The Papa Bear is 2017 film produced by BlueSky Studios and distributed by 20th Century Fox. will be released November 20, 2017.

The Papa Bear
Directed by Mike Mitchell
Produced by Gina Shay
Written by Josh Klausner

Alfred Molina

Emma Stone

Julia Roberts

Andy Garcia

Andrew Garfield

Music by Brian Tyler
Release Date November 20, 2017
Running time 99 minutes
Country United States
Language English


Jonh is a very overprotective father with her daughter Vanessa who was captured by hunters for not obeying him and now Jonh and his friends must save his daughter from human.


  • Jonh Bear (Alfred Molina) the main protagonist, Jonh is a very overprotective father with his daughter 19 year old , in the end, he see that she is already an adult.
  • Vanessa Bear (Emma Stone) the deuteragonist, Jonh's daughter 19 years old, she does not like the attitude of his father, in the end, she accepts his apology for being kind of boring.
  • Amy Bear (Julia Roberts) Jonh's wife and Vanessa's mother, she is now the opposite of her husband she does not agree with his attitude, in the end he see he learned his lesson.
  • Domante (Andy Garcia) the main antagonist, he is a hunter who was captured and Vanessa in the end is thrown into the sea by Jonh and electrocuted for electric eels.
  • Jamie (Andrew Garfield) he's a teenage bear and Vanessa's crush, in the end, they get together.
  • Tani (Kristen Bell) a fermale rabbit and Vanessa's best friend, in the end, also dating a rabbit
  • Tony (Stephen Full) Jonh's best friend and Tani's father, Help your friend find his daughter.
  • Stuart (James Arnold Taylor) a fox, one of Jonh's friends, in the end, have a children.

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