The Mighty Mutanimals is a CGI Nickelodeon cartoon series which starts as a spin-off series from Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is loosely based on an old spin-off comic with the same name.

Synopsis Edit

Set five months after the series finale of TMNT 2012, the Turtles learn about new enemies who are more evil and stronger than the Shredder or the Kraang. And so, they decide to team up some allies and some former enemies to help them take down this force before it destroys them all.

Characters Edit

The Mighty Mutanimals Edit

  • Slash (Corey Feldman) - An immensely strong and compassionate mace-wielding mutant tortoise and the leader of the Mighty Mutanimals. Originally the beloved pet of the Ninja Turtle Raphael, Spike (as he was known as before his mutation) came to believe his master's brothers were horrible to him due to Raph venting his frustrations to his non-mutated friend for years and willingly consumed the contents of a mutagen canister that transformed him into a hulking teal-skinned terrapin with superior physical attributes and ninjitsu skills, but also warped his mind into believeing that the other Ninja Turtles mistreated Raphael and sought to destroy them, only to be defeated when Raph discovered his former pet's intentions and defeated him with a well-placed nerve attack. At some point after his defeat, Slash encountered the vindictive Newtralizer after the latter saved him from being imprisoned by the Kraang, striking up a friendship with the Salamandrian and aiding him as a partner in his mission to wipe out the nefarious aliens. Though initially pleased with the progress of their mission, Slash began to have second thoughts about his partnership with Newtralizer when the latter began displaying troubling signs of indifference towards the potential casualties that could be caused by his increasingly drastic attacks on the Kraang, which eventually led to Slash ending their partnership and striking out on his own. He and Newtralizer have a relationship similar to that of Leonardo and Raphael, meaning that they frequently bicker about what the team should do yet they ultimately respect each other at the end of the day.
  • Leatherhead (Peter Lurie) - A fierce-looking but benign mutant alligator and the enforcer of the Mighty Mutanimals. As a hatchling, the alligator who would become Leatherhead was the pet of a kind human teenager until the boy's revolted parents flushed the hatchling into the sewers where he was found by the Kraang and brought to their dimension, where he was used as a test subject for the Kraang's horrific mutagen experiments, an experience that that left him so psychologically damaged that the even hearing the word "Kraang" would drive him into a murderous frenzy. He eventually escaped from the Kraang's clutches with the power cell that powered their dimensional portal and made his way into the sewers, where he later encountered the Ninja Turtles when they saved him from a Kraang ambush and brought his unconscious body to their home. Thanks to the efforts of Michelangelo, Leatherhead became a valuable ally in their battle against the Kraang, entrusting them with the power cell he stole so that they could use it to power their recently-built Shellraiser. He hopes for a peaceful future between man and mutantkind.
  • Newtralizer (Danny Trejo) - A hardcore and pugnacious Salamandrian bounty hunter and the weapons specialist and second-in-command of the Mighty Mutanimals. A longtime prisoner of the Kraang who despised the alien race almost as vehemently as Leatherhead, Newtralizer armed himself to the teeth with a wide arsenal of firearms, blades, and explosives to embark on a one-newt war against his former captors. Though devoted to his cause, Newtralizer was otherwise fully apathetic of the lives that were jeopardized by his actions and only cared about achieving his goals, a characteristic that caused for a bad first impression with the Ninja Turtles during their attempt to rescue Kirby O'Neil from the Kraang (despite the fact that Donatello had inadvertently freed the Salamandrian and allowed him to regain most of his arsenal). Some time after this venture, a raid on a Kraang facility earned Newtralizer a new partner in the form of Slash, the mutated former pet tortoise of the Ninja Turtle Raphael, though this partnership was short-lived after Newtralizer's obsession with ending the Kraang menace and indifference towards the potential casualties brought upon by his actions caused a repulsed Slash to betray him. After recovering from this encounter and realizing that his obsession with vengeance cost him the trust of his only friend, he now sees how heartless he was and promises to put humans first, if it means defending the city from evil. He is often partnered up with Slash.
  • Martin Milton/Sir Malachi (Paul Reubens) - A flamboyant and immature mutant sparrow and the mystic/diversion artist of the Mighty Mutanimals. Martin Milton was once an average 11-year old geek who hid his feelings of low self-esteem behind his obsession of the roleplaying game Mazes and Mutants, playing it every hour of every day. While feeding the birds on his roof to get some fresh air, a canister of mutagen fell on him and mutated him into a mutant sparrow with powerful illusion casting abilities, leading Martin to renaming himself Sir Malachi the sparrow wizard and heading into the sewers to continue his 24/7 roleplaying regiment. Eventually growing tired of playing alone, Malachi began to long for someone to play his beloved game with and eventually discovered the existence of the Ninja Turtles in the sewers before planting his board game near their home so that they would discover it and fall in love with it the same way he did. He has somehow gained legitimate magical powers ever since his encounter with the Turtles.
  • Dr. Tyler Rockwell/Monkey Brains (Tom Kenny) - An extremely agile and intelligent mutant chimpanzee and the acrobat, strategist and psychic of the Mighty Mutanimals. Formerly a skilled and principled neurologist working in New York, Dr. Tyler Rockwell was betrayed by his selfish and immoral collaborator Victor Falco when the latter used a sample of mutagen and some monkey DNA they were experimenting on (both of which were given by the Kraang presumably to create a new mutant minion) to mutate him into a humanoid primate with enhanced strength, agility, dexterity, and emotion-sensing abilities, which Falco sought to extract to give himself mind-reading powers of his own. After managing to escape his imprisonment, Rockwell was later re-captured by the Ninja Turtles and brought back to Falco after the latter lied to them that Rockwell was merely a lab ape affected by the mutagen, which allowed Falco to inject his betrayed colleague's mutated blood into his body to grant himself telepathy which gave him an advantage over the Ninja Turtles. Fortunately, Donatello was able to shield his mind from Falco's telepathy and defeat him before freeing the grateful Rockwell into the city, though Falco managed to escape down an air vent the Turtles threw him into. Some time later, Rockwell was captured on the Kraang and experimented on, which caused him to regain his high intellect and power of speech (his natural voice sounding noticeably similar to the character Gibson from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!) while also enhancing his emotion reading ability to full-on telepathy, telekinesis, and clairvoyance. Having these newfound powers, he is able up a telepathic link with his teammates which makes the use of electronic communication unnecessary (except when the Turtles have to communicate with the Mutanimals through their T-Phones).
  • Pigeon Pete (A.J. Buckley) - A jumpy and neurotic but sweet-natured mutant pigeon and the aerial specialist of the Mighty Mutanimals. Originally one of the millions of pigeons inhabiting New York City, Pete was captured by the Kraang and mutated into an anthropomorphic state with the power of speech, while still retaining his ability to fly. He is not as brave as his teammates, but is still a kindhearted mutant who is always willing to help others in need. He is also obsessed with bread, which acts as a source of humor for Slash and Mondo Gecko because they enjoy teasing him with it. After joining the Mutanimals, he becomes equipped with a weaponized harness with laser blasters positioned on his shoulder blades and a concussive blast projector positioned on his chest.
  • Jason "Mondo" Cabezo/Mondo Gecko (Robbie Rist) - A laid-back and fearless young mutant gecko and the infiltration expert of the Mighty Mutanimals, as well as an expert skateboarder and Candy Fine's boyfriend. Carefree and thrill-seeking, Jason Cabezo was once an average teenage skateboarder who spent most of his days skating down the streets of Manhattan with his pet gecko Lars on his shoulder. One night, while skating on his homemade half-pipe outside his home, Jason was struck from above by a falling mutagen canister (one of the many that were lost during the events of The Mutation Situation) and exposed to its contents when it shattered on him. Because he had recently touched his pet gecko Lars, Jason was mutated into a short, anthropomorphic mutant gecko with the ability to climb on walls and ceilings and was summarily kicked out of his home after his parents discovered his mutation. He owns a rocket-powered skateboard which he uses to travel around the city and is armed with a pair of energy blades that can be connected to make a dual-ended sword.

