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🔦 (3✖️)
Smurfblossom: Let that love
soothe this beating heart.

La love!






Baby back.

(Instrumental (🔇🎺1✖️))

 The power
of Smurfette.


The Smurfette Family! This
one's for the girls. Let's
hear it for my baby.
Hi there! Simmer down.
By the power
invested in
me by myself,
I dedicate this
love song
as a surprise,
which goes out
to my best friend,
meaning that the
show isn't
over. It must go on.

Lights, camera, action.

Voila! Yeah no. You
control everything. I didn't
do it. We jumped out a
window. It's almost as
easy as ABC. It's as easy
as it can be. Dance and
sing with me every single
day. Love so strong that
it won't be the same.

Stronger. Simple
and easy. Love so
soft. We've got to
get away from
here right
now. I'm just about
to lose my mind. What
is happening to me? Have
a nice day. Brain freeze. I
really like you. Party canons.

Burn for me. I wanna
dance in love again. Ya
feel me? Healing hearts
hurt. Brush. Nocturnal
love. Extra love. Don't
stop me. Far. That's
all that I need to
say. Hooked on
you. I wanna
love you ev'ry
night. Stop making
comments. Let's get
away. I can't get away.

Devotion. Hold your breath
underwater. This is a burning flame
of love. I did it all. Hear my battle
cry. No worries. It
keeps me hanging on for dear
life when I need you now. Now
we're poppin'. Tell me everything
I wanna know. A burst of
energy. My red hot
cheeks blushing through
my veins. Busted. Banished. You're
so vain. Disco. But not
you. Every bubble
has to pop.

Backup dancers. And
a 5, 6, 7, 8! Give me
a beat and smurf up
the band with too
much brute force. Fiesta!


🎵I'm ready to party. Banana phone. Chapped lips. Beauty and love. Scythe. New friends. I see you. I heard
it. Chasing the sun. Here it comes. I'm only dreaming. Dream weaver. Blech. Take me home. Beautiful soul. I can see
how misunderstood me there. Try me if you dare. I still get jealous. In your face. Think positive. On the go. Try
a little tenderness. Smurfette of the week. Tell me. All
hail love. Victory today is mine. I don't fit in. Let's go
on and smurf up this party. Buckle up. Seize the day. Make
me yours. Let me in your arms.One hit wonders. It's a new life for me and you. Forest fires. Razzle dazzle. I feel your
plain. Collapsing. I don't see you anymore. Oh girl. Caverns with icicles and frozen water sliders. Oncoming. Outgoing.

You set me up. Redline it. You made me
love you. Head in the clouds. I need
me. Look in your heart. You could've
gotten me killed. Stop acting like
a weirdo. What matters most. You
left me all alone. Stop now. We made a
mistake. Freedom! Privileges. I'm
cold. Close to you. Love is here. The rest
is cool. Stuck in a rutt. The look on
your face. Fun pops. Teamwork. Think
about your eyes. Goodness knows. It's
going to be a natural disaster. How
could you do this to me? Feel the
fiery background. $1,000,000 of love. I
still see you. Supersized. Supernatural.

Spin that baton. Cheeky. Unstable.

Bluetiful. Adorable. Valuable.

Stardust. Clap you hands.

Swing low. Git r done. I can help. Everybody up. You take to
Rthe sky. Join us if you can. Dive. Sonic shockwaves. A scent of love. Faster than fast. I am speed. Hit on me. The
right way. Contingency plan. Flushed away. Repeat. Super speed. Cursed. Fading fast. Dab. Merry. Don't
let the bedbugs bite. Anvil. Nah. Ah. No. Gangsters. Do your moves. Sword fight. Starlight. Jet engine. Off. On. You got a friend. Sad sack. Party foul. Hair in the air. Someone who needs me. I will get back up again. You've got it in you. Nexus.

Superpowers. You made me use you. Eat you like a potato chip. That is why so many accounts will never happen to you and me by night again. Surprise rescue party. You didn't hear me. I see you. One on one. Deal of a lifetime. You make
my heart a wreck. Paparazzi. Cheap. You're nothing, but
trouble. I don't need you in my life. Little red corvette. There's
nowhere to go. Nowhere to run. Leave it to me. Peer pressure.

Disengaged. My heart has led you to me. Nobody, but just you and me. Use that! Bend it just like me. HELP! Keep
your grooving with the music. Evil love. Shackles. I'm super again. Opera. You're the one I want. Lookie here. Let
me go. Send me on my way. Don't save it all. Talking about
my baby. Swing it girl. Da. Ba. Dee. Die. Try to love one
another. You didn't think that we would go. It's been a cruel summer. We laughed so hard that we had to leave. Deja vu.

Bad things that bone. Hardcore. Hug time. HQ. Are we there yet? Crazy party lovers. Shall we dance? I change you to a dance off. Lower left. Secret handshake. Maybe
we could run away. Bittersweet love. When I saw
your face. I remember when you were here. When I
open the window, I wanna hug you. You're at the top
of our charts. You live under my roof. Whee ooh. It's raining
sunshine. Come my lady. You live under my rules. Now
that I'm nobody's fool. I wanna be yours. The truth will
set you free. Go away. Love is a hurting thing. Great! So
uncool. Not cool. True colors. Swag. I love it. Jazz rock. I'd
rather be with you. It's so true. We can feel love all over. Give
it to me straight. Slam dunk. I feel the same way too. Up
high. Facing fear. Jazzy ol' baby. Wait here. Coming up
next. I ain't worried bout it. Put to the test. Back to
school. Fits and tantrums. Lost control. Losing
my mind. Hot sauce. Hot cup of joe. My
heart will always beat for you. I was
so broken-hearted. Do what you do. I'm
trying to forget you. Life's too short. It'll
leave you with a nasty scar. Feel the movement over
again. Oh me. Oh my. Swinging. So in
love with you. You by my side. Soap. I'm
amazed by you. You surround me. In your life. Hot
and ready everyday. Back me up. Walk the walk.

Ship me and Smurfette. Sting like a
beamer. Oh hey. Turn it out. We feel
like the nuts. Infected. One. Two. I'm
too shy. Power outages. Tug of war.

You have hit the wall. Talking
away. Letting you walk
away. Shell shocked. I'm
falling to pieces. I fall
to pieces. So warm. I
wanna be on top. I
can't think without
my baby. Hurry it on up.

Where we're from. Blue
blobs. I'll be gone in
a day. The true
meaning. I'll
say it anyway. I gotta tell
you now. We need help.

Everywhere you look. This
is my moment to shine. All
my time. Time goes by. I
see you back there. Pretty
lake. Let all my troubles down.

I got the whole
world in my
hands. I don't
know how you
do it. Standing
in the shadows. I
need you back. I'm
the one who understands
you. You know it only
hurts sometimes. Ain't
no sunshine. Darkness
and light. I came in
like a wrecking ball. We
just keep on putting. Let's
shake things up with just
a little bit more love. Are
we happy? You're the
one I have been
waiting for
forever. I'm free. Let's
get out of here. Let
me light the way. Til
the love runs out. It's
getting hot in here. The
story of my life. Kick it
off. Let me stay. You
know it. This crazy
little thing called
love. Would you
do it for me,
lady? Can't get
up high. Hit
that high note! I
just wanna
stop. Oops. The
big one. Noble gas. Our
friendship is no more. A
step in time. This
means serious trouble. Down
a dead end inside a dumpster
in a back alley. Pack your bags.

Sharpen your pitchforks. Without you. Stepping stones.

Smurf-o-rama. Guess whose back? I'm back. Freeze ball!

Whose laughing now? Not again. What are we going to do?

What are you doing here with me? Don't be late. That's me.

Playing with Fire. Put it out. Ding dong ditch. Go you.

