3 years after the events of The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, King Triton has passed, and Ariel has full control of the trident, and her daughter, Melody is having time on sea and land, on land she is human, and in sea, she is a mermaid.

Melody All Grown Up by stargate4ever23

Melody, is the new Little Mermaid




  • Melody (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - The half-human/half-mermaid daughter of Eric and Ariel, she is now 15 years old and the main protagonist of the series
    Melody Grown Up Again by stargate4ever23

    Melody's human form

    , in human form, she wears dresses,
    Melody grown up by stargate4ever23

    Melody's mermaid form

    while in mermaid form, she either wears pink seashell bra or a green seashell bra, and a pink flower in her hair.
  • Tip and Dash (Max Casella and Stephen Furst) - Melody's 2 best friends and the "Flounders" of the series.
  • Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright) -
  • Ariel (Jodi Benson) - Eric's wife, Melody's mother, the queen of Atlantica who is now controls the trident and the secondary protagonist of the series.
  • Eric (voiced by Rob Paulsen) – Ariel's husband, Melody's father and the third protagonist of the series.
  • King Triton (Corey Burton) - comes like Jaga on Thundercats, and informs Ariel not to make the same Mistakes he made.
  • Scylla (Angelina Jolie) - The main antagonist, she got killed in Season 1 finale.
  • Lady Tramaine (Susan Blakeslee) - Scylla's servant, and top spy on the land.
  • Cathy Catfish (Cindy Robinson) - Tip and Dash's scout to give Ariel messages.


Episode Number Title for the Episode Synopsis
1 Ariel's Sea Dream
2 Lost Coral
3 Scylla's Lair
4 Rise of the Morlocks
5 SeaFerrier
6 Love of Might
7 Dragon's Favor
8 Melody's nightmare
9 A Mother's Prayer
10 Melody's a bad girl
11 Prince Eric's dead
12 Ariel's quest
13 Queen's the word
14 Princess and the brains

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