Allies Edit

  • The Ninja Turtles
    • Hamato Leonardo/"Leo" (Seth Green) - The leader of the Ninja Turtles who wears a blue mask and fights with two katanas. He is an avid fan of the cartoon Space Heroes. Although serious, Leo still enjoys having fun and tries to act like a teenager despite the responsibility he was give. Leo acts like a guide in the tmnt. Leo eventually accepts that its best for him and Karai to be friends, considering she is Splinter's daughter, and he would later begin to have a relationship with Lotus blossom.
    • Hamato Donatello/"Donnie" (Rob Paulsen) - The brains of the Ninja Turtles who wears a purple mask and fights with a bo staff that can be converted into a naginata. He has a massive crush on April O'Neil and is the one who founded the Mutanimals. Donnie is intelligent, compassionate, but stubborn at the same time. He acts like the brains of the tmnt. Eventually Donnie accepts that April doesn't love him the same way he loves her, but is grateful they can still be friends. He would later develop a relationship with Jhanna.
    • Hamato Raphael/"Raph" (Sean Astin) - The muscle of the Ninja Turtles who wears a red mask and fights with two sais. He is the most belligerent member of the team and is Slash's former owner. Despite his temper and aggressive side, Raph has a soft side. He is good hearted, and like Mikey adores animals. He acts like the protector of the tmnt. He's in a relationship with Mona Lisa.
    • Hamato Michelangelo/"Mikey" (Greg Cipes) - The youngest of the Ninja Turtles who wears an orange mask and fights with two nunchaku which can convert into kusarigama. He has a habit for naming new mutants and is Leatherhead's first mutant friend. Mikey is sweet, innocent, fun loving, and mischievous, he acts like the heart of the tmnt. He originally had a crush on Renet, but the two decided to be friends. He would eventually have a relationship with Shinigami.
  • April O'Neil (Mae Whitman) - A half-human/half-Kraang teenager and the Turtles' first human friend, as well as Casey's love interest and Donnie's former love and interest. Although she mostly aids the turtles, April has aided the Mutanimals on several missions using her psychic powers and skills as a kunoichi. Although good hearted, April is stubborn and sometimes over confident. While she does love her life of adventure, she sometimes wishes to slow down and be a normal girl. Donnie had a crush on her, but she didn't feel the same way about him, but wasn't sure how to tell him without hurting him. Eventually the two would talk, and Donnie accepted that she didn't feel the same way about him, still remaining friends.
  • Kirby O'Neil (Keith Silverstein) - April's father and the mutant formerly known as Kirby-Bat.
  • Casey Jones (Josh Peck) - A teenage street-banging vigilante and Raphael's best friend. To better his chances at defeating his new foes, he has traded his wooden sports clubs for metal ones, gotten better rollerblades, donned a padded chest guard and arm guards for protection, been given hockey puck-shaped explosives from Mousepad, and donned a stainless steel mask given to him by April.
  • Hamato Yoshi/Splinter (Hoon Lee) - The turtles' mutant rat sensei and Karai's father. Hamato Yoshi was the son and heir of the leader of the Hamato Clan, whose rivalry with the Foot Clan came to an end when he was a child. It was this victory that brought into his family Oroku Saki (Shredder), the child of the Foot Clan's leader, who Yoshi welcomed into his clan as a brother, maintaining an intense but healthy competition with him in their ninja training. As they grew older, their brotherhood was tested (and failed) when both they fell in love with the same woman, Tang Shen, who ultimately chose Yoshi over Saki. As a result, ultimately because of Saki's own jealousy and hatred, their brotherhood ended bitterly, and Yoshi and Shen married and had a daughter named Miwa. Unfortunately, when Shredder learned of his Foot Clan heritage, he attacked Yoshi in the Hamato Clan monastery, seeking to avenge his clan's extinction. During their struggle, a blow meant for Yoshi took the life of Shen, and Shredder, blaming Yoshi for his own error, burned down the monastery and left Yoshi for dead. In disgrace at the loss of both his wife and child, Yoshi left Japan to start a new life in America as "Splinter". After moving to New York City, he had just purchased the Turtles, who were four baby non-mutated red-eared sliders back then, from a pet shop when he was bumped by a strange man in the street. Suspicious of the man, Yoshi followed him and witnessed a conversation between two human-disguised Kraangdroids, only to be spotted by the Kraang who attacked him to keep him quiet. During the fight, the canister the Kraang were carrying broke open and splashed the Turtles and Splinter with mutagen. As the result of stepping on a brown rat while entering the alley, Splinter mutated into a humanoid mutant brown rat. Realizing he could no longer live a normal life on the surface, he retreated to the sewers where he raised his pets as his sons for fifteen years and taught them the ancient Japanese fighting art of ninjutsu. He is very protective of his sons and daughter and can sometimes be overprotective.
  • Candy Fine (Stephanie Lemelin) - Mondo's rebellious girlfriend and a former member of the Foot Clan. Street-smart and resourceful, homeless juvenile delinquent Candy Fine's skills of fending for herself on the streets of Manhattan and breaking rules to get what she wanted earned her the attention of career criminal Xever Montes, who convinced her to join the Foot Clan to be trained as a kunoichi under the tutelage of Xever's rival and cohort Chris Bradford. Despite gaining a reputation as the most favored of the Foot Clan's recruits and forming a friendship with the Shredder's daughter Karai, Candy eventually left the Foot Clan in revulsion after seeing their willingness to jeopardize innocent lives by aiding the Kraang in invading New York just so that Shredder could get revenge on Hamato Yoshi, leading her to also end her friendship with a deeply-upset Karai. Following her falling-out with the Foot, Candy went on to become a successful roller-derby player whose martial arts skills coupled with her effectiveness on rollerblades made her a fierce competitor on the racetrack, though she was repeatedly visited by Karai who attempted to persuade her to rejoin the Foot, only for Candy to rebuff her every time. When in public, she wears a black leather jacket, black fingerless gloves, a white t-shirt, a black belt, blue jeans, & a set of worn-out motorcycle boots and when patrolling with the Mutanimals, she wears a black and yellow jumpsuit (similar to the Bride from Kill Bill), black rollerblades, a black belt, a holder for her escrima sticks, and a silver mask similar to Karai's.
  • Jesse Kapollos/Jesse the Creeper (Dante Basco) - A determined gang-hating vigilante and Casey's childhood friend. Believed to have been killed with his family in a fire caused by the Purple Dragons when his father could not pay them protection money, Jesse actually survived and swore vengeance on the Purple Dragons, spending the next several years training himself in numerous combat styles and crafting an armored suit to strike fear into the hearts of criminals. His weapons of choice are a multi-purpose billy club, a wrist-mounted grappling hook on the left arm that can be used to swing from place to place and entangle opponents, a bladed hockey stick, a ton of sticky bombs, and gauntlets that can fire pepper spray and sleeping gas. He is usually partnered up with Mondo. He eventually developes a relationship with Angel.
  • Vernon "Verne" Fenwick (David Kaufman) - A good-humored and sympathetic classmate of April, Casey, and Candy who has a strong appreciation of mutants like the Mutanimals and the Turtles for saving the people of New York and seeks to give them a good name by becoming a pro-mutant activist. His appreciation for mutants makes him one of few humans that Mutant Master tolerates, next to Casey, Candy, April, and all the mutanimals and tmnt's human allies.
  • Irma Langinstein (Kate Micucci) - An intelligent and kind-natured classmate of April, Casey, and Candy who has developed an intense fear of the Kraang after being kidnapped and replaced by Kraang Subprime for several months. It's later revealed that she is part robotic and his the daughter of Rook. She is shown to harbor romantic feelings for Verne Fenwick.
  • Metalhead 2.0 - A robotic turtle and the second version of Metalhead. Aside from possessing immense strength, he is equipped with rocket fists, laser eyes, rocket feet that allow flight, and numerous other features.
  • Angel (Cree Summer) - Casey's childhood friend from the ghetto. She originally worked for the Purple Dragons, but then joined the Mutanimals after she rescues them from a Purple Dragon ambush. She wields a balisong knife.
  • Jack Kurtzman (Robert Forster) - A private investigator and journalist who was investigating the disappearance of Kirby O'Neil and other missing scientists, leading to him discovering the Kraang and investigating them on his own. Displaying a book full of notes, he insists that the Kraang presence on Earth is "ancient" and actually goes back thousands of years.
  • Elise Kurtzman (Bernadette Peters) - Jack Kurtzman's ex-wife. Originally a fellow journalist who fell in love with and later married Jack Kurtzman, Elise eventually divorced Jack after she became fed up with his "delusional" fixation on the Kraang. While visiting her ex-husband one night to get him to sign some divorce papers so she could finalize their divorce and hook up with a rich psychiatrist named Ben Cross, she was abducted by the Kraang to use as a means to get Kurtzman to stop investigating them.
  • Detective Elissa Abernathy (Jennifer Hale) - A detective for the NYPD who knows of the Mutanimals’ existence and is never hesitant to work with them if it means protecting her city. She is also in a relationship with Kirby O’Neil.
  • Robyn O'Neil/Komodo (Nicole Sullivan) - April's aunt and Kirby's sister. A brash and impulsive detective for the NYPD, Robyn was also the partner of her brother's girlfriend, Detective Elissa Abernathy. While April admired her aunt, Kirby was regularly frustrated by his sister's overconfidence and wished she would think before rushing into battle. Robyn's competitive nature caused for a less-than favorable first impression upon meeting the Mutanimals, especially for Newtralizer since he considered Robyn a loose cannon and a hindrance to their mission. While attempting to stop Road Hog, El Hippo, and Megamoth from stealing a vat of mutagen (which had the DNA of a komodo dragon mixed with it thanks to Megamoth), Robyn's impulsivity became her undoing when her attempt to charge at Road Hog (who had humorously bent down to pick up a lost dime) caused her to trip over the mutant pig and fall into the vat of mutagen, resulting in her transforming into a mutant komodo dragon with enhanced agility and strength, sharp claws and teeth, powerful jaw strength, and acidic saliva, and was later dubbed "Komodo" by Mondo Gecko. Though initially ashamed and bitter at her mutation, Robyn begins to enjoy her newfound mutant powers and eventually develops romantic feelings for Newtralizer, which later turn out to be mutual. Monkey Brains will eventually turn her back into a human in a future episode.
  • Carter (Bumper Robinson) - A homeless teen living on the streets of Manhattan and a friend of the Mutanimals and Angel.
  • Oyuki Mashimi (Cindy Robbins) - A sassy girl and troubled teen. Oyuki lived a trouble life growing up as her parents abandoned her and she lived with her grandmother, on her father's side, until she died. She then lived with her aunt and uncle, both who were strict with her. Oyuki would eventually runaway only to be attacked by the foot clan, but saved by Mikey, Slash, Karai, and Pete. Despite her tough girl act, Oyuki is compassionate and is a loyal friend. She's a secret fanatic with the supernatural with dreams of being a reporter, something she's always s wanted but often discouraged by her aunt and uncle who wanted her to be a lawyer. Eventually Oyuki moves into April's house and begins to work hard at achieving her dream with the support of her friends. She is later reunited with her grandfather, on her mother's side, and moves in with him so she can take care of him. Oyuki has learned how to street fight and often aids the mutanimals and turtles.
  • Keno () - A pizza boy and friend of the TMNT. A talented fighter and often helps the tmnt and mutanimals.
  • Woody () - A pizza boy, Candy's cousin, and friend and co-worker to Keno. Woody sometimes gets uneasy with the strange and supernatural, but never lets it interfere with his friendship with Mikey and Mondo.
  • Doug Walker/Nostalgia Cheetah (Doug Walker/The Nostalgia Critc) - A pessimistic and irritable mutant cheetah. Originally a famous internet reviewer named Doug Walker, this young man was well-known for his exaggerated outrage towards movies and television shows that he considered poorly-made, poorly-executed, and downright terrible. As a mutant cheetah, he has greatly enhanced physical attributes and extremely sharp fangs and claws.
  • James Rolfe/Angry Video Game Bird (James Rolfe/The Angry Video Game Nerd) - An short-tempered and despicable mutant peregrine falcon, as well as the Nostalgia Cheetah's arch-rival.
  • Professor Zayton Honeycutt/Fugitoid (David Tennant) - A brilliant and good-natured alien cyborg and an ally of the Utroms. A highly intelligent member of a race of humanoid lifeforms from the planet D'Hoonnib, Professor Zayton Honeycutt was once a highly intelligent scientist specializing in building an energy source which he later sold to the Kraang for a huge amount of money, unaware that they would use said source to destroy the homeworld of their mortal enemies, the Triceration Empire.
  • Wildebeest Warrior (Diedrich Bader) - A brutish and burly mutant wildebeest and a former member of the Old Foot Clan.
  • Gazellea (Susan Egan) - A swift and graceful mutant gazelle and a former member of the Old Foot Clan, as well as Wildebeest Warrior's partner and love interest.
  • Glenn (Kenan Thompson) - A short, paunchy, African American man in his 20s and a self-proclaimed restaurateur who co-owns the Burger Bus (which he drives) with his best friend Mel. Unlike most of New York's human population, he and Mel are fond of the presence of Mutants in the city (the friendlier ones at least) and consider the Mutanimals their favorite customers and good friends.
  • Mel (Kel Mitchell) - A tall, skinny African American man in his 20s who co-owns the Burger Bus (which he cooks for) with his best friend Glenn. Unlike most of New York's human population, he and Glenn are fond of the presence of Mutants in the city (the friendlier ones at least) and consider the Mutanimals their favorite customers and good friends.
  • Rebel Triceratons
    • Traximus (Khary Payton) - A young (20 years old by human standards), strong-willed and devoted member of the Triceraton army, Traximus was well-known for his determination to stop the Kraang menace and creating his signature weapon: the gun staff. Though he originally upheld the ways of his people like many others in the Triceraton Army, Traximus eventually became disillusioned with his race's warmongering lifestile and hoped to abandon their conquest against the Kraang in favor of finding a new planet to re-populate on. Being a Triceraton, Traximus possesses greatly enhanced physical attributes and is also a skilled fighter with his gunstaff, a self-made weapon of his that functions as both a melee weapon and a blaster, being able to shoot lasers, concussive blasts, plasma, electricity, and bright light.
    • Alathea (Cricket Leigh) - Seemingly the only female member of the Triceraton army, Alathea is a young yet very skilled warrior whose agility and skills with a spear make her a formidable opponent, though she is mostly favored as a scientist for the army. Stoic, apathetic, gloomy and brooding, Alathea’s indifferent nature conceals a compassionate heart and usually gives away to reveal a more playful and affectionate relationship with her boyfriend Traximus, who frequently turns to her for solace whenever he feels their conflict with the Kraang is unsolvable. In one such instance, Alathea encouraged Traximus to look outside Dimension Z on Earth for a way to gain leverage against the Kraang, which led to Traximus discovering the Ninja Turtles and the Mutanimals. She was later assigned the duty of brainwashing the mutants into being the Triceratons’ slaves, but was thwarted by Michelangelo and Traximus, who told her how corrupt their race had become in their war with the Kraang and implored her to come back to Earth with them. She declined, instead choosing to remain in Dimension Z to act as a mole for Traximus and the Mutanimals and giving them inside intel on the Triceratons’ operations.
    • Monza Ram (Jason Spisak) - The former leader of the Triceraton All-Star Team and Traximus' childhood friend.
    • Zeno (John DiMaggio) - A Triceraton gladiator and one of the founding fathers of the Triceration Rebellion.
    • Trobec (Will Friedle) - A former member of the Triceraton All-Star team.
    • Kallistrate (Michael Cornacchia) - A Triceraton mechanic.
    • Salviatore (Benjamin Diskin) - A Triceraton medic.
    • Zarra (Heather Hogan) - A Triceraton medic and Salviatore's sister.
    • Dieera (Olivia Hack) - A Triceraton merchant.
  • Miyamoto Usagi (James Sie) - A calm and honorable mutant rabbit and a master samurai. Extremely skilled and loyal to a cause, Miyamoto Usagi was once a master samurai who grew up in a clan of samurais that lived by a strict code of honor and dignity. Unwaveringly devoted to upholding the clan's ideals, Usagi began training as a samurai at a young age and eventually became a high-ranking member within the clan as an adult. While launching an attack on headquarters of the Hamato Clan (who were rivals with the Usagi Clan at the time) one night, Usagi found himself face to face with Hamato Yoshi himself and fought the ninja master to a near-standstill, only for Yoshi to get the upper hand and wind up with Usagi's katana at the latter's throat. Rather than landing the finishing blow, Yoshi decided to spare Usagi's life out of honor, which caused the deeply-humbled and grateful samurai to form a friendship with Yoshi that later evolved into an alliance between the Usagi clan and the Hamato clan. One night, while training in the woods, Usagi was alarmed to see smoke coming from Hamato Yoshi's home and was realized with horror that his ally's home was set ablaze from an ambush by Yoshi's arch-rival and former friend Oroku Saki, the Shredder. Usagi raced as fast as he could to help his friend, but was too late, as Hamato Yoshi's home had already been burned down and had resulted in the deaths of Yoshi's wife Tang Shen and infant daughter Miwa (though it would later be discovered that Miwa had been taken by Shredder, renamed "Karai", trained as a kunoichi, and told that Yoshi was the one responsible for her mother's death), though Usagi was able to rescue Yoshi from being burned alive. After tending to his Yoshi's wounds and helping him organize a burial for Tang Shen and Miwa, Usagi sadly yet respectfully bid Yoshi farewell as the latter decided to leave Japan for America after deciding that Japan held too many painful memories of his family to continue living there, but not before thanking Usagi for his friendship and loyalty to him and his clan. Because of this traumatic experience, Usagi became haunted by the belief that if he had been a bit more fast, he would've been able to save his friend's family from death. His weapon is an interchangeable sword with a retractable blade and handle.
  • Ace Duck (Jeff Bennett) - A brave and charming mutant duck and an expert pilot who can fly any aircraft he can get his hands on. Originally an average duck living in the ponds of Central Park, Ace was captured and mutated by Baxter Stockman in the hopes of using him as a soldier in Shredder's ever-growing mutant army, yet was merely imprisoned when Shredder deemed him useless as a mutant, despite the fact that Ace could fly, swim, and was somehow very skilled at taekwondo.
  • Renet (Ashley Johnson) - The current Mistress of Time, and the object of Michelangelo's amorous affections. She can control time at her will, and guards a sacred relic known as the Scepter of the Sands of Time from the Savanti sorcerers: Romero and Juliet. She would later reveal to Mikey that she was dating someone and while appreciated how he felt, believed it would be best if they were friends. Mikey of course accepted this, and despite being sad was grateful he and Renet could still be friends.
  • Jhanna (Mae Whitman) - A female alien warrioress who was later elected to be the leader of her planet. Her ship crash landed in North Hampton while the Turtles, Mutanimals, along with Splinter, Fugitoid, Jesse, Candy, Casey, and April were on vacation. After a misunderstanding, she began to tell them everything that had happened and that her opponent Moriah had shot her down dishonorably. Jhanna then left the farm house into the woods to resume the battle unaware that the turtles and Mutanimals had followed her. It wasn't until Moriah's monsters almost killed her did the heroes appear and saved her. Jhanna then proceeded to finish the battle with Moriah and defeated her. Before going home, Jhanna thanked the group, especially Donnie. She kissed him and left him her hair. Eventually she would come back to Earth from time to time to visit and assist the heroes. She and Donnie would develop a relationship. By the end of the series, Jhanna would still rule her planet, but Donnie and her would be married.
  • New Foot Clan
    • Hamato Miwa/Oroku Karai/Scale Tail (Kelly Hu) - A half human mutant serpent hybrid and Splinter's biological daughter, as well as Shredder's adoptive daughter. She was originally Leo's love and Interest until Karai admitted it would be best for them to remain friends. She later starts a relationship with a young engineer, Joseph Chaplin.
    • Lotus Blossom (Zhang Ziyi) - A female ninja who often leaves a lotus as a mark. Karai recruited her seeing it impressive how she single handedly took out an army. She would eventually become Leo's new love and interest and she would recuperate those feelings.
    • Joseph Chaplin (Dan Green) - A young engineer and childhood friend of Karai. Similar to Casey and Donnie's rivalry, he developed a rivalry with Leo over Karai, but also admires him as much as he admired Karai. By the end of the series, he develops a relationship with Karai and puts his rivalry with Leo to an end.
    • Danny () - A troubled boy who originally worked for Shredder's foot clan. Eventually he would join Karai's foot clan. Despite the strain in his relationship with his father, Danny loves him dearly and puts his safety first before anything. He is a talented artist and is good at gathering information.
    • Jennika/Jenny () - A girl who grew up in a rocky neighborhood. Jenny always goes by one rule: Survive. Despite being serious, Jenny is known to still have fun and live life to the fullest. She is talented with the gauntlets.
    • Shinigami (Gwendoline Yeo) - A mystic witch and an old friend of Karai's from Japan. She is also Mikey's 2nd love and interest after Renet lets him down easy. She is mischievous, sweet, and likes to get into trouble. By the end of the Series she and Mikey are married and run and orphanage.
  • April Jones (Megan Fox) - April 20 years into the future. She's married to Casey, and is now an agent for the EPF (Earth Protection Force). She still remains an ally to the Turtles and Splinter.
  • Short Fuse (Jason Marsden) - A Brooklyn-accented young mutant fire ant who is Thoraxus' short, impulsive and irascible nephew and a disrespected member of Queen Antea's army. At first at odds with the Mighty Mutanimals, he later recognizes them as good-natured heroes and defects from the Ant Empire to aid them in their pursuit of mutant justice. Despite his short stature, Short Fuse possesses a surprisingly high amount of physical strength, is capable of projecting powerful jets of fire from his mouth and hands (and can enhance his jumps or achieve flight by directing a continuous fire burst towards the ground), and can even fire powerful heat rays from his eyes.
  • The League of Mutants
    • Solomon Abercrombie/King Lionheart (David Ogden Stiers) - A bold, cultured and honorable mutant lion and the leader of the League of Mutants. Sir Solomon Abercrombie was once a talented and revered Shakespearean actor from London, England until he was captured by the Triceratons for spying on them and was mutated into a powerful mutant lion (which was partly due to the lion skin rug he was carrying while spying on them) before being placed in a mutant prison in Dimension Z. Over time, he began to grow close with the other imprisoned mutants and assumed a leadership role among them. After the Mutanimals freed him and his compatriots out from their prison, he decides to become the leader of the League of Mutants per the suggestion of his friends and the Mutanimals. Aside from possessing superior physical attributes and heightened senses, he is armed a steel-tipped sword, a golden scepter, and a fireproof shield.
    • Lucas Maybeck/Halfcourt (Chris Rock in debut episode, Phil LaMarr in following episodes) - A warm-hearted and compassionate mutant giraffe. Once a skilled athlete with a great talent for basketball, Lucas Maybeck declined the opportunity to gain a place in the NBA to become a supporter for troubled youths in his neighborhood in Harlem, teaching them that basketball was a great way to relieve stress and that with whatever tragedy they faced, there would be something worth hoping for in the future. While heading homewards one night from a long day at his neighborhood's basketball court, Lucas observed a pair of Triceratons advancing on a homeless female teen with a canister of mutagen in their possession and immediately leapt into action and used his basketball skills to distract the Triceratons long enough to allow the girl to escape, but caused himself to be doused with the mutagen in retaliation for his interference. Because he had been nuzzled by a giraffe during a trip to the Bronx Zoo earlier that same day, Lucas was mutated into an anthropomorphic mutant giraffe with the power to extend (but not stretch) his arms, legs and neck to three times their normal length and was summarily placed in a Triceraton prison in Dimension Z with several other animal mutants who would later become his teammates in the League of Mutants. Aside from his power to elongate his limbs and neck, Halfcourt is armed with a sniper rifle-like air pump gun which fires small but powerful blasts of energy at opponents with extreme precision, a homemade backboard shield which he can fling like a discus to attack enemies at a distance and make it return to him, and a basketball enchanted by Sir Malachi that can ricochet off anything it hits thanks to a force field that makes it immune to any form of kinetic energy.
    • Cassim Qamar/Sandstorm (Brian George) - An ornery mutant camel from the sands of Saudi Arabia. A nomadic and ambitious treasure hunter who travelled long and far to make sure the mystical artifacts he collected were kept in safe hands, Cassim Qamar had the misfortune of being mutated with his pet camel after the Triceratons detonated one of their mutagen bombs in the desert Qamar was travelling through and summarily captured Qamar before placing him into their mutant prison. His main weapon is a diamond lamp that can grant him anything he desires by rubbing it to summon his genie companion Whiskeer to aid him and his allies in times of great need. The lamp also works as a pistol that can fire laser blasts or can fire Wiskeer out as an attack. Aside from his diamond lamp, Sandstorm's other weapons include a virtually indestructible magic carpet that responds solely to his mental commands and can fly at any speed or altitude Sandstorm desires (and also be commanded to perform feats such as wrapping around an object or person, or rolling itself into a cylinder and striking like a whip or battering ram), a golden scimitar that can absorb and deflect energy attacks, and an enchanted belt-sash that can be animated by mental command to extend to any length and serve as bonds, lariat, whip or climbing rope.
      • Wiskeer (Jess Harnell) - A comical and eccentric white-furred catlike genie who lives in Sandstorm’s diamond lamp and possesses incredible shapeshifting and magical powers.
    • Montgomery Hudson/Monty Moose (Dave Thomas) - A friendly and polite mutant moose and a former Mountie from Canada. Having joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a young man, Montgomery "Monty" Hudson took every law addressed by his country to heart and performed his duties with the utmost patriotism one could have for their country. While patrolling the streets of Toronto late one night, Monty was drawn to a break in at the Toronto Zoo and was shocked to discover a pair of Triceratons trying to abduct a tranquilized bull moose. In his attempt to stop the Triceratons, Monty ended up being mutated with the moose he attempted to save and was placed into the Triceratons' mutant prison for his interference. Aside from gaining enhanced physical attributes and antlers from his mutation, Monty Moose is a skilled swordsman and marksman, as demonstrated with the use of his sword and revolver.
    • Emmett Patton/Sergeant Bananas (R. Lee Ermey) - A rough and hard-nosed yet patriotic mutant gorilla. He was formerly a drill sergeant in the Vietnam War named Sergeant Emmett Patton. While leading an attack on an enemy base, Patton was separated from his platoon and stumbled upon a secret laboratory that belonged to the Triceratons. He was discovered, captured, and used as a guinea pig for the Triceratons' mutagen experiments, which mutated him into his current apelike form after he was doused with mutagen that was mixed with some gorilla DNA. Despite being held captive for years, his will would not break and he eventually escaped to seek retribution against the Triceratons. After the Mutanimals bust him out of a Triceraton prison, he swears a lifetime of gratitude and joins the LOM. He relies on his brute strength and huge, hairy fists.
    • Hot Spot (Josh Keaton) - A loyal mutant dalmatian. The only member of the League of Mutants to have started out as an animal, Hot Spot was once the loyal pet of a Chinatown firefighter who was killed during the events of Booyaka-Showdown in an explosion while trying to evacuate a burning building. Meanwhile, Hot Spot himself was captured by the Triceratons and mutated into his current form. He joins the LOM after the Mutanimals rescue him from the Triceraton prison. His main weapons are a pair of water cannons attached to his forearms that are connected to a tank he wears on his back. The cannons can project high-pressure jets of water that can be used for both offensive purposes and a means to enhance his jumps or slow his falls. He also wields a fireman's axe for close-range combat.
    • Dr. El (Michael Leon Wooley) - A mutant elephant and voodoo witch doctor. Originally from Africa, he got captured and later mutated by the Triceratons into an elephant. He later joins the LOM after the Mutanimals rescue him from the Kraang prison. Aside from his immense strength, Doctor El is a master in the practice of black magic, his mystical expertise allowing him to perform many feats such as altering his appearance, projecting mystical bolts, casting illusions, healing injuries, controlling plants and the weather, taking control over people's minds, ect. His main weapon is a wooden staff with a skull on top of it that has jewels in the eye sockets and five feathers coming out from behind it: a red one, a blue one, a green one, a yellow one, and a white one. Whenever Doctor El wants to get rid of something or someone in a certain way, he focuses his magic into his staff, which causes one of the feathers to glow before two beams of magical energy (which are the same color as whichever feather is glowing) come out from the eye jewels and strike the target. Each colored beam has a different effect on the target (the blue beam turns the target into water and melt into a puddle, the red beam causes the target to burst into flames and crumble to ash, the green beam transforms the target into a plantlike form which makes it easier to destroy, the yellow one turns the target into light before shrinking into oblivion, and the white one transforms the target into a fragile crystalline form that shatters from any impact).