I could be me. Strong
together. Standing
ovation. You tricked
me. Blisters. Fair
and square. Glow in
the dark. Gonna hurt
your mind. Turn. Clap.
Up. Down. Geez to
petes. Natures
fury. When
you're with
me baby. Watching
the time roll away. Far
away. I got this one. I
wanted to be you. A
tired yawn. Airlifted. What's
going on out here with us now?

Competition. Magnetized. Grappling hook. I'll be popular.

There's nothing wrong with me loving
you. Chimichanga. There's
nothing holding me back. Thank
you for this day. We're gon' light this
up like its dynamite. I like baths. I'm
stuck in the middle. Please don't hit me?

HOT! HOT! HOT! Explosions! Sweet and tangy fuel.

Odor smells. Latino. Dipsticks. Just use a freeze gun.

Ding -a-ling. Carnival. Dem girls. Ahem. No danger.

Without a care. Snow angels. There's a truth in your eyes.

Can't you see for yourself? I just wanna feel this moment.

Show me what you got! I'm not alone anymore. Checkered.

What you already did. I feel a thrill. I lost it. Gong'd.

Nothing, but the truth. Llama. No more lies. If
you wanna know the truth about it. Presence.

Rolling on the floor laughing. In your little dreams.

You don't understand how much I love you baby. Stay a little
while longer. I can't live without you baby. This is I keep
calling your name. You don't have to go. We're two lovers.

We've got it going on. Sparkle and shine bright. We got everybody. Everything to me. Party to place. From
time to time after time. We gotta get right
back. I love makin' music. Love me
tender. Take it off. 360 degrees. It
is the law of the jungle. It's the
least that I can do to get
help from you and me
together this way. I'm
not going anywhere
without you in my
arms at all. My
heart is very
short. My

This is going to be a total burn. Here it goes. You go girl.

Where were you when I needed you? Come
and go. Two parter. Put your back into
it. Put on my favorite dress. No
matter how you treat me. O
love. Helping each
other out. There's a higher
power. Ah ha. We're gonna be
under attack. Welcome back. Look
me in the eye. Part time love. Take
that! Girl power. Payback. Dust
yourself off. PT. Put it up. You don't
own me. A.M. Lockdown. Just let me be
 myself. Apocalypse. And there's no one else. All
of me. I'm breathing fine. Split up. My head is
underwater. Nothing, but the truth. No more
lies. Llama. Ready to play? It takes two to
make it out of sight. Meditation. You wet
your dress on me. Ow. Joyride. Please?

Chained to the rhythm. Look out below. No a cloud in the sky.

Joystick. Uh huh. Moaning. Go
green. Clean up your
mess. Shake it
off. Put it

Taste my power. Right and wrong. Dark til dawn.

Drop the mic. I'm a fool anyway. I'm the alpha now.

Should I leave or stay? Why did I have to run? Tip
toe. Tap. Tip. Top. Weaponry. How will I know if you
really love and hate me. Close call for us. Shackalacka. Talk
about moving it. This is how we do it. Get a grip on yourself.

City of lights. Lighting up the tunnel. Pass with flying colors.

More than a feeling. Just a friend to call my own. Seaweed. Hustle. Do it right I like candy. One for all. Sail away. One
thing will always be true. How great thou art? My heart
will know. There's nothing to fear. Eat my powder. Leave me out of it. Wrapped up in your love. It's a trap. Shut it down.

I have the floor. Pie in the sky. You can't win. Eat me. I got
the eye of a tiger. Sing along with me. You're no win. What's
your trip? What's your pleasure? Treasure. It's no good.

Lettuce. Wild card. That's super gross. Contaminated
water. Throw up. Puke up what you ate. If you like
my body. My pride and you. You don't like what
you see. I'm not laughing with you. I'm
laughing at you. You're the gooey
sticky stuff that holds us
together and I'd be
nothing without
you. Party

Get dressed okay. Love me like you
tried before. Don't let go of me. Let's make it
count. Go and be safe. I will just
wanna be okay. Goodness gracious.

Don't judge a book its cover. I win. Sure shot. Don't wake
me up. Talk with personality. Take it down low. Write
down your favorite song. In a shielded dome at the
center of the Earth. Lava and magma. Sparks turn to flames.

Your first name is Smurf. Last name is ette. I can actually talk.

You gotta have strength to get you to the top. Shoot 'em up.

Spread the word. Righty tighty. Who carries you with me?

Oil rigs. Drumsticks. Eggs. I'm having a bad day. Act now.

I did what was required. Sat down when I got tired. Minor to major. Fire in the hole. I'm your fire and your desire. Cheers.

Getting to know all about you. Make your mark. I never knew
somebody like you. Total. Win or lose. Cupid. Don't fear failure. You have the chance. Get on the ball. Overboard. Fifty
shades of love. Good grief. Take me far away. Photobombed.
Hey! Wow! Yeah! Giddy up and go. Try something new. Send
me a love letter. I tried in every way I could. When I
was lost one day. For the rest of my life, I'll wait
for you. I am your angel. Early. On time. Late. The
thrill is gone. That's why I was the one who was calling the shots. Tip of the top. Like a bright shade of blue. Stars are
bright. Stars and Stripes. Let's get this party on. Tough as
nails like a needle in a haystack. I gonna get'cha. Lookout.

Jump around. I has made gas. Everything is wonderful, but you don't like work. Can you breathe? I can't believe you.

I won't let sorrow hurt me. Alternative. We may be different. I'm always watching you. Can I change my mind. The sweetest times. I don't wanna stay forever. September. My
mission is clear. Macarena. A toast to my bestie. Did you
bump your head? Can't you stand? Toothache. Secret
Ingredient is love. Pitch perfect. Air guitar. Get ready
tonight. I love you more than everything in the whole
wide world. Please try again later. I'll be there. Overrated. The
sun will come out tomorrow. There is no day after that. I'm losing you. Boogie down baby. I'm waiting. I'm independent.

Take back my life. We need
someone to lean on. We like
to move
it. Stir it up. I'm
gonna keep
on loving
you.Those girls
just wanna
have fun. I know how
to get along. Take my hand
and please
join me. We were living the
dream tonight. Where's
the loudest section?
(Right here)
Please me. Oh
hey. Friendship
is magic. We
feel like the
nuts. Air
vents with
steam rolling. I'm
gonna let you
slide, but not
this time. You
are here. Driving
in your car.

Crushing it. First crush. Come on
down. My house. You're
welcome. Branch out. We
seem to be out.

Baby. Baby. Baby. You
don't have to
go. Stay a little
while longer. A
hot meal. Pick
me up. When
there's trouble,
you know who
to call. One. Two. Tra
la. La al. No fun. No
one understands me
anymore like you do.

We gon' be here for a while. Dancing on a tightrope. Banana. Rainfall. Guaranteed. Time to fly. Birds of a feather fight
together. First to third. Fire extinguisher. SS Smurf.

Everything is not what it seems. We're
at my mind. A cape for my brain
to cherish my new family. You
mean a lot to me so much. I
gotta take you higher. There's
a dreamy world up there. Don't
look back where you can fly anywhere.

Give me a big break. Sandbags. Girders. Remember
the days when we used to kiss. Safety fifth. Canopy. Just
let the love begin. Don't be a punk. Viral music video
award. Where are all my friends? Save the night. Put
one foot in front of the other. Who's got the power? Just
know you're not alone. I said I don't wanna talk about it.

Something in the air. Make someone happy. What is love if it's not with you? Off the hook. The other side of love. See you on
the flip side. Bad idea. Kiss me goodbye. Play nice. Drop and
give me twenty. I'm blue. Torches. Downtown. Call of duty.

Music will transform you. We're gonna do the job thing tonight. Don't go nowhere. Hey you over there. You
smokin' baby. 99 red balloons. My heart hurt. Full of fire. Tiki
babeloo. Boogie wonderland. Big. Little. What will it be? I lock the door and no one else can see.i can't stop loving you.

