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The Cannon is a character in S. Inc Comics created by TheCannon. He first appeared in S. Inc Comics Comics Presents... #11. His real name is Bob Kreen.


At age 23, Bob Kreen was happily married to Betty Kreen. His wife was a reporter, trying to take down a gang called the Dominators. Their leader, the Ogar, eventually decided she was getting too close and had to be eliminated. She was killed by the assasin, the Arm, whiel Bob was forced to watch. Bob was thrown off a building, injuring him, but not killing him. During his recovery, Bob swore revenge. He kept training, until finally naming himself "The Cannon" and going after the Arm. He beats him, and seemingly kills him. He then goes after the Ogar, who at first thinks The Cannon is a joke. The Cannon fights him, though is at a major disadvantage, as the Ogar mutated into a giant-ogar like creature. The Cannon is beaten, and starts coughint up blood, until Ogar smells a gas leak. Cannon reveals that he caused a gas leak, which would cause his entire headquarts to explode. Ogar goes to kill him, but Cannon jumps out of the way and escapes. The gas tank then explodes, destroying his base and killing the Ogar.