Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought.


March 21, 2014


  • Andrew "Andy" Clark (Andrew Garfield) - the Jock, in this re-make, he falls in love with Claire instead of Allison
  • Claire Standish (Emma Stone) - the Princess, in this re-make, she falls in love with Andrew instead of Bender
  • John Bender (Zachary Levi) - the Criminal
  • Brian Johnson (Joel Courtney) - the Brains, in this re-make, he plays with an IPad
  • Allison Reynolds (Kristen Stewart) - the Goth, in this re-make, she is a loner, and dosen't want any friends
  • Richard Vernon (Ciaran Hinds) - the main antagonist, and the assistant principal who keeps a close eye on Andy, Claire, John, Brian and Allison, when he caught Brian walking around with his IPad playing on a bubble game, he took him to his office, and when Vernon left, Brian realized Vernon had a gun in his drawer, and when he realized he had a safe, Brian 'asks' Vernon for a hug, distracting by taking his key, as he informs the others that Vernon had a case, and he led them there, and then they opened the case to realize he had money in the case so that he can gain the School!
  • Otis Clark (Jonathan Winters) - Andy's father
  • Orson Standish (Roger Bumpass) - Claire's father
  • Tyson Johnson (Mel Gibson) - Brian's father
  • Claire Johnson (Donna Murphy) - Brian's mother
  • Becka Johnson (Pauley Perette) - Brian's sister
  • Vince Reynolds (Dolph Lundgren) - Allison's father
  • Breezey Reynolds (Maria Bello) - Allison's mother
  • Principle Julian Everhert (Greg Germann) - the principle of the school, has the same tone of Principle Becher from Here Comes the Boom, he asks for Vernon to watch the students in detention while he is gone