Angela is an informant, and sees the escaped convict, Corneilus, trying to clear his name, and she has no choice but to follow him.


October 28, 2014


  • Angela Brooks (Amanda Bynes) - an informant, in the end, learns from Corneilus!
  • Corneilus Claude (Bruce Willis) - an escaped convict trying to clear his name, in the end, when in a grassland, when he told Angela to duck, he pushes out of the way, and was shot in the stomach by Nicholas, and Angela tended to him, and his last words were: "Take to Heart"
  • General Kenneth Brooks (Liam Neeson) - Angela's father, in the end, helps Angela heal a broken heart!
  • Jason Ryker (Luke Mitchell) - Angela's boyfriend and awkwardly meets Corneilus, in the end, takes Angela to Cornelius's funeral.
  • Joshua Lloyd (John Malcovish) - the one who has the broken heart from his body which Corneilus mistakenly beating him for murder, as he was framed by Welsh into thinking he take the fall, in the end, is killed by Welsh.
  • Nicholas Welsh (Cillian Murphy) - the main antagonist, his goal is to take over the Pentagon, and eliminate the competiton, in the end, when he shot Corneilius, he was killed by mindless soldiers!
  • Dr. Alice Cromwell (Alicia Vikander) - the secondary antagonist and a scientist working with Welsh into creating mindless soldiers to control the Pentagon, in the end, becomes a Mindless Slut, courtesy of Angela's medling.



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