Three years after War of the Cryptids, things have been rough around the Saturdays, Zak has been living with and being raised by Doyle, after his deal with Argost to control his kur powers. But when a mysterious organization known as the Anatomy threatens the human race, the Saturdays must unite and reconcile once again, as they build the suits from the Ben 10: Omniverse episode, "T.G.I.S.". by Derrick J. Wyatt.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Zak Saturday (Ogie Banks) - now a teen and still having a neck of getting into trouble, but he is more mature than before!
  • Doc Saturday (Phil Morris) - still retains his leadership!
  • Drew Saturday (Nicole Sullivan) - she now wears a ponytail
  • Fisk (Deidrich Bader)
  • Komodo (Frank Welker)
  • Zon (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Doyle Blackwell (Will Friedle)
  • Jannifer Beeman (Kath Soucie): Alshan's daughter who is ashamed of her father's treacherous behavior!
  • Rachel Beeman (Tara Strong)
  • Wadi (Lauren Tom): Zak's girlfriend and now dresses American, and has a ponytail with bangs
  • Evan Blackwell (Richard McGonagle): Drew and Doyle's father, and Zak's grandfather


  • Miranda Grey (Susan Blakeslee): Now the head of the organization known as Polarcap. She is like Drew Saturday, confident, admitting her own faults, and feels bloated at some points after 17 years!
  • Paul Cheechoo (Jeff Bennett) - Grey's new assistant and love interest.
  • Ulraj (Dee Bradley Baker) - old friend of Zak and is now full time king of his people!


  • Alshan/Arthur Beeman - (Jeff Bennett) the Main Antagonist, a masked mad man, who has a mask similar to the Oni, and he is often messing or experimenting Crytids, he is the one who convinced Argost into doing those crimes!, revealed to Beeman because he wanted revenge on the Saturdays for his humilating defeat! Revealed he is after Shangrila for the secrets of an alien race known as the Scope Dragons!
  • Alshan's minions/ The Anatomy:
    • Warrib - (Eric Bauza) a man who is asian and grows his ribs as spikes, Heartwave's brother and the one who is Alshan's second in command! He was later turned to stone by Wadi trying to kill Zak!
    • Bone Stone -(Keone Young) a man who is asian who turns to stone and emerges bones from his body, he is also very loyal to Alshan, and would beat anyone who insults him, he and Brainstorm were arrested in "Anatomy"!
    • Skullmonster - (Dee Bradley Baker) a man who is asian and uses his teeth to bite, it is revealed that he is actually an android and is later changed into "Metal Mouth", he was destroyed in "Eye's of Chtchulu"!
    • Brainstorm - (James Sie) a man who is asian and has a brain on his head, and is plannig to overthrow Ashlan, and was revealed to be the man responsible for Arghost!
    • Heart-Wave -(Kath Soucie) a woman who is asian and wears a red-pink costume with a heart as her torso, revealed to be Drew's old partner in her teen years and refers Drew as "Bum-Bum", and says "you have a bigger bum now"! She still retains her friendship with Drew and she and Drew at the end of Anatomy aggreed to be partners again!
  • Boris Kragloff (Peter Stormare) - a russian, who is out for the 2nd piece of the Kur Stone!
    • Kragler (Richard Green, Dee Bradley Baker, Kevin Michael Richardson) - The Main Antagonist of Season 2, Boris's master and a three headed Dragon who hungers for power!
  • Geo Manx (Brian George) - a greedy tresure hunter!
  • V.V. Argost (Corey Burton) - revived by Animo in "T.G.I.S." just in case he dies
  • Rani Naga (Susan Blakeslee) - the Main Antagonist of Season 3, seeks to help her master, Kur live again, as it was revealed that when Kur was created, she was once a human being until Kur transformed her into a Naga.


