This refers to the Phoenix version of this idea, made after the closure of all of Blockbuster's remaining stores.

The Blockbuster Network is an online service concept by WikiMan where users can buy, rent and discuss movies ranging from action to drama, from big Hollywood productions to independent flicks, to today's films to yesterday's classics, and so on. This is meant to work on a smart TV, but it can work in tablets and computers as well.

How it works Edit

  • Rent/buy movies at home - Registered users can rent and/or buy movies (of any genre, from any director and from any country) at home with an internet connection, just like they were able to rent and buy movie from the stores.
  • Rate, Discuss and Share movies - Registered users can also rate, discuss and share movies with other users. Unlike renting or buying, you can rate/discuss/share movies for free, without much restrictions (since the network's users are bound to the community guidelines) and from any source.
  • Use discounts - Users of the Blockbuster Network can also get discounts on any movies by scanning QR codes (among other things). Discounts may come in promos, but there can be some that you can use any day.

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