3 years after the events of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, King Triton has passed on from old age, and Ariel has claimed the crown and the trident , and her daughter, Melody is having time on sea and land, on land she is human, and in sea, she is a mermaid.

Melody All Grown Up by stargate4ever23

Melody, is the new Little Mermaid




  • Melody (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - The half-human/half-mermaid daughter of Eric and Ariel, she is now 15 years old and the main protagonist of the series
    Melody Grown Up Again by stargate4ever23

    Melody's human form

    , in human form, she wears dresses,
    Melody grown up by stargate4ever23

    Melody's mermaid form

    while in mermaid form, she either wears pink seashell bra or a green seashell bra, and a pink flower in her hair.

In both forms, she is revealed to know some martial arts and can use a sword and a dagger as well as a spear.

  • Tip and Dash (Max Casella and Stephen Furst) - Melody's 2 best friends and the "Flounders" of the series.
  • Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright) -
  • Ariel (Jodi Benson) - Eric's wife, Melody's mother, the queen of Atlantica who is now controls the trident and the secondary protagonist of the series.
  • Eric (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – Ariel's husband, Melody's father and the third protagonist of the series.
  • King Triton (Corey Burton) - comes like Jaga on Thundercats, and informs Ariel not to make the same Mistakes he made.
  • Scylla (Angelina Jolie) - The main antagonist, she got killed in Season 1 finale.
  • Lady Tramaine (Susan Blakeslee) - Scylla's servant, and top spy on the land.
  • Cathy Catfish (Cindy Robinson) - Tip and Dash's scout to give Ariel messages.


Episode Number Title for the Episode Synopsis
1 A New Beginning
2 Lost Coral
3 Scylla's Lair
4 Rise of the Morlocks
5 SeaFerrier
6 Love of Might
7 Dragon's Favor
8 Melody's nightmare
9 A Mother's Prayer
10 Light and Dark
11 The Lost Pricne
12 Ariel's Quest
13 Sebastian's Karma
14 Princess and the Peas

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