In the year 2054, Carmen Farrman is a set up man, who had grown a stubble on his chin, and suddenly escaped the Ceader, after shooting one of them.


March 21, 2014


  • Carmen Farrman (Billy Burke) - shoots one of the Ceader, and escapes them, in the end, reunites with his family, and leaves with them to an island!
  • Josephine Farrman (Rachel Weisz) - Carmen's wife, imprisoned and tortured by the Ceader, in the end, is mended by the Doctors, and given a better treatment!
  • Olivia Farrman (Ellen Page) - Carmen's daughter, also imprisoned by the Ceader, in the end, was given a new school, and a new ways of education!
  • Maurice Renard (Don Cheadle) - helps Carmen on his mission, as his wife and daughter's lives are in jeopardy of the Ceader, in the end, He is sent to Oaklaholma to live a life with his family.
  • Laura Renard (Rosario Dawson) - Maurice's wife, who is held captive by the Ceader, in the end,was seen working in the field as Captain.
  • Joyce Renard (Zoe Kravitz) - Maurice's daughter, who is held captive by the Ceader, in the end, was going to school with Olivia.
  • Ceader 1 (Mark Strong) - the main antagonist and leader of the Ceader, he keeps Carmen's wife and daughter imprisoned, his goal is to rule the community, by making the Farrman's the example!, in the end, drowned into a pit of Black ooze!
  • Ceader 2 (Walton Goggins) - the secondary antagonist, and Ceader 1's second-in-command, he wants the intention of killing Carmen, in the end, gets shot by Olivia!