Voice actors Edit

The Prehistoric Pals Edit

  • Cody Arens as Littlefoot
  • Anndi McAfee as Cera
  • Aria Noelle Curzon as Ducky
  • Jeff Bennett as Petrie
  • Rob Paulsen as Spike
  • Max Burkholder as Chomper
  • Meghan Strange as Ruby

[Untitled] Edit

  • Nika Flutterman as Ali
  • Rob Paulsen as Guido

The Flattooth Herd Defenders Edit

  • Mark Ryan as Buzz
  • Jess Harnell as Dinohide
  • Francesco Quinn as Dino (pronounced "dee-no")
  • Jason Marsden as Benivo
  • Nika Futterman as Nima
  • A. John Goodman or B. Daniel Ross as Dreadnought

The Legendary Seven Edit

  • Sam Neil as Littlerock (The Great)

The Sharptooth Uprising Edit

  • Tony Todd as The Supreme Leader of all Sharpteeth
  • Hugo Weaving as (General) Tyranus
  • Charlie Adler as (Colonel) Sharpstreak

Synopsis Edit

while Dinohide swipes hard at his feet with his tail, causing him to trip and fall in the worst way possible, badly injuring himself in the process. Before Littlerock kills him, [Demolishor] delivers the message (in Sharptooth, which Chomper heard & understood completely): "The Great Valley will Fall."

As the Spinosaurus heads into position, The Supreme Leader of all Sharpteeth roars out (which was the signal for all The Sharpteeth in the Uprising to begin their assault on The Great Valley).

The Flatteeth prepare themselves for the Sharpteeth to burst through the entrance into The Great Valley, taking positions in the canyon near the entrance from which the Sharpteeth would enter. As The Uprising readied to bust their way into the Great Valley, they level the entrance and it collapses outward, and the Sharpteeth swarmed into the Great Valley. The Flatteeth were quickly overwhelmed and were forced to fall back.

Unknown to The Grownups, the children decided to participate (somewhat) in Driving The Army of Sharpteeth out of The Great Valley, and (surprisingly,) they were successful in Taking Down a Sharptooth. The Kids were about to come up with a plan to take down the next one when all of a sudden they were captured by Icky and his Squadron of (Large) Sharpbeaks and were delivered to the waiting (General) Tyranus in a pit surrounded by thick trees, with the Trees getting thinner the farther you get from the pit. Even though Tyranus gave Littlefoot a Scar on his left cheek, he eventually decides to bite off Littlefoot's Head and deliver the rest of his Body to The Supreme Leader of all Sharpteeth as proof that the deed is done, but just when he was about to bite off Littlefoot's Head, both Bron and LittleRock busted through the Thick Trees to free the Kids.

Bron takes Littlefoot & Shorty and flees, but Tyranus is not the type to give up without a fight and sure enough, Tyranus followed and attacked Bron. Forced to release his kids, Bron and Tyranus immediately started slugging it out. At first, Bron dominated the fight, relentlessly striking Tyranus and trashing talking him. Eventually, Tyranus called for help, and (Colonel) Sharpstreak and (Sergeant) [Grindor] arrived. Sharpstreak immediately began chasing the kids (mainly Littlefoot), and the boys were somehow able to outrun both Sharpstreak and another Sharptooth as both Grandma and Grandpa Longneck ran interference as the Children (Littlefoot & Shorty at first, but now Ali, Rhett, Ruby, and Chomper, who were brought in by Littlefoot's Grandparents now) try to find shelter. Tackling one Sharptooth and grabbing the other (by the neck with their tail) from behind, then he/she unwraps their tail around the Sharptooths neck so fast that it causes him to spin around like a top for a bit before the Elderly Longneck kicks the Sharptooth in the mouth so hard that it actually knocks out a few of his teeth, before he falls to floor.

Some distance away, the Flattooth Herd Defenders were charging at full speed towards The Longnecks position.

