"In a hole in the Ground, there lived....A Hobbit". based on the story of the Hobbit, but in a more of the view of Bilbo Baggins himself telling the story to a eight year old Frodo Baggins.


like in any Hobbit story it begins with Hobbiton, but Bilbo becomes an example to 13 pompous, yet Lovable Dwarves, in the company of a wise and kindred wizard Gandalf, and he is set out on an adventure to gain Erebor/ The Lonley Mountain from the clutches of a Firey Dragon.


Cary Elwes - Bilbo Baggins

Tim Curry - Thorin Oakenshield

Ian McKellen - Gandalf (reprising his role from the Lord of the Rings)

Ron Perlman - Elrond

Jeff Bennett - Dori, Nori, and Ori

John DiMaggio - Tom, Oin, Gloin, Master of Laketown

Kevin Michael Richardson - Will, Great Goblin

Fred Tatasciore - Bert, Beorn, Thranduil

Wayne Knight - Bombur

Tom Kenny - Biffur, Boffir

Cree Summer - Spider Leader

Charlie Adler - Balin, Dwalin, Spider

Ashley Johnson - Gollum

Troy Baker - Bard, Smaug

Daryl Sabara - Killi and Filli

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