The Timelord Adventures was an upcoming t.v series based on the reality/animated t.v series of doctor who and it will be produced by b.c.c, b.c.c kids,KIDS'Wb ,DHK Halifax, discovery kids, Teletoon , Disney , Sony ,

Series/Episodes Edit

Series 1:

1.The First Companions


3.Curses and Pirates

4.Aliens Return into London and other worlds

5.Darkness Of the slitheen

6.Invaded planets into the digiverse

7.A Point Of No Return

8.Going To Help Destiny

9.Hunting of Treasure Planet

10.Two TimeLords And Old enemy from the past

11.The Bad wolfs in the video games

12.The Parting and Splitting Ways

Series 2:

1.The Three Christmas Invasions

2.The Quest for A New Contruction of Earth

3.The mummy and the wolf

4.Era of The Krillians

5.The Day that the timelord disappear

6.Revenge of the Cybermen

7. Destiny of The cybermen

8. Helping half bloods and kingdom keepers

9.The impossible war

10.The rising of hell

11.The Conversation All About Impossibilities

12.Fear What You see

13.An army of water and ghost

14.A New kind of doomsday

Series 3:

1.(Christmas special) The two huon particles canidates

2.smith and companions nicknames

3.City Of revenge

4.Environments And Robotic animals in New New York

5.Mysterous power in the pokemon world

6.Next Dalek Generation

7.The monstrous experment

8.42 on a secret mission with a 14 yr old

9.Day of human nature

10.Reign of the family blood

11.Weeping angels

12.New utopia

13.Cosmos of the universe

14.Battle of The timelords And search the sea temple

Series 4:

1.(Christmas Special) The Voyage Of Revenge

2.The Crime Fighters

3.The Fires of London

4. Ood duty

5. Gas Plague

6. Poison of the ant

7. The Meeting the Doctor's daughter

8. Battle Fusion Between Seven Worlds

9. Night of the timelords

10. Twice The Evil And Good

11. A Dawn In A Parallel Universe

12. The Stolen Worlds

13. The Prophecy End

14. (Christmas special) Saviour Of The Chosen ones

15. (Christmas special) Pursuit The Book Of Spells

16. (Christmas special) Waters Of Earth

17. (Christmas special) The End Of Time Parts One And Two (Season Finally)

Characters/Voice Cast Edit



The Timelord Is the main protagonist in the series as the 9,10,and 11th in the series the timelord is a tinelord alien whom lives on the planet gallfrey whom served in the time war and walk away from the time war just like the doctor,and has many regenerations and adventures and enemies through out his past to restore order and running from the and ruining his people laws ever since,only "Ten years later" the timelord was encountering edyn,tony,and strag when they were battling their enemies and as they defeated their first evil plans together,and leaving people to die when they got to close to the timelord and his companions,and as he has misty,edyn,and susan,and at the end of "Series 1" he regenerated into the 10th and as they went to new adventures along the way and at the end edyn has fallen into the void but tony has saved her and crying on the timelord and as they will remember each other and through out the series he has many new foes and met many new companions at the end of the series the tenth has dies and the eleventh is born, he is called the "impossible" "anything is impossible" (Voiced by:Anthony,avila, ben stiller, Jeremy London)

Edyn: a orange haired nashvaroomian whom is apart of magi nation multiverse ,she has green middle eyes and finding clues about dream stones on tony jones first adventure, and finding about her secrets and origins , and as they have many adventures together with tony and strag , she lives orwin and avid reader, she could make spells and she is one with the Bad wolf. (Voiced : Melissa Maclsaac )

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