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My version of how the Batman would be, he seeks vengeance, he is the knight, he is Batman!


  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (Rino Romano)
  • Dick Grayson/Robin I/Nightwing (Evan Sabara for 12-year old, ??? for 17-20-year old)
  • Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle (Danielle Judovits)
  • Jason Todd/Robin II/Red Hood (??? for 13-year old, ??? for 16-year old, ??? for 21-year old)
  • Tim Drake/Robin III (??? for 12-year old, ??? for 17-year old)
  • Comissioner James Gordon (Mitch Peleggi)


Season 1:Edit

  • Henri Ducard (???) - the first antagonist seen
  • Carmine Falcone (???) - crime lord
  • Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Gina Gershon)
  • Hugo Strange (Richard Green)
  • Joker (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Scarecrow (Charlie Adler)
  • Riddler (Robert Englund)
  • Poison Ivy (Piera Coppola)
  • Mr. Freeze (Clancy Brown)
  • Penguin (Tom Kenny)
  • Salvatore Maroni (???)
  • Alberto Falcone (???)
  • Harvey Dent/Two-Face


Season 1: 1992Edit

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