After the Carter events, the Pack find themselves with Bluestone suffering a disease in his nervous from his cooperation with the Carter, Harriet, through the watch, so they decide to act fast and bring him back from dying to find one man who can help.


November 25, 2016


  • The Pack:
    • Neil Pack/Captain Moonstone (Ryan Kelley) - the leader, his codename is Moonstone, he has a girlfriend, Joyce, he was born in 12/31/1990, his parents Grace and Floyd, he is best friends with Bluestone and Jackal, his weapon is the Lunarang, his favorite food is Chinese, he sends out 2 teams to investigate, he sends Predator and Mustand to infiltrate E.A.R. to spy on Mustang's parents and he is with Jackal, Raptor and Great Owl to keep Lily and Proctor from getting their cover blown while finding a cure for Bluestone, in the end, He is seen as the head of Pack as a Government organization.
    • Clancy Jones/Jackal (Daryl Sabara) - his codename is Jackal, he has a love interest named Lilly, who is hiding dark secrets, he was born in 5/14/1991, his parents George and Martha, his weapon is Jackal Blaster, his favorite food is Sub (Turkey), in the end, was last seen in Constantinople.
    • Gaden Blue/Bluestone the Great (Channing Tatum) - he dosen't like being called his codename, Bluestone the Great, he prefers to be called by his birth name, Gaden, he was born in 7/11/1990, his parents Hamlet and Petunia, his weapon is Blue-Sheild, his favorite food is Deli Sub, he is dying from the virus from the watch Harriet made him wear that connects to his nervous system to gain the Pack secrets, which he felt remorseful for, in the end, was seen solving a case in Ireland.
    • Kirk Lloyd/The Predator (Chris Pine) - his codename is The Predator, he has a girlfriend, Madison, he was born in 3/1/1992, his parents Derek and Gina, his weapon is The Whip, his favorite food is Hot dogs, in the end, He was promoted as a Defacto leader of the Pack.
    • Terry Pride/The Great Owl (Nicholas Hoult) - his codename is The Great Owl, he is the genius, he was born in 6/7/1993, his parents Pryce and Gertrude, his weapon is Owl Rocket, his favorite food is Cookies, in the end, Is solving problems with a reactor as chief scientist.
    • Brian Denison/The Raptor (Liam Hemsworth) - the second-in-command, his codename is The Raptor, he is best friends with Neil, because he was selected as his second-in-command, he was born in 2/26/1990, his parents Ty and Fiona, his weapon is Raptor Sabre, his favorite food is Hamburger, in the end, returns to Australia for a family reunion.
    • Madison Beek/Mustang (Isabel Lucas) - Predator's girlfriend, her codename is The Mustang, she was born in 9/13/1994, her parents are Iassac and Gina, they were scientists for E.A.R, her weapon is a Boomerang, her favorite food is Mexican, in the end, is at Predator's side.
  • Lily Jarard/Naga (Dianna Argon) - Clancy's girlfriend, who is "killed" by the assassin, who is secretly working with Neil to obtain secrets from his father, Liam McBride, she helps him from getting his cover blown under the alias of "Naga", by using a watch disguiser from Great Owl to change her skin pale, and her hair black, in the end, She was arrested for fraud.
  • Joyce Jini (Brooklyn Decker) - Neil's girlfriend, in the end, Was seen in Venice with Neil.
  • Courtney Jarard (Lucy Liu) - Lily's mother, she received a serum that can enable her to walk again, which was from McBride Indaustries Labs, in the end, dies from the serum's side affects.
  • George Jones (Kevin Dunn) - Clancy's father, he didn't felt embarrassed about what Martha discussed about them when they were having a heart to heart talk with him, in the end, seen in line waiting for Clancy to pick him up in the airport.
  • Martha Jones (Julie White) - Clancy's mother, had a heart to heart talk with Clancy, as she told them that when she and George were young at the cold war, and were the Top agents, in the end, She is seen under the Stars with her husband.
  • Proctor McBride (Dayo Okeniyi) - an assassin trained by Neil to gain secrets from his father, Liem, to use his love and trust for him to gain secrets on his plan, he gets help from Lily to keep his cover from getting blown, in the end, He was arrested by the Interpol Patrol of France.
  • Liem McBride (Giancarlo Esposito) - the main antagonist and the CEO of McBride Indaustries, his son is his bodyguard and killer, he was tasked to get rid of E.A.R, as he is able to meet his partner, Scyth. In the end, he was arrested by the police, and was seen serving life.
  • Dr. Omar Constance (Anthony Hopkins) - a doctor who was Great Owl's mentor in science, he has been held in a Warehouse for 12  years because he created the virus,for Liem to kill Pentagon. In the end, he was seen playing chess with Owl.
  • E.A.R. (short for Eternal Alliance Resistance) - it is a group that protects Pentagon from national threats:
    • Ramses McLean (Kelsey Grammer) - the head of the group, the one who operates the missions and is protectful of his country, in the end, he apologizes for Ridgewell's actions.
    • Jules Ridgewell (Titus Welliver) - McLean's right-hand man, who is the leader of the E.A.R squad, he is revealed to be the identity, Scyth, who is the true main antagonist, and plans to kill the President for the Title of President, so he can take control of the Pentagon, his delusions of E.A.R. made him more paranoid, in the end, he was slained by Raptor.
    • Issac Beek (Bill Pullman) - Madison's father, who is a scientist for E.A.R. working on Operation Gladiator to create the Super Soldiers, in the end, was arrested for assisting Ridgewell
    • Gina Beek (Emma Thompson) - Madison's mother, who is a scientist for E.A.R. working on Project Gladiator to create a super soldier system, she disapproves of Madison dating Kirk, as she sees him kissing him, in the end, was disgraced by her daughter serving 4 years in prison.
  • Scyth - McBride's partner, Scyth is the identity of Jules Ridgewell, who aids Liem in his quest to destroy E.A.R
  • President Hosea Bethlahem (James Remar) - the president of the United States, who is a target of Scyth and McBride, in the end, awards The Pack!!


When a mission on the Pacific Rim gets hairy after encountering a deadly situation and brings forth, a discussion of Bluestone's condition, also they encounter a mysterious demolition of a building, which compromised their sole mission.

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