    • Russell "Russ" Gregory/Walkabout (James Patrick Stewart) - A tough but friendly mutant kangaroo. Originally named Russell "Russ" Gregory, he was once a dedicated game warden and professional outdoorsman who kept a vigil watch over the Australian wildlife preserve he worked at. One day, after reuniting a kangaroo joey with its family, Russell was abducted by the Triceratons and unwillingly mutated into a kangaroo (since the joey's DNA was still on his person when he mutated). After doing hard time in the Triceratons' mutant prison, he was freed by the Mighty Mutanimals and took on the name "Walkabout" before joining the League of Mutants. Because of his mutation, Walkabout possesses great strength in his lower body, allowing him to leap great distances and can deliver powerful kicks. He uses two boomerangs and a hunting knife.
    • Lin Kahn/Panda Khan (Lauren Tom) - A kindhearted and selfless female mutant panda and expert martial artist from China, as well as the only other member of the League to have not started out as a human (the first being Hot Spot). Having lost her mother as a cub due to a poaching incident, the panda who would become Panda Kahn was rescued and adopted by a group of shaolin monks who brought her back to their monastery to keep as a pet and gave her the name "Lin Kahn". Several years later, the monastery was attacked by a group of Triceratons who kidnapped Lin Kahn, mutated her, and placed her into their mutant prison. Aside from possessing a great deal of strength, speed, and agility despite her portly appearance, Panda Kahn is a skilled martial artist who uses an improvised style of kung-fu that involves her using her bulky physique to absorb and redirect an enemy's blows back at them and using whatever other attacks said enemies use to her advantage.
  • Mousepad (Jenny Slate) - A mutant mouse and a reserve member of the Mighty Mutanimals. She is an extremely intelligent (and slightly nerdy) young mutant (about Malachi's age) capable of creating incredible inventions and is armed with a cornucopia of self-made gadgets (which include magnetic boots, flight-enabling ankle jets, wrist blasters that fire electron beams and powerful adhesive paste, and a robot probe she can control thanks to circuitry in her helmet that can cling to her back or walk on four legs). After being mutated by the Rat King to act as a "mentee" in his quest for world domination, Mousepad was ordered to build a device that would allow her master to amplify the reach of his telepathic powers to every inch of the city. This didn't stand with the Mutanimals and they tried to stop the Rat King, only to be overwhelmed by the Squirrelanoids and be readied to die at Mousepad's hands. Out of desperation, Sir Malachi smooth talked Mousepad by complimenting her intelligence and inventions, causing the flattered mouse to develop a huge crush on him. This newfound affection, along with her uncertainty of helping her master, convinces her to rebel against the Rat King and help the Mutanimals defeat him, then to join the Mutanimals and their allies in their quest for battling the Kraang. She resides in an abandoned lab and acts as the Mutanimals' go-to-girl for technological expertise, having built Hot Spot's water cannon and the Punk Frog's weapons.
  • Wrencha (Jennifer Hale) - A rowdy yet kind female mutant koala with an Australian accent and Mousepad's partner and best friend. Similar to how Mousepad is capable of inventing extremely useful gizmos and gadgetry, Wrencha's genius lies with vehicles, as she is capable of building/upgrading any vehicle she desires, such as Newtralizer's motorcycle and the Mutanimals' battle taxi. She also has a crush on Walkabout.
  • Perri Grey (Mindy Cohn) - An intelligent young mutant flying squirrel and Donatello's new love interest. Once a gifted but antisocial young intern working at TCRI, Perri Grey had developed a device that would de-mutate mutants by absorbing the mutagen from their bodies, which gained her the attention and enmity of Mutant Master's army. After vandalizing her laboratory as a warning to cease her research only fueled her resolve to complete her invention, the group of nefarious mutants further retaliated by mutating Peri into a mutant flying squirrel by planting a mutagen bomb in her lab which detonated while she was handling a wounded flying squirrel that had entered her workspace through an open window. Fleeing from the lab in horror and shame, a distraught Perri encountered Sir Malachi and Monkey Brains as they were practicing their telekinetic powers in Central Park (during which Perri recognized Monkey Brains as her former mentor Tyler Rockwell) and was offered asylum with the Mighty Mutanimals until she could find a way to complete her invention and regain her humanity. Despite her gratitude towards Malachi and Monkey Brains, Perri did not hit it off well with the Mutanimals or the Turtles at first, showing immediate annoyance with Mikey and Mondo's antics and refusing to address mutated enemies by the names given to them by Mikey.
  • Garson Grunge/Muckman (Grant Moninger) - A repulsive yet heroic mutant garbage zombie and the "Monster Hero" of New York City. A former sewer worker who became a garbage man after one too many encounters with the Squirrelanoids, Garson Grunge had the misfortune of getting mutated when a fight between the Turtles and Bebop and Rocksteady caused him to be exposed to the contents of a mutagen canister Bebop had thrown out the window of the lab they were fighting in, which also knocked Grunge off of the fire escape he was standing on and into a dumpster below, causing him to mutate into a repulsive garbage-based mutant with immense strength, the power to telekinetically control garbage, the ability to spew toxic vomit, and the power to melt into a puddle as a means of escape.
    • Joe Eyeball (Grant Moninger) - A sentient talking eyeball and Muckman's partner and friend.
  • Mr. Weaselton (Daran Norris) - A shady, greedy and snide mutant weasel who runs the city's underground "Kraang-fights" and acts as an informant for the Mutanimals. A running gag includes the mutanimals constantly destroying his car or something that belongs to him, much to his anger. He does have a soft spot for kids.
  • Sal (Eddie Deezen) - A jittery and neurotic mutant salamander and Mr. Weaselton's right-hand mutant who acts as another informant fot the Mighty Mutanimals. Though not a very strong fighter, he is able to slide through any grip on him (and through small spaces like air vents) thanks to a powerful lubricant that secretes from his body, making him virtually frictionless.
  • Wingnut (Richard Steven Horvitz) - An extremely mentally unstable yet heroic mutant fruit bat. Originally an ordinary fruit bat who had managed to escape from his enclosure at the Bronx Zoo, Wingnut was abducted by the Kraang and used as a test subject for their mutagen experiments, an experience that drove him to madness. Despite his insanity, Wingnut retained a kind spirit and swore to avenge himself for what the Kraang had done to him. Befriending the mutant mosquito Screwloose, the two formed an unorthodox yet dedicated crime-fighting duo to combat the Kraang menace. He can fly, has sharp claws to fight with, and can emit sonic screams.
  • Screwloose (Max Casella) - A mutant mosquito. Originally an ordinary mosquito, he was captured by the Kraang and doused with mutagen with human DNA in it, turning him into his current state. He is a wisecracking, likeable mutant who claims to be a fearless and formidable opponent to the Kraang, but he is usually the first one to flee in the face of danger.
  • Cactus Butt (David Spade) - Originally just one of the many cacti inhabiting the vast Mojave desert in Nevada, this lifeless cactus was turned into a mutant after the Kraang detonated an experimental mutagen bomb in the desert. Even though he originates from the desert and wears biker clothing (consisting of a leather jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans, black boots, black fingerless gloves, and a red bandana), he is actually a comedic, funny, friendly mutant who's always ready to help his "party brothers" (Mondo and Mikey) whenever they need him.
  • Speedbeak (Freddy Rodriguez) - A mutant roadrunner and Cactus Butt's best friend. Like Cactus Butt, he was mutated by the Kraang's mutagen bomb and was transformed into an anthropomorphic state while his speed also increased tenfold.
  • Hardrock (Curtis Armstrong) - A squat, pugnacious but good-hearted and charming mutant armadillo with a passion for demolitions and explosions. Being an armadillo, he can curl up into a nigh-indestructible ball that can roll around at high speeds and ricochet off walls (like Cannonbolt from Ben 10). In combat he uses his sharp claws and numerous homemade explosives. He is dressed in black pants, black gloves, and blue goggles.
  • Claire Tashira/Scentessa (Janice Kawaye) - A shy and sweet-natured Asian-American teenage mutant skunk. Kind-spirited but soft-spoken and insecure, Claire Tashira was once a faithful vetrinary student who was placed under the stern yet understanding care of her criminal uncle Karuto Sagazuki following the death of her parents in a fatal car crash. Due to being blood-related to the leader of the only criminal group in New York who did not swear alliegence to the Foot Clan, Claire began to dread that something bad would befall her and her uncle for the latter's refusal to align with the Foot, which were eventually confirmed one night when Shredder had Tiger Claw fire a mutagen-filled missile at the office of Karuto's sushi resturant hideout which caused Claire, Karuto, and his bodygaurd Korhu to be doused in mutagen. Because she had been helping a female skunk give birth earlier that day in her vetrinary class and neglected to wash her hands afterword, Claire was mutated into a putrid yet attractive mutant skunk capable of generating noxious fumes strong enough to render enemies unconcious, which caused her to flee into the city in terror and shame of her mutation. Wanting to utilize her stench without knocking her allies out cold, Claire (who was nicknamed “Scentessa” by Mondo) had Mousepad develop a special suit for her (which is basically a strapless one-piece bathing suit with a Y-shaped rubber tube that runs from the suit’s posterior to the metal gloves she wears) that allows her to project her odor from the portholes on her gloves and utilize it as concentrated blasts, smoke bombs, or means to enhance her jumps or slow her falls.
  • G'thraka/Sal Commander (Keith David) - The Commander of the Salamandrian air fleet and Mona Lisa's superior officer.
  • Ik'thba/Mona Lisa (Zelda Williams) - A highly skilled Salamandrian warrior who is an officer in the Salamandrian armed forces and Raphael's love interest. She would later stay on earth to be with Raph and join the Mutanimals as a recurring and reserved ally and member.
  • Glo Rida (Flo Rida) - A cool and hip mutant glowworm.
  • The Jones Family
    • Gabrielle Jones (Idina Menzel) - Casey's long-lost mother who was captured by the Kraang when Casey was young and his sister was just an infant.
    • Maria Jones (Miranda Cosgrove) - Casey's sweet and intelligent, but extremely mischievous 9-year old sister. She learned about her brother's secret friends when she woke up in the middle of the night seeing Casey sneak out on patrol to help Raph. She shares a close bond with Michelangelo and Mondo Gecko due to their love of pranks. She often likes to joke about Casey and April's relationship, calling them a married couple, much to their expense. Despite her mischief, Maria loves her brother and often worries about him.
    • Arnold Jones Sr. (Kurtwood Smith) - Casey and Maria's strict but fair father. Like Maria, Arnold Sr. has always been aware of Casey's friendship and involvement with Mutants, Aliens, and other strange beings, but rather than confront him about it like his daughter, he would have rathered Casey told him. Arnold Sr.'s biggest reason not to get involved with the supernatural stems from when his wife Gabrielle was abducted by the Kraang months after Maria was born. While he doesn't mind Casey getting involved in the strange events in New York or his friendship with the Turtles and Mutanimals, Arnold Sr. wants Casey to be careful when dealing with things he doesn't understand, especially if they're dangerous.
  • The Punk Frogs - A tribe of mutant frog warriors who reside in the swamps of Louisiana following the destruction of their previous home in the forests outside of New York.
    • Attila the Frog (Maurice LaMarche) - The stern but fair leader of the Punk Frogs. Firm in his belief of a better world for frog-kind, Attila is accepting towards other mutants. Thanks to some advice by Sir Malachi and Mousepad's genius, he gains a powerful mace as a weapon.
    • Genghis Frog (Kevin Michael Richardson) - The former general of the frog army and the most aggressive member of the Punk Frogs, though he still respects Attila's leadership. He is quite belligerent and proud of his fighting skills, yet he is unwaveringly loyal the Punk Frogs' cause. Thanks to some advice by Sir Malachi and Mousepad's genius, he gains a battle axe as a weapon.
    • Rasputin the Mad Frog (Maurice LaMarche) - Attila's advisor and right-hand frog and the resident genius of the Punk Frogs. He is very knowledgeable but his stubborn personality makes it difficult for him to be willing to try new things or listen to the opinions of others, though he has the best interests of his compatriots at heart. Thanks to some advice by Sir Malachi and Mousepad's genius, he gains a bow and quiver of custom arrows as weapons.
    • Napoleon Bonafrog (Jon Heder) - The youngest member of the Punk Frogs and the current general of the frog army. Thanks to some advice by Sir Malachi and Mousepad's genius, he gains a bullwhip as a weapon.
  • Viking Polar Bears - A group of mutant polar bears who act as a band of vikings and seek retribution against humanity for melting their home with global warming.
    • King Iorek (David Sobolov) - The powerful, obstinate yet caring leader of the Viking Polar Bears and Sven's father. He is armed with a double-bladed battle axe that can project blasts of freezing energy or fire at his opponents.
    • Prince Sven (Elijah Wood) - The brave and compassionate prince of the Viking Polar Bears and Iorek's son. He is armed with a war hammer that can fire blasts of freezing energy.
  • Amazon Raccoons
    • Marie the Raccoon (Roz Ryan) - The rotund yet beautiful leader of the Amazon Raccoons and Pocahontas' semi-overprotective mother. Though a firm individual at first glance, she is a considerate and nurturing mutant who treats all of her subjects like family. Her main weapon is a wooden staff with a large diamond mounted on it that enhances its blunt attacks and can redirect energy blasts.
    • Pocahontas the Racoon (Regan Gomez) - A free-spirited, outgoing and flirtatious 16-year-old raccoon and Marie's daughter who has a crush on Napoleon Bonafrog. She wears a mint green bikini and fights with a spear and bolas.
  • Dove (Cathy Cavadini) - A mutant dove who has an unrequited crush on Pete.
  • Alistair Valentino/Anubis (Anthony Ruivivar) - A mutant jackal and a former treasure hunter. Born the son of a rich couple who made their fortune as archeologists, Alistair Valentino was initially vain and apathetic towards his mother and father's career, though he still loved them along with his twin sister Penelope. While joining his parents on an archeological expedition in Egypt, the Valentinos got caught in a sandstorm and took shelter in a cave, only for a rockslide to block the exit and mortally wound Alistair and Penelope's parents. Kneeling by his dying mother, a tearful Alistair made a solemn vow to carry on the Valentino legacy along with his sister. Several years later, Alistair and his sister, now a pair of well-known treasure hunters, returned to Egypt to investigate a temple that was rumored to hold the valuable sarcophagus of an ancient Egyptian sorcerer. Unbeknownst to the Valentino siblings, the temple had been visited and booby-trapped decades earlier by the Kraang, and by accidentally triggering a long-dormant mutagen trap, the Valentinos were doused with mutagen, causing Alistair to mutate into a super-strong mutant jackal due to being bitten by one earlier that same day. He wields a khopesh.
  • Penelope Valentino/Bastet (Susan Eisenberg) - A mutant cat and Anubis' sister. Born the daughter of a rich couple who made their fortune as archeologists, Penelope Valentino was initially vain and apathetic towards her mother and father's career, though she still loved them along with her twin brother Alistair. While joining her parents on an archeological expedition in Egypt, the Valentinos got caught in a sandstorm and took shelter in a cave, only for a rockslide to block the exit and mortally wound Alistair and Penelope's parents. Kneeling by her dying father, a tearful Penelope made a solemn vow to carry on the Valentino legacy along with her brother. Several years later, Penelope and her brother, now a pair of well-known treasure hunters, returned to Egypt to investigate a temple that was rumored to hold the valuable sarcophagus of an ancient Egyptian sorcerer. Unbeknownst to the Valentino siblings, the temple had been visited and booby-trapped decades earlier by the Kraang, and by accidentally triggering a long-dormant mutagen trap, the Valentinos were doused with mutagen, causing Penelope to mutate into an agile mutant siamese cat due to having her pet cat Isis on her person when she mutated. She wields a bullwhip.
  • Master Crik (Keone Young) - A mutant cricket and a grand master of kung fu. Originally the pet of a Shaolin monk who had immigrated to America to start up a martial arts school in Chinatown, Crik spent most of his days observing his master train in Shaolin kung-fu, which gave him a keen understanding of the martial art. After his master died peacefully in his sleep, Crik decided to flee the dojo to spend the rest of his days in Central Park, only to jump into a puddle of spilled mutagen and become mutated into an anthropomorphic state with greatly enhanced jumping abilities and the power of speech, after which he decided to stay in the dojo as it was the only place he could call home. Some time later, Crik became the master and father figure of a pair of young female mutants he rescued off the streets, an aggressive female preying mantis named Scythia and a dedicated and altruistic female turtle named Mulan, both of whom he trained to be extremely proficient kung-fu experts who kept a vigilant watch over Chinatown.
    • Mulan (Kim Mai Guest) - An attractive, tough yet selfless female mutant turtle and Master Crik's apprentice. Originally an ordinary box turtle hatchling who was separated from her owner and mutated after coming into contact with the contents of a spilled mutagen canister, Mulan was found by Master Crik, who took her in and raised her in the ways of kung-fu.
  • Dr. Colette Van Souci/Beautifly (Grey DeLisle) - A beautiful mutant butterfly and Monkey Brains' lover. Dr. Colette Van Souci was once a kind-natured lepidopterist (a scientist who specializes in the study of butterflies) and a colleague/lover of Tyler Rockwell. When different scientific priorities forced them to go their separate ways, Tyler and Colette were forced to end their relationship on a sad note, leaving the two of them longing to be together once more. While tending to her butterflies in her greenhouse one night, Colette was struck from above by a falling canister of mutagen which mutated her into a beautiful mutant butterfly with the ability to fly, project energy blasts from her antenna, and the power to spread a calming mist/powder that can both heal and pacify whoever inhales it. Ashamed of her new appearance, Colette spent several weeks hiding in Central Park until she was discovered by Sir Malachi and brought to the sewer lair where she was stunned yet overjoyed to be reunited with Rockwell, despite his mutation into a mutant ape.
  • Inspector Bella Paw (E.G. Daily) - A female mutant collie and Hot Spot's love interest. A brave mutant with an undying sense of loyalty, Bella was once the beloved pet of a female police officer who coincidentally was neighbors with Hot Spot’s fireman owner. Even before their mutations, Bella and Hot Spot were constantly at odds over whose master was a more valued member of society; Bella believing her owner’s job of fighting crime on a daily basis was more a more important career while Hot Spot felt his owner’s job of fighting fires and saving lives was a more significant line of duty. During the events of Booyaka-Showdown, Bella’s owner was killed by the Kraang when she attempted to protect a family from being captured, leaving a devastated Bella a stray on the streets and vowing to bring the Kraang to justice. Coming across a spilled canister of mutagen and drinking its contents one night, Bella was mutated into an anthropomorphic state with heightened senses of hearing and smell, as well as intelligence that allowed her to construct her personal weaponry, which consists of a gun that fires electrical bolts or vials of retro-mutagen, a police baton that can be electrified for more powerful close-range combat attacks, and an impact-absorbing riot shield. Despite her initial rivalry with Hot Spot, the two later became friends and lovers. She also tries to come off as a serious and firm individual, but delights in things dogs normally like such as fetch, being scratched behind her ears, and being tickled on her belly.
  • Street Cats
    • Pietro (Scott Menville) - A scruffy, street-smart, brave, kind-hearted and handsome young mutant alley cat with an Italian-American accent and Felicity's love interest. Aside from possessing heightened senses and agility and peak physical strength despite his size, Pietro is shown to be an excellent boxer capable of standing up to much stronger foes and is armed with a pair of metallic boxing glove-like gauntlets that enhance his punches to the point of allowing him to punch through walls.
    • Benito (Collin Dean) - A young, loyal, and friendly mutant alley cat and Pietro's best friend.
    • Guiseppe (Brian Bloom) - A tough and imposing yet good-hearted mutant tabby cat and the leader of the Street Cats, as well as Pietro's father.
  • Fancy Cats
    • Felicity (Hynden Walch) - An eloquent, gentle, sweet-natured and attractive young mutant house cat and Pietro's love interest. Aside from possessing heightened senses and agility and peak physical strength despite her size, Felicity is a superb combatant who uses a ballet-like fighting style and a special naginata built by Mousepad that can fire energy blasts from the tip to great effect against opponents.
    • Octavia (Claudia Black) - An aristocratic and refined female mutant Parisian cat who is the leader of the Fancy Cats, as well as Felicity's mother.
    • Tiberius (Greg Ellis) - A hot-headed and aggressive mutant house cat who is Felicity's cousin and Octavia's nephew, as well as Pietro's arch-rival.
  • Seymour Foswell/Unagi (Armin Shimmerman) - A surly but honorable mutant electric eel. Seymour Foswell was once an overworked and irascible middle-aged electircal engineer and part-time high school science teacher who held a strong resentment for powerful corporations he previously worked for which bought out small businesses and left their owners with nothing. While working late one night to fix the lights at an aquarium, Seymour observed a fight on the roof between the Mutanimals and Bebop and Rocksteady, who had come to the aquarium in hopes of using some mutagen to create a new minion for the Shredder. Seymour's attempt to escape from the battle undetected ended disastrously as he was struck by a mutagen canister thrown at him by Bebop, which shattered on him and knocked him into a tank of electric eels, causing him to mutate into an anthropomorphic electric eel with amazing electrical powers.
  • Jagwar (Keith Szarabajka) - A mutant jaguar from the jungles of Central America. Initially an average jungle feline raised near the ancient Aztec temples of Central America, Jagwar's life was forever changed when the Kraang detonated an experimental mutagen bomb in his jungle home, which mutated him into an anthropomorphic state with greatly enhanced senses and physical attributes.
  • Cat Queen () - A Female Pantheon. Resembling a human woman, the cat Queen uses her cats to watch over humanity; similar to the Rat King, she can see what goes on through their eyes. Just like her sister Aka, the cat Queen has compassion for the humans, but she won't hesitate to punish those with a cruel heart, making her act like a judgement. She is the second youngest child to the Pantheon Dragon, the Older sister to Kitsune, and the younger sister to Aka, Toad Baron, Manmoth, Chi-You, and Gothano. She is a vegetarian and is shown to have attraction for Splinter, despite accepting that he does not share the same feelings for her.
  • Aka () - A female Pantheon. She is the oldest child to the Pantheon Dragon and the Older sister to the Cat Queen, Toad Baron, Manmoth, Chi-You, Gothano, and Kitsune.
  • Cecil Donovan/Fang Glider (Dave Foley) - A spindly and worrisome yet good-hearted mutant flying dragon lizard and a private investigator. Possessing a kind and moral nature but no courage to help push him do what was right, Cecil Donovan was originally an accountant working for Don Vizioso's Mafia who became increasingly unsettled with the ever-growing mutant population of New York City, which was not at all helped when his employer swore allegiance to the Shredder and the Foot Clan. Upon learning of Shredder and the Foot's involvement in the Kraang's previous attacks on the city, Cecil finally had enough and decided to notify the police of the Foot's presence in New York. Unfortunately, Shredder learned of this after being notified by
  • Mutant Warriors
    • Opossumundo (Jess Harnell) - A clever mutant opossum and the leader of the Mutant Warriors. Aside from having great agility and a prehensile tail, he is armed with an energy rifle and a machete that he wields with deadly skill.
    • Wide Eyes (James C. Matthis III) - An eccentric mutant aye-aye lemur from the jungles of Madagascar. He possesses a high level of strength, agility, and can send victims into a trance by staring into their eyes and telling them what to do.
    • Ju-Doe (Kath Soucie) - A compassionate mutant doe and an expert at Judo.
    • Thundering Stallion/Thunderhoof (Jonathan Joss) - A strong and brave mutant bison and the only member of the Mutant Warriors who was once a human. Formerly a brave Native-American outdoorsman who protected the wildlife of the Yellowstone National Park, Thundering Stallion was mutated into an immensely strong mutant bison after being exposed to some mutagen by the Triceratons while tending to an injured bison, and was summarily captured by the Triceratons to be used as an unwilling contester in their arena. He possesses superhuman strength, durability, and speed and uses a coup stick and a pair of tomahawks as weapons.
    • Frillius (Greg Ellis) - A hotheaded mutant frilled lizard from the Australian outback. Along with possessing enhanced physical attributes and sharp claws, Frillius is armed with an extendable metal staff that can generate spheres of powerful energy at both ends of it, which can be used to blast away enemies from a distance or increase the staff's striking power.
    • Grasskicker (John Kassir) - A tough blue-furred mutant goat.
    • Cluckette (Tress MacNeille) - A friendly mutant hen with red feathers. Though not very imposing at first glance, Cluckette's sharp claws and talons do well to aid her in close-range-combat, though her main and strongest power is her ability to lay special eggs that have different effects on targets when thrown (green eggs release a highly corrosive acid on impact, yellow eggs function like flash grenades and release a blinding light to stun enemies, red eggs explode into fire like incindeary grenades, blue eggs freeze enemies in ice upon contact, orange eggs release a powerful adhesive foam that halts enemies in their tracks, purple eggs that release a "rubbery" foam that can be used as a trampoline or a means of cusioning falls, and pink eggs that work like smoke bombs and release a pink gas that can be used as a smokescreen).
  • Alopex/Minae (Minae Noji) - a mutant fox and the sister of Tiger claw. When she was a little girl, she and her brother were mutated by the Kraang, but later escaped and found refuged in a circus. They would later become assassins, but after learning what he did to their parents, she cut off her brother's tail and wore it as a belt. She would later attempt to get her revenge on tiger claw, but couldn't do it seeing what her vengeance made her become and that he was her only family left. But she cut off his hand as a reminder when he tried to kill her. After these events, Alopex remained alone, in the streets of New York, acting like a lone vigilante. When she was attacked by the Kraang, she was saved by the Mutanimals. Though Skeptic at first, she would later warm up to them. She acts like a sister towards Candy, Angel, Mondo, and Sr. Malachi. Despite not joining the team, Alopex often assists the Mutanimals in any way she can. Eventually, Alopex and Slash would later develop a relationship as time passed.
  • Opticlops (Lara Jill Miller) - A lively and eccentric "young" monocular robot who possesses a variety of vision-based powers stemming from his single eye. Created by Adrian Stockman to serve as the perfect android for scouting and surveillance missions, Opticlops (as he was named by Road Hog) was unfortunately built with a very frail body that caused for his destruction during his first battle against the Mighty Mutanimals, coming apart at the bolts due to a well-placed psychic blast from Monkey Brains. Disappointed at seeing his comrade's creation destroyed, Road Hog managed to rebuild Opticlops but not without having to make some adjustments to his damaged AI chip that changed the once monotone Opticlops into a more lively, energetic android that eventually annoyed the rest of Mutant Master's army into expelling him from their ranks.
  • The C.O.W.-Boys
    • Marshal Moo Montana (Jeff Bennett) - A courageous and charming yellow-furred mutant bull and the leader of the C.O.W.-Boys.
    • Dakota Dude (John DiMaggio) - A strong yet soft-spoken blue-furred mutant bull and the muscle of the C.O.W.-Boys.
    • Cowlorado Kid (Sam Riegel) - A young and enthusiastic mutant Holstein cow and the "kid" of the C.O.W.-Boys.
  • Ancient One (David Chen) - The childhood friend of Hamato Yuta, an old mentor of Splinter, and the great uncle of Tang Shen. Wise but humorous, the ancient one always talks in metaphors. He's a glutton and almost always has gas. Originally, the Ancient one learned of the fates of Hamato Yoshi and his grand niece and wished to stop it, but was forbidden by the tribunal because of what they foreseen in the turtles.
  • The Ninja Tribunal
    • Kon-Shisho (Liam O'Brien) - A member of the Ninja Tribunal who contains the power of the spirits.
    • Juto-Shisho (Matthew Mercer) - A member of the Ninja Tribunal who specializes in the use of ninja weaponry.
    • Chikara-Shisho (Minae Noji) - A member of the Ninja Tribunal who is the ninjutsu master of strength. She is the only female member of the Ninja Tribunal.
    • Hisomi-Shisho - A member of the Ninja Tribunal who is the ninjutsu master of stealth. He is the only member of the Tribunal to not speak.
  • Ninja Tribunal Acolytes
    • Faraji Ngala (Phil Morris) - A member of the Ninja Acolytes who hails from Africa and fights with a homemade blade.
    • Adam McKay (Derek Stephen Prince) - A member of the Ninja Acolytes who hails from the United States and fights with a ball and chain.
    • Joi Reynard (Emmanuelle Chirqui) - A female member of the Ninja Acolytes who is of both American and Japanese heritage and fights with a rope dart.
    • Tora Yoshida () - A member of the Ninja Acolytes who hails from Japan and fights with a pair of sickles.
  • Clyde Kinterson (Justin Roiland) - A fearful and nervous teenage mutant anteater and a former cohort of Mondo Gecko back when he was under the employ of Fishface.
  • Utrom Council
    • King (Peter Cullen) -
    • Queen (Cassandra Peterson) -
    • Rook (Kate Micucci) -
    • Pawn (Nolan North) -
    • Bishop (Nolan North) -
  • Chu Hsi/Dragon Warrior () -
  • The Guardians
    • Mortu/Knight (Dan Green) -