Lovin' you. Lean on me. Swanky. Lemme out of here. No
matter what you say. These are the moments when
Heaven is so close. Old and young. Experience
the madness. Poo pee. Stop right there! I go
to walk on. Prove a point. Pigtails. High tides. Can
I make it up to you? We can do it. Shots fired. You
put on quite a show. Funny faces. I found my love. How
lonesome? Plumpify. Wish upon a star. Whatever. I'd
have a dime. It's gonna be alright. You love me. Your name.

It started with a whisper. Give me away. Why'd you have
to do it. I wait in the darkness of my lonely rooms. You
came to ride. You're either with me or doomed. Oh my. Take
on me. You don't know when to quit. Smurfette of the month.

No dice. Anyway you want it. Indigestion. Life through the
very heart of love. Tricked you. Volare. Rename. Undo.

Problemo. Happy life. We pretend to be divorced.

Rejected me. Hang in there. Come again. Fluff up pillows.

Black eye. Pick up the pieces of you. Skyscrapers. Loosen
up. Human nature. Wooden brakes. Chopped. It's on. No
parents. No trouble. Seventeen'd. You just got served.

Increase you speed. I got this one. Physical. Fight the
power before my love begins to shine. I won't
dance. Dancing with myself. Dancing alone. Come
home Smurfette. Is it me your looking for? I got rhythm. I
wanna feel the heat with somebody. Strumming. You
are all wood. Day off. The yellow light shining
down. One thing you can't kill is the fun. Who
cares what they see? I want you the way you
are. Don't go changing conversations. I don't
want to work that hard. I want to know where
you'll always be. You took the bad times. I
could not love any better. Daylight's gonna
catch me up again. Time again. Dig deep. The
chase, the clue, and the happy ending. I want
to be free. Put on a happy face. When your
heart sings the blues away. You make feel like
dancing. Slow down. Crystal clear glass. I
wanna dance with somebody who loves me. For
life. Count to ten without using your fingers. Hit or miss.

Ain't no need in crying. Don't worry. Get
on the good foot. Ready. Aim. Fire. Never
more ready to fall in love again. What a
happy sound. Decoy. Sunshine. Lollipops.

Mirror image. Maze. It does you no good. Do it all again now.

Rainbows. Feathers. Sassy. Hard labor. Keep
on trying. Cupcakes. I'm a busy bee. Archery.

Why don't we scream at each other? High fives. It's so
real. The world is a ghetto. Tea party. All day love. It's gonna be a lovely day. Rock on! Working all night. Beaver
dams. Kinetic rock. Flower crowns. Penn pals. Puppy dogs.

I can go anywhere. Honey money. Let's waste
time. We'll rock you till the night is through. You
turn green when you're ill. Runaway. Lord baby
Jesus Christ. We got it. Nothing at all. It
feels better now. Is that all you got? Knock
on wood. I declare war. I wanna ride. Leave a
message at the tone. What'cha dion'? Go
on a diet. Get it out of my face. Just go out
with me. Go on without me. Foiled again. This
is for your own good. Wait up for me. Break
away. So many accidents will happen. Someone
who needs me to help them for
my name sake. Just like fire. Never say never. I
will fear no evil. Let's a go. There's nothing to do
around here. I make everything look like clockwork. I
ain't got no time for that loving. Heart to heart. You
should be dancing. Yeah. Walk the plank. Thick and thin.

Surface tension. Bonfire pit. Blue hair dye. We got
the same big heart. It should've been us. Stomp you feet
to the beat. Greatest to least. If we try. I'm feeling
myself. Don't act like you were there when
you wasn't. I'm serious. Revenge fantasy. Choppy
waves in the sea. What you gotta do for me when
chips are down. Stranded on a deserted island of love.

Harmony and melody. Tell it like it is. Pills
and potions. Truth serum. At last. I've been a
baaad girl. I'm gonna wreck it. Ave. You
wanna give it a go. You rise me up. Can
you feel the beat moving through your
feet? Reign of terror. Roll over. Open up
your eyes. My heart was racing. Take it
down low. Let's rock. Factories. Lasers. A
tip of the iceberg. We're a couple of misfits.

Peel me a grape. Just the two of us today. Everything ain't
nothing. Everything hurts so much inside my bleeding heart.

You haven't seen the last of me. Standoff. Category 5.

Life is a highway. Low bridge. Do your thing. Keytar.

Slide the key. Fierce as fire. Strangers like me. Hosanna.

Behind bars. Jailbreak. I wanna live the high life. Fashion combo. Bubble wrap. Knock. Better than new. All tied up.

This is how we do it. I love music. Booty scooty. The smile
in your face. I get what I want. Smurfette squad. No matter
what color. If you had a choice of colors. DJ. Cherry blossoms.

Thechno. Jungle love. I'm so proud of being loved by you. Bad moon rising. Day by day. How you like me now? Do you
wanna dance? Wannabe. Turn on your radio. Bagpipes. Tighten up. Let's groove tonight everybody. Sho' you right.

Feel the blast. Head to toe. Door four. What you come down
here for? Soulful strutt. Smooth sailing. Share some of your love with me. Life is like a box of chocolates. Heads
or tails. Good vs. Evil. I feel the blues. If I ain't
got you. That's life. Fire breathing dragonflies. I
will never love again. Baby voice. Crazy day. I
can dig it. Gears. flamethrowers. Up above. Cut
the cheese. Icy cold water. Rickety bridge. Bangers
and mash. Potatoes and malasses. Coconut milk. Slip
and slide. Would you? I'll keep you dry. You only live once when I see you again. Searching for something to say. Who
stayed in trouble with you? Nothing compares to you. What
a shot. And we're off. Let's get the show on the road. It's
on the house. We're on the run. Ain't nobody loves me
better than you. Home on the road. Home on the range. One
is the loneliest number. Having two friends is better than one
friend. Believe in yourself. It's a snap. La al. Slide to the left.

Sandwich and soda. Make believe. Face the music
 and dance. Creatures both big and small. Lily at your service.

Jean jackets. My
shattered pride. I'm
the sauce. Uppity up. I'm not
gonna eat you. Don't do it. You
need to get away. Sign your name.

My love is coming. You're an animal. Get in the zone.

Your waves wash all over me. I smile. I just can't hide it.

You make me smile from sunset to moonrise. A day
to remember. Dramatic entrance. Treehouses. Request acknowledged. Deploying chute. Chutes and ladders.

Let's get funky and
into the groove.
From the L to the O
to the V to the E.
Start me up.



Listen to me!
Look at me!

Oh. Yeah. Oh yeah.
Hello my Smurfy Grove.

School days drool. Bronze medals. Time to take out the trash.

The energy is the same. Pickup. Party here. Disaster. Mentor
me. Don't mention it. Bloom. It's my job to worry about you.


Birds eye view. Impeachment. Sweet
bravery. Chase your dreams. Vote for me. Those
dreams will take you up so high for you to take to the sky.

Flowers trumpeting. Whip up the love. Language of origin.

Ready. Set. Go. Aw. Ah ha. Pacing
back and forth. Anti love. This is
amazing. Meltdown. Shine your
way. I saw you there. Beat around
the bush. Pranks. Turn that frown
upside down. Life can be so
cruel. Swirling waterspout. Off
road. Hips don't lie. Your heart
is so broke. Time cards. Victims.

Criminals. Homecoming. Summertime. Killing
me softly. No more chances. Jump blues. Thought
that we were stronger. I had the time of my life. I like the
way it hurts. It hurts so bad. Make me laugh. Vegetables. Let me love you unconditionally. Candy is dandy. I'm dancing on
my own. That's what people say. Zapped. Jazz and blues.

