Knights of the Round Table is a 2016 American/Irish sword and sorcery historical fantasy drama television series by HBO and created by Game of Thrones creator D.B. Weiss and based on the Arthurian Legend, it is also confirmed to run for seven seasons.

It used several different elements from many different Arthurian stories and was filmed in Ireland and Scotland.

Plot Edit

Season 1: In 8th century Britain Lord Uther Pendragon is given the sword of power Excalibur by the sorcerer Merlin and both becomes King and wins the war between Gorlois the Duke of Cornwall and him and declares a truce.

However whilst celebrating with Gorlois at his castle he becomes drawn towards Gorlois beautiful wife Igraine and the truce is broken, Uther then has Merlin transform him into the appearance of Gorlois and he has sex with Igraine and impregnates her. Nine months later Igraine gives birth to a baby boy named Arthur who is then taken by Merlin after he made Uther promise what is made from his lust for Igraine will be given to him.

Uther is later killed by Gorlois and his Knights and Orcs but not before thrusting Excalibur into a rock declaring who ever should pull the Sword from the Stone will be the King of Britain. Twenty years later Arthurian having being raised by Earl Ector pulls the Sword from the Stone and is declared King of England, Arthur then becomes allies with Scottish King Leodgrance and whilst fighting along side him and his childhood sweetheart Guinevere who joins Arthur in his Castle of Camelot.

Meanwhile Gorlois refuses to accept Arthur as king, due to him being Uthers son and decides that he is in fact the right King of England and raises an army of evil knights and Orcs to kill Arthur and take control of Camelot. However he is defeated and Arthur marries Guinevere and she becomes Queen.