Enemies Edit

  • Mutant Master's Army
    • Mutant Master (Mark Hamill) - The self-proclaimed ultimate mutant who can turn anyone he touches into a mutant under his command and the primary antagonist of the series. He plans to turn all the people in the world into mutants so he can be the supreme mutant. He feeds off mutagen like how plants feed off sunlight.
    • Cap'n Mossback/Crabcake (Ron Perlman) - A surly yet faithful mutant crab and Mutant Master's second-in-command and confidant. Originally a shrimper from New Orleans who came to New York to open his own restaurant, Cap'n Mossback's Cajun Cuisine was short-lived when a battle between the Mighty Mutanimals and the Kraang resulted in the building being reduced to rubble and Mossback swearing vengeance against the group of heroic mutants. During an attempt at ending the Mutanimals, Mossback's harpoon gun ended up breaking a tank of mutagen laced with crab DNA which poured onto him and mutated him into a large mutant crustacean with great strength, powerful crushing claws, ans a highly durable shell. Embittered by his mutation, Mossback soon met Mutant Master, who convinced the mutant crab to pledge his allegiance to him and aid him on his conquest for world domination.
    • Rufus Barnaby/Road Hog (Harland Williams) - A bumbling yet clever leather-wearing mutant pig and expert motorcyclist and the "Mighty Mutanimals" incarnation of Bebop. Originally a member of a biker gang called the Street Boars who came to New York to reclaim their mascot pig from a rival gang, Rufus Barnaby was mutated into an anthropomorphic swine after being struck from above by a falling mutagen canister while victoriously raising his gang's mascot into the air. While a subordinate of Mutant Master, he is a rather lighthearted, humorous and optimistic mutant who genuniely believes Mutant Master is helping the world by mutating it, though he is not above helping the Mutanimals if the situation demands it. In fact, his amicable nature and sense of humor make him the most approachable member of Mutant Master's army to the point where battles between him and any of the Mighty Mutanimals are surprisingly casual. Additionally, Road Hog is shown to be friends with numerous other mutants in the city despite the fact that some of them do not share his master's belief's of mutant supremacy, with Hardrock and Fang Glider being his closest friends outside Mutant Master's army. He is also a very skilled mechanic, having built his weaponized motorcycle and modifying other vehicles with weapons and whatnot. His main weapons are a crowbar and a long chain with a gutting hook attached to the end of it.
    • Santiago Delgado/El Hippo (J.B. Blanc) - A large mutant hippo and the "Mighty Mutanimals" incarnation of Rocksteady. Originally a tough and ruthless yet past-his-prime Mexican wrestler named Santiago Delgado AKA El Malevolo, he was left disgraced after a greatly damaging losing streak drove him to start taking bribes, which got him banned from entering the ring again after getting caught. Seeing Delgado in his miserable state, Road Hog appealed to the disgraced Luchador's desire to become strong again by suggesting he got himself mutated, the only price being he must swear his alliegence to Mutant Master. All too eager to get revenge on those who he felt had wronged him, Santiago doused himself with a canister of mutagen that some hippo DNA mixed into it, transforming him into a massively rotund yet immensely strong and fast mutant hippopotomas, and took on the name El Hippo after extracting revenge on his enemies.
    • Cyber Samurai (Peter Jessop) - The "Mighty Mutanimals" incarnation of Chrome Dome; an intelligent yet slinky, skinny robotic samurai created by Adrian Stockman to serve Mutant Master. He is equipped with wings for flight, laser eyes, space-age armor, rocket fists, and an energy sword.
    • Jemarcus DeCosta/Dreadmon (Dave Fennoy) - A powerful yet laid-back mutant wolf and the "Mighty Mutanimals" incarnation of Chris Bradford/Dogpound/Rahzar. Initially growing up penniless on the streets of Jamaica, Jemarcus DeCosta rose from the gutter over time and became the world’s most notorious jewel thief, always staying one step ahead of the law by traveling the globe under the guise of a successful kickboxing instructor. While in New York after successfully stealing a rare diamond, Jemarcus came across a lone mutagen canister (one of the many that were lost during The Mutation Situation) inside a dumpster and took it back to his safe house, thinking it would make a good lava lamp. As he got comfortable with his pet wolf Caspian, Decosta was taken by surprise when the NYPD burst into his hideout to arrest him, which caused him to stumble and fall in alarm and spill the mutagen on himself and Caspian as he went to help his master. Because he had his bare arm slung over his wolf’s back when the mutagen came down on him, Jemarcus was transformed into a large, burly mutant wolf with superhumanly enhanced physical attributes, heightened senses, sharp claws and teeth, and the ability to disorient opponents by howling and fled into the city after furiously beating up the officers who startled him. Having sensed Jemarcus’ mutation into a wolf, Mutant Master sent Road Hog out to retrieve the mutant lupine and recruit him into the former’s army, which Dreadmon (the name given to him by Road Hog) agreed to do.
    • Trevor Carlyle/Terrorcuda (Billy West) - A tenacious and highly aggressive mutant barracuda and the "Mighty Mutanimals" incarnation of Xever/Fishface. Having been on the wrong side of the law since his teen years, professional burglar Trevor Carlyle committed crimes not only for self-gain, but also for the addictive feeling of adrenaline pumping through his body whenever he evaded the police, his philosophy being: “think fast, act quicker, live in the moment”. During one such heist, Trevor attempted to evade the police by making a shortcut through the city aquarium, only to stumble and fall into the barracuda tank and be bitten by one of the barracudas before managing to escape. Unfortunately, Trevor’s luck got worse after he was struck from above by a falling mutagen canister and was mutated into a legless mutant barracuda, forcing to jump back into the barracuda tank to avoid dying from asphyxiation where he was summarily caught by the cops and given to some scientists who wished to study (and perhaps dissect) him. While en route to the scientist's laboratory, Trevor was freed from the truck that was carrying him by Road Hog, El Hippo, and Dreadmon, who then took him back to their hideout so Mutant Master could recruit him. Trevor agreed to join Mutant Master's army after he promised Trevor he could make him go fast again, which was accomplished after Adrian built Trevor a breathing harness, robotic legs with wheels for feet to allow high-speed travel by skating, and retractable blades on his arms.
    • Adrian Stockman/Megamoth (Dorian Harewood) - An intelligent mutant death's head hawkmoth and Baxter Stockman's cousin. In stark contrast to his meek yet sociopathic cousin Baxter (who he was actually very close to and treated like a brother), Adrian Stockman showed a gifted intellect and a courteous nature as a child and went on to start his own robotics firm in Manhattan called "Stockman Enterprises". For a brief time, Adrian allowed his cousin to work at his company due to Baxter's own technological expertise but was forced to terminate Baxter's contract over his inability to get along with his co-workers and violating company policies due to his feeling that his kinship with Adrian made him above the rules. Adrian is composed, respectable, eloquent, sardonic; everything that Baxter isn't. He accidentally gets mutated into a death's head hawk moth and obtains the powers of flight, enhanced strength, wall-crawling and sticky goo projection from his mouth to trap enemies in cocoons. While he holds no animosity towards the Mutanimals, he's lead on to believe that they were the ones who mutated his cousin, thus making him an enemy.
    • Old Hob (Steve Blum) - A mutant cat who acts as the commanding officer for Mutant Master's army of mutants. Tenacious and determined, he is a deadly fighter who uses his not only his claws, but also spiked knuckle busters, hunting knives and cat-o-nine-tails whip to deadly effect against enemies.
    • Scorpos (Lance Henriksen) - An enemy as venomous as he is psychotic and malicious, Scorpos is a red mutant scorpion and a faithful warrior of Mutant Master's army, holding an immense lust for power and a hatred for humanity that knows no bounds. Possessing incredible strength, powerful crushing pincers and a lethal poisonous tail, Scorpos serves his master faithfully and unhesitant. He is dressed only in black pants and wristbands.
    • Scythia (Gwendoline Yeo) - A mutant preying mantis and the combat expert of Mutant Master's army.
  • Mutagen Man (Roger Craig Smith) - An insane mutant blob-monster and the Turtles' ex-biggest fan. Formerly an ineffectual teenage ice-cream truck vendor who witnessed the Turtles' first battle with Baxter Stockman from his apartment window, Timothy was inspired and dedicated himself to fighting crime as a costumed vigilante calling himself "The Pulverizer" and modeled his appearance after the Turtles. Despite his good intentions, Timothy was completely inept as a crime fighter, having little to no combat skills despite Donatello's attempt to train him in basic self-defense. After being recruited into the Foot Clan (mainly to serve as a "cannon fodder") so he could gather intelligence on the Shredder's plans for the Turtles, Pulverizer volunteered to be the test subject for a supply of stolen mutagen, hoping it would turn him into a hero like the Turtles. Despite the Turtles' multiple attempts to dissuade and prevent him from mutating himself, Timothy managed to douse himself in mutagen, which caused him to mutate into a huge mutant blob of mutagen with floating organs and a disintegrating touch, a mutation that was the result of him not coming in contact with any living thing before the mutagen touched him. When he was unfrozen he attempted to get his revenge but was stopped by the mutanimals. He would later team up with Queen Bee to get even with those who hurt them. However, Donnie and Candy, both feeling the most responsible for what happened began to reason with them, admitting to their mistakes and the others, this bought Rockwell enough time to inject the stabilized retro mutagen within him and Queen Bee, turning them back to normal. However, Timothy and Natalie both felt remorse for everything that happened and ran off. It was later revealed that the retro mutagen only stabilized their mutation and allowed them to change in between forms, Similar to Karai. Once Timothy over came his guilt and reunited with his family, he would continue his training under Donnie and became a recurring member of the mutanimals.
  • Jack Finney/Man-Ray (Xander Berkeley) - A mutant manta ray. Originally named Jack Finney, he was once a dedicated oceanographer and environmentalist who worked hard to protect the ocean he so deeply cared for. While out on his boat late one night to rescue a manta ray from a fishing net, Jack was struck from above by a lone canister of mutagen (one of the many that were lost during the events of The Mutation Situation) and mutated into an anthropomorphic manta ray with superhuman strength, underwater breathing, powerful swimming speed, limited flight, electricity projection from his tail, and telepathic control over marine life. Deciding to use his new powers to protect the ocean, Finney took on the identity of Man-Ray, champion of the sea, and began his mission to prevent the ocean from facing ecological devastation. Over time however, Finney's determination with fulfilling his altruistic ideals caused him to lose touch with his humanity, and his efforts to stop those he felt were harming the ocean became increasingly drastic to the point where they were considered acts of eco-terrorism, which eventually put him at odds against the Mighty Mutanimals. While Man-Ray holds no animosity towards the team of heroic mutants, even coming to aid them at rare instances, he will not hesitate to fight them if he feels they are interfering with his mission, making the relationship between them difficult to understand. In battle, he wields a trident. Eventually Rockwell managed to restore his humanity and he would become an ally and member of the Mutanimals.
  • Cobalt Brotherhood
    • Boss Hugo Giovanni/Oranguton (Maurice LaMarche) - A ruthless and ambitious yet charismatic mutant orangutan and the founder of the Cobalt Brotherhood. Originally a powerful crime boss in New York's criminal underworld, Boss Hugo Giovanni realized he needed to step up his game when the city's mutant population began to make itself known to the public. Reasoning to his men that they would need to adapt to the changes in New York so as to avoid going the way of the dodo, Hugo enlisted the services of a semi-unwilling Adrian Stockman to help mutate him into a more powerful form. Using a canister of mutagen with the DNA of an orangutan mixed within it, Adrian was able to mutate Giovanni into a large, rotund, yet immensely strong and agile mutant orangutan, and was dubbed "Oranguton" by Mondo Gecko during his first encounter with the MM, which mildly annoys him since it references his weight. He wields a pair of brass knuckles and Kraang blasters in combat.
    • Cliff Douglas/Buttercup (Thomas F. Wilson) - An large, aggressive, dim-witted mutant bulldog and the enforcer of the Cobalt Brotherhood, as well as Oranguton's second-in-command. Short on brains but big on brawns, Cliff Douglas loved being strong and thoroughly enjoyed using his strength as the chief enforcer of Boss Giovanni’s Cobalt Brotherhood. After an important gold heist that was thwarted by the Mighty Mutanimals forced the gang to retreat without so much of an ounce of the stolen gold, Cliff’s wounded dignity and desire for payback against the Mutanimals was enough for Boss Giovanni to convince him to be mutated into an even stronger form than his human one. Using some mutagen mixed with some DNA from his recently deceased pet bulldog, Cliff was mutated by Adrian Stockman into a massive mutant bulldog with immense physical strength and heightened senses of hearing and smell. Feeling as though he was missing something, Cliff had his teammate Miguel Calavera make him a spiked collar as a fashion statement, but was oblivious to the fact that Miguel had added a nametag bearing the name “Buttercup” to the collar until a re-encounter with the Mighty Mutanimals, who officically dubbed him “Buttercup”. Unlike Chris Bradford's mutated forms as Dogpound and Rahzar, Cliff is much more in touch with his animal side as Buttercup, as evidenced by his habits of eating canned dog food, chasing squirrels and cats, and urinating on fire hydrants. He also wears black gym shorts.
    • Percival Blixton/Toxin (Charlie Adler) - An impatient and high-strung mutant poison dart frog and the strategist of the Cobalt Brotherhood. Uptight and irritable by nature, Percival Blixton was formerly an accountant for Boss Hugo Giovanni’s gang until he was promoted to a safecracker and strategist for the mob. Following a gold heist that was thwarted by the Mighty Mutanimals, Blixton agreed with his with Boss Giovanni that they would have to “level the playing field” if they wanted to stand up to the Mutanimals. After kidnapping Adrian Stockman and gaining an understanding of the mutagen’s workings after Boss Giovanni was transformed into a mutant orangutan, Blixton chose to be mutated into a poison dart frog, which granted him the ability to poison people through physical contact, leap great heights and distances, stick to surfaces with his sticky fingers, and fight with his prehensile, 30-foot long tongue. Unfortunately, Blixton’s mutation was considered a serious hazard to the gang by Boss Giovanni, who forced Blixton to don a suit and gloves to avoid poisoning his teammates.
    • Jacques Chevalier/Monsieur Fin (Troy Baker) - A charming mutant swordfish and the combat specialist of the Cobalt Brotherhood. Immigrating to America from France as a young man, professional mercenary and expert swordsman Jacques Chevalier’s skill with a blade landed him a place in Boss Hugo Giovanni’s gang as the resident combat and weapons specialist. Desiring to be mutated into something that symbolized him and his talent, Jacques was transformed into a mutant swordfish to reflect on his own love for bladed combat, though his mutation required him to wear a water-breathing device around his neck when out of water to avoid dying from asphyxiation. His main weapons are a pair of fencing swords which he wields with deadly skill.
    • Cain Westwood/Snake Eyes (Michael Rosenbaum) - A lethal yet casual mutant diamondback rattlesnake and the marksman of the Cobalt Brotherhood. An expert at sharpshooting even as a child, Texas citizen Cain Westwood became employed as the resident marksman for Boss Giovanni’s Cobalt Brotherhood after he was dishonorably discharged from the armed forces. Following a failed gold heist (which took months of careful planning) that was thwarted by the Mighty Mutanimals, an agitated Cain agreed with his Boss that they would have to “level the playing field” and become mutants themselves to better defend themselves against the Mutanimals. Deciding to mutate himself into the same creature he first fired a gun at and killed as a boy, Cain was mutated into a mutant diamondback rattlesnake with great speed, venomous fangs, crushing coils and a flexible physiology that allows him to squeeze through small spaces and passageways (e.g. air vents) by compressing his body to certain degrees. He is also armed with metallic gauntlets that are equipped with retractable blades and wrist-mounted guns. Though an extremely dangerous opponent, Snake Eyes has a habit of taking unnecessary risks when preparing to shoot someone in order to “make things interesting”, which are usually exploited by his targets and serve as a source of frustration to his teammates.
    • Basil Carlyle/Crowhead (Lex Lang) - A cultured and refined mutant crow and the medic/escape artist of the Cobalt Brotherhood, as well as an avid lover of poetry. Born into a rich family of doctors that lost their fortune from having to pay for lawyers to aid them in a string of lawsuits over several failed surgical operations, Basil Carlyle sought to rebuild his family's fortune through crime, dropping out of medical school to spend years training in escapology and becoming a notorious art thief as a young man. While serving time in prison, Basil encountered Boss Giovanni and became enlisted in the Cobalt Brotherhood after managing to break Giovanni and his subordinates out from prison. Following a botched gold heist that was thwarted by the Mighty Mutanimals, Basil agreed with his cohorts that the best way to combat the heroic mutants would be to become mutants themselves. As a way of paying tribute to his favorite poet, Edgar Allan Poe, Basil decided to be mutated into a raven but was instead mutated into a crow due to Miguel Calavera putting the wrong kind of DNA into the mutagen the former exposed himself to, much to Basil's annoyance. As Crowhead, Basil possesses the power of flight and sharp claws and talons for close-range combat.
    • Miguel Calavera/Webfang (Carlos Alazraqui) - An intelligent young mutant black widow and the hacker/inventor of the Cobalt Brotherhood. The son of an impoverished technical engineer who had been recruited into the Cobalt Brotherhood for his mechanical expertise, Miguel Calavera was taken under Boss Giovanni's wing following the untimely death of his father Carlos, who had been gunned down by the NYPD during a failed heist. Dropping out of college since his only source of income for tuition (his father's shares of stolen money from the Brotherhood's heists that he sent to Miguel to pay for his education) was gone, Miguel turned his talents to building devices that would aid the Brotherhood in their crimes. Following a botched gold heist that was thwarted by the Mighty Mutanimals, Miguel agreed with his cohorts that the best way to combat the heroic mutants would be to become mutants themselves, which led to him using some mutagen laced with black widow DNA to mutate himself into a deadly mutant spider with a venomous bite, the ability to stick and crawl onto various surfaces and attack foes using four sharp appendages sprouting from his back, and the power to generate webbing from his hands, mouth and backside.
    • Monkeybone (Arleen Sorkin) - A slender and agile female mutant monkey and the only member of the Cobalt Brotherhood to have not started out as a human. Originally a normal monkey that was part of a traveling circus that was making a stop in New York around the time of The Mutation Situation, Monkeybone was struck by a falling mutagen canister while the circus got ready to hit the road. She was later found by the Cobalt Brotherhood during one of their battles with the Mutanimals, and she joined their group after Oranguton unintentionally called her beautiful. Her weapon of choice is a huge wooden mallet.
  • Karuto Sagazuki (George Takei) - A mutant Japanese giant salamander and ruthless Yakuza boss. Having immigrated to New York when Japan's lawmen began to close in on him, Karuto Sagazuki was dismayed to discover that the majority of the city's criminal underworld had fallen under the command of his former business associate, the Shredder, with whom Karuto had a falling out with after the Shredder's decision to move the Foot's operations caused significant damage to the former's own criminal operations, which depended on the Foot Clan's stealth skills.
    • Korhu - A mutant koi and Karuto Sagazuki's silent right-hand man and bodyguard.
  • Simon Bonesteel (Diedrich Bader) - The only child of a wealthy couple who made their fortune in the fashion industry by selling products made from illegally acquired animal furs, Simon Bonesteel was sent to live with his poacher uncle in Africa when the authorities began to close in on his parents' illegal activities. Growing to admire his uncle and his line of work, Simon accompanied his uncle and some friends on a hunting expedition only to be ambushed and severely injured by a lion while his guard was down. Traumatized by this ordeal, Simon made a vow to never be viewed as prey by another creature again, going on to become the world's most lethal hunter by honing his body to physical perfection and mastering in the use of several hunting weapons.
  • Dr. Phineas Manson/Dr. Mandrill (Neil Patrick Harris) - A mutant baboon and mad scientist, as well as a rival of Monkey Brains. Originally a military scientist who was condemned after one of his experiments went horribly awry, Dr. Phineas Manson was one of the many scientists that were abducted by the Kraang from New York City to perfect the mutagen but was later mutated into a baboon and expelled due to insubordination. Driven mad by his misfortunes, Manson decided to make his own mutants with his patented "abomination-ray" (a device fueled by mutagen that transforms whatever it fires at into a dangerous monster) to take revenge on those who wronged him.
    • Scorch (Crispin Freeman) - The third and final of Dr. Mandrill's mutant henchmen created, Scorch started out as a monitor lizard that was transformed into a muscular red-skinned wyvern-like creature with immense strength, the power of flight, and the ability to breathe fire. He is the most belligerent of Dr. Mandrill's henchmen and acts as the leader among his "brothers".
    • Buzz (Stephen Stanton) - The first of Dr. Mandrill's mutant henchmen created, Buzz was once an ordinary toad that was a test subject for Mandrill's abomination-ray, which transformed him into massive, volatile monstrosity with the power to leap great heights, generate shockwaves by slamming into the ground, withstand attacks thanks to armadillo-like plating on his back, punch holes through walls and hurt enemies with his powerful spiked tongue, and eat almost anything with his powerful jaws and teeth.
    • Spike (Thom Adcox) - The second of Dr. Mandrill's mutant henchmen created, Spike was initially an average thorny devil lizard who was zapped by Mandrill's abomination-ray, transforming him into a slender, anthropomorphic thorny devil lizard with the power to launch his spikes at high velocities, remove them for use as hand-to-hand weapons or javelins, or make them grow from anywhere on his body, allowing creation of nearly impenetrable spike armor.
  • Natalie Gates/Queen Bee (Tara Strong) - Natalie Gates was formerly a teenage melittology (beekeeping) student and a classmate and friend of Candy Fine’s who suffered constant maltreatment and mockery at the hands of her High School cheerleading captain Melissa Doyle, which caused deep damage to her already unstable emotional state and suppressed anger she had been concealing since her father left her and her mother. After a particularly cruel prank was pulled on her during her school’s homecoming dance (in which one of her own beehives was dropped on her head), Gates went off the deep end and swore revenge on those who wronged her, creating a weaponized bee-themed costume (equipped with a jetpack that sounds like a buzzing bee when used) and taking to the skies as the highly vindictive and waspish vigilante named Queen Bee. Eventually she would team up with Mutagen Man, who felt her pain, and both would aim to get revenge on those who hurt them. However, Candy and Donnie, both feeling responsible for not being able to help them, began to reason with them which gave Rockwell time to inject the retro mutagen in them. Stabilized and Normal, Natalie felt remorse for her actions and would run off. Eventually she overcame her guilt and would return home. Its later revealed that the retro mutagen only stabilized her mutation and allowed her to change inbetween forms like Karai. Natalie decided to use it as a new opportunity and fight evil and would aid the mutanimals. She thinks its hilarious and ironic that Melissa Doyle was mutated and believes it served her right.
  • The Gatekeeper (Corey Burton) - A malevolent mutant owl who possesses powerful magical abilities and seeks mystical artifacts to make himself stronger and stronger. Despite his animosity with the Mutanimals, he believes Sir Malachi has potential and feels the mutant sparrow would make a worthy apprentice.
  • Don Vizioso (Brian Bloom) - An obese and gluttonous Italian Mafia don and a subordinate of the Shredder.
    • The Fulchi Twins (Eric Bauza) - A pair of twin brothers who work for Don Vizioso.
  • Claudia Birdwell/Clawcatoo (Wendie Malick) - Claudia Birdwell was once an elusive master thief with a fondness for bird-related artifacts (e.g. rare bird statues and Fabergé eggs) which she stole with the assistance of her trained pet cockatoo Victoria. While attempting to steal a rare jewel on the same night the events of The Mutation Situation occurred, a lone canister of mutagen struck Birdwell and Victoria from above, fusing them together and transforming Birdwell into a mutant sulphur-crested cockatoo with the power of flight, enhanced vision, sharp claws and talons, and the ability to harden her wing feathers and launch them at enemies as razor-sharp projectiles. While on her way home from a stakeout of a museum she was planning to rob (her target being a rare jeweled bird statue), Birdwell ran into the mutant pigeon Pete, who was immediately captivated by the mutant cockatoo and brought to the Turtles’ lair to meet the Mutanimals, where she was given the nickname “Clawcatoo” by Mondo Gecko.
  • The Advocate (Christopher McDonald) - A mysterious masked villain who uses sonic technology to hypnotize his victims into doing his evil bidding.
  • Otis Callaghan/TBA (Stephen Root) - A mutant stinkbug. Otis Callaghan was once a lowly, rotund lab assistant for Tyler Rockwell and Victor Falco who had developed a device that would allow the wearer to telepathically communicate with insects (in a manner similar to the DC comics superhero Aquaman) but was fired from the lab before he could debut it for pilfering the lab's finances to build his device. Disgruntled, Otis hung up his labcoat and started to make a living as bug exterminator, which he also used to support his hobby of collecting various types of beetles.