I'm crowded. And I know. What a good thing I
got. Hold on. I'm coming. Whooping
on you. Doom on you. Yes I am. Make
my dream come true. Love hurts. Live
live. Staying alive. What I'm supposed to
be. Water runs dry. Back in black. Latin
jazz love. You come and go. What's that
sound? Cassette tapes. Duct tape your
mouth. Small. Medium. Large. SML. All
you need. I don't wanna be right. Your
love is my drug. You're my buttercup. You
can't fade away. Disappearo. Rocking
royals. Comfort me from the storm. Black
or white. Sing song. I'm stronger than
ever. Our day will come. Wiki links. Who
am I? Girls just wanna have fun. Fun,
fun, fun. I feel nothing. Power battle. I
know what needs to be done. I can't do it. I'm
SmurfBlossom. Who turned out the lights? I need somebody to love. Prove your love to me. Tonight I wanna dance with someone else. Bring your laughter. It's a gift. Feel the rhythm of your heart. Spend the night on my own. Sing a song.
Curvy corners. I saw you dance. Gloria. I wanna
dance in love and dance again. Blend in. Get
up offa that thing. Get on up. Get on down. Don't
be that way. The wrong way. Live evil. Wipe the
blues away. Ev'rybody plays the fool. National Smurf Day.

Gimme a "B"
Gimme a "L"
Gimme a "O"
Gimme a "S"
Gimme a "S"
Gimme a "O"
Gimme a "M"

Open. Closed. Bleeding gums. Don't stop believing. Love
triangle. Nonsense. Spiraling love. Missing thumb. You
are die. Go rad. Jive. We could be heroes. What's going on?

Hear me out. Look at me now. Can it. Stick a pin in it. See
ya sucker. We are a teeam. Play that song. Rhythm nation.

You're beautiful. There's just one thing that you don't seem to
understand. Stop in the name of love. I wanna walk
away. The way you look tonight. Dessert.Twisting and
grooving. I'm for real. Self destruct. Don't talk back to
your elders. Mother popcorn. Sing a happy song. Papa
was a rolling stone. Harvest festival. Despicable heist. Mama
said they'll be days like this. Hot stuff. Deleted. Secret
garden. Stronghold. Dibs. Smurfalicious. Come to mama. Soul
mates. Full moon. 24/7. Keep it up. Tra la. What goes
around will come around. Three strikeouts. You're
coming with me. Leaving. Watch and learn. I've been expecting you. Give me a little hug. That would only break my heart. One small thing to cling to just around the bend. Try to
get over. Here I am baby. Especially for you. Violence.

Hullabaloo. The cliff. No game. Somewhere. Watching your
every move. Look out. No pain. Cannonball. Keep
me safe and warm. Sewage. Candy canes. Jamming. Power
moves. Help me out. Never fly solo. A nasty scar. I can't
get away. Peaks. Walk this way. Preen. Wild women. Bring
it on home to me baby. Zuka Zama Zom. One bloody night.

Walk on by. Spilled milk. Get on the floor. We
ride. We rock. I know. Evil girl. Ouch. Nobody
knows it. Hi ya. None shall sleep. I know what
you're feeling. Bad day. Time bomb. XO. Ice cream with a cherry on top. You had a bad day. Suck it up. Sing to me baby.

Bad hair day. Kick the dust up. Cameras flashing. Count
me in. Kick me out. There's a way when there's
a will. Wind up. We're a winner. Get on up now. Hard comedy
knockouts. Mini max. Easy. I get it. Let's
start the show. Enjoy the show. Come
get it bae. Who's making love. Easy as pie. Right
now. Right here. Making whoppie. I wanna
feel what love is to change this lonely life. I
believe I can fly. There goes my baby. Where
them girls at? Most girls. G.I.R.L. Expeditious. Don't
you worry now. You are insane. I ran out of time.

Cookin' up a storm. Look what you made me do.

Love makes the world go round. Offshore. For
the longest time. Offspring. X chromosome. Hold
on to your tiara. Barefoot. Freestyle. The worm.

Medium. Hard. On the clock. I'm just a
sinner saved by grace. Lovely
day. Angel of darkness. Time
is at the essence. A bright sun
shiny day. Your love shines in
my heart. To feel your love
once more. Your strength has
made me strong. Cut me
off. You never let me finish
my sentences. We're going
down. May day. Cuss me out.

Swift. Love machine. Get above the storm. Full throttle.
And I'm telling you I am not going. You're
inside the house of loving friendships. It's
up to you. We have one chance to stop
this. Gonna buy me a rainbow. Paint the sky.

What's my name? You don't want my heart.

Get off the limb. Call. Need. Want. Never ever
look back. Separate. We're going on a trip. You're my
butterfly. Short. Tall. Long. Hired and fired. Off
the rails. Run me over. Stampede
of glowing bunnies on the run. There's
no misery. Do earthquakes shriek? I
don't believe it's true anymore. You
really got me. Code red. So happy
together. Don't be afraid to pleasure
yourself. Cute and bubbly. If not me,
then who? So comfortable living in a bubble.

Short. Float and drown. Case
closed. I like that old
time of rock and roll. All
choked up. Runnin'. Smart
as a whip. Let love bring us
together. Blue. Cyan. Light
blue. Clean. Practically. You
must obey. Do what I say. Please
don't stop the music. Blow your
horn. Push me too far. Entertain. Stars
circling all around your head. I'm gonna
sing it to my friends. Like a bird up in the sky.

Information. Flavors. X-rays. Social love. Fresh
flowers. Accused and abused. Difficultly. Tell me
something good. Choking kind. If you don't know
me by now. We're gonna try just one more time. You
have to try hard. Try. Responsibility. Kicking butt.

Foreword to backward. Staff meeting. Before
and after. Poor. Inside and outside. This is an
execution. Get them. 634-5789. I'll crush you.

Be careful. Family. Yeah-e-yeah. Heaven must
have sent you from above. !Ingrown feet. Poisonous
love. Blue skies. Naturally. Check yourself. Red hot.

The great outdoors. I'm gonna starve to
death. We're gonna dance. Love keep us
together. Group hug. We hear you. Gimme a
boost. Skip to my loo. Stereotypes. Bells and
whistles. Play your trumpet loud. My ears would
be ringing. This is not normal. Is everything okay
right now? True or false. Baby blue blues. Fresh
as a daisy. Look in your heart. Leading with your heart. It
looks like as if everything turned out okay for me. I
can't sleep tonight. You really got me going. Let's go hit
the road. Down deep. Maybe if you treat me right.

Posies. I'm fierce. Pixels. Sweet sorrow. Made from love.

Hold your head up high. This is no longer a coronation. I
told you twice. Papa mama loca pipa. Dance like
you've never danced before. Pure
imagination. I need a hero. Cake by
the ocean. I feel jazzed. I'm a piece of
junk. I give myself away.You're
a good girl. Cracked. Salty codgers. Hide
and seek. Where are you? Here I am. How do
you do? Showtime. This is how
we do it. Bows and arrows. Watch your
step. Look at yourself. Chandler swinging. Undo
what was done. We're alright. You must not
be harmed. I am satisfied
with my care. Sugar. Honey. Iced.

Tea. I'm a bird. It's up to me. Take me to
the game. Temples. Love comes from the
heart. Love on a stick. Argh! Mummies.

Hearts. Blowout. One step
at a time. I'll me me. I'm taking
my time. I'm too old to just
fall down. Campfires and baking
s'mores. Take a leap of faith. I
see the story in your eyes. Melty.

Bayou. Its all this time. Can you
feel the mood? Rock walls. Let
me give you my life. Red and
green. Star clear. Only trying to
help. Click. Glitch. I just want you to
know who I am. Throwing rocks at my
bed. Light a candle. I'm really bad. You say I'm
crazy. Im the only one. Nobody gets out alive. Everybody
dance now. My first flight. You'll just have to
wait to sing with me tonight. Steep jagged rocks.

