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Hi! I'm Ultimatespiderman! I am a huge fan of Idea Wiki. As a huge Marvel fan, I love sharing my ideas and fanon. It inspired me to get a Wikia account in the first place. But recently, I learned that its creator, WikiMan, claims "the Idea Wiki will be overhauled and relaunched." According to him, "This wiki is a great idea! However, currently it seems to be plagued by spam. There are many ideas that don't look like ideas at all." I disagree. I have tried very hard to stop this plan, but there's not much I can do. The type of ideas on that Wikia right now most likely will never change, no matter how many times he relaunches or overhaules the wiki. Maybe it will, but it's not worth waste of wonderful ideas. I, like many, am against the idea. So my idea is to make a Wikia that was originally the Idea Wiki. I hope WikiMan does not carry out with his plan, but we can't take the risk. Move his Wikians here, and they should post any idea they want. "The Idea Wiki" is what "Idea Wiki" may no longer be... his wiki! I am the creator of this wiki, not the president.

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-Ultimatespiderman, the creator of The Idea Wiki

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