  • Crew of the Orcan
    • Admiral Jelly (Robin Atkin Downes) - A mutant jellyfish and the captain of the Orcan.
    • Skewer (John DiMaggio) - A mutant lobster and the first mate of the Orcan.
    • Driftwood (Travis WIllingham) - A red-skinned mutant hammerhead shark and the bo'sun of the Orcan. He is also Seafang's cousin.
    • Squid Legs (Matt Lanter) - A mutant octopus and the quartermaster of the Orcan.
    • One-Eyed Jack (Kath Soucie) - A young mutant penguin and the navigator/look-out of the Orcan. He is also Tusker's best friend.
    • Maelstrom (David Lodge) - A mutant sea turtle and the gunner of the Orcan.
    • Blowhard (Kevin Michael Richardson) - A mutant blowfish and the master-at-arms of the Orcan.
    • Tusker (Bill Faggerbakke) - A mutant walrus and the Orcan's cabin boy.
    • Seafang (David Kaye) - A blue-skinned mutant tiger shark and the cook of the Orcan.
  • Ant Empire
    • Queen Antea (Jennifer Hale) - A mutant fire ant. The power-hungry and megalomaniacal ruler of a vast underground colony of mutant fire ants who posess superhuman strength and the ability to breathe fire. Not only desiring to take over the "upper-world" with her army, Queen Antea also wishes for a male "worthy" of her affections who can rule longside her as her king. After obeserving the Mighty Mutanimals fighting off her soldiers, Antea develops an intense infatuation with Slash and desires to make the mutant turtle her king, even if it means killing the rest of the MM. Like the rest of her colony, Queen Antea posesses immense strength and the ability to breathe fire, and is a skilled warrior who wields her scepter (which can also project fire) with deadly skill. She has a fierce rivalry with Alopex because of her relationship with Slash and believes getting rid of her will make it easier to get Slash.
    • Thoraxus (David Herman) - Queen Antea's right-hand man and advisor who is also a skilled sorcerer. The sole survivor of a colony wiped out by an exterminator, Thoraxus gained a deep resentment for humanity and was accepted into Queen Antea's colony for his mystical expertise.
  • Savanti Romero (Graham McTavish) - The former apprentice of Renet's father, he plans to obtain the Scepter of Time so he can control all time.
  • Savanti Juliet (Kelly Osbourne) - Savanti Romero's sister, she works with Romero to obtain the Scepter and rule all time.
  • Lou Crosby/Clown Frown (Wayne Knight) - A plump, surly and disgruntled former stand-up comic, Lou Crosby took up employment as a kid’s birthday clown after his stand-up career hit rock bottom, and even in his current job the kids he performed for didn’t find him funny. While heading home from yet another unsatisfying performance, Lou came across an ancient looking medallion and was compelled to wear it, not knowing that the medallion was cursed, and was transformed into a frightening clown-like demon as a result who made it his mission to get revenge on those who previously didn't find him funny. Aside from possessing superhuman strength, Clown Frown is armed with a cornucopia of clown-themed weaponry, which include a deck of razor-sharp playing cards, ball bearing marbles, sharp jacks used as caltrops, a seltzer bottle that projects acid, a large spiked mallet, and a motorized unicycle that can move at phenomenal speeds.
  • Purple Dragons
    • Hun (Eric Bauza) - The new leader of the Purple Dragons and a rival of Casey Jones.
    • Fong (Andrew Kishino) - A short, skinny member of the Purple Dragons and the brains of the group. He gains a three-section staff as a new weapon.
    • Sid (James Sie) - A heavily muscled member of the Purple Dragons and the enforcer of the group. He gains a sledgehammer as a new weapon.
    • Tsoi (Andrew Kishino) - A mustachioed member of the Purple Dragons and the hustler of the group. He gains a windmill shuriken as a new weapon.
  • Darius Falco/The Rat Prince (David Faustino) -
    • Victor Falco/The Rat King (Jeffrey Combs) - A ruler of rats and a major enemy of the Turtles and Splinter. He broke his neck after his long fall and would later appear in his son Darius' hallucinations as a side effect of taking the neurochemical.
    • The Squirrelanoids - The result of an average squirrel innocently consuming the contents of a broken mutagen canister would be perhaps the most horrifying mutants yet created. Originally possessing the power of self duplication while inside a host's stomach, an encounter with the Ninja Turtles granted said squirrels a more monstrous appearance after they used Raphael as a host; the teenage terrapin's mutated blood transforming them into horrific, skeletal, red-furred abominations with immense strength, speed, agility, sharp claws, and a prehensile tongue.
  • Scarabus (Gregg Berger) - An evil ancient Egyptian sorcerer and the former master of Anubis and Batset.
  • Dream Beavers - At one point a family of simple-minded North American beavers, these unsuspecting woodland rodents were among the first creatures to be mutated by the Kraang after they arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. Deemed failures after exposure to mutagen seemingly only altered their fur color, caused different symbols to appear on their bellies and gave them the power of speech, these four beavers were used as guinea pigs for the Kraang’s trans-dimensional portal, which sent them into the “dream dimension” where they discovered they could manipulate people’s dreams and syphon off their life-force, and they proceeded to do just that for the next thousands of years. Aside from their power to change their surroundings and shape-shift while in someone's dream, the Dream Beavers can use their razor-sharp buckteeth and claws as deadly close-range weapons while their tails can be used as bludgeons.
    • Dire Beaver (Robert Englund) - A sinister purple-furred Dream Beaver and the apparent leader of the Dream Beavers. Since each of the Dream Beavers seem to represent a different type of dream, Dire represents the type of dream that expresses one's inner thoughts and desires, meaning he haunts the dreams and favors the life forces of people who have strong desires for certain things. He infiltrates Newtralizer's dream, by having him go through a scenario of what it would be like if he got revenge on the Kraang. Despite being satisfied, Newtralizer's dream takes a dark turn when Dire shows him a darker out come which would result in Newtralizer going back to his old ways and even killing/hurting his friends. During the fight Dire taunts him with how Newtralizer failed to destroy the Kraang, much less his dark memories from being tortured by the Kraang. Newtralizer begins to lose hope until Leo and Casey, with April and Rockwell's help, manage to get him to snap out of it, reminding him that what's done is done and only he can decide the person he wants to be. Having accepted what he's done, prepared to move on, and refusing to be what he once was, Newtralizer battles Dire, defeating him by pushing away the bad memories for the good. After expelling him from his dreams, Newtralizer, Leo, and Casey use him like a hockey puck, before sealing him away into space with the other beavers.
    • Dark Beaver (John Kassir) - A menacing red-furred Dream Beaver. Since each of the Dream Beavers seem to represent a different type of dream, Dark represents the traditional nightmare, meaning he haunts the dreams and favors the life forces of people who have strong fears and anxieties. He infiltrates Pete's dream, by haunting him with memories of when the Kraang mutated him as well as any and all hurtful words he encountered. Dark toyed with Pete similar to how he toyed with Donnie's, mocking him with all the cruel words of his teammates (Mainly Newtralizer) as he chased him. In hopes of breaking Pete, Dark made him believe his friends truly thought he was useless and had abandoned him, leaving Pete all alone, something he feared. However, just before he was about to finish off the broken mutant, Donnie and Candy, with April and Rockwell's help, managed to intervene, reminding Pete of all the good times with the Mutanimals and that they needed him. Dark, determined to finish what was started "In Dreams", attacked Donnie, but Pete, with new courage fought back. He began to take control of his Dream, using it against Dark, shocking and angering the beaver. Eventually Dark was expelled from Pete. Before he was sent into space with the other beavers, Donnie and Pete knocked him around with tennis rackets.
    • Dread Beaver (Robert Englund) - A frightening orange-furred Dream Beaver. Since each of the Dream Beavers seem to represent a different type of dream, Dread represents the kind of dream one gets from "eating something", meaning he haunts the dreams and favors the life forces of people who have eaten bad food and are trying to sleep it off. He infiltrates Slash's dream, haunting him with memories from his past and toys with his anger before engaging him in battle. During the process he begins to drain Slash of his lifeforce. Dread eventually tricks Slash into thinking he killed his friends, sparking up memories from his past from when he first mutated and when he was under Shredder's control, leaving Slash devastated and nauseated. Before he could finish off the broken Turtle, Raph and Jesse, with the help of April and Rockwell, infiltrate Slash's dream to snap him out of it. Dread then proceeds to attack Raph and Jesse for interfering and to finish what he started "In Dreams." During the fight, Raph manages to get Slash to remember the good dreams when he shows him a leaf. Dread then attacks Raph and attempts to kill him, only for Slash to fight back, fueled with determination, and uses the good memories to end Dread's attack. After being defeated and forced out of Slash's mind, Slash and Raph kick him around like a soccer ball before the fugitoid and utroms seal the beavers away in a prism, that blocks all of the beavers powers and abilities, and shooting them into space.
    • Dave Beaver (John Kassir) - An unintelligent and cute-looking Dream Beaver. Since each of the Dream Beavers seem to represent a different type of dream, Dave represents the happy dream, meaning he "haunts" the dreams and favors the life forces of people who have happy dreams. He infiltrates Sir Malachi's dream, filling it with fun, games, and happy memories of when Malachi was young and still had his parents. Despite it being a good Dream, Dave eventually used the happy memories to his advantage when he brought out all of Malachi's insecurities and fears. Eventually he tried to make it as though it would be better to stay in an eternal dream than go back to the real world. However, Mikey and Mondo, thanks to April and Rockwell, enter in order to save him. Mikey reminds Malachi of all of the people who love him and how he makes them happy with his own kind of magic. Malachi eventually challenges Dave to a game of battle monster cards to decide his fate. Despite the odds being in his favor, Dave loses and is expelled from Malachi's dream. After having a couple of cookies, he and the rest of the beavers are sent into space when they are sealed in a prism that blocks all their powers and abilities. It is there, he finally stands up to his brothers, telling them to shut up for once.
  • Speed Demon 2.0 (Steve Blum) - Formerly an ordinary muscle car, the original driver of this vehicle unknowingly drove over some mutagen left on the road, which mutated his car into a malevolent mechanical monstrosity that transforms whoever it consumes into a hideous mutant driver with an undying thirst for speed.
  • Old Foot Clan
    • Oroku Saki/The Shredder (Kevin Michael Richardson) - The former leader of the Foot Clan and Splinter's archenemy. Oroku Saki was the son and heir of the leader of the Foot Clan who was orphaned as a baby when his clan went extinct after their long conflict with the Hamato Clan. However, when the Hamoto Clan's leader, the father of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter), found Saki in what was left of the Foot Clan monastery, he took the poor infant into his family and raised him alongside Yoshi as another son. As they both grew older, Saki's rivalry with Yoshi intensified when they both fell in love with the same woman, Tang Shen. Fueled by jealously after Shen decided to marry Yoshi, Saki learned of his true heritage and rebuilt the Foot Clan as an armored vigilante masked by the Foot Clan's signature artifact, a helmet called the Kuro Kabuto, and armed with a pair of Tekko-Kagi claws built into his arm gauntlets known by his fellow Foot Soldiers as "the Shredder". One year after the birth of Yoshi and Shen's daughter Miwa, Shredder attacked the family in the Hamato Clan monastery, unintentionally killing Shen and furiously setting the residence in a blaze that burned his head bald and scarred. Projecting blame on Yoshi for Shen's death, he then spirited away Miwa, who he raised in the Foot Clan under the name Karai, while leaving her father for dead. After discovering his enemy's existence in New York, Shredder relocated the Foot Clan to the United States so he could enact his revenge on his former friend.
    • Takeshi/Tiger Claw (Eric Bauza) - A tall mutant bengal tiger and Shredder's second-in-command. Formerly a Japanese circus performer who had been mutated into an anthropomorphic Bengal tiger by the Kraang as a child, Tiger Claw left the circus to become the most lethal assassin in Asia, using his great strength, sharp claws and fangs and enhanced senses to deadly effect along with a pair of guns that fire lasers and freeze rays and a large sword. At some point in his career as an assassin, a battle with an unnamed rival resulted in Tiger Claw losing his tail, causing him to swear vengeance on his rival and vow to regain his tail. Seeing the use in Tiger Claw's skills, Shredder recruited the mutant feline into the Foot Clan as his second-in command in hopes of finally . He gains a cybernetic eye to replace his missing one, allowing him to see in infared vision.
    • Chris Bradford/Dogpound (Clancy Brown) - A beefy mutant canine and the Shredder's star pupil. Known to the public as a world-famous martial artist, Chris Bradford was secretly a high-ranking member of the Foot Clan who used his chain of martial arts dojos to draw in and recruit new members for the ninja clan. While in New York following his master's orders to locate the Hamato clan alongside his partner and rival Xever, Bradford feigned a friendship with Michelangelo and used the young mutant's trust in him in hopes of destroying the rest of the turtles and Splinter, yet was thwarted in the end by the turtles and flushed out of the sewer. Some time later, in an attempt to redeem himself and his partner of their previous failures, Bradford and Xever ambushed the turtles while they were trying to deactivate a mutagen bomb, which ended horribly for the two villains after Bradford thrusted his sword into the mutagen bomb and doused himself and Xever with mutagen, causing the to mutate into a hulking mutant akita dog with superhuman strength, bony armor, and heightened senses of hearing and smell (a mutation that was partially due to a bite he had received from his master's pet Akita Inu Hachico earlier that same night), and was soon dubbed "Dogpound" by Michelangelo upon his first fight with the Turtles as a mutant. Despite the advantages that came with his new mutant form, Dogpound began to lament the loss of his speed as a human and longed to regain his humanity. Locating the Foot Clan defect Baxter Stockman, Dogpound coerced the nefarious scientist into helping him regain his humanity, only to be disturbed by Michelangelo, who was suffering from a severe case of "shellacne" at the time. In the following battle, Dogpound was accidentally doused with mutagen a second time and was mutated into a tall skeletal canine with increased speed and strength, and was dubbed "Rahzar" by Michelangelo upon his mutation. During the events of "Rising Mojo", he is de-mutated by Sir Malachi into a form that is closer to his human form while still retaining aspects of his original Dogpound form.
    • Xever Montes/Fishface (Christian Lanz) - An unscrupulous mutant snakehead fish and the skilled criminal operative of the Foot Clan. Growing up impoverished and parentless on the streets of Brazil, Xever taught himself an important rule he followed in order to survive on the streets: steal if you want something or else starve to death. Eventually becoming a skilled criminal by the time he reached adulthood, Xever's luck finally ran out after he got caught trying to burglarize a hotel room and was given a lengthy prison sentence for his crimes. Somehow learning of Xever's reputation, the Shredder had the Brazilian thug freed from prison and recruited into the Foot clan as their street operative who would perform some of the "dirtier" jobs for the Foot that required Xever's criminal expertise. Upon Shredder's discovery that his enemy Hamato Yoshi had taken refuge in New York City, Xever was assigned to aid his partner and rival Cris Bradford in finding and ending Splinter and his clan, only to face defeat at the hands of the Ninja Turtles after venturing into the sewers to capture them, then again after trying to enlist the Purple Dragons to help them bring down the Turtles for good. Sometime later, in an attempt to redeem themselves for their past failures, Xever and Bradford ambushed the Turtles while they were trying to diffuse a mutagen bomb constructed by the Kraang, an attempt that ended disastrously for the two villains after Bradford thrusted his sword into the mutagen bomb and doused the duo with mutagen, which caused Xever to mutate into a deadly mutant snakehead fish with venomous teeth (a mutation that was partially due to Xever holding a fish of the same species he had bought earlier that same night for dinner). Because his mutation cost him the use of his legs (which had been merged together into a tail fin) and eliminated any possibility of leaving any body of water without suffocating and dying, Xever was left confined within the aquarium of Shredder's throne room until the villainous scientist Baxter Stockman, who had accidentally thwarted one of the Foot's attempts at beating the Turtles and was summarily coerced into working for the Foot for his interference, allowed Xever to regain his fighting skills by building him a pair of powerful robotic legs and a breathing harness that would allow him to survive out of water.
    • Baxter Stockman (Phil LaMarr) - An insidious and intelligent mutant housefly and mad scientist and the scientific genius of the Foot Clan. Possessing a gifted intellect but also an unethical personality, Baxter Stockman's first act of villainy was during his childhood when he brought a plastic volcano project that contained real lava to his school science fair, which resulted in the school's gymnasium being burnt down and Baxter getting expelled. As an adult, Baxter attempted to put his brilliance to good use by getting a job at T.C.R.I., only to be fired over an incident that involved a copier machine breaking down and ejecting ink. Having been mistreated all his life by his classmates and co-workers, Baxter snapped and swore revenge on those who wronged him, driving him to create a poorly-made suit of powered battle armor he used to try to break into the T.C.R.I. building, only for him to meet defeat at the hands of the Ninja Turtles. While receiving from the battle, Baxter came across Donatello's recently-created T-pod, a music player equipped with a highly advanced A.I. microchip, and plugged it into his armor, causing it to upgrade into a more powerful battle suit that allowed him to easily vandalize his former office and overpower the Turtles in their second encounter with Stockman. In a third fight against Stockman however, the turtles managed to gain the upper hand against the evil inventor by shoving a beehive into Stockman's face and eliminating the T-Pod, leaving Baxter defeated, riddled with bee stings and stuffed in a dumpster. Some time after his defeat, Stockman built a new group of small, dinosaur-like robots called M.O.U.S.E.R.S (an acronym for Mobile Offensive Underground Search Excavation & Retrieval Sentries) which he used to steal various loot and electronics in hopes of making himself rich. Unfortunately, Baxter's new venture caused him to come into conflict with the Purple Dragons after his M.O.U.S.E.R.S made off with some of their loot, yet he was able to spare himself from punishment at the hands of Dogpound by mentioning his robots were already working on eliminating the Ninja Turtles. Recognizing the value of Baxter's mechanical expertise, Dogpound coerced Baxter into helping hack into a cell phone that was stolen from April O'Neil, only to be thwarted when the Turtles managed to reprogram the M.O.U.S.E.R.S into attacking their foes and destroying the phone. Though displeased at Baxter for his interference in the Foot Clan's affairs, the Shredder decided to spare the meek scientist so that he could help Xever Montes (who had recently been transformed into a mutant fish during a fight against the turtles that left him unable to leave any body of water without facing the risk of death by asphyxiation) regain the ability to walk and fight on dry land. With the help of some stolen Kraang technology given to him by Shredder's daughter Karai, Baxter was able to construct a pair of powerful robotic legs that, coupled with a water-breathing rig he had also built to prevent Xever from suffocating on dry land, allowed Xever to regain his ability to walk and fight on dry land. Despite his success, Baxter was treated with little to no respect by Dogpound and Fishface (a nickname given to the mutated Xever in his fist battle against the Ninja Turtles as a mutant) and attempted to destroy them and the Turtles in a booby-trapped underground maze he constructed as a trap for the Turtles, only to fail when the Turtles, Dogpound and Fishface joined forces to escape the maze and defeat Baxter's robotic "monster of doom", yet he was able to escape at the last minute.
    • Anton Zeck/Bebop (J.B. Smoove) - An eccentric mutant warthog and the master thief of the Foot Clan. An international super thief outfitted with a high-tech suit, Anton Zeck gained the ire of his employer Ivan Steranko after shooting out the Russian criminal's right eye, though Zeck insisted that he did not do it on purpose. In an attempt to get back on his boss' good side, Zeck agreed to steal Shredder's sacred helmet, the Kuro Kabuto, so that Steranko would forgive him for his past misdeed, only to fail due to the interference of the Ninja Turtles. Several months after this venture and the invasion of the Kraang, Zeck (who had taken up shelter with Steranko after the malfunctioning invisibility mechanism of his suit rendered him unable to escape the city undetected) and Steranko decided to hunt down the mutated Karai in hopes of using her as a means of convincing Shredder to help them get out of the ravaged city, only to thwarted again by the Ninja Turtles and left at the mercy of the infuriated Shredder. Despite Zeck's pleas to be spared out of fear of being mutated and losing his "good looks", Shredder had Baxter Stockman mutate the master thief into an anthropomorphic warthog with an enhanced sense of smell, a mutation that also caused parts of his suit to break apart and merge into his flesh. Aside from his expert infiltration skills as a thief and his unusual yet effective dance-like fighting style, Zeck is outfitted with a special suit (that merged with his body while he was mutated) equipped with various gadgets to help him in his heists, which include a cloaking mechanism that allows him to turn invisible, a belt with hip-mounted blasters, a pair of gloves equipped with laser blasters that can be used used to cut holes in glass or take out enemies from a distance, a backpack that allows him to slide up or down vertical surfaces, a pair of boots that can generate a pair of energy beams Zeck can ride on to get from one place to another, and a mohawk that can generate explosive mohawk-shaped bolts of energy.
    • Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady (Fred Tatasciore) - A powerful mutant rhino and the artillery expert of the Foot Clan. Hailing from Soviet Russia, Ivan Steranko was once a notorious weapons dealer and artifact collector, as well as a longtime acquaintance of the Shredder. Eventually coming to desire Shredder's legendary helmet, the Kuro Kabuto, Steranko ordered his subordinate Anton Zeck to steal the helmet to add to his collection of famous artifacts, promising to forgive Zeck for shooting out his right eye if he succeeded, only for Zeck to fail due to the intervention of the Ninja Turtles. Several months following this failure and the invasion of the Kraang, Steranko and Zeck decided to hunt down the mutated Karai to use her as a means to convince Shredder to help them get out of the ravaged city, yet were thwarted once more by the turtles who allowed Karai to escape and left at the mercy of the infuriated Shredder. Despite Steranko's attempts to use their acquaintanceship as a way to convince Shredder not to have him mutated and his insistence that he would be more useful to the latter as a human instead of a mutant, Shredder had Baxter Stockman mutate the unwilling Steranko into a large, immensely strong mutant white rhinoceros, a mutation that caused most of Steranko's outer clothes to burn away while also melting his metal shoulder pads and knuckle busters into his flesh.
    • Shroudscale (Jeff Bennett) - A mutant chameleon and the private investigator of the Foot Clan.
  • The Kraang (Nolan North) - A race of aliens from Dimension X with dreams of taking over Earth and Leatherhead and Newtralizer's archenemies. To better their chances of besting their foes, they have given upgrades to their Kraangdroids to make them stronger while also varying their human disguises and upgrading their weapons.
    • Kraang Supreme (Frank Welker) - The new leader of the Kraang.
  • Triceratons - An alien race of anthropomorpic triceratops who are the Kraang's rivals in world domination. They originate from a planet that was destroyed during their war with the Kraang.
    • Zanramon (Michael Ironside) - The emperor of the Triceratons.
    • Captain Mozar (Michael Dorn) - The commander of the Triceraton army.
  • Lord Dregg (Peter Stormare) -
    • Lunawing (Tommy Chong) -
  • Netherdead (Peter Lurie) - Leatherhead's dark clone that was created by the Kraang.
  • Armaggon (Ron Perlman) - A ravenous great white shark-like alien and ruthless bounty hunter. Aside from being a fast and powerful swimmer, he possesses superhuman strength and a pair of powerful jaws filled with razor sharp teeth that allow him to even chew through steel.
  • The Insane Mutant Rejects
    • Bloodsucker - Their leader, a mutant leech with the power to gain the powers of another mutant through the consumption of its blood. He doesn't speak, but communicates through telepathy.
    • Apestronaut (Frank Welker) - A mutant gorilla. Gets very vicious when someone calls him a "racy vest-wearing monkey".
    • Ramhorn (Fred Tatasciore) - A mutant ram with superhuman strength and speed, which allows him to easily break through obstacles with his horns. Is very agressive towards his teammates, but he still respects them.
    • Count Rattington (Tim Curry) - A mutant rat. Dressed like Alex from Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange".
    • Insectoid (Dee Bradley Baker) - A mutant locust. His insanity is at a maximum level, making him a very dangerous enemy.
    • Groundchuck (Jim Cummings) - A red mutant bull and the more dangerous member of the rejects.
    • Dirtbag (Jeff Bennett) - A squat mutant mole and Groundchuck's partner and close friend.
  • Azula (Grey DeLisle) - Zuko's sister and the ex-heir to the Fire Nation throne.

