A CIA agent brings an old friend to help with a girl who was a former secretary.




  • Tobias Franks (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - an old friend of Henry's and is number #1 gun shooter of the month, he even killed 2 guys, Luke and Zebidiah, he helps Henry on solving the case with Sherri Harold for the reason why, in the end, He was killed by Jared Duvall while saving Henry.
  • Henry Goldberg (Ryan Kelley) - a CIA agent who tags his old friend, Tobias, on the girl who was a former secretary, in the end, Gets promoted, and leaves for Los Angeles!
  • Paul J. Raul (John Goodman) - head of CIA, in lists Henry into bringing someone to help, in the end, Cleans the Crime scene and thanks Henry!
  • Omar Duran (Cillian Murphy) - the assistant of CIA head, Raul, in the end, makes a mental note for Raul!
  • Sherri Harald (Cameron Diaz) - a former secretary, who was getting revenge on the district attorney (Daryl Hannah) by shooting her when she withdrawed her for withdrawing her objection, in the end, was seen eating chicken nuggets while finding a job online!
  • Luke (James Remar) - one of the 2 guys Tobias killed
  • Zebidiah (Walton Goggins) - one of the 2 guys Tobias killed
  • Lucas Hill (Guy Pierce) - main antagonist, and targeting Sherri for evidence against him for assassinating the Senator. In the end, Was killed by Paul Raul.
  • Jared Duvall (Ray Stephenson) - Lucas's top Assassin, in the end, was killed by Tobias.
  • Winona Goldberg (Rosie Huntington-Whitely) - Henry's wife, in the end, kisses her husband.
  • Ferdinand Goldberg (Finley Jacobsen) - Henry's son, in the end, apologizes to his father for his arrogance.



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