In 2013, a company know as UniMatixs had created a ultimate operating system better than Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X. While the process the company required money so they found a loneshark who was willing to work with UniMatixs. But then the loneshark claimed they owe his group $100,000 in 4 months. The Main developer Oliver LaVelvet had comitted suicide and the reasons where unknown. In Nov, 9, 2013 Robert "Sheen" Hunter had gone into Handfull of Eletronics to get his laptop fixed. Then 5 men raided the store looking for Malloy"Jason"McSquirrelicus one of the developer and witness of suicide of Oliver LaVelvet. Now Sheen and Jason must stop the Delta 6 Terrorist from taking controll over computers that has the UniMatixs OS. Written By Draplax.


Sheen: What The F***

Fatigue: AHHHH!!!

Jason: Suck on this you stupid sons of bitches

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