We conclude to the epic finale, where Ragnarök has begun.


July 25, 2015


  • Chris Hemsworth - Thor, depressed if he is to take the thrown of Asgard, in the end, become's king of Asgard!
  • Natalie Portman - Jane Foster, in the end, becomes Queen!
  • Jim Sturgess - Thunderstrike, befriended by Thor, in the end, becomes Thor's successor with the hammer!
  • Pierce Brosnon - Surtur, in the end, was destroyed by Mjounir!
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Thanos, is seen winning the mind stone from the Grandmaster, and then stabbing his chest
  • Ian McDiarmid - Grandmaster, killed by Thanos in a post credits scene
  • David Kaye - Midgard Serpent, the main antagonist.


Just Kidding

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