Other Characters Edit

  • The Oracle Squad
    • Boltak Steranko (Gary Schwartz) - A massive yet humorous former member of the Russian KGB and the heavy weapons expert of the Oracle Squad, as well as the brother of Ivan Steranko (AKA Rocksteady).
    • Mitch Wylde (Nathan Vetterlein) - A smart-mouthed and cocky former baseball player from Boston, Massachusetts and the scout of the Oracle Squad.
    • James Reynolds (Rick May) - A tough-talking and fearless former United States sergeant and the de-facto leader of the Oracle Squad.
    • Hank Warshaw (Grant Goodeve) - A charming and likeable former weapons designer from Austin, Texas and the engineer of the Oracle Squad.
    • Derrick McAllister (Gary Schwartz) - A loud, cantankerous demolitions expert from Ullapool, Scotland and the demolitions expert of the Oracle Squad.
    • Sigfried Heisler (Robin Atkin Downes) - An extremely unorthodox yet skillful surgeon from Germany and the medic of the Oracle Squad.
    • Liam Meyers (John Patrick Lowrie) - A calm and collected former military sniper from Australia and the sniper of the Oracle Squad.
    • Javert Gusteau (Dennis Bateman) - A cunning and refined former espionage agent from France and the spy of the Oracle Squad.
    • Inferno (Dennis Bateman) - A mysterious and mentally unstable pyromaniac and the pyrotechnic of the Oracle Squad. He is never seen without his trademark mask, which muffles his voice and makes it hard for others to understand what he's saying, yet his teammates seem to have no problem understanding what he says.
  • Mayor Howard Colton (Gary Cole) - The current mayor of New York. Considerate and charismatic, Mayor Colton is aware of the growing mutant population in the city and seeks to make sure that no harm comes from it.
  • Caleb Ferris (Christian Slater) - The chief of the New York Police Department.
  • Melissa Doyle/Black Widow (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) - The mean-spirited and snobby head cheerleader of April, Casey, Jesse, and Candy's high school and Queen Bee's arch-nemesis. After losing to April at becoming Homecoming Queen and being expelled for her awful behavior, she swears revenge only to later be mutated into a black widow spider while her groupies are mutated into various mutants. She later joins up with Mutant Master with the promise of being the Queen of New York. Despite never admitting it to anyone, she is secretly Jealous of Karai, April, Angel, and Candy for their beauty, popularity, and the adventures they've been on, and especially Karai for being able to switch in between her forms. She is shown to be attracted to Casey, feeling jealous that he and April are in a relationship.
  • Ravage (David Koechner) - As mysterious as he is lethal, Ravage is a red-furred mutant coyote and a professional bounty hunter who collects the weapons of his defeated enemies as trophies. Almost nothing is known of his past, only that he hails from the dusty deserts of the American west and that he travels the world taking the most dangerous assignments from the most dangerous of people.
  • Joan Grody (Kari Wahlgren) -
  • Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe (Jim Meskimen) -
  • Lord Simultaneous (Jim Piddock) - The leader of the Time Masters and Renet's mentor and father figure. Newtralizer has a dislike for him due to him always reprimanding Renet, and how he almost always comes at the last minute to fix things.
  • The Pantheon - A group of animal deities that caused the events in human history
    • Manmoth

Weapons and Vehicles Edit

  • Weapons
    • Slash's mace: Slash's main weapon which he is able to use quickly and skillfully thanks to his great strength, the large spiked ball attached to the end of the shaft is capable of delivering powerful blunt attacks to enemies.
    • Newtralizer's arsenal
      • Newtralizer's wrist blasters: Hand-crafted by Newtralizer himself, these two wrist-mounted firearms, coupled with Newtralizer's own skilled marksmanship, prove to be highly effective in taking down opponents. While the blaster worn on Newtralizer's right wrist functions like a high-powered machine gun that fires a continuous stream of blue energy blasts, the blaster worn on his left wrist functions like a sniper rifle that fires powerful, long-range yellow energy blasts.
      • Brother Love: A small yet powerful shoulder-mounted missile launcher, "Brother Love" is Newtralizer's favorite weapon when it comes to taking down larger enemies or destroying obstacles.
      • Newtralizer's tail blades: Already capable of delivering powerful attacks with his tail, Newtralizer has added these blades to his tail to make the experience of being hit with it all the more painful for his enemies.
    • Sir Malachi's egg scepter: A wooden staff decorated with a ceramic ostrich egg mounted at the top, this staff serves as a medium for Malachi to better focus his magical abilities, as he has not fully mastered using only his hands to focus his powers.
    • Monkey Brains' psychic amplifier: Created by Monkey Brains out of salvaged Kraang technology, this helmet serves as a means to amplify Monkey Brains' psychic abilities to high levels.
    • Pigeon Pete's gun-harness: Built by Newtralizer and Monkey Brains to better equip Pete for combat, this special harness is equipped with a pair of laser blasters mounted on the shoulder blades and a larger, chest-mounted blaster that fires powerful blasts of concussive force.
    • Mondo Gecko's energy blades: Built by Newtralizer to give Mondo an edge in battle, these two specialized daggers can generate solid-energy blades, activated by pressing buttons on the hilts of them with the thumbs, which can cut through almost anything.
    • Leonardo's katana swords:
    • Donatello's bo-staff:
    • Raphael's sais:
    • Michelangelo's nun-chucks:
  • Vehicles
    • The Mutanimals' Rumble Van:
    • The Mutanimals' Battle Taxi:
    • The Mutanimals' Airship:
    • The Shellraiser:
    • The Turtle Blimp:
    • The Orcan:
    • The Ulixes:

Cast Edit

Main Characters Edit

  • The Mighty Mutanimals
    • Slash (Corey Feldman)
    • Leatherhead (Peter Lurie)
    • Newtralizer (Danny Trejo)
    • Monkey Brains (Tom Kenny)
    • Sir Malachi (Paul Reubens)
    • Pigeon Pete (A.J. Buckley)
    • Mondo Gecko (Robbie Rist)
  • Candy Fine (Stephanie Lemelin)
  • Jesse the Creeper (Dante Basco)
  • Mutant Master (Mark Hamill)
  • Cap'n Mossback/Crabcake (Ron Perlman)
  • The Kraang (Nolan North)
    • Kraang Supreme (Frank Welker)
  • Rufus Barnaby/Road Hog (Harland Williams)
  • Santiago Delgado/El Hippo (J.B. Blanc)
  • Triceraton Empire
    • Zanramon (Michael Ironside)
    • Commander Mozar (Michael Dorn)

Recurring Characters Edit

  • The Ninja Turtles
    • Leonardo (Seth Green)
    • Raphael (Sean Astin)
    • Donatello (Rob Paulsen)
    • Michelangelo (Greg Cipes)
  • Splinter (Hoon Lee)
  • April O'Neil (Mae Whitman)
  • Kirby O'Neil (Keith Silverstein)
  • Casey Jones (Josh Peck)
  • Vernon Fenwick (David Kaufman)
  • Irma Langinstein (Kate Micucci)
  • Glenn (Kenan Thompson)
  • Mel (Kel Mitchell)
  • Robyn O'Neil/Komodo (Nicole Sullivan)
  • Elissa Abernathy (Jennifer Hale)
  • Professor Zayton Honeycutt/Fugitoid (David Tennant)
  • Garson Grunge/Muckman (Grant Moninger)
    • Joe Eyeball (Grant Moninger)
  • Shredder (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Angel (Cree Summer)
  • Wingnut (Richard Steven Horvitz)
  • Screwloose (Max Casella)
  • Miyamoto Usagi (James Sie)
  • Carter (Bumper Robinson)
  • Traximus (Khary Payton)
  • Jack Kurtzman (Robert Forster)
  • Elise Kurtzman (Bernadette Peters)
  • Cyber Samurai (Peter Jessop)
  • Jemarcus DeCosta/Dreadmon (Dave Fennoy)
  • Trevor Carlyle/Terrorcuda (Billy West)
  • Scorpos (Lance Henriksen)
  • Adrian Stockman/Megamoth (Dorian Harewood)
  • Scythia (Gwendoline Yeo)
  • Punk Frogs
    • Attila the Frog (Maurice LaMarche)
    • Genghis Frog (Kevin Michael Richardson)
    • Rasputin the Mad Frog (Maurice LaMarche)
    • Napoleon Bonafrog (Jon Heder)
  • Short Fuse (Jason Marsden)
  • The Oracle Squad
    • Boltak Steranko (Gary Schwartz)
    • Mitch Wylde (Nathan Vetterlein)
    • James Reynolds (Rick May)
    • Hank Warshaw (Grant Goodeve)
    • Derrick McAllister (Gary Schwartz)
    • Sigfried Heisler (Robin Atkin Downes)
    • Liam Meyers (John Patrick Lowrie)
    • Javert Gusteau (Dennis Bateman)
    • Inferno (Dennis Bateman)
  • Mayor Howard Colton (Gary Cole)
  • Caleb Ferris (Christian Slater)

