The Wild 2: The Phillhipine Getaway is a 2017 film sequel to the 2006 film The Wild. It was written by the creator of Recess.

The animals must save the zoo from being destroyed by a rich man. To put aside their differences, they need to save the zoo By facing bigger problems

Story Edit

3 years later after Samson and the gang rescued Ryan , they are now enjoying there lives at the Central park zoo and the wildebeest now have a pen of there own at the zoo , after the man at the zoo suddenly found them all around the zoo when Samson and the gang got home. Tourist aren't laughing at Ryan anymore now that he has his roar and things are going quite well for him and his father.

One day , Samson and Ryan are attracting tourist by using there roars. As they do a small group of 7 teenagers enter the zoo talking to each other. The one in front of the others has brown hair , wearing a white shirt under a red hooded jacket , and has brown eyes. The second man following has blue eyes , orange hair , wearing a tan sweater , The youngest of the group wore a dark brown jacket with a red shirt under it and carried a red and gold backpack called out to the person in the lead why he doesnt come here often and reveals his name Peter .  

The animals must save the zoo.  


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