The Mighty Avengers: Heroes Forever is the Series Finale TV Movie of The Mighty Avengers.


As Quoted by Marvel Comics Co-Creator Stan Lee in the Begining:

Hey There True Belivers! What would Happen if all of the Universe's Greatest Heroes had to team up to stop a Menace like No Other? You're gonna have to see it to belive it when it started on a day ulike any other.


On a Day unlike any other, When all of Earth's Mightest Heroes Unite as One, The Mad Titan Thanos have seek revenge on the Avengers Once More, But this Time, Using the Powers of Galactus To recreate the Universe in his own Image. Entrusted by his own Vow, Uatu the Watcher has summoned all of the Universe's Superheroes to avert the Chaos Thanos will create. With the help of the Personafication of the Afterlife Death & The Malevolent Doctor Doom, the Heroes must work together to end the Titan's Reign of Terror.


And that was the Story of how when an large army of Earth's Mightest Heroes banded together when an Common threat has decided to end the Universe & Time as We Know It. But thanks to the power of Teamwork, the threat was averted. The World's Leaders & the Heroes has banned all of Earth's Mightest Villians to the Negative Zone Prison 42 and close down the Portal that link both Dimensions together forever. Leaving Earth free from their own villiany. As such the Heroes, Such as the Avengers were prasied for their Heroic Efforts today & Promises a Better Future to look foward to. What Happens Now you ask? Well, let's just say when all of Earth's Mightest Heroes Unite as One, it was Delarced to be Known as the event called "Heroes Forever".



  • Charile Adler - Voice Director

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