Supporting Characters Edit

  • Rebel Triceratons
    • Alathea (Cricket Leigh)
    • Monza Ram (Jason Spisak)
    • Zeno (John DiMaggio)
    • Trobec (Will Friedle)
    • Kallistrate (Michael Cornacchia)
    • Salviatore (Benjamin Diskin)
    • Zarra (Heather Hogan)
    • Dieera (Olivia Hack)
  • Mutagen Man (Roger Craig Smith)
  • Ace Duck (Jeff Bennett)
  • Renet (Ashley Johnson)
  • April Jones (Megan Fox)
  • Mousepad (Jenny Slate)
  • Wrencha (Jennifer Hale)
  • Perri Grey (Mindy Cohn)
  • Sal (Eddie Deezen)
  • Mr. Weaselton (Daran Norris)
  • Dr. Colette Van Souci/Beautifly (Grey DeLisle)
  • Alopex (Minae Noji)
  • Karuto Sagazuki (George Takei)
  • Don Vizioso (Brian Bloom)
  • The Fulchi Twins (Eric Bauza)
  • Savanti Romero (Graham McTavish)
  • Savanti Juliet (Kelly Osbourne)
  • Claudia Birdwell/Clawcatoo (Wendie Malick)
  • Dr. Mandrill (Neil Patrick Harris)
    • Scorch (Crispin Freeman)
    • Buzz (Stephen Stanton)
    • Spike (Thom Adcox)
  • Old Foot Clan
    • Tiger Claw (Eric Bauza)
    • Chris Bradford/Dogpound (Clancy Brown)
    • Xever/Fishface (Christian Lanz)
    • Baxter Stockman (Phil LaMarr)
    • Anton Zeck/Bebop (J.B. Smoove)
    • Ivan Steranko/Rocksteady (Fred Tatasciore)
    • Shroudscale (Jeff Bennett)
  • Purple Dragons
    • Hun (Eric Bauza)
    • Fong (Andrew Kishino)
    • Sid (James Sie)
    • Tsoi (Andrew Kishino)
  • New Foot Clan
    • Karai (Kelly Hu)
    • Shinigami (Gwendoline Yeo)
  • Clown Frown (Wayne Knight)
  • Rat Prince ()
  • Rat King (Jeffrey Combs)
  • Netherdead (Peter Lurie)
  • Speed Demon 2.0 (Steve Blum)
  • Lord Dregg (Peter Stormare)
    • Lunawing (Tommy Chong)
  • Armaggon (Ron Perlman)
  • The Insane Mutant Rejects
    • Bloodsucker
    • Apestronaut (Frank Welker)
    • Ramhorn (Fred Tatasciore)
    • Count Rattington (Tim Curry)
    • Groundchuck (Jim Cummings)
    • Dirtbag (Jeff Bennett)
    • Tokka (Wade Williams)
  • The League of Mutants
    • King Lionheart (David Ogden Stiers)
    • Halfcourt (Chris Rock and Phil Lamarr)
    • Sandstorm (Brian George)
    • Wiskeer (Jess Harnell)
    • Monty Moose (Dave Thomas)
    • Sergeant Bananas (R. Lee Erney)
    • Hot Spot (Josh Keaton)
    • Dr. El (Michael Leon Wooley)
    • Walkabout (James Patrick Stewart)
    • Panda Khan (Lauren Tom)
  • Bishop (Nolan North)
  • Team Avatar
    • Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen)
    • Katara (Mae Whitman)
    • Sokka (Jack DeSena)
    • Toph (Jessie Flower)
    • Zuko (Dante Basco)
    • Suki (Jennie Kwan)
    • Mai (Cricket Leigh)
    • Ty Lee (Olivia Hack)
    • Appa (Dee Bradley Baker)
    • Momo (Dee Bradley Baker)
    • Iroh (Greg Baldwin)
  • Azula (Grey DeLisle)
  • Jack Finney/Man-Ray (Xander Berkeley)
  • Hardrock (Curtis Armstrong)
  • Scentessa (Janice Kawaye)
  • Dream Beavers
    • Dread Beaver (Robert Englund)
    • Dark Beaver (John Kassir)
    • Dire Beaver (Robert Englund)
    • Dave Beaver (John Kassir)
  • Alistair Valentino/Anubis (Anthony Ruivivar)
  • Penelope Valentino/Bastet (Susan Eisenberg)
  • Wildebeest Warrior (Diedrich Bader)
  • Gazellea (Susan Egan)
  • Jagwar (Keith Szarabajka)
  • Unagi (Armin Shimmerman)
  • Ravage (David Koechner)
  • Glo Rida (Flo Rida)
  • Polar Bear Vikings
    • King Iorek (David Sobolov)
    • Prince Sven (Elijah Wood)
  • Mutant Warriors
    • Opossumundo (Jess Harnell)
    • Wide Eyes (James C. Matthis III)
    • Thunderhoof (Jonathan Joss)
    • Frillius (Greg Ellis)
    • Ju-Doe (Kath Soucie)
    • Grasskicker (John Kassir)
    • Cluckette (Tress MacNeille)
  • Joan Grody (Kari Wahlgren)
  • Melissa Doyle (Colleen O'Shaughnessey)
  • Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe (Jim Meskimen)
  • Opticlops (Lara Jill Miller)
  • The C.O.W.-Boys
    • Marshal Moo Montana (Jeff Bennett)
    • Dakota Dude (John DiMaggio)
    • Cowlorado Kid (Sam Rigel)
  • The Ninja Tribunal
    • Kon-Shisho (Liam O'Brien)
    • Juto-Shisho (Matthew Mercer)
    • Chikara-Shisho (Minae Noji)
    • Hisomi-Shisho
  • Ninja Tribunal Acolytes
    • Faraji Ngala (Phil Morris)
    • Adam McKay (Derek Stephen Prince)
    • Joi Reynard (Emmanuelle Chirqui)
    • Tora Yoshida ()
  • Utrom Council
    • King (Peter Cullen)
    • Queen (Cassandra Peterson)
    • Rook (Kate Micucci)
    • Pawn (Nolan North)
    • Bishop (Nolan North)

Confirmed Characters Yet To Appear Edit

  • Clyde Kinterson (Justin Roiland)
  • Old Hob (Steve Blum)
  • Otis Callaghan/Scumbug (Stephen Root)
  • The Jones Family
    • Gabrielle Jones (Idina Menzel)
  • Natalie Gates/Queen Bee (Tara Strong)
  • Cobalt Brotherhood
    • Boss Hugo Giovanni/Oranguton (Maurice LaMarche)
    • Buttercup (Thomas F. Wilson)
    • Toxin (Charlie Adler)
    • Jacques Chevalier/Monsieur Fin (Troy Baker)
    • Snake Eyes (Michael Rosenbaum)
    • Crowhead (Lex Lang)
    • Webfang (Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Cactus Butt (David Spade)
  • Speedbeak (Freddy Rodriguez)
  • Cecil Donovan/Fang Glider (Dave Foley)
  • Master Crik (Keone Young)
  • Mulan (Kim Mai Guest)
  • Simon Bonesteel (Diedrich Bader)
  • G'throka (Keith David)
  • Mona Lisa (Zelda Williams)
  • Doug Walker/Nostalgia Cheetah (Doug Walker/The Nostalgia Critic)
  • James Rolfe/Angry Video Game Bird (James Rolfe/The Angry Video Game Nerd)
  • The Gatekeeper (Corey Burton)
  • Chu Hsi/Dragon Warrior ()
  • Street Cats
    • Pietro (Scott Menville)
    • Benito (Collin Dean)
    • Giuseppe (Brian Bloom)
  • Fancy Cats
    • Felicity (Hynden Walch)
    • Octavia (Claudia Black)
    • Tiberius (Greg Ellis)
  • Crew of the Orcan
    • Admiral Jelly (Robin Atkin Downes)
    • Skewer (John DiMaggio)
    • Driftwood (Travis Willingham)
    • Squid Legs (Matt Lanter)
    • One-Eyed Jack (Kath Soucie)
    • Maelstrom (David Lodge)
    • Blowhard (Kevin Michael Richardson)
    • Tusker (Bill Faggerbakke)
    • Seafang (David Kaye)
  • Gladiator Raccoons
    • Marie the Raccoon (Roz Ryan)
    • Pocahontas the Raccoon (Regan Gomez)
  • Ant Empire
    • Queen Antea (Jennifer Hale)
    • Thoraxus (David Herman)

Confirmed Actors With Roles Yet To Be Confirmed Edit

  • Justine Ezarik/iJustine
  • James Hong
  • Cindy Robinson
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Peter MacNicol
  • Tony Todd
  • Kevin Grevioux
  • Matthew Lillard
  • Dwight Schultz
  • Kurtwood Smith
  • Chris Cox
  • Christy Carlson Romano
  • Fred Willard
  • Patrick Warburton
  • Maria Canals Barrera
  • Lacey Chabert
  • Tania Gunadi
  • Elsie Lovelock
  • Nathan Sharp

Crew Edit

  • Enda MacNabola: Director, Executive Producer, Staff Writer, Creator
  • Reid007: Storyboarder, Head of Story Department, Staff Writer
  • Andrew Tighe: Voice Director, Supervising Producer, Staff Writer

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Main article: The Mighty Mutanimals (2018 Series)/Transcripts

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Rise of the Mutanimals - When Donnie discovers a new mutant named Mutant Master who plans on taking over the world, the Turtles decide to take him down. But when their attempt leaves the Turtles badly injured, Donnie decides to gather some mutants together to form an alliance that will help them fight foes more stronger and powerful than them. To form this alliance, they must find Slash, Leatherhead, a reformed Newtralizer, Sir Malachi, Dr. Rockwell, Pigeon Pete, and Mondo Gecko to form the Mighty Mutanimals team.
  2. Beauty Divine - While patrolling the city with the Mutanimals, Mondo witnesses a beautiful girl named Candy Fine getting abducted by the Kraang. Having seen Mondo fall in love with this mysterious beauty, the other Mutanimals decide to rescue her and wonder why the Kraang would want to kidnap someone as beautiful as her.
  3. Mossback and Mutants Don't Mix - During a fight against the Kraang, the Mutanimals accidentally destroy a Cajun-themed restaurant, causing the owner of the establishment, Cap'n Mossback, to swear vengeance against them. At first merely annoyed by his attempts at killing them, Mossback soon becomes a legitimate threat to the Mutanimals after he becomes mutated into a hulking mutant crab which Mondo soon dubs "Crabcake".
  4. Miyamoto Usagi - The Mutanimals discover a hidden Kraang base and plan to destroy it. While there, Pete meets and rescues a mutant rabbit samurai named Miyamoto Usagi, who had past connections with Splinter and the Hamato Clan.
  5. The Return of Mutagen Man - After he is accidentally unleashed from his frozen prison, Mutagen Man goes on a rampage all throughout New York in search of vengeance against the Turtles' human allies April O'Neil and Casey Jones. And now, the Mutanimals must stop him before the city is destroyed!
  6. The Hog of War - Hoping to find some new mutant friends, Sir Malachi encounters a rotund and amiable mutant pig and former motorcycle gang member named Rufus Barnaby, who likes to go by the self-created nickname "Road Hog". Road Hog hits it off well with the other Mutanimals, but Monkey Brains and Newtralizer begin to think that Road Hog doesn't wish to become friends with them simply because they're all mutants.
  7. 7 Mutant Homeboys from Dimension X - While fighting the Kraang, the Mutanimals accidentally release some insane mutants that the Kraang had planned to add to their mutant army into the city. Now, the Mutanimals must find and capture the insane mutants before they destroy the city!
  8.  When In doubt - After Mondo Gecko begins to doubt his usefulness to the team, especially after a mission went wrong, Mikey, after recovering, decides to train his friend to help his confidence.
  9. I Think His Name Is Adrian Stockman - Concerned of the city's ever-growing mutant population, the New York city council commissions scientist Adrian Stockman to build a battalion of mutant-hunting androids, which prove to be a major hazard for the Mutanimals.
  10. Of Mutants and Men - When rumors of mutants wrecking havoc within the city begins to spark fear into the humans eyes, The Mutanimals and Turtles, along with Jesse, Kurtsman, Candy, April, Casey go to find the source in order to calm everyone down and make them see that not all mutants are bad. Along the way they come across April and Casey's classmate Vernon, a mutant Activist.
  11. Return of the Triceratons - The triceratrons return in hopes of finishing what they started, only this time they captured the turtles, Casey and April.
  12. Re-Enter the Foot - The shredder once again returns in hopes of finishing Splinter and the turtles off once and for all. In hopes of baiting them out, he orders an attack on the mutanimals.
  13. Scale Tail - While out on his own one night, Newtralizer encounters a mutant serpent named Scale Tail (unaware that it is Splinter's daughter Karai as a mutant) and becomes determined on bringing her down; the Turtles and Mondo Gecko try to consult Master Splinter's loss of Karai.
  14. They Came From Below - After fighting off some mutant fire ants who were terrorizing people in Central Park, the Mutanimals head underground to discover a vast colony of mutant fire ants who seek to take over the surface world, led by the megalomaniacal Queen Antea and her calculating confidant/wizard Thoraxus. Becoming infatuated with Slash after watching him fight off some of her guards, Antea desires to make the mutant tortoise her king and orders Thoraxus to brainwash Slash into doing whatever she wishes. Now it's up to the Mutanimals to prevent their leader from becoming Antea's unwilling husband, enlisting the unlikely aid of Thoraxus' irascible and unappreciated nephew Short Fuse in the process.
  15. First Date - Mondo decides to take Candy out to a fancy restaurant so they can officially start their relationship. Unknown to him, one of the Kraang's bases turns out to be right underneath the restaurant he's taking Candy to. And thus, the Mutanimals must head to the restaurant and warn Mondo before it is too late!
  16.  Seeing Double - People all over town are being attack by a crocodile that resembles Leatherhead. Things get worse when he keeps disappearing each night and ends up at each crime scene, but has no memory of what happened. Afraid he's reverting back to his old violent self, Leatherhead leaves the group; but Mikey and Slash, in an attempt to clear their friend's name, feel as though he's being set up.
  17.  Fox Trot - Alopex returns to New York, but is being hunted down by the Kraang when she steals plans for a weapon that could destroy the city.
  18. Something's Ratty - Splinter begins to hallucinate when he see's images of the Rat King, despite defeating him long ago. Wanting to make sure Falco is still gone, but get his revenge incase he survived, Rockwell sets off on his own to find him, only to learn that while he did died after his last fight with Splinter, His spirit/mind has taken control of his own son resulting in the Rat Prince. 
  19. New Vigilante in Town - With reports of heavy Purple Dragon activity going around the city, the Mutanimals' schedule becomes swamped; Pete's hopes for a savior arrive in the form of Jesse the Creeper - a lowlife vigilante who has a personal grudge against the Purple Dragons.
  20. Wings of Love - After seeing how happy Mondo and Candy are as a couple, Pete begins to wish for a girlfriend of his own. He apparently gets his wish one night upon meeting a lovely and charming female mutant cockatoo named Claudia Birdwell, later dubbed "Clawcatoo" by Mondo, but the other Mutanimals are suspicious of Clawcatoo's real motives for hooking up with Pete.
  21.  Class Dismissed - Students from Candy and Jesse's school begin disappearing after the arrival of a new teacher. The situation worsens when April O'neil and Casey Jones vanish as well.
  22. Rise of the Cobalt Brotherhood - The Mutanimals face a new threat in the form of a group of professional criminals called the Cobalt Brotherhood, who willingly mutate themselves after being thwarted in a gold heist by the Mutanimals.
  23.  All in the Past - The team notices Slash distancing himself lately only for them to realize that it's getting close to the day when Slash first mutated. Despite being forgiven and moving on, Slash continues to feel regret and self-hate for everything that had happened on that day, especially when he begins to be haunted by the past during his dreams. Things grow worse when his nightmares cause him to hallucinate during a Foot Clan raid mission.
  24. Rising Mojo - During a battle between the Foot Clan and the Mutanimals, Malachi discovers he can de-mutate mutants by absorbing the mutagen from their bodies with his magic after de-mutating Rahzar into a form closer to his human form while still retaining aspects of his Dogpound form, though not without causing great pain to himself. Hoping to use this new power to de-mutate Karai, Shredder has his henchmen capture Malachi so that he may cure Karai of her mutation, leading to the Mutanimals teaming up with the Turtles to save their young friend.
  25. This Means War, Part 1 - After the events of Rising Mojo, the turtles, except for Donnie, along with April and Casey are badly hurt once again, only this time they are poisoned. Things worsen when Shredder offers to cure them in exchange for Splinter and the now stabled Karai. With the clock ticking, the Mutanimals set off to Shredder's lair once again to retrieve the antidote.
  26. This Means War, Part 2 - The mutanimals face off against Shredder and his henchman in order to get the antidote, and destroy his mutagen weapon.

Season 2 Edit

  1. Return of the Turtles - After the events of This Means War, Donnie is finally able to create an antidote for his brothers' injuries so they can head to the surface and fight evil once again along with the Mutanimals.
  2. Within the Sewers - While skateboarding the sewers on Halloween night, Mondo and Candy hear an unusual noise. When Donnie links the noise to the legendary cryptid Chupacabra, Donnie, Mikey, Mondo and Candy decide to hunt it down armed only with a staff (Donnie), nunchucks (Mikey), a rocket-powered skateboard (Mondo) and a pair of escrima sticks (Candy).
  3. The Citadel - Kurtsman learns rumors of a mysterious fortress built within the forest and goes to investigate. When he didn't return, the mutanimals decide to enter the fortress to save him, only to discover the dark mystery of the fortress.
  4. Return of the Punk Frogs - While investigating a Kraang outpost in the swamps of Louisiana, the Mutanimals encounter the Punk Frogs, who have made a new home in an abandoned boat that is stuck at the top of a large tree. Agreeing that combining their forces will have a better chance of driving out the Kraang, the Mutanimals and the Punk Frogs agree to work together to rid the swamp of the Kraang after providing the frogs with new weapons created by Mousepad, but their partnership is complicated due to the Frogs' unwillingness to trust Leatherhead since alligators eat frogs.
  5. Survival of the Fittest - Learning of the mutant population of New York City, professional big game hunter Simon Bonesteel comes to NYC to hunt down some of these mutants, and the Mutanimals are at the top of his list.
  6. Here's Jesse! - Jesse's grudge against the purple dragons threatens to put him and the others at risk during a weapon raid mission.
  7. Mossback's Vendetta - The Mutanimals travel to the Kraang base underwater to gather some info on the Triceratons' invasion plans; Crabcake sends the newly-created Cyber Samurai to hunt down Candy and bring her to Mutant Master.
  8. The Sting of Vengeance - The Mutanimals face a new threat in the form of Queen Bee, a ruthless teenaged vigilante who brutally attacks people who have wronged children and teenagers in various ways. Candy soon identifies Queen Bee as a former friend of hers, and the Mutanimals must act fast before she enacts her revenge on one of her former main tormentors.
  9. Dragons Rising - The Purple dragons return more armed and dangerous as they begin to hunt down mutants.
  10. Rat Trap - The Mutanimals learn through Splinter that the Rat Prince has come back and is seeking vengeance against the Mutanimals and Splinter. Now the Mutanimals must attempt to defeat the Rat Prince and protect Splinter at the same time!
  11. The Sands of Time, Part 1 - The Mutanimals are contacted by Renet the time sorceress after finding that her nemesis Savanti Romero and his sister Juliet are causing trouble throughout the timestream, leading the Mutanimals and Renet to go on a time-traveling adventure that takes them to the Jurassic era, the days of the Roman empire, and Feudal Japan.
  12. The Sands of Time, Part 2 - After stopping Savanti Juliet in ancient Egypt, The Mutanimals and Renet continue their mission to defeat Savanti Romero, traveling to the days of the French revolution, New York during the 1960s, and to the future New York in 2087.
  13. The Pantheon - While on a walk with Splinter and the turtles, Slash comes across a Pantheon known as the Cat Queen. She warns the them that an ancient war between Pantheons will one day begin telling them the story of the Pantheons. Meanwhile, Rockwell, Newtralizer, Leatherhead, Pete, Mondo, and Malachi attempt to clean their warehouse, only for problems emerge when Rockwell and Newtralizer argue over who should be in charge.
  14. Netherdead Returns - The Mutanimals must rescue Leatherhead when his Kraang doppelganger Netherdead captures him to take his place; meanwhile, Casey and Angel decide to help Jesse ambush the Purple Dragons.
  15. Clown and Out - A demon-possessed clown named Clown Frown is terrorizing everyone in their dream worlds, and it's up to Raph and Slash to team up and take him down before everyone's dreams are destroyed!
  16. Invasion of the Amazon Raccoons - The Mutanimals are summoned back to the swamp by the Punk Frogs to aid them in a land war against an all-female clan of mutant raccoons, but things become complicated after they discover Napoleon is in a secret friendship and growing romantic relationship with the raccoons' princess, Pocahontas while also having to prevent the Kraang from retaking the lab they shut down in Return of the Punk Frogs.
  17. Trash of the Titans - After learning that the city is planning on celebrating Muckman's heroics, an infuriated Mutant Master, believing the garbage-mutant to be a traitor to mutantkind for helping humans, orders his henchmen to assassinate the "traitor", forcing the Mutanimals and Muckman to work together to save the latter's life.
  18. Legend of the Dark Gaia - During a slow night of relaxation, the Mutanimals are visited by an irate Short Fuse, who asks for their help in stopping a drilling machine the Kraang are using to tunnel to the center of the Earth. The Mutanimals are soon shocked to discover the Kraang drilling into a hidden lost world hidden in the Earth's core inhabited by dinosaurs and a temple that houses a dangerous artifact called "the Dark Gaia".
  19. Plan 12 - During a brawl with the Kraang at one of their bases, Newtralizer discovers via a Communication Orb that the Kraang are intending to terraform the city with a huge laser from one of their starships. After hearing this, the Mutanimals decide they must stop it before their city is turned into a Kraang-only zone!
  20. Dead or Alive - The Shredder sends out Tiger Claw, Rahzar, and over 3 dozen squads of Foot Soldiers to hunt down the Mutanimals and silence them permanently. When the Turtles overhear this while out on patrol, they decide to help the Mutanimals escape into an abandoned sewer tunnel, far beyond the Foot Clan's radars.
  21. Fast Forward - While fighting the Kraang, the Mutanimals fall into a Time Window, sending them hurdling 20 years into the future. While trying to find a way back to their own time period, they encounter the future versions of the Turtles, Splinter, the recently-wed Casey and April Jones, and their newborn daughter Shadow.
  22.  Sibling Rivalry - Alopex and Slash team up when Tiger Claw begins to raid the museum of its priceless artifacts. One in particularly is said to contain the great power of an ancient demon.
  23.  Is the Doctor In? - Its flu season and everyone but Mikey, Angel, Vern, Casey's little sister Maria, Mondo, and Candy, get sick. Wanting to help make them feel better, the group decides to act like their doctors, until trouble starts brewing in New York.
  24. Into Dimension Z! - The Mutanimals are accidentaly thrown into another dimension and must find a way home.
  25. The Triceraton Invasion, Part 1 - When the Triceratons launch a full-scale assault on New York, the Mutanimals must gather all of their allies to defeat the reptilian invaders.
  26. The Triceraton Invasion, Part 2 - In order to save the humans, the city, and their planet, the Mutanimals team up with the turtles and their friend the fugitoid to invade the Triceraton mothership to stop the prime leader.

