• Frank Welker - Garfield, Eddie Gourmand, Cleaning Robot, Evil Space Lasagnas, T3000, Paddy, Happy Chapman, Lord Dargis, Police and Wendell
  • Gregg Berger - Odie, Squeak, Harry, Herman Post, Omar the Genie, Louis, McBunny, Luca and Rommel
  • Wally Wingert - Jon Arbuckle, Al the Dog Catcher, Hercules, Nigel, Spanky, New York Libertaby and Smithee
  • Jason Marsden - Nermal, Vito, Liz's Father, Pete the Dog Catcher, Professor Bonkers, Additional Voices
  • Julie Payne - Dr. Liz Wilson, Liz's Mother
  • Laura Summer - Drusilla & Minerva the Twins, Additional Voices
  • Audrey Wasilewski - Arlene, Newscaster

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