The Walking Dead is a 2014 short horror/drama film produced by Telltale Games and Paramount.

It is roughly based off the video game The Walking Dead made by Telltale Games.

The story tells of Lee Everett, a convicted murder make his way through the zombie apocalypse with fighting the undead, called walkers.

The movie is 47 minutes long.


Lee Everett (Will Smith), a 37 year old man was being taken to prison on a highway on the outskirts of Atlanta City. When the police officer driving accidentally pisses him off, they bump into what seems like an undead being and crash in the forest below.

Three days later, Lee wakes up with a bleeding leg, making him wobbly. As he awakens from the crash, the police officer is seen dead, with a shotgun and slugs. As he tries to steal the keys from the dead officer, the officer turns into an undead being, only to be killed by Lee.

This allows Lee to have enough time to escape to a nearby house, with walkers attempting to kill him. When he gets to the other side of the house, he finds out it's abandoned. While checking out the inside he finds gushes of blood and a telegraph that left three messages. Once he hears it, he learns that it was owned by a family, but the parents are stuck in Savannah and apparently dead. After hearing it, Lee finds a walkie talkie with a little girl talking to him, and the little girl introduces herself as Clementine (Willow Shields). She mentions that she was left alone with her babysitter, Sandra. When Clementine screams and hides, an undead Sandra () comes behind Lee and tries to bite him. Lee fights back and tries to run away, but accidentally slips in a pool of blood. A half-unconsious Lee tries to hold off Sandra buts loses consiousness as the screen turns to black.

Lee wakes up with Clementine in Lee's family drugstore with his leg fixed, along with a couple of survivors namely Lily (Angelina Jones), Kenny (Johnny Depp), Lily's dad Larry (Jon Voight), Kenny's wife Katjaa (), Kenny's son Kenny "Duck" Jr. (), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Doug (), and Carley (Jenny Slate). Lilly and his father show no trust at Lee first, but finally accepts him because of Clementine. Kenny asks him where he came from, with Lee replying "just off Atlanta". He obviously doesn't believe this. Larry argues with her daughter that Lee can't be trusted, with the rest of the group showing a negative reaction to Larry. Glenn tells everyone that the drug store isn't legit, with Lee being pissed. He then says that they need gas to refuel their trucks. Lee, Carley and Glenn go out to find gas, but Glenn is trapped and cornered by walkers when he accidentally trips over a light switch, alerting the walkers. Realizing they can't save Glenn, Carley and Lee both try to run away but are cornered by walkers. Carley shoots as much of them with her Glock, but they are outnumbered and just before Lee is about to get bitten, Glenn comes with an axe and stabs all the walkers threatening Carley and Lee. The trio make it out of the gas station just before it is surrounded by walkers.

When the trio comes back they discover that the drugstore has been overrun by walkers and they must get out of the drugstore. Doug comes in and tells the group that the four were abandoned by the rest of the group, with a walker hand coming out from a shelf, dragging Glenn out of the drugstore, and apparently, killing him. The remaining three try to make their way out of the drugstore, but two walkers get inside and take hold of Carley and Doug, with Doug being dragged out of the drugstore and Carley at the brisk of being infected. Lee choses to help Carley by giving her ammo, where she shoots the walker trying to bite her. Lee tries to help Doug but it is too late, and Doug is eaten by the walkers. Carley and Lee make their way out of the drugstore as the rest of the group appears, and the two get on. Carley asks Lee on the truck why she helped her instead of Doug, with him replying that Carley needed more help. Carley reveals that he had a crush on Doug, much to Lee's dismay.

The group arrives at a motel that is abandoned, and the group starts to settle in. Larry tells Lee to stay away from her daughter, as he knows that Lee is a convicted murderer. Carley also tells Lee that he knows, but in a much nicer way. As Lilly and Kenny talk to Lee that the group is going to be just fine, the lights go out as the screen goes black, further teasing the viewers to a second short.

Differences between the film and the video gameEdit

  • The reason why Carley was chosen to live instead of Doug is because 78% of the players chose Carley to live in the video game, however Doug is a more popular choice in the Internet.
  • The movie skips Herschel's farm and Shawn's scene.
  • In the video game, it is only Glenn who finds gas, and not in a gas station but in the motel where the group stayed, and Carley and Lee would help him after he gets cornered by walkers, and he does not die in the video game but instead leaves the group to find his friends.
  • Carley knew that Lee was a convicted murderer earlier, in the drugstore and Clementine overhears this and questions Lee.
  • In the video game, the drugstore was overrun when Lilly accidentally steps on an alarm in the drugstore while fetching Larry's medicine.
  • A couple of characters were cut. Shawn, Herschel and Irene were not on the film but were on the video game.
  • Lee was able to kill Sandra, but in the video game he would get his leg fixed in Herschel's farm.
  • Doug had a bigger role in the video game.
  • Clementine had a much bigger role in the video game.
  • Duck also had a bigger role, he would be the reason why Lee (along Kenny, Katjaa and Clem) is not trusted by Lilly and Lee at first, because he was mistook for being bitten.
  • Kenny had a deeper bond with Lee in the video game.
  • Clementine is never called Clem, but she is nicknamed Clem in the video game.