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Protagonists Edit

  • Liam Garrigan as King Arthur Pendragon (Season 1-7) - The orphaned son of Uther and Igraine and the King of England. He was given to Earl Ector as a baby by Merlin and grew up alongside Ector's son Kay and when he was eighteen he pulled the Sword Excalibur from the stone. Despite the sudden becoming of a King Arthur sets out to bring peace and justice to Britain whilst fighting against his evil half sister Morgan Le Fay and her father the Duke of Cornwall and their army of Knights and Orcs, Arthur his beloved childhood sweetheart princess Guinevere and they have a son named Loholt. Years after unknowingly father Mordred later he was fatally wounded by Mordred during the Battle of Camlann and was last seen being taken away to the Isle of Avalon by the fates along with Guinevere and Loholt.
  • Joana Metrass as Queen Guinevere (Season 1-7) - The beautiful warrior princess of Scotland, daughter of King Leodgrance and the beloved queen and childhood sweetheart of Arthur. She was raised by her father after her mother ran off with another man leaving both her and her father heartbroken, when she came of age she swore that she would be faithful to her husband no matter what. She and Arthur met whilst fighting against the Duke of Cornwall and they both fell deeply in love, soon Arthur made her his queen and she gave birth to a son named Loholt. She was eventually banished from Camelot after being unknowingly manipulated into her affair with Lancelot by Morgan she went to a convent as penance and later recognized with Arhtur and became his queen again and fought alongside him at the Battle of Camlann, she was last seen leaving for the Isle Avalon with her son and Arthur's body.
  • Idris Elba as Merlin (Season 1-7) - A very powerful sorcerer and Arthur's strongest ally and mentor. He was the one who gave the Sword of Power Excalibur to Arthur's father Uther after obtaining it from the Lady in the Lake, he later made Uther take on the the appearance of the Duke of Cornwall so he could sleep with Igraine. When Arthur was born he could to Earl Ector to raise as his own. Years later when Arthur was eighteen and pulled Excalibur from the stone he helped Arthur understand the meaning of being a king, eventually he went into an enchanted sleep but returned to help Arthur shortly before the Battle of Camlann.
  • Robert Pattinson as Sir Lancelot (Season 2-7) - Arthur's second in command of the Knights of the Round Table and his best knight. He came to Britain in search of a King worthy of his blade and when Arthur beat him in a duel he became his best knight and a close friend. Whilst at Camelot he fell in love with Guinevere but did not make a move due to her being Arthur's queen, later she came to him in the forest and they made love unaware that Guinevere was under an enchantment by Morgan. When he found out he was distraught and went into self apposing exile as penance for betraying Arthur, later at the Battle of Camlann he saved Arthur, Guinevere and Loholt by fighting off some of Mordred's Orcs and knights and decapitating Grimskull for killing Kay after that he, Arthur, Guinevere and Loholt recognized.
  • Peter Mooney as Sir Kay (Season 1-7) - Son of Earl Kay and Arthur's adoptive brother. He is slightly arrogant and hot headed but he is brave nonetheless and is very protective of his younger adoptive brother, because of his caring of Arthur he becomes a member of the Knights of the Round Table, its third in command and Arthur's chief bodyguard. He is later killed during the Battle of Camlainn he was stabbed by General Grimskull which both greatly enraged and upset Arthur, Kay was then avenged by Lancelot who decapitated Grimskull.
  • John Noble as Earl Ector (Season 1-4) - An British Earl, the biological father of Kay and the adoptive father of Arthur. He was given Arthur when he was a baby by Merlin, out of fear he accepted Merlin's request to raise Arthur as his own but later grew to love him, when Arthur became King he told him the truth but that he still loved him. He became of Arthur's top Knights of the Round Table and its fourth in command. He was killed at the end of Season four after he was decapitated by General Grimskull along with Leodgrance.
  • Ian McShane as King Leodgrance (Season 1-3) - The King of Scotland and the father of Guinevere. He was one of Uther's allies until his death at the hands of of the Duke of Cornwall, when Arthur became King he became one of his strongest allies and allowed him to marry his daughter Guinevere. At the end of season four he was killed by the Duke of Cornwall.
  • Gerard Butler as Uther Pendragon (Episodes 1-2) - The biological father of Arthur and the previous King of Britain. He was fighting a war against Gorlois the Duke of Cornwall when he was given Excalibur by Merlin who told him to forge and truce between him and Gorlois, Gloris accepted the truce and invented him to his castle for a feast. However whilst there he fell in love with Gorlois' wife Igraine and swore that he would have her and the truce was broken. One night Merlin came to him and told him that he would turn him into the Duke and that was is made from his lust for Igraine would be his, Uther accepted this and nine months later when Arthur was born he gave him to the Sorcerer. Uther however decided to get Arthur back due to Igraine being distraught by the promise, however Uther was ambushed by General Grimskull and Gorlois was badly injured but before dying he thrust Excalibur into a nearby stone saying whoever pulled it from the stone would be King of Britain.
  • Claire Van der Boom as Igraine (Episodes 1-2) - The wife of Gorlois and mother of Arthur and Morgan. She danced whilst at the feast celebrating Uther and Gorlois' truce, Uther however fell madly in love with her and swore to make her his. One night after winning a siege laid on their castle by Uther Gorlois and his Knights and Orcs pursued Uther's men Merlin made Uther take on Gorlois' appearance and he went to Gorlois and Igraine's bedchamber and had sex with Igraine therefore impregnating her with Arthur. When he was born she was distraught when Uther gave him to Merlin and begged that the Sorcerer give her back her baby, she was never seen or heard from again after that.

Antagonists Edit

  • Jason Issac as Duke Gorlois of Cornwall (Season 1-5) - One of the three main antagonists of the show and the father of Morgan Le Fay. He was once married to Arthur's mother Igraine until Uther slept with her, after Arthur was adopted by Ector he found out that Uther slept with his wife and had a child he swore to find the child and kill it. Years later after Arthur became king he was enraged believing that he was rightful king and not Arthur, he swore to kill him and take Camelot for himself. He was killed at the end of season 5 by Arthur after he tried to harm Guinevere and their newborn son.
  • Nina Dobrev as Morgan Le Fay (Season 1-7) - One of the three main antagonists of the show, daughter of Igraine and Gorlois and half sister of Arthur. She is an evil Sorceress who believes that she is the rightful ruler of Britain and not Arthur and make several attempts to dethrone him. She later imprisoned Merlin in his cave and then enchanted Guinevere into having an affair with Lancelot resulting in both of them being banished from Camelot and Arthur falling into a deep depression, she then disguised herself as Guinevere and had sex with Arthur thus conceiving Mordred. Years later just before the Battle of Camlainn Merlin appeared to her as a Wraith and tricked her into uttering the Charm of Making which caused her to age rapidly and being strangled to death by Mordred repulsed at the sight of his once beautiful mother.
  • Daeg Faerch as Mordred (Season 6-7) - The illegitimate and incest son Arthur and Morgan and the traitor of Camelot. He was conceived when Morgan disguised herself as Guinevere and tricked Arthur into impregnating her, when he was born famine and death befell Britain as a result of his unnatural conception. He was raised by Morgan to hate Arthur and when he was of age he tried to raise an army of rogue Knights and Orcs and tried to take Camelot but never seemed to succeed, the night before the Battle of Camlainn he strangled his mother Morgan to death after she aged rapidly due to being tricked into muttering the Charm of Making by Merlin. After losing the battle he fatally stabbed Arthur with a lance before fighting and being killed by Loholt.
  • Peter Mullan as General Grimskull (Season 1-7) - An Orc General and commander of Gorlois, Morgan Le Fay and Mordred's armies. He is a brutal, violent and unmerciful Orc commander was is also their most loyal and devoted minion and a master swords man. He is only too glad to aid his master in his war against Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, years later during the battle of Camlann he killed Kay in front of Arthur before being decapitated by Lancelot.