Season 1: 2014Edit

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Summary
1 Ashlan Attacks! The Saturdays leave for Asia to find out about the legendary Roc, but it was revealed to be a scam by a mysterious Masked Man known as Ashlan!
2 El Chupacabra! after being in a wheel Chair Doc tries to prove to his wife that El Chupacabra exists!
3 Jersey Devil! Ashlan and his minions release a Jersey Devil into the Saturdays house, Fisk, Komodo, and Zon are the only hope for the family now!
4 Animal Act! Warrib and Heart-Wave find a magic Talisman in the Greek Isle of Circe, it turnes the Saturdays into animals, Zak is turned into a Dog, Doc into a Orangutan, and Drew becomes a Horse, can Fisk find the Talisman and destroy it or will they stay animals forever?
5 Naga! Rani Naga want's Drew to become the next Rani Naga to restore her kind to it's pride and glory, Jannifer and Rachel find out and decides to make a rescue plan!
6 Ashlan unmasked! Arthur Beeman wants revenge on the Secret Scientists for his expostulation because he did not show remorse for his actions on hunting down the Saturdays!
7 Eyes of Chtchulu The Saturdays encounter a mysterious notes about Beeman's deals with the late V.V.Arghost! revealed that Arghost was Anatomy's agent and Beeman was the real man behind Arghost's crimes!
8 October 26, 2012 Ashlan's plan was to bring the World to it's knees by releasing the Kraken to the seas along with the Leviathan! So the Saturdays must help a mermaid defend her home!
9 Anatomy Drew was revealed to be once part of the Anatomy, as Bum-Bum, as Heartwave's partner during the time!
10 Wyrm Doc and Drew get and argument and both get stranded in the Forest of Finland and hunted by the Wyrm!
11 Storms Fisk had accidently unleashed the Night Storm onto U.S borders and the Saturdays have to stop it!
12 Secrets of the Night Fiskerton frames Zon for stealing the Turkey for Dinner, but when a Croakus Beheamoth comes and attacks the place, he must learn to take his responsibilities!
13 Alshan's Dream Alshan plans to rule the world by releasing the ancient beast called Charybdhis to cause the tides to cover the earth, if his demands don't meet his demands to give him the codes to the Shangrila gates, they will start in the Adriatic!
14 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! Wadi is turned into a mermaid, and Zak must go underwater to save her!
15 Secrets of Arghost Arghost's mask reveals the secrets of Alshan's plan, and the way to Shangrila, and now tries to steal the last puzzle pieces to the City!
16 Alshan's Secret it is revealed that he is a Scope Dragon from another planet, and is why he is obsesed with aliens and U.F.O!
17 Rise of the Scope Dragon: Part One Alshan now plans to use the Kur energy like he used on Arghost to call his Scope Dragon bretheren, and Doc realized it was an invasion plan, and that Kur was a way to bring the Scope Dragons to Earth, and Doc stated: "We should've left the Kur Stone barried or destroyed it!"
18 Rise of the Scope Dragon: Part Two Drew and Doc makes a choice to stop Alshan once and for all and they must find the Sword Excalibur, which is guarded by Crom Crouch, in the End, the first piece of Kur Stone was destroyed by Zak's romance feelings for Wadi, Alshan fall for his betrayal and the Scope Dragon's retreated, including the Naga's revealed to be the same race!

Season 2: 2015Edit

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Summary
19 Cords of the Heart Zak must uncover a new creature called the Kragler!
20 Insanity is bliss Doc is going mad after finding out that Kragler is after the Golden Sheild!
21 Sins of the Father's Kragloff, and Kragler had Drew's father locked up for years and Drew recentley found out!
22 Gods and Demons Kragler wants to be a god by stealing Indra's arrow, and the Saturdays must stop him!
23 Horror of the Knight Geo Manx tries to steal the golden Fleece of the Hydra!
24 Way of the Ninja A Samurai challenges The Saturdays into a Dojo challenge, revealed to be the Late Fuson's brother!
25 El Blanko In Mexico, Zak and Wadi are attacked by a creature known as El Blanko.
26 Russian Hello In Russia, Kragloff, under the orders of the Kragler, is after a piece of Kur that could help his master, Kragler.
27 Pre Graduation Zak is about to graduate from 12th grade in High School. but Kragloff tries to take him for the knowledge of all the worlds Cryptids!
28 World into Nothing An invasion is attacking the earth, as it is making Earth into nothingness.
29 Return of the Nagas The Nagas have returned and joined by Kraggler's side, since he is after the power of the Kur.
30 Ways of the Knight Doc has been chosen for Knighthood by the Queen herself!
31 Court of Law Doyle has been framed by a creature called Fuji Mermaid, and Zac must clear his name!
32 Kraggler's secret Kraggler is revealed to be the Three dark Personalities of the late Mondays!
33 Saturday Night Live! The Saturdays are surronded by cameras everywhere they go, by being asked questions about defeating Alshan, but it was revealed that it was Argost.
34 Serpents Tale The Nagas plan to take the Hydra's staff!
35 Mother's Day Drew gets a makeover and she enjoys her makeover, and she gives something to her late mother's grave, a Medal of citizenship!
36 Time of the Tides The tides are controlled by a mysterious threat!
37 Arghost Vs. Kraggler Kragloff is killed by Arghost, and betrays Kragler!
38 Final: Part One Kragler emerges in the City of Paris and unleashes an army of Ogopogo's causing fear and chaos, and Zak is poisoned by Kraggler.
39 Final: Part Two The Saturdays must find a clue to cure Zak or he is lost forever.
40 Final: Part Three The Saturday are one way closer into defeating Kragler, with the power of the 2nd piece of the Kur Stone. In the end, Arghost vows to face the Saturdays with the power of the 3rd and final piece of the Kur Stone. Kraggler was sent to the earth below!

Season 3: 2016Edit

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Summary
41 "Kur"
42 "War" Kur has caused a war between the Goblins and the Dinosaur Men!
43 "Time of Time" Doc notices that some of his evil thoughts of the past has came to haunt him!
44 "Sleep" In Sleep a Cryptid known as Oni creeps into their dreams, Doc Being Trapped inside the mouth of Charhibdhis, Drew turning into a horse and forced into being rode on by Arghost, and Zak being alone in a void of Darkness.
45 "Tide Turn"
46 "Ways of Kur"
47 "Cloning Process"
48 "Days of Dawn"
49 "El Blanco"
50 "Horrors from Beneath"
51 "Clowns in the Circus"
52 "Fourteen Ways to say Yes"
53 "Ogopogo Strikes Back"
54 "Palace of the Indians"