• 1. Welcome to Elmore, Gumball! Part 1
  • 2. Welcome to Elmore, Gumball! Part 2
  • 3. The Anything Box of Gumball
  • 4. The Who's Moving In Now?
  • 5. The Joystick 
  • 6. The Bowl of Super

7. The Elmore' Play B.I.G Duel

  • 8. The Abrakapow, Disappear Now
  • 9. The Hyperdiesimion Zoo of Gumball

10. The Pigs, Goat, Elaphant, Elmore, Sonny's Done

11. Color change!! (aka The Colorations!)

12. The Bookmark

13. Next BROWN

14. The Get

15. The Ahoy Ahead 

16. The Gumball Network

17. The Lunchbox

18. The Cybermatic Car

19. The Hat

20. Butly Ever After

21. The Playbutton

22. The Candy Video Game Controller

23. The Dinner

24. The Worst Season One Ever


26. The Space Toots

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