Ben Daniels and Hans Vince start dating 2 girls named Bridgett Grant and Jean Manson, although they have to clean Paul Nicholas's jacket, because if they don't, Paul will break them.


September 6, 2013


  • Ben Daniels (Andrew Garfield) - in the end, Goes out with Bridgett, and goes to Colorado!
  • Hans Vince (Jared Padalecki) - in the end, makes a painting of Hatchet getting his butt kicked by Paul!
  • Bridgett Grant (Emma Stone) - Ben's love interest, in the end, goes with Ben to Colorado and kisses Ben on the Lake!
  • Jean Manson (Rosie Huntington-Whitey) - Hans's love interest, in the end, laughs at Hans's painting, and gives it an A!
  • Calvin Jones (Peter Dinklage) - Hans and Ben's boss at the dry-cleaning store, in the end, Goes on Vacation to Borneo to visit his lover in the Jungle!
  • Calvin's lover (Moon Bloodgood) - in the end, in the jungle holds Calvin and kisses him on the cheek
  • Roland Crane (Ryan Gosling) - Bridgett's snobbish boyfriend, in the end, gets dumped and is chased by a mob!
  • Hatchet Roch (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) - the main antagonst, Catrina, Norman and Brolin's boss, who tasks for Catrina and Norman to kill Ben and Hans, because he knows about the jacket they were hired by Paul to clean, which he had a talk with an unknown man about the jacket, in the end, gets beated by Paul, and was sent to prison for the rest of his life!
  • Catrina Vancr (Kate Beckinsale) - lies to Ben and Hans to fake that Normon is her husband and is suffering from an illness, in the end, gets arrested, and sent to a female prison!
  • Normon Franz (Robert Moloney) - Catrina's lover, who always gets injured when he was hired to try and kill Ben and Hans, in the end, is retired and Married to Catrina!
  • Brolin Trask (Guy Pearce) - partners with Norman and Catrina, and serves as Hatchet's right-hand man, in the end, gets away and vowes vengeance!
  • Unknown Man (Jeffery Combs) - seen in one appearance in the shadows talking to Hatchet, Catrina, Normon and Brolin about the jacket, in the end, he passes Hatchet's leadership to Brolin
  • Paul Nicholas (Hollywood Yates) - Ben and Hans's customer who wants his jacket done, and if it isn't, he'll break them, in the end, apologizes to Ben, and Hans for his impatienceness, and beats the heck out of Hatchet!
  • Briana Nicholas (Alexys Nichole Sanchez) - Paul's daughter, she hates waiting, and sees that a pink jacket (originally Paul's championship jacket) was meant for her, and said that Paul was the best father in the world



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