Taking place after the first film, Ben and Bridget take Hans to Hawaii, so they can help him get over his break up with Jean, who left him for rockstar singer, Garett Jonas, but when Brolin Trask, Hatchet Roch's former right-hand man, follows them for revenge, he comes to the aid of the voodoo lady, who helps him use magic as a revenge on our heroes, and he uses an old man's jacket to try to make the old man blame Ben and Hans.


September 4, 2015


  • Ben Daniels (Andrew Garfield) - helps Hans cheers up with his break up with Jean, in the end, goes with Bridgette!
  • Hans Vince (Jared Padalecki) - is depressed of his break up with Jean for rock star, Gerett Jonas, in the end, realizes Jean was not the girl for him and sticks with Leona!
  • Bridgette Grant (Emma Stone) - lives with Ben, in the end,goes with Ben to a movie!
  • Leona Culani (Mila Kunis) - Hans' new love interest, she's also a very good hula dancer, in the end, punches Jean for using Hans to get to Garett!
  • Brolin Trask (Guy Pearce) - serves as the main antagonist, his goal is to take revenge on Ben and Hans for his utter humiliation, and uses voodoo magic from a voodoo lady, Mamma Molly, in the end, double crosses Molly, and was cursed into a doll!
  • Mamma Molly (Whoopi Goldberg) - the secondary antagonist, helps Brolin achieve his goal of revenge on Ben and Hans, in the end, is betrayed by Brolin, and curses him into a doll!
  • Unknown man (Jeffrey Combs) - the man in the shadows, in the end, was revealed to be an undercover cop, and arrests Molly, and Brolin in a doll form!
  • Kyle Rine (Mickey Rooney) - a grouchy old man who warns Ben and Hans that if his jacket isn't clean, he'll whack them across the heads with his cane, in the end, apologizes to Ben and Hans for being so sensitive, and sets off to New Orleans!
  • Jean Manson (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) - Hans' ex-girlfriend, who is mentioned, until seen in the end, was punched by Leona!
  • Garett Jonas (Russel Brand) - a rockstar who fell in love with Jean, which caused her to dump Hans, in the end, dumps Jean!



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