Thomas & Friends: Lady is Back! is a upcoming CGI animated film starring Thomas The Tank Engine and Lady The Violet and Gold Tank Engine. Its will produced by HIT Entertainment and Mattel Entertainment and distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and 9 Story Media Group. Its the first Thomas & Friends CGI Film with Lady after her first appearance in live action film Thomas and the Magic Railroad and the feature-length special Calling All Engines!. This film was set to be released in February 11, 2018.


Its the beautful day of The Island of Sodor And Thomas And Percy James having fun on Sodor. Thomas Pulling Annie and Clarabel so Thomas go to the forest so Thomas sees that train is so Thomas Sees a train with 2 lamps that means is "Lady" so Thomas tells Lady She Stays At The Forest so Thomas takes Lady To the Docks so Thomas gives Lavender Trucks to Lady so Lavender Trucks are Violet Troublesome Trucks so Lady Pulls her Lavender Trucks takes to Tidmouth Sheds So Lady Fits In Tidmouth Sheds Perfecty. At night Lady picks up the passengers so Lady Sleeps at Tidmouth Sheds with Thomas And Percy so At day Thomas Tells Lady Is similar to Rosie so Rosie Meats Lady and Lady Tells At Rosie That They Having Lavender Trucks so Lady Says Hi To Emily James Edward Gordon Duck Toby to Have Fun with Lady so The Diesel Engines Having party. At Night They Makeing a Shed for Lady.

At Day Sir Topham Hatt Signed out for that is the Violet And Gold Tank Engine is So They See A train In Golden And Violet and he knows the name "Lady" Sir Topham Hatt Tells at Thomas why Lady Stays At Sodor so The anwser Is Yes so in Night Lady Tells Percy for Load Coal With Lavender Trucks so And Then The Diesel Engines Steal Lady's Lavender Trucks And Stay At The Dieselworks with Lavender Trucks so Thomas Tells for terrble news for The Diesel Engines Stealing Ladys Lavender Trucks so Lady be sad for The Diesel IM A FUCKIN SLUT

Home MediaEdit

The film was released on DVD & Blu-Ray in Region 1 in February 29, 2015


Trackmaster: Lady. Lady With Lavender Trucks Talking Lady Lady at the Spining Bridge Set Take N Play: Lady. Wooden Railway: Lady.

Directed by David Stoten

Produced by Ian McCue

Written by Andrew Brenner

Art Director Boris Andreev

Animation Services

Jam Filled Toronto


Executive Producer Christopher Keenan