Princess Merida is engaged to Prince Hans, when she comes to his castle, she realizes he has a wife known as Kitty Pryde, though they are kind to each other, as they both realize Hans had lied to them both and is cheating on them, they go on and realize he is dating Princess Ariel, who on the other hand couldn't believe Hans would lie to her and betray her, with the arrows, the phase and the fins together, Merida, Kitty and Ariel team up to get back at Hans for lying to them.


  • Merida (Kelly MacDonald) - the Princess of DunBroch, she realizes her fiancé, Prince Hans is married to Kitty Pryde, though they are nice to each other as they both realize Hans had lied to him both, they both realize he was meeting with Princess Ariel, but they both learn that Ariel was betrayed by Hans, too, she became the brains of the group to get back and punish Hans
  • Kitty Pryde (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - Hans' wife, when she first met Merida, she was mistaken as Hans' housekeeper, but Kitty told her that she was his wife, she realized that Hans had lied to her, and helps Merida on spying on him, they realize he was meeting with Princess Ariel, until they befriended her as she was heart broken by Hans, too
  • Ariel (Jodi Benson) - teams up with Merida and Kitty, as they want to get back at Hans for his lies in betrayal
  • Prince Hans Westerguard (Santino Fontana) - engaged to Princess Merida, though Merida realized he lied to her that Hans had a wife named Kitty, they both realized Hans was meeting with Princess Ariel, they all teamed up to get back at him for his sudden betrayal, they realized that he is a twisted Snake.
  • Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - Kitty's brother, and Merida's love interest
  • Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson) - Merida's mother, who had Merida engaged to Hans, though she became worried when Merida is heard of Hans' sudden betrayal
  • Dr. Falicifer (Keith David)- makes a deal with Hans.
  • Simba (Matthew Broderick)


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