Danny Pratt is an ordinary 12-year old boy, who discovers that he found a mermaid in his pool, who sings to have him swim with her. When his foster father, Ryab came to rescue him. And an archaelogist witnessed it and decides to capture the mermaid.


June 13, 2014


  • Danny Pratt (Connor Gibbs) - revealed to be a merboy, he was doing some scenes similar to Ariel's in The Little Mermaid, like emerging his head out of the water after the end of Poor Unfortunate Souls, twisting with fishes swimming around him during Under the Sea and doing a scene in the reprise of Part of Your World, in the end,
  • Ryan Pratt (Brendan Fraser) - Danny's foster father, in the end joins his son with Aurora!
  • Joise Rosland (Rose Byrne) - Ryan's love interest and fiance, revealed to be wanting Ryan's money!, in the end, is left without money!
  • Luis Pratt (Michael Caine) - Danny's grandfather, in the end, retires to a Beach House!
  • Olivia Pratt (Rhiannon Leigh Wyrn) - Danny's human sister, and Ryan's daughter, in the end, joins Danny, Ryan, and Aurora!
  • Peter Von Pericles (Said Taghmaoui) - the main antagonist and an archaelogist, ends up leaving with Danny and Aurora at Atlantis!
  • Aurora (Hannah Fraser) - the mermaid who is close to Danny, she is Danny's birth-mother, she ends up marrying Ryan!
  • Artie Grain (Logan Grove) - Danny's best friend!, in the end, writes this as his essay!
  • Fanny Gray (Ariel Winter) - Danny's love interest, she learns about Danny being a merboy, in the end, bids him goodbye and hopes to see him next summer!


The young Ryan Pratt (Brenden Fraiser), finds a baby in the net by Fish hunters, and takes him in, and Von Pericles (Said Taghmaoui) finds out in 12 years after from Pratt's adoption records! In Summer Vacation, Danny (Conner Gibbs) had no friends! Except Artie (Logan Grove) ! He visits he grandpa (Michael Caine) to his Trailer Park home, and they tell tales of their family history!

Peter Von Pericles plans to find out about the boy

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