The Incredibles: Syndrome's Revenge is the sequel of The Incredibles 2004


Syndrome has return and survived


It begins 2 years after the 1st film when Violet Parr went to date Tony Rydinger.

Jack Jack's adventureEdit

List of The Incredibles 2 Characters

. Jack Jack Paar-, Bob and Helen's seven-year-old- son.

. Hannah, Old Lady Alice's cat who Jack Jack shoots with his powers.

. Kevin, Jack Jack's hamster.

. Louise, Jack Jack's pet frog.

. Rain, Jack Jack's barbie.

. Old Lady Alice Bob and Helen Parr's neighbor.

. Kayden Frozone's seven-year-old- nephew and Jack Jack's friend.

. Skylar Kayden and Abigail's mom.

. Bruno Kayden and Abigail's dad.

. Dana Bob's mom and Dash, Violet, and Jack Jack's grandmother.

. Dash Violet's younger brother and Jack Jack's older brother.

. Abigail Taylor Dooley- Kayden's 13-year-old- blind sister who likes to rant on and on about stinky pinky.

in the end, gets surgery for her blindness and finally sees for the first time.

Justin Berfield as Frankie Rydinger

Lauren - Abigail's best friend who is not blind.

Silas - Bob's older brother and Jack Jack, Violet, and Dash's uncle.

Eve - Helen's older sister and Jack Jack, Violet, and Dash's aunt.

Kari - Jack Jack and Abigail's old babysitter.