Caution. Blue moon. Black and yellow. Mellow
yellow. Diagonal. Slime. In and out. Water and
lava. Squishy squashy. Memory foam. My
life. Scream. Hug me. I'm right
here. Double trouble. That ring
don't shine. Emergency. Brace
yourself for impact. Change your
world and attitude. You stink. I
got you on my mind. You got
my mind thinking. I need your love.

I'm glad you came. Brain teaser. Multi
love. Psychotic. You'd be in my
heart. High stakes. Class clown. That
ain't gonna fly. This is gonna be the
best day of my life. To fall in
love with you. Running for a long time. I'm in love
with a monster. Anywhere. Enough
is enough. I work alone. Take a stand. You
don't have to be colossal. Devine
and define. Defend yourself. Any time. Anywhere. Poor
defenseless me. Pardon me. Excuse my
language. Excuse me. Have fun. Power cells.

Keep on loving me. I agree. Eavesdropping. I'm telling the
world that I found a girl. Keep things festive. The one
I can live for. The one I deserve. Talking
about my generation. Sitting and crying.

Stay. Stay in my corner. Holla. Bodyguard. Take
a walk on the wild side. Give you hope. Blow me
a kiss. Give me a kiss. Heartache and pain. So long.

Drum rolling bongos. Here. Holding
on to me so tight. Hold you horses.

There. Everywhere. Operation: Love.

Carry on. I take that back. I can give a million
reasons why. Thoughtless. Fetch me a
stick. Cars and dogs. The worst
is yet to come. B-A-B-Y. Concert
concerns. Sticks. Stones. Bones.

Baby. Every little thing is gonna
be alright. Push back. Standing like
a stone. I've been lonely before. I'm
singing my song for nobody, but
you. Love machine. Grow up. Sing
me to sleep. Dance and shout. Feel
united. Acid rain. Seasons. Snowstorm.

Drum cue. First. Last. Everything. Shake
a tail feather. Jealousy. Duck and
cover. I did it my way. On my own. 16
big problems. Fairytales. Anger management.

Ooh hoo. I'm still standing. I feel so
wound up. Straws, sticks, and
bricks. Too bad. Finish the
fight. Bring on the fight. So
wrong. Punch it. Take flight.

Flu shots. Vaccines. Got to
get you into my life. Wake up
call. We go together. The destroyer
will be back. I'm a hunter. Over
and over again. Try hard. Start to
finish. The whole truth. Tell the
world. Experience. Connect.

Discover. I warned you. Tears of a clown. Class. Game
over. This isn't over. There's no place like home. Taking care of
business. Cobblestone. Netherworld. On the scale of
one to ten. Reset. I'm gonna tell you
now. Research. Another one bites the
dust. Chicks boom. Stop. Slow. Go. Push a little
button. What about you and me. Do you see what
I see? Love on top. It's a mad world. When the stupid gets
injected. Out of balance. You see the trouble with
me. Just another day. Spice of life. Happy days. There's
something special. Get a grip. Holding out. Get
back. Can you feel it in the air baby? Even when we fall
back. Good ancient slackers. I still remember when things
we're broken. Amazing grace. I know it's a long
shot. We're bringing it all back. Our way. The. Don't
you wanna dance? Say you wanna dance. Teach me.

I don't know why. Wanted. Coast to coast. We can do it
together. Wherever you are. Ain't no love. Get your head out of
the cloud. Poisonous ivy. Aglet. Looking for love. Whatever
you do. Get it together. Don't touch me. We got the whole
wide world. I'm back and bigger than ever. Halfway around
the world. Next door neighbor. Come together. I
make it through this game called life. Feel the
air. I want to be you. Old school love. Pig
Latin love. New to old. Fast or slow. You
sound so sweet. You shine so bright into
my heart. I keep waiting. You can't
stop me this time. Stop and go. Standing
all alone. Time to make you smile. Dangerous
woman. I'd go blind. Little begger. Ain't
too proud to beg. Booby traps. You don't
mean a thing. Put in the good. Good goes
around. It's me. Hot and cold. Slime. Water
under the bridge. Top to bottom. Six to nine
months. How are you doing today? Flip
flop. I'm not a miracle worker. Turn your
back on Mother Nature. You are my baby.

Little head. Little face. Simple. Accept this token
of love. Don't look down. Unacceptable. There's
no stopping me now. Sorry. Not sorry. Playing
around. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Night. You
can't stand the rain. Panic. Sonic love. Choose
your fire. Launch! Lunch. Suit
yourself. That sounds real cold. Things
will always pop up. Bad luck. Cash. The sky
is falling. I don't love you anymore. Just dance.

Wounded for me. Remind me. Normal.That's
what l like about you. I won't do that. The
right thing to do. Now. Next. Later. Sweet
dreams. Beautiful nightmares. Goodness
gracious. Make no mistake. Timber. The
beginning of time. The music in my head.

Peace of mind. Who you calling
lazy? I can't resist. Jaws of life.

Listen to your heart. Bad idea. Silent
treatment. Crazy. Stupid. Love. I
don't exist. Devour this. Bounce
back. What am I gonna do
with you? We gotta make
a better day. Wonk. I'm
a super girl. Go for the gold. I tried
to run, but couldn't get
too far. Charge. To the death. I can
feel the attack. Breaking in
is not an option. Rumor
has it. That's all I'm
gonna do. We're gonna
have a funky good
time. Down deep. Under
the sea. Where do
we begin? Everything's good
again. Heartfelt. Bring it on
home to me now. Uptight
and out of
sight. Shadows. Set things straight.

I'm perfectly incomplete. Fish'd out of
the river. Hold back. Dark night of
the soul. Summer. You ran and cut
across the line. Days. Hours.
Minutes. Seconds. Tik tok. I've
found someone. Drunk. Back
to back. I was born to be wild. I
got my love to keep me warm.
Raise the bar. There isn't very
much that I can do. Hop
to it. Hope. Love. Joy. Peace.

Rejoice us. Life is a journey. Friday night
lights. Dancing in the moonlight. That's
what I'm talking about. Rags to riches. I
will be doing my happy
dance at my happy
happy during happy
hour. Rub-A-Dub. Respect
yourself. Spies. Oh for
crying out loud. Beep
boop. Replacement. When
night sees sunrise. Yes. Drop it
low ladies. Inhale and exhale. Let us
all be fed. From every mountainside.

Work extra hard. Don't go breaking
my heart. Ecstasy. I grew strong. I'm
stronger than you. This is my fight song.

I love you more than a seven layer
cake. Family feuds. Whoopie doo. Naughty
and nice. You succeed at last. Rock, paper,
scissors. You're no good. Message in
a bottle. No one else could love
you more. Bop. Your lips are moving. Funk
you up. Sad mad. Don't make me
wait to long. Midnight and you. Right on.

Fractured fraction fractals. Hop. Hope.

Intruders. I stared at defeat. I'm
on fire. Hot as ice. Fire
and fury. Taking it to the
streets. The next level. Level
up. Diva girl. No matter how
far you are. No worries. No matter
where you are. Make it rain. You are
my sunshine. Sunny night. Sleep out
in the rain. What's wrong with me. Don't
call my name. Let it fly. You ain't nothing,
but a hound dog. Here I am with open
arms. Will the prophecy come true? Young
love is beautiful. Anybody feeling blue? It's
a total eclipse of the heart. Nothing hurts to
think about it. Do you like good music? It's
just gotta be a shame. Hit me up. Pop
princess. You might get hurt. Bang bang!

It still comes out the same. Deep sleeping
beauty. Happy feet. I wanna make this a
night to remember. Die for each other. I
feel it coming. It's been you all the time.

