Wrong showcase area. Cut!

William Hanna (off-screen): "Good remembering, Bugs. That's what we're gonna say"

Bugs Bunny: (smiles:) "Sorry about that, Hanna and Barbera."

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (off-screen): "It's all right."


Joseph Barbera (off-screen): "Marker."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

William Hanna (off-screen): "And let's have action!"

Karen: *shaking Tom & Jerry's hands* "It's our pleasure to meet you guys, too. And you know, Tom and Jerry? Robyn Starling, that you both described, is actually my older sister."

Tom: "(unexpected/ surprised:) What?"

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (off-screen): "Older sister?" (chuckles)

Tom and Jerry: (laughing)

Karen: *nodded her head*

Jerry: "Don't you mean, your great, great, great cousin, Karen?

Karen: "Oh! Right, I wish that we're sisters. Directors Hanna and Barbera, let's have another mark."

Tom and Jerry: "Yeah, let's go!"

Joseph Barbera (off-screen): "Alright, just be patient."

William Hanna (off-screen): "This will take a while."


William Hanna (off-screen): "Wind, camera."

(Clapperboard and wind sound effects)

Joseph Barbera (off-screen): "Action!"

(The hat, carrying Tuffy, appears being blown by the wind)

Tuffy: "Tom, head's up!"

Tom: *gasps and catches the hat* "Got it! *slip on a nearby block of ice, kicking it away* Whoa!" *falls forward and hits the snowy ground so hard*

(The hat flew out of Tom's hands, but Karen caught it and quickly put it on Frosty's head)

(A trail of magic dust appears, turns Frosty into his all-living form and fades away while he started to talk)

Frosty: "(joyful:) Merry Christmas! (blinked two times, realized he said it wrong, laughs:) Wait, what?"

William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus, Karen and her classmates (off-screen): (all laughing)

Frosty: "(laughs:) I'm suppose to say Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry about that, guys, but overall it's already Christmas."

William Hanna (off-screen): "We got the point, John. Cut!"


William Hanna (off-screen): "Speed, marker..."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

William Hanna (off-screen): "And action."

Professor Hinkle: "I saw nothing of the kind, young lady."

Hocus Pocus: *pops out of the hat with a grunt, tsk tsk tsk tsk....*

Professor Hinkle: "Quiet! I can't lose my hat if it's got magic now. It will make me Prince Jean Bob again!"

Tuffy: *pops out of the hat* "You're a what?!"

Professor Hinkle: "Prince Jean Bob, that's what. (laughing)"

William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Tuffy, Professor Hinkle, Hocus Pocus: (all laughing)

Tuffy: "Don't you mean a millionaire magician, Mr. Cleese? 'Cause you're not a frog."

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, you're right, Tuffy. That's quite another fairy tale, that is."


Frosty: *staring the viewers* "Hey...Could I really be alive? I mean, I can make words!" *moving his body* "I can move!" *Thump!* "I can juggle!" *juggling snowballs in one hand* "I can sweep!" *sweeping and throws the broomstick*

(Tom quickly caught the broomstick, but then it light up with an aura of lightning bolts, electrocuting him)


Jerry: "Uh-oh."

Tuffy: "What happened, Thomas?"

Tom: "There's...something wrong... (coughs out black smoke) ...with that broom." (groaning, slips off the prop tree and hits the ground, making the camera vibrate)

Frosty: (off-screen): "(nervous:) Umm...Tom, are you alright?"

Tom: (off-screen): "No, John. I'm electric-burned."

Frosty: *grinding his teeth in pain* "Hey! Tom needs medical help for his injuries and fur! Would you stop the film and call an Ambulance?

William Hanna: (off-screen:)

Hocus Pocus: "Mmm, good thing he's still alive."


Joseph Barbera: "Speed. Marker."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

William Hanna: "And, action!"

The Traffic Cop: "So, you want a ticket, wise guy?"

Frosty: "I would LOVE to have one! To Six Flags, please."

The Traffic Cop: "Huh?"

Frosty: "Oh! I mean, to the North Pole. My mistake, sir."


Red: *shaking Frosty's hand* "(kindhearted:) Hello."

Frosty: "(giggling:) Please to meet you, ma'am. I heard you're an actress of yourself..." *noticing the decorated muffins on a display* "Oh, those looks so wonderful! What are those?"

Red: "These are my most famous Christmas muffins that the Pillsbury Doughboy made for this year's holiday tradition."

Frosty: *walks to the Pillsbury Doughboy* (chuckling:) "And, he's a cute little fella, too." *touched Pillsbury Doughboy's stomach*

Pillsbury Doughboy: (laughs)


William Hanna: "Speed...

Joseph Barbera: "Maker..."

(Clapperboard sound effect)

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera: "And action."

Tyke: "Done!"

Spike: "Here you go! Those tickets will route you by the way of Six Flags Over Texas, Darien Lake, Over Georgia, Discovery Kingdom, AstroWorld and Magic Mountain. You know, Tyke, my boy? There are lots of other Six Flags amusement parks locations around the world."

Tyke: "Really, Dad? I like Six Flags."


Professor Hinkle: *turning back to Frosty* "Alright, snowcrook, give me that hat right now, or else."

Frosty: "(nervous for a moment:) Or else... (curiously smiles) What?"

Professor Hinkle: "Oh, well, don't bother about details. GIVE ME THAT HAT!"

Frosty: *making an angry-stood-up face* "(fierst:) No! Never! Like Karen said, It's not yours anymore! This hat is what keeps me all living! It belongs to me now, and you can never get it back!"

Professor Hinkle: "All yours now, eh?! We'll see about that!"

Frosty: *gasp* "Uh oh!" *jumps out of the way from Professor Hinkle*

Professor Hinkle: *jumps off screen forward right into the instruments with a bowling strike sound effects as Frosty shockingly watches* "WHOAAAA!"

William Hanna: (Unseen:): "Oh boy!"

Porky Pig: (Unseen:) "Sorry about that!"

Frosty: "(laughing, cracked up voice:) Oh man, that was too funny! Mr. Cleese, are you okay?"

Professor Hinkle: "(dizzy:) Yeah...I'm...I'm okay, Mr. Goodman..." (groans) *drumset sound effects when he get unconscious*

Frosty: *laughing* "(cracked-up voice:) Guys, did you see how Hinkle jumps out off screen and he landed on the instruments? And I think he got knockout by Porky Pig's classic Looney Tunes big red drum!" (laughing, snort)

Joseph Barbera: (Unseen:) "Cut!"


Donner: "Oh, so that's what Frosty looks like."

Lord Owl: "Yes, but that's not everything you'd need to know about him."


Lord Owl: The hat which Frosty wears on his head is not ordinary. It gave him life because it's filled with silver and gold.

Rudolph: *gasps in amazement* "(surprised/ confused:) Silver and gold?"

Logo Variations for the distributors Edit

  • Warner Bros Pictures and Turner Entertainment logo titles, in the background, begin to snow due the trailers and the beginning of the movie.
  • Tom and Jerry original title logo transforms into a snowflake during the opening credits of the movie.
  • The scenes on the snowflakes from Tom and Jerry: the Movie, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood & Merry Mouse, Tom and Jerry: The Nutcraker Tale, Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz, Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz, Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest and Tom and Jerry: Diary of a Wimpy Kid showed to the viewers due the beginning of the movie as the memories of Tom and Jerry Crossover Collection.

Release Date Edit

Tom and Jerry meet Frosty the Snowman will be release on November 26, 2019 during Thanksgiving of 2019.

Sequel Edit

The film will be followed by a sequel, Tom and Jerry: Frosty's Winter Wonderland.