This is a story of Jonathan Camp as he falls deeply in love with Eliza Byrne. And there are other 3 storylines focusing on Hosea Van Kirk and Joyce Nelson, Frank Ferguson and Morgon Trevor and Virigil Banks and Tina Banks, as they struggle to stay with each other.


February 14, 2014


  • Jonathan Camp and Eliza Byrne's storyline:
    • Jonathan Camp (Jeremy Renner) - in the end,marries Eliza!
    • Eliza Byrne (Reese Witherspoon) - Jonathan's love interest, in the end, marries Jonathan!
    • Manny Grant (Anthony Michael Hall) - Eliza's drunk boyfriend and employer, in the end, dies of Overdose!
    • Kevin R. Waltz (Jermain Clement) - Jonathan's boss, in the end, promotes Jonathan!
    • Cathrine Byrne (Mia Farrow) - Eliza's mother, whom she lives alone with in her house, in the end, dies of a Heart Attack!
  • Hosea Van Kirk and Joyce Nelson's storyline:
    • Hosea Van Kirk (Channing Tatum) - in the end, goes out with Joyce!
    • Joyce Nelson (Amanda Bynes) - Hosea's love interest, a new lifeguard, after the original one retired, in the end, goes out with Hosea!
    • Gina Cree (Ashley Tisdale) - Hosea's snobbish girlfriend, who wants him to spend more time with her, and less time with other girls, and less time at work, in the end, gets beaten by Joyce!
    • Monica Van Kirk (Kyra Sedwick) - Hosea's mother, who is fond of Joyce being a lifeguard, in the end, She accepts Joyce!
    • Clark Rigson (Tobey MacGuire) - Joyce's fiance, in the end, revealed to br Gina's secret Afair, and was punched by Hosea!
  • Frank Ferguson and Morgon Trever's storyline:
    • Frank Ferguson (Zach Galifianakis) - in the end, marries Morgon.
    • Morgon Trevor (Anne Hathaway) - Franks's love interest, in the end, marries Frank!
    • Gertrude Penelope (Isabel Lucas) - Frank's selfish girlfriend, in the end, gets dumped and commits suicide!
    • Nina Ferguson (Reba MacEntire) - Frank's mother, in the end, helps Morgon with her gown!
    • Barthalomew Ferguson (John Goodman) - Frank's father, in the end, gives Frank some advice his father gave him!
  • Virgil and Tina's storyline:
    • Virgil Banks (Christian Bale) - in the end, stays with Tina and raise a baby girl!
    • Tina Banks (Amy Adams) - Virgil's wife, in the end, stays with Virgil, and raise a baby girl!
    • Francis Jane (Charlize Theron) - Tina's manager, revealed to have feelings for Virgil, so he can remove Tina from his love life, but Virgil refuses to do so and stays with his wife, thus making Francis heart broken
    • Louis Brand (Anthony Anderson) - Virgil's best friend, in the end, who leaves to Washington to tend his Grandmother!
    • Clyde Banks (Tom Sellock) - Virgil's father, in the end, helps Virgil raise his granddaughter!
    • Miranda Banks (Sally Field) - Virgil's mother, in the end, helps Virgil with the Baby!
    • Bianca Lewis (Marina Sirtis) - Virigl's right-hand woman, in the end, to become Fancis's love interest!


First Storyline Frank Ferguson and Morgan Trevor!