Ryan Daryl is a New Yorker who heads to Britain to investigate the death of the prime minister, and he realizes that it was caused by a mysterious man and his group of assassins.


5 15, 2014


  • Ryan Daryl (Mark Wahlberg) - a New Yorker who investigates the death of the prime minister of Britain, in the end, gets promoted the head detective, and knighted by the Queen!
  • Gina Reginald (Rachel Weisz) - Ryan's love interest, in the end, leaves with him to New York!
  • Kieth Gray (Jay Baruchel) - Ryan's assistant in tracking down the Prime Minister's assassin, he discovered Gina's missing daughter, Yvette Reginald, in the end, is seen with Gina about Yvette's health.
  • Yvette Reginald (Anna Kendrick) - Gina's missing daughter and Kieth's love interest, she was a young girl who vanished after her father was murdered, in the end, is seen in the hospital greeted by Gina and Kieth.
  • Captain Rick Orion (Tommy Lee Jones) - Ryan and Ryan's boss in New York Special Forces, he reluctantly sends them both to investigate the Prime Minister's death, in the end, Seen at Ryan's Knighting.
  • The Prime Minister of Britain (Peter O'Toole) - killed by Archibald and his group of assassins
  • Archibald Twine (Liam Neeson) - the main antagonist and leader of a group of assassins named The Hunters, his goal is to gain the thrown and kill the queen, in the end, gets arrested by the royal security!
  • Aiden Welsh (Sean Bean) - the hidden secondary antagonist, was close with Gina and was in love with her, but upon his corruption of doing illegal activities, he secretly spills information to Twine on the Queen of England, in the end, was arrested by Orion.
  • Blackhand (Nick Blood) - the tertiary antagonist and Twine's right-hand man of the Hunters, in the end, was killed by Ryan.



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