Recurring Characters Edit

  • Sir Ian McKellen as The Dragon (Season 1-6) - A large red Dragon who is among the last of his race and is a good friend of the Pendragon family who took the word dragon as their second name. He can advise them in their time of need either by telepathic or physically if its really important. He is a 1000 year old dragon who has seen many things happen to the land, starting from the Roman invasion of Britain to the descend into the Dark Ages. He was last seen flying towards Avalon after the Battle of Camlann.
  • Emmy Rossum as The Lady of the Lake (Season 1-6) - A powerful Sorceress of the water and a friend of Merlin. She was once a Celtic Priestess until she was slain by the Romans, she was however revived by her husband who had to throw her body into the lake so that she could stay alive. She was the one who the Sword of Power, Excalibur to Merlin so Uther could become King of Britain and she reclaimed it when Percival threw it back following the Battle of Camlann.

Minor Characters Edit

  • Robbie Coltrane as Brân the Blessed - A peaceful, wise and benevolent giant who was the ruler of Britain following the Romans departure from Britain and the start of Arthur's reign.


Britain - A large island located in the North and Irish Seas and the land of Castles and Armored Knights then called Britannia. It was once ruled by the mighty Romans but when they left it fell into the Dark Ages. Britain then became divided with many Nobles fighting to make themselves King of the Land and the Saxons running amok, when Arthur became King he and the land became one, meaning if Arthur became sick then Britain would experience Pestilence and Famine.

  • Camelot Castle - A large and magnificent castle and home of Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table. It was originally a walled fortress that was built by the Romans after the Romans left Britain it fell into ruins until the Pendragon family rebuilt it larger and even more splendid. It once belonged to Arthur's father Uther until his death, following the death of Uther it became abandoned until Arthur was crowned King of Britain.
  • Merlin's Cave - A large cavern located under Camelot Castle and is the home and lair of Merlin the Sorcerer. It is where Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table go to visit Merlin when either of them need advice of things, it is lit by bright colorful lights within the caverns walls. Merlin was later put into an enchanted sleep within an enchanted crystal by Morgan when she tricked him into uttering the Charm of Making.
  • Avalon - The Mystical island located in the North Sea. It was where Arthur's mighty sword Excalibur was forged and where he was taken following the Battle of Camhainn, it is said to be inhabited by Sorcerers and Knights. It is also mentioned several times in the show but never seen.


  • Excalibur - The Sword of Power forged on the mystical island of Avalon three centuries before the birth of Christ. It has magical powers that make it indestructible but only if it is used correctly, it was first given to Arthur's father Uther who thrust it into a stone when he died. Merlin then cast a spell saying that who ever pulled it from the stone would be King of Britain.
  • The Round Table -
  • The Grail -

Magical Creatures Edit

Three types of magical creature appear in Knights of the Round Table. Many of them are endangered and so they are rarely seen.

  • Dragons - An ancient race of large fire breathing flying reptiles and the oldest magical creature on Earth. They used to be plentiful, doting the skies of the world with their hot breath wind but had being hunted to near extinction leaving only a handful alive. One such Dragon took refuge in a cave in the mountains of Britain and later became a friend to the Pendragon family.
  • Orcs - A race of intelligent, brutal and aggressive humanoid creatures who live mostly in Europe. They are known for being both violent and serving evil kings and sorcerer's as their soldiers, one army led by General Grimskull served Gorlois, Morgan Le Fay and Mordred.
  • Giants -

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  • The show uses the traditional Medieval setting of Knights in Armor, Castles, Jousting Torueniments, Dragons and Black Knights. 
  • The show was filmed in both Ireland and Scotland.  
  • Merlin is black in this series. 
  • The shows setting is from 742 to 790.