Because I'm happy. Protect from this
viscous beast. I'll take you there. Lonely
girl. Close your eyes. I love your way. Again.

Randomly. Crank it up. Living for the city. It's just
too much to ask. Travel. Hang on to your love. Shake
your groove thing. This battle is not yours. Take
me baby. Road trip. We
got the groove. Brats. Back
in the game. Black. Gray. Light
gray. White. Lime green. There's a way. Real to
fake. Sock it to me. Time travel. I keep
cruising. Travel through time. I got this music in
my heart. Fictional love. Brand
new. Princess diaries of love. You're
worth times the charm. I'm worth it.

You will always be found.

It's right before your very eyes. My kung fu
grip will hurt you. Beach. I'd
walk a hundred miles. Tryouts.

Preaches 'n' cream. No worries. Time
for you to shine my dupont diamond.

Break it down. Bother. Squash'd. I'll race
you to the
treetops. Unconscious. It's time to go. I
really do believe in you. Get on up if
somebody loves you back. Don't you
want me. Gitchy. Ambushed. Know it all.

I'm happy being alone. Come
along with me. Time to say
goodbye. Pray tomorrow. I'm
stuffed and full. My lips could
build a castle. It's a jungle
out here. Darling. Stand by me.
Birds and bees. You know
how I feel. Heat blast. Command
crisis. Cha. Doo-wop! Fallen. Dancing around the Ring of Fire.

Come at me. Decades. Return to me. Run
to me. Blinded, bruised, and
battered. Favorite. Turbo. Open
up you mouth. Refraction. Retraction.

You got me going in
circles like a merry
go round. Wedding bells.
Cinders and ashes. Soul
sister. We never go
out of style. Divided. We can't
go back. Express yourself.
I'm freaking out. Ay ok. Get
off my face. Shake it off. Hashtag
love. Dating. Walk with me. No means no.

Figure 8. 808. Yo.
Rocket fat indeed.
Fields and floods rocks
hills and plains. What
a glorious morning. Glorious
food. I feel noxious. To
god be the glory. Rocking
on top of the world. What
a wonderful world we
live in. I believe that
you'll never walk
alone. Open up
you eyes. Silver lining. The deep
river water is wide. I love you.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Sweet
and sour. High mountains and
low valleys. Finally you'll
know the story of
our lives. Treat me
right. Head to toe. Be
impressive. Sinking
sand. I'm homeless. Make it you.

Selfie stick time. Set everything
ablaze. Dream on by following
it. I've fallen and I
can't get up. Time for a beatbox
solo battle. Give me
dirty looks. Show off. Cloud
nine. Speed demons. Passing
gas. We'll start all over again.

Set fire to the sun. Royal pains. Push
it real good. Be prepared to
taste the rainbow. Call me maybe.

Please don't leave me. Coffee.
Cheerful and high spirits. Spirit
use your wings. It's alright. I
believe. Mushroom clouds.

Please don't go. What do I
stand for? Swish bish.
Power up. From 7AM to 7PM.
Cutie pie. Hula. Solid
and strong. Hard and strong.

Do it. Perhaps. Quizas.
Wouldn't be around.
You let the dirt in my
mouth. Stranger danger.
I got power. Mad skills.

Purple, magenta, and
pink. From green to
blue. Sooner or later.
I've already fixed my
mistake. Dancing queen. Let
me be your ruler. We don't
talk anymore like we
used to do. Don't hurt
me. Patch up that
punctured wound. If
at first you
don't succeed. Set
fire to the rain. Northwest
love. Madame.
Set the world on
fire. Get on me. Moon
walking. You're the best thing
yet to ever come into
my life. Sometimes I
call it a draw. All that's
left is a heart of gold. I'll
be so blue thinking
about you. Mad house. I'm
blessed. Reign on
my parade. Don't stand too
close to me. It has always
been this way. I took the
good times. My hands are in
the air. Pins and needles. Tough
as nails. Baby hands. I wanna go
outside in
the rain. It may sound crazy. No
touching. Always be suspicious.

L-O-V-E. What's that spell. Love.
Step by step. Formula love. This
is not a rebooted movie. Let's dance fight
the night away with romance. A ripped
hole in my heart. I gotcha. Hold
it. Wait a minute. I'm coming
home. I love the pop.

Pop a wheelie. I'm helpless. Rest In Peace on
the dark side of the morning light. Let
me hold you close under the white moon
'cause I wanna pull away from you. I
got a blank space and I'll write your
name. There's blood on my hands. Mercy
is grazing in the grass. This good ain't
easy. I wanna shine like the burning
candle in the room. My lullaby. Play
it cool by taking it slow. Times were
good, bad, happy, and sad. I'd die
trying with no excuses and results.
Pain and regret. Put it on paper. I
always force you to have
a good time. Banished. You
belong to me. Centuries have zoomed
On by. Friend me up. What's love got
to do with it. Talk about it. Take me
to Funkytown. Who-oo! Positive to
negative. Like a megnetic field pole.
Coming together. We can back it up.
Race cars, lasers, and airplanes. Go
big or go home. Get sucked up into a
black hole in outer space. Time to
settle the score. Commit despicable actions
by jumping and rolling. I belong to you.

Forever in love this way. Spill the beans.
Bigger is better. Work your way up
and out. Stressed out when you think twice.
You're the only girl for me. Just
the two of us. I know I've been
changed. I'm living for the love
of you. One fine thing. Come by
me. I'll come to visit you. Once
in a lifetime. Welcome back home. You
can dance for inspiration. Sometimes
you gotta sacrifice yourself for
the greater good. Here we go again.

Something's got a hold on me. Yay.
That's the way I like it. We'll
always love you. What is this.
I just wanna feel this moment.
We can see each other from a
telescopic lens. That's my
baby. I have fixed my mistake. What
a hot mess and a sticky situation. You
don't have to rub it in. Flash. Fly.

I'm not invisible. I'll be around. I
can make you mine. It's magic. I
worship you because of who you
are. I can dig it. Beating like its
heart beats. Let's boogaloo. Potato
tomato. I got you where I want you.

From morning, noon, and night. Friday
ain't old school like the 80's. Jump! I
want you. Let's let it whip. Right. All night.

Smurfette, I can feel you
with all my emotional heart
and big soul as it skips
a beat each and
every single day and night
when you left me behind. Give me
a home and do me a favor. Lift me
up. Manners do matter. Teeter totter. I
know we got bad blood. Let's
finish each other's sentences to
become twins. I'll serenade you
with a song in my heart. Can't
touch this. We'll change the point
of view to a slightly different
version of me. I
feel rich. I can explain. I'll stand up
and fight for my rights. Sneaking
around when nothing
gets by me. Pass me by. Your
real good thing is
about to come
to an end. I've already
done enough damage. Ride
a flying hot meteor through
the sky with
a big explosion to
make you bounce. I
got the speakers in
the trunk. Let's take a
trip down memory
lane. Twist and shout.

We're done. Sweet
love. We
can change the
world tomorrow.
This could be a better
place. Let's make
it happen. Slap
my face. It's a new life
for me. Don't stop
the party. Find yourself.

You'll always be my
everlasting love. Nothing,
but trailers.

Access denied. Pit
of despair. I trusted you.
Superglued together. Such a
magical sight. Infiltrate.

I tried to be good,
but I got distracted.

Time to time after
time. Pain in vain.

So many pretty girls
around. Sugar. Now I
know you're mine.