As the battle continued, Tyranus told The Longnecks that his Master won't let the prophecy come true and that they will destroy the chosen one for him. One of the longnecks replied by telling them to leave their children alone which they gave no response to as the Sharpteeth continued to lay into them, with [Grindor] and Sharpstreak eventually knocking both Grandma and Grandpa Longneck out of the fight leaving Bron alone as they slash into him with their claws, until Tyranus slammed Bron into the ground and kicked him in the face so hard it (actually) knocked out a few of his teeth. Sharpstreak then opened up with a few rocks before Tyranus sent him flying with a well-placed kick in his side.

As the Sharpteeth advanced on the children, Tyranus started gloating to Littlefoot about how he's going to enjoy tearing him to shreds and then showing his remains to his Master, but Bron wasn't going to let that happen, not as long as he's alive. Not holding back any longer, Bron charged the Sharpteeth, which if Littlefoot hadn't of yanked Chomper out of the way, Bron would've accidentally Crushed him, that's how close the Children were to the Battle. Not only did he (Bron) hold his own, he was actually winning, showing everyone why they called him Bron The Legendary, smacking and socking Sharpstreak and [Grindor], breaking all four of the latter's limbs before Tyranus charged him. Managing to catch his incoming kick with his tail, Bron repeatedly whipped Tyranus (with his tail) before taking on Sharpstreak and breaking his right arm and knocking him out of the fight too. After dispatching Sharpstreak, Bron tackles [Grindor] and despite having no useable limbs, still tries to take a bite out of Bron, leaving him no choice. Bron positions himself and then proceeds to piledrive his head into the ground, which killed him immediately.

After which Bron proceded to find the kids.

As The Prehistoric Pals continued to make their way to safety, Sharpstreak sees them and deciding to use a less forceful method, Sharpstreak orders Icky to tell [Rampage] and [Ravage] to use their back up plan. Rampage forcibly ejected the children's siblings, who had also been captured by Icky and his Squadron of (Large) Sharpbeaks. [Rampage] held their siblings at teeth point and made it clear he wanted the Kids to turn themselves over to the Sharptooth Uprising. However, Buzz had made his way back to the Children's position, and Littlefoot distracted [Rampage] long enough for Buzz to drop kick the Sharptooth away from the Kids. Reacting quickly, [Rampage] began laying into the smaller Flattooth, but Buzz was faster and managed to pin [Rampage], trying to break his arm. [Ravage] then attempted to jump Buzz from behind, but Buzz managed to grab [Ravage] by the tail and slam him against a wall! Focusing his attention back on [Rampage], Buzz broke both of [Rampage's] arms and his neck, killing the Sharptooth.

Eventually, The Supreme Leader of all Sharpteeth finds an opening and stuns Bron, and the merciless Sharptooth quickly took the moment to deal Bron a Mortal Wound, while Littlerock watched in horror.

The Supreme Leader of all Sharpteeth then taunted Littlerock.

The Supreme Leader of all Sharpteeth roars out (which get's the attention of everyone in The Great Valley), then he slowly lifts up one of his arms, then points out and says, "FINISH THEM!" At that moment, "The Battle of The Great Valley" turns into "The Great Valley Massacre."

"Revenge is Mine." then he Maniacly Laughs out Load, as the Screen fades out to Black

It is unknown how it ends, but after The Battle, the Children and their Guardian emerge from there hiding spot only to find that The Great Valley is not only in ruins but that it has become the epicenter of a Slaughterhouse, in fact, there were too many dead bodies to even count (which includes the Residents of The Great Valley, Herds that Migrated into The Great Valley for Protection, The Flattooth Herd Defenders, and The Sharptooth Uprising).

Littlerock reaches Bron who is barely alive, as Bron instructs Littlerock to train his son to become a Flattooth Herd Defender, reiterating that Littlefoot is the Chosen One. Littlerock gives his word that he will.

Littlefoot & Shorty find Littlerock with their father who is dying,

Later, [Evelyn] and the other [medical officers] are working frantically with masses of incoming casualties, having to prioritize which lives can be saved and who receives priority care.

The bodies of everyone who have fallen in combat (including Hyp's Father, Mutt's Father, Dara, Grandma & Grandpa Longneck, Bron, Tria, Mama Swimmer, Mama Flyer, and Chomper's Father) are cremated, and both Proto and Littlerock agree that there is more to this than meets the eye.


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