A black man is found by a German man, who holds grenades, to watch 19-year old Fergus Lambert at his school, Burton High, only to be pursued by the terrorist, who puts the school on lockdown, by searching for a Disk of the Parlament, for an unknown reason.


???, 2014


  • Omar Francis (Jamie Foxx) - a black man who aids Fergus into protecting the Disk, in the end, is seen in a wheelchair, and gets a break in New Hemshire!
  • Johan Von Hefer (Christoph Waltz) - a German who promised Fergus's father to protect him, he holds grenades in a bag, he has the same tone as Dr. Schultz from Django Unchained, in the end, blows himself up!
  • Fergus Lambert (Joel Courtney) - 19-year old teen hiding with Omar and Johan from the likes of "The Government" , they stay at his high school, in the end, writes to Omar once in a while!
  • Lyle Lambert (David Keith) - Fergus's father, who gives Fergus the Disk to run with it from "The Government" , in the end, reunites with his son, and both get to know alot better together!
  • Katlyn Trask (Jennifer Garner) - Fergus's school teacher, in the end, gives him and A, and a thanks for saving her life!
  • Mortimer Weston (Richard Jenkens) - the school principle, in the end, sees Fergus as a whole new student!
  • Juliana March (Laura Marano) - Fergus's high school crush, in the end, kisses Fergus on the cheek!
  • Neil Andre (Tom Hardy) - the main antagonist, and the leader of a terrorist group, "The Government", he has the same tone as Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, he even wears the oxygen mask, he is after The Disk for an unknown reason, it is revealed that Andre is after him because the disk contains the codes to the weapon in Japan , he wants it so he can release the Kyru from it's slumber,  in the end, is merged with Kyru, and is placed in a deep slumber!
  • Lincoln Frans (Josh Stewart) - the secondary antagonist and Neil's second-in-command, he has the same tone as Barsad from The Dark Knight Rises, in the end, is killed in the explosion with Johan!



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