We do everything together. An adventure
ev'ryday. Easy as pie. Bring on
the night. You're my
lightning. Keep this party
going. Ignite the
light and let it shine. We
own the night. The right
road took the wrong turn no
matter how many times I
stumble or fall. We've had
many enjoyable talks. Life
is like a inside down double
rainbow. Once upon a time
to the end. We're one
happy family. The
greatest lesson is loving yourself
through it all. I've never
met somebody like you. I'm feel
so supercalifragilistexpialidocious. You're
my rhythm and blues. You
get what you get and
you don't have a fit. I
feel so radical. I've
found a brand new best
friend. Love
is like a holiday. I gotta
keep on trucking. Leave
my bearings here by
climbing every
mountain. Nothing
will get in my own
way. You turned out
the lights. All I need
is a little bit of
love. You saved my
life. I will never dry
your tears. If I could. Your
time is up and has just
run out. Splish, splash, splosh. Drag
me. Pull me to safety. I'm
vivacious in any other
specific way. This song ain't
got no melody. Drop it
to the wind. It's
time to go rise and shine. I
can see it happening right
now. Have it your own
way. Opposites attract. We're
champions. You with the sad
eyes. I love you
just the way you are. I'm a
weirdo. Time keeps on
slipping. Seeing
is believing. Mix 'em up. Family
may lead to trouble. You
don't care about me. Do
you. I hate to burst
your bubble. Bubblegum
pop. Stop
wasting my
time. There's always a
Plan B. I know what
we're gonna do today.

I starting to get through
to you. Life is like
a circus in the city
of love. Ain't no
need to worry. Tonight's
the night that we make history
by swimming in a pile of golden
coins. No filter
needed. There's never
a dull moment. Everything
must change. You're
just a savage beast. I'm
a loose canon. I dare you
to make up and break up
with me. You got
me hopping from
portal to portal. I used
to love you. Let's
bring down the
house. I still
hate you when I
drown my tears
into your heart. This is
it. I'm just crossed
with you. We hold
hands with each other.
Where were you when
you found me. You got
two options: Find a
way or fade away. I shall
open the door to
your heart. We blew a
fuse. This will be
our hangout as long
as we live. Blame it
all on me. Check
me out. Take me back
in time. Count me out. I feel
impressed and intensed. It's
the circle of life. I've
embarrassed myself. You
fell into the wrong hands.

Sisters are doing it for
themselves. I can't
be so sure about
that what so
ever. We meet
at the same time. You
say your prayers, so
you don't care. Shake
the hurt dance by building
a bride of light. I'll be your
friend to keep me strong.

Embrace the love. Taste
the feeling. Looks don't
matter. Signed, sealed,
and delivered. When it
crumbled. Your world
around is tumbling
down. I'll be there. I
wanna make you smile.

Tic Tac Toe. La land.

Let me hang up
your coat. Stage
fright. I'm the one
you love and need.

Caught up in the
erasure of love. Natural
woman. Dance with me
'cause I'm a lady.

Stumbling around like a
wasted zombie. Classified
information. Top secret

Love is somewhere
over the rainbow. Love
is the best way to solve
problems. Imagine that. I'm
down with the blues. We
both have different strokes. You're
a smooth criminal. Let's
celebrate good times. Go
ballistic. You dumped me. Let's
kick it up a notch. You're the apple
of my eye. I am thrilled. You're a pretty
woman. I love you so. I hear those
chimes ringing. I feel
so empty. Oh what
a night. Girls rule by acting
on their best behavior. Let us
drink this smurfberry
milkshake. There's nowhere
to run 'cause it's a dead end. I
guess this is goodbye. Goodbye
friendship. Hello loneliness. I'm
the one who wants to be with
you. You're the bomb. Tsk. I
gotta stay
focused. Beat it. You're all the
things that I've got
to remember. I'm a wild
child. I'm allergic to you. I'm
addicted to love. It feels
better to be safe
than sorry. I can't bare
another moment without
knowing. You're
one of a kind. Don't
you forget about me and
I'll not forget about you. I'm
a winner. I promise to
follow the rules. We're now
sore losers. It doesn't have
to be this way. Start a fire
with a rope and stick. Your
faulty language is
unacceptable. Wash your filthy
mouth. This is a concert. I'm not
coming. You're my crush. I
wanna give you a special treat 'cause
you been so sweet. Won't
you take me
down? Its been
a long day without
you. I'm in charge. I know
everything about
you now. Take me
to higher ground. I'm
afraid of heights. Will
it be our destiny or just
you and me. Don't play
dumb with me. Let's
keep marching. I'd
run away for my life. I'll
say it again with
a reflection of
me in a puddle
of water in the pouring
rain. This
is 100% for
you and
me. This is hopeless
and useless. I'm
all packed up
and ready to
go. You're all that
I need to get by. Friends
will be friends. Hold on
to me and don't let
me go. Talk to
me. I feel so good
like sugar, spice, and
everything nice. Suffer
the consequences. Step
aside. Love is like
a heatwave. Our
love is stronger
than words. I'm so
suspicious. Send me a
sign. We sometimes let ourselves get
away with murder. I
don't know why. Turn me
on. My glass is overflowing
with love. Your a sweet
sensation. From sea to
shining sea. Show me the
way to love with my body
and soul. We're related to
each other. I feel
relieved. We'll turn tomorrow
into yesterday. It's
easy like a Sunday morning. I've
been thinking too
much. We sealed the
deal. Get a life. I'm
not interested in
anything you have to say. You got
me burning up like a blue rose. Keep
in touch. I keep watching
you. Life is distracted and
confused. This is private
property. I can cheer you
up. Touch me in the
morning. I'm daydreaming
about you. I'm lost. Feel the
light the shines in the dark
of night. Time to roll with
the punches. Rolling out. I got
my eyes on you. We make
a perfect match as a
team. I avoided you when
I got to know you.
I'm speechless. I can't
take my eyes off of
you. Take me away. Hook
me up to a love balloon.You're
the worst when you're rude, bad,
gross, disturbing, angry, weird,
and mean. Puff up the
love when we soak
up the sun. That
was the plan. Let the good
times just roll on by. I
really need peace and
quiet tonight because
I quit. We are safe
and sound. I got a
big ego when I got
a feeling. I gotta
take it on in any easy
way. Oh happy day. I like
the sound of
silence. There's no
actual reason for
us to continue this
relationship before
it gets out
of hand. All that I
wanted to be a
better friend. I will
never ever let you
down. Congratulations! That
search has now ended
for I have found you
when we were young. This
is all my fault. I'm
cool just the way
I am. I feel pain
and regret. Create a diversion.

Night shift. Bring
it on in when
you're the
best at everything
in each and every
way. I'm here to
pay the price, so
I can be responsible
for my actions. Someone's
gotta go when my heart
is torn to pieces. We stick
together piece by piece. I
see a twinkling star in the
night sky. Chase
and catch me if you
can. I don't think so.
You stay by my side with a
drumroll of thunder. I won't
pick up the phone. Auto tone
makes you roll your
tongue. I'm a hyperactive
ball of energy. You just
push me off the edge. We're
like diamonds in the
sky. We attack at
dawn. At dusk, we make musical
noises with our noisemakers. I
got you. I don't miss a beat. We
fall into a torturing and swollen
death chamber chasm 'cause nobody
will know if we're dead or alive.

It's just
all fun and
games when
you read
my mind. Your
smooth love soothes
the crippled pain. You
don't know me at all. Haters
gonna hate. Hurry up when
there's no more waiting. Reach
out to me with your hands in the
air in slow motion. I
will roll this boulder up
this hill. I'm bad, bold,
wise, hard, tough, strong,
cool, and calm as love
saves the day as long as
you love me. Love is like a
roller coaster on a
frozen crystal lake. You were never
my friend when I beat you up,
but it's okay to fight every now
and then. You
change your
every once
In a while.

