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sugou,kurata,digimon emperor,cybermen,sliurians,and the dangerous creatures of the dark corners of time-space and finding about the past of the b.s and it's allover again and new blue C+ will they stop them before they bring their evidence off the universes and fifth,sixth,seventh immune b.c virus , B.M ,B.S is revealed.


As the tardis was here on the H.Q of teletoon unite and then finding about Anakin was finding about sugou and kyra and mai on the screen telling them about their corporation growing even more powerful and find many legions of their infections not the worlds and finding about most of them,and finding about the n.e.a.d.t corporation locations from world to world and from different universes and various facilities underground and they went to japan,kyoto and finding about the streets being attacked by a virus that they never seen before,and finding people running from the infection,and as they finding survivors and lead them into safe-zone and then they were so far ahead and using the train systems And finding kazuma,ayano,ren,whom were fighting infection, and protecting ayumi,and the new girl,and as they were running from them to kazuma's place and then They met Megumi a girl whom is a ""elementalist "" a magical girl whom could master all the elements, and finding something different about her arm and she is infected by the B.M virus that bonded inside of her, her family called HOSENKOU they were the ones whom are famous for controlling all four elements,and her father wanted by murdering and killing, but it was in the past now, and then They were hearing something from the outside,and then they seen megumi's parents were running from the infection and as they let them inside and then as kazuma, were going outside and leaving and then finding Catherine whom were with their friends and then trying to rescuing them,and as they were reaching for the safe part of the city and finding out that japan , Kyoto has infection 50% percent of infection and new corporation called neo N.E.A.D.T whom were apart of the infection outbreak and calling from padme whom is calling about sugou and looking at the files that someone is wanting to free her father,and with the bus spinning out of control and finding out there is a B.S.W coming right for them and as they drive faster, as they manage to defeat it , they finally finding out that it was going to explode and as they got out and destroying the infection and finding a resort full of survivors and blocking them off, and finding out they weren't rescue workers, and finding gemma and jugo whom were here and finding father and son fighting, and then N.E.A.D.T high tech military vehicles whom were trying to get inside and everyone gets to the basement, and hiding from the soldiers of N.E.A.D.T and finding about the infection, and they were using the blue C+ virus to infect the population into Kyoto, the timelord was explaining to ren,ayano,and kazuma what happen,and find that was yesterday night,when they block them from the virus, and then that they were finding mikey , Jeremy , Angie , Christopher , nene, and rest whom were here and finding out that the rest of united xros army is here, and finding out that there is a secret passage,and finding a key hole inside the wall and as they opened it and finding a secret lab whom were going inside, and finding cocoons and finding out that they have experimentation videos and finding out sugou and kurata whom made ayumi whom holds the vaccine to the C+ virus , and holds the B.M virus to megumi and finding a river cannal and as the helicopter broke through the ceiling and was rescuing the survivors and taking them out of the B.S.W teeth and as they were running and going through underground and rocky tunnels and as they finally defeat it they were out back into the perimeter where they started and finding out they are in the center of Kyoto and finding a zombie and shot by a N.E.A.D.T sniper and as they hide from him and as they planned a strike attack on them and finding their base underground and as they planned of a sneak attacks on the facility, and they defeating their forces and took their data and after sugou was fighting them,and sets the facility for purging and finding out that they set the purge bomb inside the helicopter and then as the bomb killed while he got away, and finding out that there is a secret hanger full of helicopters and as they were using them to get out of the city, and then chase by flying B.S.W.S and as they used their forms and powers to defeat them, And as they crashed into the lake and got out and finding the military sterilizing the area, and finding about the end of sugou and framing them about the fake outbreak, and then finding their N.E.A.D.T forces heading for another dimension in Orlando 5/20/2014 and as they set for coordinates and finding out that in eastern Europe a ship named the destiny was landing in Orlando Disney world, and a incident with one of the Disney cruises has the A - Abyss virus has transformed sugou testing abominations candidates into normal people,and back into regular fish, and someone used the B.c virus to infect the rest of the crew of the Disney cruise and then as they were finding out the pilots are cocooned and finding a B.S.W and finding gas released on the plane and as they finally defeat it and as they landed the plane perfectly and has crashed landing perfectly and finding out that they were already in Orlando and finding the tamers , Warriors , Destined ,savers , alex rider whom were here for their location and finding out that hypnos were working together with them, and as they seen a newcell and neo N.E.A.D.T troopers and a chainsaw and muscular B.S.W whom were coming right at them, and as they were fighting their forces and finding out that they recruiting the umbrella corporation and tricell are the ones whom were spying on them, and releasing some bio hazards on their way, and then as they were reunited with the digidestined, and finding meat organs and intestines from the B.S.W.S and as they finally defeated it, and finding lord kuran and yuki cross and their friends , and finding mai,kyra,Trip,and turbo already here and then as they were battling their forces and finding dr zyrus infected by the C+ virus and as they faced him on the train, finding that they could have restore order and peace without ash and the others around to ruin it, and as they were about to battling a mutated dr zyrus and as he was finally defeated and as everyone was evacuating and finding out that the missile of the C+ virus was heading towards the magic kingdom as everyone was running from the infect most and few got bitten some not and as the military were fighting off the infection, and as they were finding out that dr zyrus was still alive and mutation is more powerful and as they were trying to defeat them , and lucas was trying to help him and using his blood to cure him and and as Anakin saves him and they reached to the destiny finding the survivors and then finding sugou survived the crash and as kirito and sugou were fighting and then as finally defeated the mutated zyrus and as sugou was arrested and then zyrus died with the point spiral killing him, and as they took off with the destiny and as a vaccine rocket as they finding a computer chip with proof about the two outbreaks, and at the end they were rebuilding Kyoto and Disneyland,and as sugou was in jail and then as everyone went back to their normal lives and as timelord says goodbye to takato and as the other digidestined were sending the survivors back into random parallel universes and thinking about there is a new hope.

Voice Cast Edit

  • Timelord (Voiced by : Anthony avila)
  • Chase Jeredy Suno (Voiced By : Cam Clark/KENN)
  • Jinja (Voiced by : Asami Tano / Karen Strassman)
  • Bren (Voiced By : Chihiro Suzuki / Christopher Corey Smith)
  • Beyal (Voiced By: Sachi Kokuryu / Kirk Thompson)
  • Dax (Voiced By : Hiroshi Shimozaki / Keith Silverstein)
  • Ash Ketchum / Satoshi (Voiced by : Sarah Natochenny )
  • Iris (Voiced by :

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