Season 3 Edit

  1. Infestation - A month after the Triceratons' defeat at the hands of both the Mutanimals and the Turtles, Slash and Newtralizer decide to investigate the wreck of a Triceraton warship after Donnie intercepts a message from one of the warship's crew members calling for help. While inside, however, they discover multiple alien eggs that soon hatch, and now Slash and Newtralizer must destroy the rapidly-growing aliens and escape the ship before they become the aliens' next victims!
  2. Secrets Revealed - After the Mutanimals encounter a cat named Old Hob with the intention of building a mutant army, they realize their battle with Mutant Master has not ended. Meanwhile, the Turtles return to Dimension X to search for facts surrounding April's Missing mother Elizabeth and Casey's missing mother Gabrielle.
  3. Rise of the League of Mutants - Vernon along with Irma discover a group of mutants that want fair rights and live among the humans, however problems emerge when a Group called HATE tries to ban all mutants.
  4. Birth of a Rebellion - In order to ensure a peace treaty with the humans across the globe, the mutanimals must help Bishop, an utrom, escort a mutant ambassador to the White house, but the members of Hate try to prevent it from happening.
  5. Into the Deep - The Mutanimals face a problem when they encounter a mutant manta ray bent on protecting the ocean; the Turtles decide to take Candy with them on a mission to a Kraang base to get information for the Mutanimals.
  6.   No One, Get's Left Behind - Mutagen Man and Queen Bee both team up in order to get revenge on those who wronged him. Donatello, feeling the most responsible for what happened to Mutagen Man, and Candy, feeling guilty for not being able to help Queen Bee, take it upon themselves to save the two before they wreck havoc all over New York. But things become complicated when Mutant Master decides to take advantage of the two mutants vulnerable state.
  7. Secrets of the Ooze - the mutanimals invade the technadrome when they discover the krang's latest plans to use the mutagen to power a new weapon. meanwhile, the turtles are given the full story of how Kraang Prime discovered the mutagen.
  8. The Return of Miyamoto Usagi - Usagi returns to New York along with his friends and the Mutanimals along with the turtles decide to give them a tour of the city. Unknown to them a bounty hunter is targeting them.
  9. Race with the Demon II: New York Drift - Casey and Mondo must race against Speed demon after he Crashes into Mr. O'neil's car injuring him, April, and Candy.
  10.  Into the Web - When she attempts to get revenge on April for beating her at homecoming queen and getting her suspended, Mellissa and her groupies end up being mutated into various mutants, with her becoming a mutant black widow spider. Being promised by Mutant Master that new York will become her new kingdom, Mellissa, now dubbed Black Widow, along with her groupies targets not only April, Casey, and the Turtles, but the mutanimals.
  11. The Tides of Chaos, Part 1 -
  12. The Tides of Chaos, Part 2 -
  13. The Tides of Chaos, Part 3 -
  14.  Lost and Found - After the events of "No One, Get's Left Behind," Mutagen Man and Queen Bee are both stabilized and are able to switch between their human and mutant forms. Despite being forgiven, the two suffer guilt and remorse for everything that has happened, and take off trying to find themselves.
  15.  More than Meets the eye - While hanging out one night, Mikey, Mondo, Casey, Jesse, and Angel meet a boy named Carter, who, like Karai, is able change between his Mutant and human forms. The only problem is, he can't control his powers.
  16.  Let it Go! - It's been a year since his mutation, but Slash
  17. Wheel of Mutations - The Mutanimals and the Turtles must race to save April from Mutant Master's army when she, Joan Grody, and Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe are placed on a twisted game show called "Wheel of Mutations" in which the contestants face the risk of being mutated if they fail to pass challenges the game show places for them.
  18. Return of the Dream Beavers -
  19. Where's the Love? - It's Valentines day, and everyone has plans except for Slash and Alopex. Unfortunately Gatekeeper, teamed up with Spiderbytz, plan on breaking more than a few hearts. When they begin kidnapping people, and Gatekeeper creates a monster that feeds off the captives dark fears and sadness of losing people they love, the Mutanimals must stop him. But things become complicated when they become victims themselves, especially when Slash realizes that he's fallen in love with Alopex.
  20. Chinatown Showdown - After a fight between the Mutanimals and the Purple Dragons goes awry due to Pete's clumsiness, which leads to Newtralizer making an angry comment that hurts the mutant pigeon's feelings, Pete begins to doubt his value to the team and flies away with his self-esteem badly damaged. While brooding on an abandoned dojo in Chinatown, Pete encounters an elderly mutant cricket and kung fu master named Master Crik, who takes pity on Pete and agrees to train him in martial arts alongside his students Mulan, a serious yet altruistic female mutant turtle, and Scythia, a ruthless and unsympathetic mutant preying mantis. While training in Central Park, the dojo is raided by the Purple Dragons who uncover an ancient sarcophagus and release a hundred-year-old Chinese vampire who transforms them into vampire minions and has them aid him in doing the same with the entire city's population, and it's up to the Mutanimals, Master Crik and his apprentices to stop him!
  21. Wildebeest Warrior Unleashed -
  22.  -
  23. The Tragic Tale of Pietro and Felicity - During a raid on a Kraang facility, the Mutanimals rescue and befriend a pair of young mutant cats named Pietro, who is a street-smart and friendly alley cat, and Felicity, who is an eloquent and kind-natured housecat. Despite gaining the gratitude of Pietro and Felicity's families for rescuing them (with the exception of Felicity's hot-blooded cousin Tiberius), the Mutanimals soon discover that the two cat families, the Street Cats and the Fancy Cats, despise one another to the very core, which becomes even more problematic when Pietro and Felicity fall in love during a party at the Fancy Cats' mansion which Pietro attends in disguise. Now caught in the middle of this feud, the Mutanimals must find a way to preserve Pietro and Felicity's love while also ending the conflict between their families before things go from bad to worse.
  24.  Triple Date Trouble - Slash and Alopex join Raph, Mona, Mondo and Candy for a date at Murakami's. But Queen Antea, out of jealousy, invades the city, she plans to do more than just ruin the group's date.
  25.  -
  26.  -

Season 4 Edit

  1.  -
  2.  All in the Past - As he continues to train with the turtles in the art of ninjitsu, and Mutanimals and Karai with his powers, Carter finally feels comfortable enough around his new friends to share his past and how he ended up the way he is.
  3.  He's Mine! - Queen Antea challenges Alopex to a duel in order to claim Slash's heart. Despite declining at first, as she didn't want to treat Slash like a prize, Alopex quickly changes her mind when she learns her friends lives are on the line, as well as the city of New York.
  4. Jungle Fury - While in the jungles of Central America to investigate and destroy a newly-constructed Kraang outpost, the Mutanimals find a new ally in the form of a mutant jaguar named Jagwar.
  5. Deadly Heart - Ever since Splinter agreed to train Carter, April started to secretly become Jealous of him, especially when he manages to beat her in a sparing match and use her psychic powers against her. However she fails to realize how much it had grown, until Gatekeeper decides to use it to his advantage.
  6.  -
  7. Clash of the League of Mutants -
  8.  Garbage Day - The mutanimals need to help Muckman take on his most dangerous foe in order to save some homeless people and runaways from his most dangerous foe, the Junkman.
  9.  -
  10.  -
  11.  -
  12.  -
  13. Mutants of the Caribbean, Part 1 -
  14. Mutants of the Caribbean, Part 2 -
  15. Mutants of the Caribbean, Part 3 -
  16.  -
  17.  United as One - The Mutanimals team and family continues to grow, Jack, Donnie, and Rockwell organizes the team in groups to help make assignments and missions run easier. However Mutant Master's latest plan may require all the members to band together.
  18.  No Ill Will - Mikey develops a mysterious fever, but it soon turns deadly. With his three oldest sons on a mission and his Daughter in Japan, Splinter contacts the Mutanimals only for them to learn that its the work of Gatekeeper.
  19.  Love is in the Air - Adrian Stockman creates a powerful love potion to hypnotize anyone, mostly women, into falling in love with him so he can take over the city. The Mutanimals and Turtles take it personally when their girlfriends, along with April's dad, are affected by the potion.
  20.  Shot Down - Maria, Casey's little Sister, and her friends Zach and Catlin are in shock when their beloved teacher is shot and injured by a man who came to their school with a gun. Out of Anger, Casey attempts to hunt down the man, but is stopped by April and Rockwell. .Meanwhile, the rest of the mutanimals try to help the kids over come their trauma.
  21.  -
  22.  -
  23.  -
  24.  Hooked, Lined, and Baited Part 1 - Someone is targeting all of The Turtles and Mutanimals' friends and allies, and must act quickly to find out who it is and why.
  25.  Hooked, Lined, and Baited Part 2 - Thinking they've stopped whoever attacked all of their friends, Slash soon realizes this was all a ploy by Mutant Master in order to distract the Mutanimals from acquiring his real targets: The Turtles.
  26.  Hooked, Lined, and Baited Part 3 - With the turtles captured, most of their friends either injured, the Mutanimals team up with Splinter, Karai, and their remaining allies in order to save the Turtles, but this proves to be deadly when Mutant Master, not only allies himself with the Shredder, but has taken control of all of the turtles (Except for Michelangelo.)

Season 5 Edit

  1.  Path of a Ninja - Two months after the events of Hooked Lined and Baited, Slash begins to doubt his capabilities of being a ninja. Taking Splinter's advice, Slash decides to take April, Casey, and Carter to the O'neil Family farm to undergo the same Spirit training the turtles faced, with the Turtles guiding them for the first week and leaving them to fend for themselves as they begin their trials.
  2.  -
  3.  -
  4.  -
  5.  -
  6. Shredmageddon! -
  7.  -
  8.  -
  9.  Bug Off! Part 1 - An old enemy of the Turtles, Lord Vringath Dregg returns to Earth with an army of insects and bounty hunters to, not only take over the planet, but exact revenge on The turtles, April, Casey, Karai, Fugitoid, Mona Lisa, and Sal Commander. While trying to protect their friends, Newtralizer is forced to reveal a dark secret.
  10.  Bug Off! Part 2 - Despite no one blaming him, Newtralizer decides to confront Dregg himself in order to save Mondo Gecko, Candy, Jesse, and their allies; but he soon realizes it may have put them all and the Earth in more danger.
  11.  -
  12.  Losin' It! - Feeling like she's gaining weight, especially after seeing a Model come to the mall, Candy decides to go on a diet with Angel as her coach and Timothy and Malachite as her exercise buddies. Timothy and Malachite diet properly and lose weight, but Candy takes it too far as she begins to push herself to the point of not eating. Mondo starts to become concerned and tries to come up with a plan to keep Candy from going to far, especially after she faints during a mission.
  13.  No Laughing Matter - Clown frown returns and has kidnapped Mikey, Mondo, and April, and its up to the Mutanimals to save them.
  14.  -
  15.  Six Mutants and Two Babies - After her original babysitter cancels and she's forced to cover for a friend at work, Candy asks the mutanimals babysit her infant twin cousins, Becky and Ricky. The twins prove to be a handful for the mutants, and their problems worsen when they end up in the hands of Mutant Master.
  16.  -
  17.  -
  18.  -
  19.  -
  20.  -
  21.  -
  22.  -
  23.  -
  24.  -
  25.  -
  26.  -

Season 6Edit

  1. The Ancient One - Seeing how his sons, along with Karai and Slash have improved with their skills, Splinter sends them to Japan to train under an old teacher of his; the Ancient one. the boys and Karai soon discover the road to him is not an easy task.
  2. Survival of the fittest - Two months have passed since Slash went to Japan with the turtles and Karai, and the mutanimals are still having a hard time adjusting without him. However, problems rise when their home is discovered by Mutant master.
  3. Hide and Seek - After having a vision, Slash, the turtles, and Karai return to New York to find the mutanimals and their friends after they were attacked by mutant master.
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. Silence is not golden Part 1 - A serious two parter episode involving Abuse, Bullying, and Suicide. Kirby, being a psychologist, interviews Mondo Gecko, Mikey, Timothy, Natalie, Jesse, and Candy over an incident involving Shawn, a classmate of Candy, who not only was bullied and abused by a significant other, but at home. Things worsen when he is mutated.
  17. Silence is not Golden Part 2 - The six teens finish up their story. After Shawn's mutation he goes on a rampage to get revenge on his tormentors. After he is restore Shawn, out of guilt, attempts suicide. Timothy and Natalie are affected the most as they were in Shawn's place.
  18. -
  19. -
  20. -
  21. -
  22. -
  23. -
  24. -
  25. -
  26. -
  27. -

Season 7: Tales of the Mighty MutanimalsEdit

  1. Null and Void - The mutanimals come across their most dangerous foe; a demon named null who plans on creating a mutant army of his own in order to rule the world.
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. Adventures in Turtle-sitting part 1 - The turtles are accidentally turned into babies when a raid in the kraang lab goes wrong. Leaving the mutanimals to find a way to reverse them back to normal and to baby sit them.
  7. Adventures in Turtle-Sitting part 2 - The baby turtles are abducted by the mutanimals' enemies in hopes of drawing them out, but plan to raise them as their own seeing how impressed they were with their skills as teenagers.
  8. Not So Amusement Park - Since Mutants and Aliens are now able to walk amongst the humans, the Mutanimals, the Turtles, and their allies decide to spend the day at Coney Island, at Michelangelo's suggestion. However, trouble starts to Brew when Baxter Stockman, teamed up with Clown Frown, high jacks the park.
  9. -
  10. -
  11. What-if Dimension - The Mutanimals and Turtles end up in a dimension that's similar to their's, the only difference is, Newtralizer is still their enemy with an even darker history such as leaving Commander G'thraka for dead, still allied with Dregg, and hunting Utrom and Splinter has died.
  12. Reopened wounds - Newtralizer begins to have nightmares the other dimension and begins to question the choices he had made that he made in his life that lead up to his current life.
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
  19. -
  20. -
  21. -
  22. -
  23. -
  24. -
  25. -
  26. Of Ninjas and Destiny Part 1- The Turtles and Mutanimals began having nightmares involving a demon like Shredder, monsters, and a group of ninjas known as the tribunal. With the help of April, Casey, Jesse, Karai, Carter, and Candy, they try to figure out what it all means against Splinter's wishes. During their search they battle a group of ninjas that are under the command of a the ninja tribunal.
  27. Of Ninjas and Destiny Part 2 - Furious that the mutanimals took his sons to investigate the tribunal and disobeyed his wishes, Splinter grounds the turtles, confines them and Karai to the lair, and temporarily forbids the mutanimals and their human friends from contacting them until further notice. However his actions create a rift in his relationship with his sons, especially when the turtles grow tired of Splinter constantly keeping secrets from them. Matters only worsen when the Ancient one appears to warn Splinter of the destiny his children and the mutanimals are forced to play.

Season 8Edit

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
  19. -
  20. -
  21. -
  22. This is How it Ends Part 1 - The Mutanimals are tasked with aiding the acolytes in protecting the turtles and Karai until it is time for the final fight against the demon Shredder. However, the Mystics have other ways of obtaining Karai and the Turtles.
  23. This is How it Ends Part 2 - Distraught by their failure in protecting the turtles and Karai, upset that April, Casey and the acolytes are under the control of the mystics, and angry at the Ninja Tribunal for withholding information, Slash begins to doubt the mutanimals roles as guardians and their role in aiding the turtles in the fight. He soon begins to understand when he is visted by the spirits of Splinter's late wife Tang Shen and his late father Hamato Yuta who tell him, the mutanimals, and their friends a story about the Demon shredder's creation as well as the mutanimals importance in this final fight.
  24. This is How it Ends Part 3 - While Splinter, Candy, Jesse, and the Ancient one are fighting against the possessed April, Casey, and acolytes, The Mutanimals break into the demon shredder's lair in order to save the turtles and Karai from having their souls drained and used for the demon shredder's ultimate resurrection.
  25. This is How it Ends Part 4 - With their friends saved, the Mutanimals gather all of their allies and former enemies for a final fight against the demon shredder. The pressure is on as its not just the fate of New York that hangs in the balance, but the entire world, galaxy, and all dimensions.
  26. This is How it Ends Part 5 - Karai, The Turtles, mutanimals (Slash, Newtralizer, Sir Malachi, Mondo Gecko, Leatherhead, and Rockwell), and alcolytes have finally unlocked their true power and are determined to end the Demon shredder once and for all. The demon shredder begins to steal the life-force from everyone in order to power himself, even from his own army. Just when hope seems lost, the heroes manage to defeat the Demon shredder, saving the world, and everything they hold dear. However, demon shredder, in a last ditch effort, attempts to take the heroes down with him, but Karai, the turtles, and Alcolytes are saved by the mutanimals who use the last of their energy to shield them and force the demon shredder back, destroy him and sacrificing themselves in the process. However, the Ninja tribunal revives them. In an epilogue, 8 years have passed and the team continues to flourish and it shows how much New York and Earth as changed. Leo, Donnie, and Mikey all manage to find love and they, along with Raph and Mona, are married and have children. Splinter is retired and is enjoying the rest of his days with his family, especially his grandchildren. Karai merged the Foot and Hamato clan into one, and she is later married and has two children. April and Casey are with their daughter Shadow and later have a son, and the Mutanimals are still going on strong. All the members have settled down with their love and interests and have families. New York is flourished with Humans, Aliens, and mutants all living in peace. But even with their new lives, the Mutanimals are always ready to band together and fight to protect the city, along with their friends and allies.

Ideas for the SeriesEdit

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