You've gotta be
a real miracle. Let's
solve the mystery and
rewrite history. We
could be partners. Life
is like a hypnotized
powerpuff hurricane. This is
not a pity
party. Will
you put a
ring on it as
we share our
own special
feelings. Welcome
to my colorful
new world. I'm twice
as nice when I
failed to find my
lost purpose. I'm
rotten to
the core. I'm just
a popular
girl. Diamond rings. We saved
day to wrap
it up. Hit me
with your
best shot and
everything you
got to say for
yourself.You fooled
me twice by making
a fool of myself. I'm
just a fool. What
a day. How will
I know. Go save
somebody else
by showing them
true love. I'm exhausted. Go
save yourself to
shower me with
your love. Just
twist and shout
when it's just a
little pinch. Uh
oh. Whistle
with your
heart. You got
me swinging back
and forth. The
power is all mine. I
squeal and
squeak whenever
I see you. This
spunky and
sequential love
has gone too far
and too soon. You
rescued me 'cause
it's my desire on
this road to
love. My
heart splits
in two. You're
so wonderful and beautiful when
you let me get away with the
bad habit of trying to find
love. I feel so blue. This
portal twirls us into
love when I've
got so much to
give to you
my dear. Kick
me to the curvy
curb. Let
me see and feel your
energy 'cause you
scare me so bad by
swaying your arms
from side to side. We
stick together, since
we've been friends. Get
away from me and go live
elsewhere 'cause the
pain never stops. You
haven't done anything for
me except use me, trick
me, and get me into
trouble. I'm
too hot to handle love. I'm
nothing, but a depressing chick
deep down in my heartbroken life. I
can't hide you from
everyone else forever in
plain sight. I've made too
many troublesome mistakes. I'm
a total acting smurfberry loser. Give
me one more chance to do the right thing
at the right time. What's about to
happen is not what it seems. Stay
on the scene when I'm number one. How
could this be? I'm
such a heroic screw up when
you go behind me back. Grab me
a bite to eat. I'm still a
warrior. Won't you help me
out with the mission of
missing love. Do you miss me
'cause I missed you. Don't
mess with me. I feel this love
in my veins. I'm not a tattle
tale. I'm grounded for
a year. We're the smartest
of the smarties. I'm slack,
slick, and wicked. I will
survive. Practice what you
preach. Tragic. This
is a dream come true. We did it. You
feel so different when we're close
friends. I have learned my lesson about
being a party crasher. Place your head
on my peaceful and shrinking
heart. I just have to pretend to be
myself and move on by
pressing my luck. Sometimes
you drive me crazy and insane
when I play my brand new uke by shakin'
the blues away. Love me 'cause
love is fun in the strongest way
possible. I'd loose control of
my awesomeness. I feel so stuck and
lovestruck that
my rhythmic
heart beats super
fast like a drum
that it sweeps me off my
feet with the roaring
thunder filled with blood,
sweat, and tears, which
gets me excited with a
cold should to cry on. Life
is like an adventure. The
truth hurts when you
lie. This is a fountain of
love. We
feel so warm when you
make me laugh out loud.
Oh holy moly crap.
 I just can't help
myself from falling in love
with you. My heart is full of
fireworks 'cause I
like your style. I love
my smurfy family 'cause
of the way you make me feel, so
enjoy the ride and chillax by
zipping and parasailing
across a river with new
best friend. I can't stop thinking about
you. Let me be alone with my
sadness and sorrow. I don't want
this feeling to stop me now. My
sweetness is my weakness. Behind
enemy lines. Allies and enemies.

My candy sweet sixteen personality
and bubbly, lovely,
secret kisses always
brings you joy every
time you hug and
squeeze me so tight
'cause I feel so blown
away when we stare
into the sunlight as
it sets over the grove
in paradise with the
sun risin' up on
the sunny side of
love. I'm determined
to open your heart
and sing, so that this
love could last happily
ever after. This keeps
me hangin' on for
dear life. We
spend so much time
together, but it
ain't easy. It takes
my breath away when
it's hard to breathe. It's
a matter of life and
death. I can't turn back
the past, but I love the
future. I can't turn
back the clock, but
I can wind it up
again. I can't
hold back
this feeling. I
hate to
be locked up in
a dark and empty
room 'cause I'd
feel too scared to
come out when
there's no
escape with the
darkness creeping
in. You're all
that I need. I'm
being mind controlled
by you. I gotta
keep going with
my bad self. This
friendship is
not forbidden
'cause I was
wrong. This
crying makes
me shed tears
of joy by weeping
and whining. I feel
so hyper, silly,
and passionate. You
spin me around 'cause
you'll always be mine,
which makes me wanna
scream. Where am I?
Is this the begging or the
end? I feel sick and better
You take very good care
of me as we share our
feelings with nothing to
talk about by changing
the subject. Alloy alley.

Wake up in the
morning to a
tropical island
and get blasted
and busted
by a volcano.


I can myself crying
for someone to
love me when I
have so much to
say. I won't give
it up.

For once in my
life, this magical
golden glow of
love turns into stone
and that's alright
with me.
You're the guardian
angel of
my big dreams from
Heaven. We will
win this fight in
the battle of dark
and light 'cause I
can't wait another
moment and that's
fine with me. Take to
the bridge.

I feel the explosive
smoking fire wall
burning bright
in your cute and
cuddly eyes
'cause of the evil pain.

I cry myself to sleep
every time I sing all
night long 'cause of the
healing hurt
of this bleeding
heart at night.

I'm here to
rock and roll
your bluesy
world tonight
'cause it's time

(Instrumental (🔈🎺7✖️))

Smurflily: Da. De. Di. Do. Du.

Follow my lead
to a gateway
of freedom.

Get on up.
Get on down.
I feel so down
and out. Let's
dance all night into
the morning light with
disco balls and laser
lights to light up
the night.

Let's dance
to the music
in the spotlight
that shines down
on us to see
how bright we
can shine
together. Let's
dance in the
rain, baby.

Boom bang!
Come on now!
Time to turn up
the heat and pump
up the volume on
that boom box. Play
that sexy sax! WHOO!
Mm. We're just getting
HOT and spicy! Make
some noise.


I've never felt
this love before
like surfing a wave
of love.

I gotta fight this
mighty and funny
feeling in this
tunnel of love. I
feel the same and
free in flight.

I ain't never loved
someone like you
the way that I love
you. No. No. No.
No. Oh my gosh.

Love feels so
powerful when
two hearts
beat as
one 'causing
it to pop out
of my chest with
too much force
with my picture
perfect love
story that
it breaks. You're
my shining and
shooting superstar,
when stars fall from the
night sky with a blurry
gust of that
windy breeze blowin'
through my hair, which
makes me jump so
high for joy
and touch the sun.
This love means too
much to me and you.

How could this
have happened to
me? You make
feel so easy for
me. You're like
the best friend
that I've ever
had. 'Cause
we'd be friends
forever and ever.
to the end
and rule the world
on an electrical

Be blue.
Be true.
Be you.

(Instrumental (🔉🎺7✖️))


Let your love flow
and let it
go. Whoa.
Oh. Lord.

the rough gets
tough. From you
to me.

I ain't never felt so
blue in my whole
happy life
'cause I keep
trying to find
love. Please
forgive me
'cause I'm
sorry. Let's
whip it.

nothing but a
'cause I don't
care 'bout what
he says. He's no
good. I feel like
running across a
stormy sea. No

It's too late
to apologize
and beat the
heat. It feels
so good to
be me 'cause
I hope that this
lovable feeling
never stops me
from feeling you.


This is my
life. This is
my home. I
love my smurfy


Oh ye-ye-ea-ea-ah-ah!🎵



Thank you so very much
for the show and good night!

BACK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rose petals!

(Instrumental (🔊🎺1✖️))

Smurfblossom: HALLELUJAH!

Smurfblossom/Smurflily: HALLELUJAH!!

Smurfblossom/Smurflily/Smurfstorm: HALLELUJAH!!!



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