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The Incredibles: Syndrome's Revenge is the sequel of The Incredibles 2006


Syndrome has return and survived from if aparent


It begins 2 years after the 1st film when Violet Parr went to date Tony Rydinger.

Jack Jack's adventureEdit

List of The Incredibles 2 Characters

. Jack Jack Paar- (Julianne Moore), Bob and Helen's seven-year-old- son.

. Hannah (Idina Menzel), Old Lady Alice's cat who Jack Jack shoots with his powers.

. Kevin (Austin Mahone), Jack Jack's hamster.

. Louise (Kristen Bell), Jack Jack's pet frog.

. Rain (Maddie Ziegler), Jack Jack's barbie.

. Old Lady Alice (Betty White) Bob and Helen Parr's neighbor.

. Kayden (Anne Hathaway) Frozone's seven-year-old- nephew and Jack Jack's friend.

. Skylar (Demi Lovato) Kayden and Abigail's mom.

. Bruno (Brad Pitt) Kayden and Abigail's dad.

. Dana (Maya Rudolph) Bob's mom and Dash, Violet, and Jack Jack's grandmother.

. Dash (Olivia Holt) Violet's younger brother and Jack Jack's older brother.

. Abigail (Jimmy Fallon)- Kayden's 13-year-old- blind sister who likes to rant on and on about stinky pinky.

in the end, gets surgery for her blindness and finally sees for the first time.

. TBA as Joshua.

Lauren (Channing Tatum)- Abigail's best friend who is not blind.

Silas (Kevin James)- Bob's older brother and Jack Jack, Violet, and Dash's uncle.

Eve (Brandy)- Helen's older sister and Jack Jack, Violet, and Dash's aunt.

Kari (Anna Kendrick)- Jack Jack and Abigail's old babysitter.

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